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I'll even try to write "Split screens". You'll know because the four paragraphs will be in italics and three of them will start saying "At the same time". When you see that, pretend the action is taking place at the exact same moment in different areas of the screen. Also, there'll be small jumps of time representing the commercials. Please, let me know if you like this format.

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Special considerations:

"Day Seven" took place on March 25 - 26 of 2017

"Total eclipse of the heart" (First part of the series), took place a year after day 7.

"Day Eight" took place on May 20 - 21 2018

"The ride with you is worth the fall" took place about five months after day 8 and ended on January 20th of 2019 (Renee 39th birthday).

The Islamic Republic of Kamistan, for the purposes of this Fanfic, is located where in real life is Belarus.

Clarification: When, in a phone conversation, what a character says is written in italics it means that the character in question doesn't appear 'on camera'.

SERIES: Everything went downhill from there





Summary: They have jobs they love. They have each other. It took a long time for them to feel this good again. And then another long day began. Its' the day of the State of The Union Address and someone is killing the people who know about the Russian conspiracy… one by one.

Disclaimer: The show it's not mine. Neither are the characters. Except: Leon Craig, Elizabeth Stockard, George Sullivan, Nathaniel O'Malley, Nora McNally and other OCs.


"There's a group of people trying to kill me"

The following takes place between 08.00 AM and 9.00 AM, on the day of the State of the Union Address.

Previously: Renee and Jack dated for seven weeks. After having a miscarriage she left him. They got back together after Omar Hassan's death, but she left to Washington Dc after Jack got shot because she was overwhelmed by guilt. (Parts one and 2)

Renee was named White House Chief of Staff and Jack was named national security advisor.

Ethan and Allison got married. Jack and Renee got back together after the wedding. After a couple of months of living together, they got engaged.

Yuri Suvarov and Mikail Novakovich are being tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the assassination of Kamistani president, Omar Hassan, and the providing of nuclear material to his enemies. The case is still in pre-trial state. Renee had to testify in the hearings but someone hit her with a car and young rich guy appeared to be that someone. Unknown best to Jack and Renee, the driver was actually a fat Russian man who works for a group of people with sinister plans.

Currently, torture is not allowed under ANY circumstances. But, after Omar Hassan's death, President Taylor saw the necessity of extreme measures of interrogations. So the White House is trying to get the Moss-Buchanan Advanced PATRIOT Act passed. This legislation allows torture but only in very extreme circumstance and with a lot of conditions. This law would allow preventing terrorist attack but putting an end to the whatever-it-takes and whenever-an-agent-feels-like-it era.

January 29th 2019 – Wednesday

Caracas, Venezuela – South America

08.00 AM (Washington DC time) / 08.30 PM (Caracas's time)

Dana Walsh was a terrified woman. She knew they were looking for her to kill her. Every day she woke up wondering… Will this be the day they'll get me?. She had to look over her shoulder constantly. They wanted to kill her because she had revealed the Russian government's involvement in Omar Hassan's death and the providing of nuclear material to his enemies. She had done so to get immunity. After being released, she hid in Mexico, but they found her. Fortunately, she managed to escape to South America. And, since August of 2018, she had traveled all around South America to hide from them. Currently, she was hiding in Venezuela. To avoid being recognized, she constantly changed her hair, which was now chocolate-brown and very short. She had gotten a job as a waitress in a crappy local bar. She hated her job. But, at least, she was alive, free and making enough money to live.

As usual, she had hardly gotten any sleep. She left the bed of her small room in her tiny house and quickly got dressed. But, as she headed to the kitchen, she heard someone trying to break into the house she was renting. She had installed five locks.

Without thinking it twice, Dana took her emergency backpack, which had everything she needed to run away abruptly. She also took her netbook. Then she ran the hell out of the house, escaping through the back door.

A woman then managed to break into Dana's house. The woman was extremely sexy, had pale-blue eyes and long black hair. With her automatic gun ready, she took a quick look around the small house and realized Dana had left already.

She quickly left the house and looked around. She saw Dana running in the distance. Then the black-haired woman ran as fast as possible to catch her. She was faster than Dana so she was close to caching her.

