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"After this, hell is gonna feel like a vacation to you"

Previously: Renee found out that Jack went to help Leo instead of turning him to the authorities. She was furious that he lied to her, risked going to jail and exposed the White House to a mayor scandal.

Leo went to Liev's apartment. In there he found Zara, an adolescent girl Liev brought from Ukraine as sex slave. The girl told Leo where to find Liev. Leo told her to call Renee for help and then went to find Liev. Leo found the Russian gangster, who was in a café with other gangsters, and hid in Liev's car to wait for him.

Mandy showed up in the capitol posing as Secret Service agent Melinda Kirshner.

Agent Evan McDonnell is a mole.

The group is going to have Jack killed before the state of the union so he doesn't run into Mandy.

Reporter Valery Layton found out that seven years ago Renee was raped by Vladimir, then slept willingly with him for eight months and got pregnant. The press also found out that Renee killed Vladimir, so Renee plans to tell part of her story to press in order to control the story.

Igor turned to Brendan Marson for help and offered him money in exchange for documents and a place to hide. Brendan pretended to help him but then sold him to the mob.

While Igor was hiding in Brendan's safe apartment, four men appeared to kill him, but he killed them all and made their boss believe their succeeded. Then he left the apartment and hid at the place of an old woman called Judith Solomon.

The following takes place between 06.00 PM and 07.00 PM, on the day of the State of the Union Address.

January 29th 2019 – Wednesday

06.03.53 PM

Georgetown, Washington DC.

Leo was hiding in the back seat of Liev Mastrosov's Navy-blue lotus. The vehicle was parked across from Café Milano, located in Georgetown at 3251 Prospect St. NW. In that café the Russian gangster was meeting other gangsters to talk business. The American was getting anxious. He had spent twenty minutes waiting for the big bald gangster with a black soul patch and granite-grey eyes.

Finally, the gangster left the café and got to his car and got it started. Instantly, Leo put a Glock 19 gun in the back of the other man's head. "Don't move, Mastrosov", he ordered with a cold tone. "Now drive to the nearest deserted area". Liev didn't see any other choice, so he obeyed. They were silent for a moment. Then Leo asked the jackpot question. "Why are you helping Igor Laitanan". The Russian said nothing, which infuriated Leo. "Why?!" . There was another pause and Liev continued driving without saying a word. "Why did you kill Jacob Bukin?"

"I won't answer any of your questions. So don't bother asking", the Russian told him, while thinking of a plan to get out of the crappy situation he was in.

"Where can I find Laitanan?", Leo asked, uselessly. Then he noticed an address written with a pen on the back of Liev's hand.'Oronoco St. and Alfred N St, 3A. Alexandria, Virginia'. "What's that address?"

It was the address of the apartment where Igor was hiding. Liev had written it down when they gave it to him in order to give it to the men who worked for him and the Jacobis. Of course, he wouldn't give Craig such information.

They both remained silent. After driving for a while, they reached an area with few people on the streets. Liev then decided to act. He harshly hit Leo's face with an elbow and made the American drop the weapon. Livid, Leo used an arm to choke the Russian, who lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle crashed against a house that was luckily unoccupied at the moment.

Then Leo moved to the front seat and punched the other man in the face. Liev punched back with an incredible force. The American tried to choke the Russian again. The Russian managed to free himself and tried to choke Leo, who also managed to free himself. Both men were equally strong and extremely good fighters.

A few innocent bystanders had gathered around the car to watch the fight that was taking place inside a vehicle. One of them called 911.

Leo was running out of time. He banged Liev's hairless head against the window of the car, which broke down. Liev then banged Leo's head against the windshield that also broke. The American then grabbed a piece of broken glass. He managed to hold a struggling Liev and finally sliced the Russian's throat.

Realizing the authorities had been called, Leo got out of the vehicle and ran away as fast as humanly possible. The people gathered in the scene were too afraid of him to try to stop him.

Leo then easily stole a red Volvo and headed to the address on Liev's hand to check it out. Maybe there was something important there.

06.08.29 - 06.08.30 - 06.08.31 - 06.08.32 PM

Washington DC. – The White House

Finally, Renee arrived to the White House with her assistant Zoe and the White House Press secretary, Angela Nelson. They were being escorted by Secret Service agents Arizona Rush and Garrick Adamson. As they walked down the hallway, people dropped whatever they were doing and watched with admiration how the Chief of Staff got back to work right after being abducted by a Russian gangster. She was impeccable wearing a navy-blue Ralph Lauren skirt suit, and her hair was somewhat wet because she had just taken a shower in the hospital.

The women walked by Jack's office. Right outside, they saw Ruth Carmichael, Jack's assistant, and Nora McNally, his deputy. Ruth smiled and greeted Renee enthusiastically. "Ms. Walker, it's very nice to see you. I'm glad you're doing well".

"We have been praying for you, Renee", Nora added softly. Her perfect face and emerald eyes yelled compassion.

