Thank You to NCIS Tiva fan forever for getting this story back up and running. I'm on holiday from Friday so this will be the last update for a while! I still love reviews and stuff though (Wink. Wink). Unfortunately I do not own NCIS or the Characters but it's on my Christmas list.

"Are you sure we should ask them?" Ziva asked her boyfriend as they sit on their sofa in the house they have been living in for the past 6 months.

"Well who else are we gonna ask?" Tony replies placing his hand on Ziva's now pretty large stomach "Gibbs is practically like a Grandad and so is Ducky and well Palmer is"

"Hey! Palmer is a perfectly nice guy! In fact once I have got all the money I can get out of this little one I was planning on running away with him, but I guess now those plans are out of the door" She says sarcastically.

"The term is out of the window Zi." Tony says with a laugh "Well...are you gonna ask them or what?"

At this Ziva sighs and pulls up her Facebook profile. She quickly types in the phrase as Tony speaks...

"Tony and I would like to ask if you would be the Godparents to our little DiNozzo-David Sproglet"

...And tags Abby and McGee in the post.

"I cannot believe you made me type that!"


"OMG TIVA I would be honoured" Abby replies quickly.

And then McGee a few seconds later "I would love to awwwww TIVA's all grown up ;) LOL"

"Well Abby's in and I'm going to kill McGee" Tony whispers

"Be nice! TIVA?" Ziva asks

"Tony and Ziva. I don't know when they made it up but I like it"

" what do we call them? ABTIM?"


"I have it! McAbby!"