Dana took a quick look to see who was chasing her. She recognized her instantly. The woman casing her was an American assassin who had tried to kill her before. That woman didn't work for the Russians. She worked for them, a group of people that had assisted Yuri Suvarov. It was definitely time for Dana to leave Venezuela.

Dana abruptly turned around and shot at the black-haired woman, to the horror of innocent bystanders. The bullet barely lacerated the assassin's shoulder. The black-haired woman gasped in pain and stopped. She examined the wound and saw that, fortunately for her, it was not very serious. She quickly took bandages and disinfectant from her backpack and took care of it.

While the woman was busy taking care of the wound, Dana kept running.

Once finished with the basic care of the wound, the black-haired woman ignored the pain and continued quickly chasing Dana. She caught up with Dana and shot her in the leg, while innocent bystanders screamed in horror and ran away. Then Dana fell to the dusty ground. The other woman pointed at Dana's head with an automatic gun.

"Wait", Dana begged with clear desperation in her blue eyes. "Don't kill me. I can give you the evidence that implicates the group. I never revealed it. I swear. They all think Suvarov masterminded everything alone".

"I'm sorry", the ruthless black-haired woman said. "That won't do".

Dana Walsh dreadfully tried to reach her gun. But the black-haired woman coldly shot her in the head. Then she took Dana's netbook and calmly walked away from the scene.

As she walked away, she made a call with her cell phone. "It's done".

"Good. You're heading to the US. then?", an American man asked her.

"Yes. I'm done here", the woman replied.

08.39.45 -08.39.46 - 08.39.47 - 08.39.48 (Caracas Time)

08.09.45 -08.09.46 - 08.09.47 - 08.09.48 (Washington DC time)

Washington DC. – Liz and Leo's apartment.

Elizabeth Anne Stockard was a very busy woman. As Deputy Director of FBI DC, she had a lot of responsibilities. Yet, she managed to have breakfast with her son and her boyfriend every day. She actually saw Leo all day long since they worked and lived together. But breakfast and dinner were the only moments she had with Cooper, her nine year old son.

Leo and Cooper waited by the kitchen table. Then, she handed each of them a bowl of cereal and took another one for herself. Leo and Liz exchanged a pointed look and then looked nervously at the kid, who was eating his breakfast. Finally, Elizabeth dared to speak, "Coop, uh, we should talk about what you saw last night. You must have a lot of questions".

Cooper curious topaz-brown eyes set on his mother. "What you were doing… Is that having sex?".

Leo chocked with his cereal. He had never expected the kid to have so much information already. Elizabeth's white cheeks turned red. But, since her precocious son had seen too much, she had to tell him the truth. "Yes", she replied awkwardly. "Do you have any questions about it?".

Cooper thought for a moment before asking a question. "Do you want to make a baby?"

Leo and Liz hadn't talked about it yet. But she felt too old to have another child. "No"

"Then why do you do it?", the kid inquired.

"It feels good", Leo replied casually.

"But only if you're a grown up and you're in love", Elizabeth quickly added.

"And I love your mom very much", Leo stated. Then he and Liz exchanged a smile and he held her hand. They were madly in love with each other.

Cooper then had other questions. "How often can you do it? Do you do it every night?".

But the grown ups didn't want to give the child too much information. Leo told him patiently, "Buddy, I think that, for now, you have all the information you need. You'll learn more when you're older". The kid looked disappointed. Leo felt bad for him, "Oh, come on… We'll have a talk man-to-man and I'll explain you all the details when you're in high school".

"That's in a millionth years!", the kid protested rather loudly.

"For now…", Elizabeth stated very seriously. "You should just know that sex is very private. You can't just walk into our room without knocking. You know that".

"I'm sorry", the kid told them with begging eyes.

"It was mostly our fault", Leo admitted gently. "We are the adults. We are supposed to protect you. We should have put a lock in our room". He then looked at Liz. "I'll put one tomorrow".

Liz nodded approvingly. Next she playfully messed up her son's blonde curls, so similar to her own short blonde curls. "Now finish your breakfast, Coop, so I'll take you to school".

"Lizzy, I can take him. I have to question that Iman about the threat and it's just two blocks away from the school", Leo explained, while carelessly eating some of his cereal.