Renee gave them a polite smile that didn't reach her eyes. "Thank you". She then addressed the tallest of the women. "Nora, I'm gonna need you to put me up to speed on what's going on with Russia and Kamistan".

Nora was a bit surprised by the request. "I… I thought you'd want Jack to do that".

Jack and Renee had fought over his breaking the law to help Leo. But she didn't want the blonde woman to know that. "He's tied up at the moment. Please, see me within the hour".

Nora gave the other woman a sweet smile. "Of course. I… I thought he was coming back from the hospital with you. When is he coming back?".

"I'm not sure. But it won't be long", Renee replied showing no emotion. Then she addressed the press secretary, "Angie, you should talk to him about… about the thing with Layton".

Angela looked at Renee with a mix of confusion and surprise. "Don't you want to do it?",

"I don't have the time", Renee just told her rapidly and, without adding anything else, she walked away with Zoe by her side.

As they walked down the hallway in direction to the Chief of staff's office, one young assistant smiled and greeted Renee enthusiastically. "Good to see you, Ma'am".

A male intern was also pleased to see that Renee was up an about. "You look good, Ms. Walker". Actually, Renee had a dark-purple bruise shaped like a half-moon on the left side of her freckled face and two puffy purple circles under her eyes. She also had a purple circle above her right eyebrow and a bigger purple circle on the right cheek. But the intern was trying to cheer her up.

Renee smiled a little in appreciation. "Thank you".

Finally, they reached the antechamber of Renee's office. Eric Denzel Pratt, Renee's first assistant, was there, working by his desk as usual. He immediately stood up as he saw Renee. "Ms. Walker…". He got suddenly very emotional. Both of Renee's assistants were very fond of her.

The Chief of staff could easily tell the young black man was still shaken up by the events of the past couple of hours. She wasn't very affectionate with people in general but she had grown fond of his assistant, so she approached him and took his hands between hers. She had seen President Taylor have the same gesture with the people she truly liked thousands of times. "I'm fine, Eric". She had said I'm fine hundredths of times in the past two hours.

"I'm so glad", Eric told her sincerely and then he proceeded to give her the news. "Mr. and Mrs. Stockard are waiting for you in your office with Cooper. And the president wants to see you after her meeting with Secretary Heller".

She nodded in acknowledgment and then walked into her office. Effectively, Tom and Julia Stockard were there with Cooper; while a secret service agent stood nearby guarding the office. Liz's parents and son looked understandably devastated. Renee's heart ached for all of them.

Cooper's face lighted up slightly when he saw Renee. The affectionate kid rushed to give her a hug. "Renee! I thought you were going to die too! I'm so glad he didn't kill you".

Renee returned the hug feeling moved. "Thank you, Coop". Next she held Julia's right hand and Tom's left one at the same time. "Mr. and Mrs. Stockard, I'm so sorry about Liz. I'm truly devastated".

Tom did his best to appear strong and together. "Thank you. We still can't believe this isn't a nightmare".

Tears came to Julia's eyes and she spoke with her voice nearly breaking. "She was our only child"

Renee got a little teary too. She gave the older woman a compassionate look and squeezed her hand. "I know. I… I don't know what to say".

"Nothing you can say will make us feel better", Julia said, sighed and looked down at the wooden floor.

Renee knew very well that the woman was right. After a brief moment of silence, she spoke softly again. "The president said she wanted to see you".

Tom nodded. "We saw her already. She was very nice".

"We appreciate her taking the time", the grieving mother said sincerely.

"She said mom was a patriot and a very brave woman", Cooper told Renee proudly.

"The president is right", Renee affirmed solemnly looking at the kid in the eye.

Tom and Julia exchanged a pointed look, silently deciding that it was time for them to go. "Well, we'll let you get back to work", Julia announce. "We know this is a very busy day and on TV they said you were anxious to get back to work".

The man placed then a hand on his wife's shoulder. "Darling, why don't you and Cooper go ahead? I have to talk to Ms. Walker". Julia nodded in agreement, fully aware of what her husband wanted to say, and left the office with her grandson.

Renee could guess what Tom wanted to talk about, but she had to confirm it "Sir?"

"I… I've hearing stuff on the news about Leo", Tom told her and made an awkward pause. Renee's straightened her back in alert. "He murdered a potential witness? He shot a police officer and a FBI agent? He killed three other men and tortured one of them?".

"He didn't murder the witness", Renee corrected the man instantly. Nobody knew for sure who had murdered Jacob Bukin, but she was sure it was no Leo. "But I'm afraid he did the other things". Renee had already been fully briefed on the situation by the construction site and was still in shock.

Tom was absolutely horrified. He couldn't believe someone Lizzy had loved was capable of that much violence. He had seen Leo several times in the past five months and the man had always been so respectful, nice and very sweet with Liz. "Why would he do such things?".

