Laughing as they tumble into Tony's room, Steve glanced at Tony for permission to close the door. Tony nodded and they waited a minute to be sure Tony was okay. He was fine. Steve crowded into his space, kissing him gently, hands splayed across his back. Tony stumbled backwards and fell on to his bed, Steve following him downwards, landing on his hands. Taking the opportunity of lips free, he breathed deep and smiled. "Tonight the night?"

Steve cocked his head. "It is our—approximate—one year anniversary..."

Tony snorted, running his hands up over Steve's chest. "Is that a yes?" he asked, fluttering his eyelashes in a way that made Steve roll his eyes.

Steve collapsed onto the bed next to Tony, pulling him on top of him. "I... Yes."

"You sure?" Tony pressed small kisses to his jaw, gripping his wrists.

"Can we?"

"I did the research."

Steve made a face.

Tony laughed. "You wanna do me, or should I do you? Oh, sorry baby. I offend your delicate sensibilities?"

Rolling them over, Steve growled something about 'delicate sensibilities' and stripped Tony's shirt off him efficiently. He was working on his pants when Tony squirmed out his grasp and went for the bedside table.

"Which way, soldier?"

"Do me," Steve said lowly, eyes dropped and cheeks pink.

Tony snorted. "Steve, you've sucked my dick, and you can't say you wanna ride me?"

"Won't I squish you a bit. Shouldn't you be on top?"

He shrugged, tossing a tube of lube onto the bed and a condom. "That's fine with me."

"You sure you know how this works?"

"Insert tab A into slot C." Tony grinned, making quick work of Steve's pants and tossing them onto the floor. "You locked the door, right?"

"Hung a sock and everything," Steve grinned, helping him work his boxers off.

"Oh you didn't?" Tony gasped as Steve ran his hands up Tony's ribs. "Stop that. You're distracting. You're being a distraction. From our union. Finally."

"This isn't the end of the Civil War, Tony," Steve said, dropping his knees to the side.

"I love it when you make war jokes. We're becoming one country again." He slicked his fingers and pressed them along Steve's crack.

Steve giggled.

"Steve. Ruining the mood here, babe."

"Sorry. It just...Tickles." He flushed and looked away.

Tony bent forward and kissed him breathless, fingers teasing around his hole until he's gasping against Tony's mouth. "Ready?"

"Yeah, yeah...!" Steve whined as Tony presses one finger in, squirming on the sheets.

"You okay?"

Steve breathed and nodded. "Feels weird. Not bad weird, just...weird..."

Tony pressed kisses across his collarbone, easing his finger in and out. Shifting on his knees, Tony's forehead bumped Steve's chin, setting the other man to giggles again. Tony huffed, nipping his lower lip. "Are you mature enough for this, Steve?"

"Tony... Tony I have a finger up my ass, and I'm older than you anyway."

"Not the way it counts," Tony grumbled, twisting his finger in deeper.

Steve yelped.


"Oh god."


"Yes. Whatever that was...!" His hands gripped Tony's shoulders.

"Prostate, I assume. Ready for two?"

"I think so?"

Easing back, Tony pressed a second finger tight to his first, dribbling more lube across them both. Steve giggled at the snort from the bottle. "Really, Steve?"

"Wha—ah! Wait! Wait!"

Tony circled them around Steve's hole instead of pressing in. "Let me know when you're ready."

"Okay. Okay, go. I'm ready."

There were another couple of starts and stops, Steve giggling over noises and flushing bright red, Tony teasing him and tickling him deliberately. "Okay. Ready?" Tony had the condom rolled on and slicked up.

Meeting his eyes, Steve nodded. "Yeah. Come on."

Tony grinned and kissed him hard, passing a hand over Steve's cock before hoisting one of his legs over his shoulder. As he nudged his cock in close, Steve's breath hitched.

"You're sure this is how it works?"

"Yeah. If you want penetration. You want it?"

Steve blinked up at him, pupils wide, eyes wider. "Yeah. I do. I trust you."

Tony ducked his head. "Fuck, I don't deserve you."

But Steve gripped his wrist. "Yes. Yes, you do. I love you, okay? I won't stop."

"Unless I do something horrible."

"Yeah, like not getting your...getting in me."

Tony laughed, breathless and pushed the head of his dick in. "Okay? Tell me it's okay, Steve. Fuuuuck, I wanna go all the way."

"Do it!" Steve's hips arched up and Tony slid inside.

He rocked slowly until he was in all the way, forcing his breathing slow and even. "Okay?"

"It uh..." Steve squirmed a little, gasping. "Wow. Okay. Feels weird. Full, God, I feel really full."

Tony groaned.

"It's good. Come on, Tony, it's good." He arched up into Tony, reaching behind him to grip the headboard.

Thrusting wasn't so different between a guy and a woman. It was still tight heat and friction and God that was good. Tony snapped his hips forwards and Steve yelped.

"Fine! God, do that again!"

Prostate again. Tony bit his lip, trying for the same angle. Missed. Hit it about once every three thrusts. He squeezed his eyes shut, forced them open, Steve. Steve laid out before him. Everything else, melting away. "Steve, oh fuck. Steve, you close?" He let go of his grip on Steve's knee over his shoulder and pressed down on Steve's erection, gritting his teeth against the whine that passed through his lips. Steve arched hard to meet Tony thrust for thrust.

"Y-yeah...! Come on. Come on. I'm so close. Squeeze me again."

Tony pumped him counter-measure to his thrusts and gasped as Steve tightened around him letting out a keen as his cock jerked in his hand. Twice more into Steve and he was gasping his name and curling over him. He sagged there a moment until Steve pushed at him, gasping, "Tony! My leg—ow! Doesn't bend quite that fa—ah. O-oh oh!" as Tony pulled out. He giggled again.

"Jesus, Steve... A five year old. Seriously." But he chuckled and reached across him for some tissues to clean him off before dropping the condom in the trash and cleaning himself. Sprawling across the sheets he sighed. "Good?"

"Yeah. Yeah, good." Steve turned his head, giving him a smile. "It was good. You gonna be okay if we leave the door shut?"

"Yeah..." Tony eyed it, feeling none of the previous unease. "I think I'm gonna be fine." And rolled over towards Steve, wrapping himself around him.

Steve's arms came up to settle around Tony. "Good. We're going to be fine."

"Yup," Tony sighed, his eyes sliding shut. "A week with no nightmares and going strong. I blame my personal teddy bear."

"I accept full responsibility for that," Steve said solemnly. "G'night, Tony."

"Night, babe," he mumbled, drifting off. Everything was turning out just fine.