"Okay", Liz agreed with a smile. "Thank you"

Leo smiled back at her. "You're welcome, Goldilocks"

08.13.56 -08.13.57 - 08.13.58 - 08.13.59

08. 14 AM- Gym in Washington DC.

Andrian Jacobi, a blonde man with milk-white skin and steel-blue eyes, was proud of his own very impressive body. His abs were perfect, so were his arms, his long legs, his chest and his wide back. But having such a great body took a lot of work. He had to spend three hours every morning at the gym. He always went to a gym near his house. And everybody around there knew very well who he was.

He left the treadmill and headed to his favorite weigh bench, but there was a short thin man using it. Annoyed, even though there were other weigh benches free, Andrian cleared his throat. The tiny man instantly got scared and left. Clearly pleased, Andrian started exercising.

Soon, a gym employee brought a bottle of mineral water for Andrian. "Your water, Mr. Jacobi".

Andrian loved to keep himself hydrated, so he took the bottle and drank some water.

People in the neighborhood treated him like a prince. Because they all knew Andrian Jacobi was the son of the most powerful Russian gangster in the DC. area. And he had been participating in her dad's business since the age of 16. Nobody dared to piss the 25 year old gangster off.

While he worked out, his cell phone rang. He took the phone and looked at the caller ID screen, which simply said 'Brooke'. Brooke was a woman who represented a group of people he was doing business with. He had to deal with her because he wasn't allowed to talk to the boss of that group, nobody was. But Brooke was an extremely important member of the gang. She was just beneath the big boss and was even allowed to talk to him. Naturally, her name was not actually Brooke. But Andrian wasn't allowed to know her real name.

The gangster took the call right away. "Hello?"

"Hi. Listen, something's come up".

Andrian then walked quickly to the bathroom. He saw nobody there. "Okay. I'm listening".

"I'm going to send you the picture of a man. He's a problem we must eliminate. He'll arrive to Dulles international airport in flight 365, from Argentina. The flight arrives in thirty minutes"

The Russian lifted his eyebrows with surprise. "Thirty minutes? That's a short notice. Don't you think?"

"I have just heard about this. Will you do it or not?",

Broke sounded annoyed. Andrian got worried. He knew those people from the group were very dangerous. It wasn't convenient to piss them off. "Of course… I'll tell our fat friend to do it".

"That guy said he would whack Walker and screwed up big"

"He's more upset about that than you. Believe me", Andrian stated truthfully. The fat guy was one pissed off Russian. He and the leader of the group wanted to kill Renee Walker more than anyone else.

"He better not fail today"

"Don't worry, Brooke. Every person on the list will be gone by the end of the day", Andrian assured her.

"But we need to take care of this man first"

"Consider it done", the Russian gangster promised somberly.

Brooke simply hung up. Then Andrian got the picture of his target. It was a man in his forties, with pale-blue eyes and dark hair with hints of white. The name of that guy was Jason Pillar.

08.17.03 -08.17.04 - 08.17.05 - 08.17.07

Washington DC. – The White House

Renee Abigail Walker entered the west wing of the White House through the northwest lobby, wearing a granite-gray skirt suit from Calvin Klein. She walked past several security checks and continued down the hallway. A security officer, sitting behind his desk, greeted her politely, "good morning, Ms. Walker"

"Good morning", she replied graciously with a smile, and then continued towards her office. She spotted her first assistant, Eric Denzel Pratt, already by his desk. The young black man was such a hard worker. She gave him a smile as she greeted him. "Good morning, Eric".

Eric stood up promptly to greet his boss. "Good morning, Ms. Walker". Then he handed her a bunch of folders. "CIA briefing. And communications sent you the latest version of the State of the Union". Then he reminded her, "You have senior staff meeting at nine and cabinet meeting at nine forty five".

"All right", Renee acknowledged with a nod and took the folders.

"Also, Mr. Bauer called. He's back", Eric informed her.

Jack had gone to California for a meeting with the new Regional Division Director for CTU LA. He had only been gone for two days, but Renee missed him. Merely thinking about her fiancé put a smile on her face. "Thank you, Eric".

Subsequently, she walked into her office, put the folders over her desk and sat in her chair. Then she picked up her phone extension, dialed a number and waited.

Jack was home already. He had gone to the manor to take a shower and change clothes before heading back to work. When he heard his cell phone ringing, he checked the caller ID screen. It simply said 'White House'. Then he took the call. "Bauer"

A tiny smile appeared on Renee's features after she heard that voice she adored. "Hi, honey".

Jack's features and voice softened. "Hey"

"So, where are you?", Renee asked casually, while checking the list of people who had called her.

"I'm home. I came to take a shower, but I'll be in the white house in an hour", he replied.

"I can't wait to see you", Renee admitted softly. "I missed you".

Jack smiled after hearing that. "I missed you too, sweetheart".

"So, how was your meeting?", Renee inquired with genuine interest.

"Good", Jack answered with a careless shrug. "People over there seem to know what they're doing".

"Good". Renee then bit her lower lip, looking worried. "So, did you talk to Kim about…?".

"Yeah". Jack smiled thinking about his daughter. Then he reassured Renee, knowing very well why she was so worried. "She's okay with us getting married. She said it's great".

"I'm so glad". Renee sighed, very relieved. Then she instinctively looked at her left ring finger, where she wore her stunning engagement ring. It had a white rounded diamond in the middle and two princess-cut sapphires, one at each side of the diamonds. The stones were set in a 14 k gold band.

"Sweetheart, I've been thinking... What if we got married on March 25th? That's the day we met", he suggested. It was less than two months away. He just couldn't wait to marry her.

Renee was delighted with the idea. She had thought the same thing. "I'd like that".

But then Jack realized something. "Oh, wait… we won't have enough time to plan everything".

"It's okay, honey", Renee reassured him kindly. "I don't want anything big anyway".

"Sweetheart… you should have a big, fancy and perfect wedding", Jack protested softly. He wanted for her nothing but the best of the best. Frankly, he loved Renee for having such simple tastes in spite of being rich. But she deserved the most wonderful wedding money could buy.

"It'll be perfect because I'll marry you", the bride-to-be argued sincerely. She then looked at one of the pictures of herself and Jack that she had over the chocolate-brown wooden wall shelf by the window. On the photo, they were posing by the Potomac River and Jack was putting his arms tightly around her waist and his cheek was glued to hers. They were both smiling and their smiles reached their eyes. Looking at that picture made Renee smile. "Seriously, hun. I just want you to become my husband".

Her words made Jack smile blissfully, something he had been doing a lot lately. "Okay. Whatever you want. I just want you to be happy".

"I am happy", she affirmed seriously. "And I'll be even happier when I marry you on March 25th".

Jack smiled once again. "Good".

Then, Eric walked into the office. "I'm sorry. I've got Senate Majority Leader on line two".

Renee nodded acknowledging that. She then talked to Jack, "Sorry, Hun. I've got to go".

"See you later then. Bye", Jack said goodbye and disconnected the phone call.

08.22.29 - 08.22.28 - 08.22.27 - 08.22.28 AM

08.24.16 - 08.24.17 - 08.24.18 - 08.24.19 AM

In Venezuela, the black-haired assassin was arriving to an airport.

At the same time, also in Venezuela, police officers were arriving to the scene of Dana's murder.

Meanwhile, Liz, Leo and Cooper goodbye and left for work.

In the meantime, Renee was on the phone with the Senate Majority Leader.

Renee and Senator Maynard Duval, majority leader, were over the phone discussing the Moss-Buchanan Advanced PATRIOT Act. Currently, torture was not allowed at all. However, the Moss-Buchanan Advanced PATRIOT Act would allow extreme methods of interrogations, but only in very extreme circumstance and with a lot of conditions. Senator Duval was against the Act because he was one of those republicans who thought CTU should go back completely to the whatever-it-takes era.

"I'm sorry. But I just don't believe in terrorist having rights and, let me tell you, I'm surprised to hear that you do. You, of all people".

Renee straightened her back in alert and her features darkened. Did the senator know about Alan Tanner, Alan Wilson and Vladimir? It couldn't be. "I'm sorry, sir?"

"You're living with Jack Bauer, kid. That's one man who is not known for letting terrorists have rights. He believes we must adjust to the enemy's methods"

Renee was then plainly offended by what Duval was implying. "I have my own mind, sir". She could hear the old chauvinistic senator chuckling, which only infuriated her more. She spoke firmly and full of conviction. "And I believe that the second we adjust to the enemy's methods the enemy has won, after that it's just suffering and historical opera. Trust me, we are not doing them any favor".

She recalled how she had looked at herself in the mirror after torturing Alan Tanner and threatening baby Connor Vossler. Just for a second, she had seen Vladimir instead of her own reflection. Then, after Alan Wilson, Vladimir's presence in the mirror turned more permanent. Three days after adjusting to her enemy's methods she tried to kill herself. And Jack, because he had adjusted to his enemy's methods, now lived with a lot of pain and guilt inside.

There was silence for a moment. Then Maynard spoke.

"I'm afraid I won't change my mind".

Renee sighed. She wasn't even surprised. "I'm sorry to hear that, Senator"

"Is this all you needed to discuss?"

"Yes", she replied feeling beat.

"Then have a nice day"

"You too, Senator". Renee disconnected the call and stood up. She headed to a white board she kept on her office with the names of all the senators. She wrote 'No' next to Maynard Duval's name.

At that moment, Zoe O'Malley Forrest, Renee's second assistant, emerged in the office. "Ms. Walker, this has just arrived for the president".

"It was about time". The chief of staff took the sheet of paper Zoe was handing to her. It was the letter sent by the speaker of the house to invite the president to give the State of The Union Address. She read it with a very serious expression on her flecked face.

January 28th, 2019

The Honorable Allison Taylor
The President of the United States
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Madam President:

A new Congress provides us a renewed opportunity to find common ground and address the priorities of the American people. Our actions must be driven by their desire for freedom, economic recovery, and fiscal sensibility, as well as a need to rebuild the broken bonds of trust between the people and their government.

As many great challenges lie ahead for our nation, we welcome an opportunity to hear your proposals. Therefore, I am honored to invite you to offer an address on the State of the Union on January 29th, 2019, before a Joint Session of Congress.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your response.


Stuart Forbes
Speaker of the House

Once she finished reading it, Renee's crystal-blue eyes shifted from the letter to Zoe. "Anything else?"

"Yes. My father said he needs you to pick someone soon", Zoe informed. Her father was Nathaniel O'Malley, the Director of Secret Service operations. "But I don't know what he meant".

"I have to pick someone from the presidential line of succession for Secret Service to take to a secured location", the chief of staff explained.

Zoe looked at her boss with confusion. "Why?"

"Just in case", Renee replied nonchalantly.

Zoe was instantly alarmed. She suspected the reason for doing that. "In case of what?"

"Well, if someone puts a bomb in the capitol and everyone inside dies we'd need someone ready to run the country", Renee casually enlightened her young assistant. "A designated survivor".

Zoe was even more alarmed now that her suspicions had been proven correct. "They think the capitol is going to blow up?".

"It's only a formality, Zoe", Renee reassured her with a gentle tone. "The capitol is not going to blow up. That's highly unlikely".

"But still possible", Zoe pointed out, mildly scared.

"Don't worry about it", Renee told her. "Now, ask Nancy Johnson the president's response to the letter. Make sure it gets to the speaker right away".

"Of course", Zoe promptly agreed. "Anything else, ma'am? Do you want your coffee?".

Renee nodded. "Yes, please". Then she noticed something in the younger woman's face. It was yet another bruise with the shape of a half-moon in Zoe's right cheek. The young assistant got hurt a lot. Renee's face darkened and a suspicion came to her mind. "Zoe, what happened to you?".

Zoe got suddenly awkward. Luckily for her, she had thought of an excuse already. "I was ice skating and had an accident. Nothing serious".

Renee didn't quite believe her. Her eyes narrowed. "Are you sure?"

Zoe feigned confusion. "What else could have happened?".

"You tell me", Renee defied her.

"I'm telling you the truth", Zoe protested, faking outrage. "Now, excuse me, I'll go get your coffee".

The young girl quickly headed to the door. But Renee stopped her. "Zoe, wait…". Zoe turned around to face her, with her aquamarine-green eyes sparkling with unshed tears. Renee sighed resigned. "I'll teach how to put on your make up. You're not covering those bruises right".

Renee could tell Zoe really tried to hide the bruises but was using the wrong kind of make up in the wrong way. Renee, on the other hand, had far more experience hiding bruises in her face with concealed because of Vladimir. And now she had bruises because she had been hit with car nearly a month before, a purple circle above her right eyebrow and a bigger purple circle on the right cheek. The bruises were slowly fading, but were still there. At least she could somehow mask them with make up.

"I'd appreciate that", Zoe graciously accepted her boss's offer.

The two women then headed to the bathroom.

08.34.24 -08.34.25 - 08.34.26 - 08.34.27 AM

Caracas, Venezuela – South America

09.05 AM (Caracas's time)

The black-haired woman who had killed Dana Walsh arrived to an airport and went to the bathroom. There, she put on a short strawberry-red wig and pale-green contact glasses. Then she put on excessive make up, looking nearly like a hooker. Her beautiful face had never needed make up, so, normally, she didn't wear much. But right now she needed to look like a different person.

She passed through several security checkpoints and boarded a plane bound to Washington DC. She would arrive to the USA in seven hours.

09.13 AM

On the streets of Caracas, where Dana had perished, police officers were investigating her murder. Her body had been covered and put in a gurney to take to a morgue. Then, a police officer named Luis talked to another police man. "Mira, la mujer tenia esto…" (*look, the woman had this). He gave the other officer a passport and an ID he had found on Dana. "Su nombre era Mia Keelson" (*her name was Mia Keelson), Luis said, reading the name in the passport and the Id.

The other officer called Fernando examined the documents. "Revisa la lista de personas perdidas", he requested. (*Check the list of missing people). Next he stared at the body pensively for a moment. "Esto se trato claramente de una ejecución. Tal vez esta Mia Keelson no andaba en nada bueno".(*This was clearly an execution. Maybe this Mia Keelson was up to no good).

"Tienes razon" (*You're right), Luis replied with a nod. "Me fijare si su nombre esta en la lista de criminales norteamericamos buscados" (*I'll check if her name is on the list of wanted American criminals".

09.16.46 -09.16.47 - 09.16.48 - 09.16.49

Washington DC. - Murch Elementary School

08.46 AM- (Washington DC. Time)

Leo parked his vehicle in front of Cooper's school. But he needed to talk to the kid before letting him go, so he stopped the kid who was about to open the door and get out of the car. "Cooper, before you go, we need to talk man to man".

Cooper looked at him worriedly. "Am I in trouble?"

"Oh, no, buddy…". Leo got nervous. The conversation he needed to have scared him a little. "It's just… there's something important that I need to discuss with you".

"Okay", Cooper accepted carelessly

Leo got even more nervous. He didn't really know how to start the conversation. "You know? In old times, if man wanted to marry a woman, uh, he needed to ask her father's permission".

Cooper looked puzzled. "Why?"

"That's how it was done", Leo simply replied.

"But why?", the kid insisted, feeling perplexed, not understanding why Leo wanted to talk about that.

"They believed that a woman belonged to her father and he had to approve who she married", Leo explained very anxiously. He scratched the back of his head nervously. They were missing the point. "But… well, nowadays we know that wasn't fair and women marry whoever they want…"

The little boy was growing a little inpatient. "Leo, what's your point? I have to go to school".

Leo finally burped out, "I want your permission to marry your mom".

The little boy was shocked. He let the information sink in and thought about it for a moment. Then he looked at Leo with confusion in his topaz-brown eyes. "But I'm not her father and this isn't the old times".

"I know", Leo acknowledged with a sight. He was so worried. This was one of the most important conversations of his life. "But you're the most important man in her life. She wouldn't marry me without your blessing".

The boy just sulked. "Do you have to get marry?".

"No", Leo told him very seriously. "But I want to".

"Does she want to?", Cooper asked sadly looking down.

"I don't know", the man admitted. "I haven't asked her yet. I wanted to check with you first".

The kid felt really important. But that didn't make him feel happy about her mom marrying someone who wasn't his late father. "Why do you want to get married?"

"Because I love your mom, and I love you very much…", Leo replied candidly and smiled at the kid. He then lovingly messed up Cooper's blonde curls. The nine year old continued looking sad. The man looked at him with compassion and tried to make him feel better. "You know, kiddo? You and your mom are the first family I have since I left my house when I was seventeen. And I'm now happy for the first time in a very long time. So I want to take good care of both of you. I want us to be a family officially. I want the three of us to be together forever"

Cooper had to admit to himself that Leo was a good guy. They hadn't gotten along when they first met. But lately they had been getting along. Now he liked him. And his mom was so happy with that man. The kid bit his lower lip doubtfully and pierced Leo's hazel eyes with his own. "Will I have to call you 'dad'?"

Leo could easily tell the kid didn't want to. But it didn't matter. He wanted to respect the memory of Cooper's late father. "No", he replied reassuringly. "You can call me Leo, like now. I'm not going to replace your dad. I'm going to be your stepdad, which is a very different thing".

Cooper then made another question. "Will you let me have a picture of my dad in my room?"

Leo nodded solemnly. "Of course"

"Will you let mom tell me stories about my dad?", Cooper asked with genuine concern. He was only three years old when his dad died. He didn't remember him, which made him feel guilty. So the kid was very curious about his dad and wanted to know everything about the late August Jamison. The kid figured his dad would hate to be forgotten.

"Your mom can tell you stories about anything she wants, buddy", Leo told him with a warm smile. He could understand why the kid was so worried. "Look… you mom will never forget your dad. She will always love him because he gave her you".

Cooper carefully considered the issue for a moment. He had to admit to himself that what Leo said made sense and he was really nice. Finally, he made up his mind. "Then it's okay… you can marry mom".

Leo couldn't be happier. He enthusiastically hugged Cooper. "Thank you. Thank you so much, buddy"

The kid then became truly impatient. "Now can I go to school? I wanna talk to my friend Taylor before we have to go to class".

Leo chuckled and messed up Cooper's blonde curls again. "All right. Bye".

"Bye, Leo", Cooper hugged him, got out of the car and headed to school.

Leo blissfully observed his soon-to-be stepson get into the school.

08.51.14 -08.51.15 - 08.51.16 - 08.51.17 AM

08.54.30 -08.54.31 - 08.54.32 - 08.54.33 AM

Leo was happily driving away from the school.

In the meantime, Andrian was still working out.

At the same time, Dana's body was being taken away from the scene of her murder.

In the interim, a fat man holding a sandwich was walking to the entrance of Dulles international Airport.

Dulles international Airport.

The fat Russian man with a blue baseball cap headed to the entrance of the airport. His target would soon walk through it. He looked at his watch and sloppily finished eating his sandwich.

Jason Pillar arrived to Washington DC. in a flight from Argentina wearing a black baseball cup, sunglasses, jeans and a black sweater. He tried to avoid being recognized. He looked around feeling truly nervous and scared. They were looking for him. He went through customs with fake documents and rushed to leave the airport. He didn't even have a suitcase, only his backpack.

Unknown best to him, the fat Russian man was following him closely.

Jason headed to one of the bathrooms. There was nobody around. He took his cell phone and dialed Elizabeth Stockard's number. In the whole world, he could only trust her, president Taylor, Jack Bauer, Renee Walker and Leon Craig. To his dismay, he got the voice mail. He sighed frustrated and left a message, "Agent Stockard, this is Jason Pillar. I need to see you urgently. There's a group of people trying to kill me. Since last May I've been hiding in Argentina but now they found me. I'm willing to turn myself in and give you all the evidence I have. It's the evidence Charles Logan used to blackmail the Russians. I'll be at Dulles international airport. Please, hurry".

Jason then looked at himself in the mirror and he saw him… a fat man was right behind him. Before he could do anything about it, the fat man grabbed him from behind, took a small knife and sliced his throat. After Jason was dead, the obese man coldly cleaned the knife with Jason's t-shirt. After that, he took Jason's cell phone and the memory card Jason had on his pocket, which had the evidence Charles Logan had used to blackmail Mikail Novakovich and Yuri Suvarov.

Then, the fat Russian man walked away quickly and took his own cell phone to call Andrian. "It's me. It's done". He looked around to make sure nobody was listening. "But he called Agent Elizabeth Stockard and revealed too much".

Andrian looked pensive for a brief moment. Very fast, he made a firm decision. "Sounds like you'll have to take care of her next".

08.59.56 -08.59.57 - 08.59.58 - 08.59.59 AM

09.00 AM

To be continued…

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