"He did it to find Laitanan, Mr. Stockard", Renee explained with a gentle tone. Not that Leo's intentions justified what he was doing.

The man was still confused. "Why doesn't he let the authorities arrest that son of a bitch of Laitanan?"

Renee sighed with resignation. "You have to know Leo to understand it, sir. When he was seventeen his sister Tina died in a car accident, and because Leo had been drinking, the driver who missed a red light and hit them never went to jail. As an FBI agent, he spent his entire adult life working against criminals who managed to escape justice. He doesn't trust the system". She made a very dramatic pause before adding her conclusion. "Sir, I'm pretty sure that Leo is looking for Laitanan to kill him, not to bring him to justice".

Tom took a moment to absorb the information before speaking again very sincerely. "I know what Leo wants to do is illegal. But I'll definitely be rooting for him". He sighed heavily. "Well, I should go now".

"All right. I'm sorry we met under these horrible circumstances", she told him as they shook hands.

"I'm sorry too", Tom replied sadly.

Then Renee watched the man leave with devastation in her crystal-blue eyes.

Meanwhile, Leo was still driving the stolen red Volvo while smoking a Lucky Strike cigarette,

At that same time, many police officers were at the scene of Liev's murder.

At that moment, Zoe and Eric were working hard by their respective desks.

06.14.12 - 06.14.13 - 06.14.14 - 06.14.15 PM

06.17.01 - 06.17.02 - 06.17.03 - 06.17.04 PM

Tom, Julia and Cooper were now in Tom's car.

Simultaneously, paramedics were putting Liev's body in an ambulance to take him to the morgue. Some FBI agents were supervising.

In that moment, Leo continued to drive to where Igor Laitanan was. He had deep hatred in his hazel eyes.

Right then, Renee was waiting in the antechamber of the oval office.

While she waited for the president, Patrick, the president's personal aide, worked by his desk while trying to make a conversation with the chief of staff. "You had us all very worried for a while, ma'am". Renee gave him a small smile but said nothing. The timid guy's cheeks turned a little red and he looked down feeling awkward. "I… I also wanted to say… uh, it must have been a real nightmare what you had to go through. I just… I just think you're pretty amazing".

But Renee didn't feel 'pretty amazing'. After all, she had been kidnapped for having snapped and murdered a guy. She had done it to herself. But, naturally, she couldn't share her thoughts with the president's aide. Instead, she put up a good face. "Thank you, Patrick".

Then Susan Murray, the president's assistant, emerged from the oval with James Heller. "She can see you now, Ms. Walker".

Renee nodded acknowledging so. "Thank you".

James smiled at Renee. "We are so glad to have you with us again". He didn't like Renee's fiancé, but he had nothing against Renee herself. He thought she was a good girl. It was a pity that she had gotten involved with someone like Bauer, who destroyed everything. James had once said Jack was cursed. Renee's kidnapping had proved him right.

"It's great to be back, sir", Renee said honesty and gave him a tiny smile.

He then put a hand on her shoulder looking fatherly. "I'll see you at the capitol".

Renee nodded. "Yes. See you then". She then walked into the oval office and saw Allison was reading something while sitting in one of the couches. The presidential dog, Fox, was also there, playing cutely with a tennis ball. The puppy saw Renee and went excitedly to greet her. He sniffed her shoes and waged its tail.

Allison stood up to greet Renee as well. She was horrified by the bruises on Renee's face. Her friend didn't deserve to suffer like that. "Renee". She hurried to give her a hug.

The chief of staff hugged her back with surprise. Allison very rarely hugged people outside her family. "I'm truly okay, Ma'am".

Allison squeezed her hand now with a big smile on her face. Next she gently touched Renee's bruised cheek. "Listen, it's okay if you need to go home. You have just gone through a horrible ordeal".

Renee immediately dismissed the idea to nobody's surprise. "I want to stay. We still have the state of the union, the situation in Lithuania and the situation with Leo".

The president reluctantly agreed. "As you wish".

Both women went to sit on the cream-colored couch but the puppy was eager to play so he bit Renee's left ankle softly to play with it. Renee founded it funny but she tried to keep the ankle away from Fox. But the puppy thought she was playing. The president immediately raised her voice to scold the dog. "Fox! Bad boy! Don't do that!". The puppy at first didn't listen, so Allison used her most severe presidential tone. "Fox, I told you to stop it".

Fox then stopped playing with Renee's ankle and looked at Allison, who finally offered the four month puppy his ball so he could entertain himself. The dog then happily played with his ball.

Finally, the women sat on the couch and began their conversation. "Ma'am…", Renee began hesitantly. "There's something we need to talk about". Allison looked at her with curiosity and nodded encouraging her to go on. "While Laitanan held me hostage, he gave me injections of Hyoscine-pentothal".

The president was clearly horrified. "My goodness".

"Ma'am… the Moss-Buchanan act allows the use of that drug for interrogations", Renee reminded her gently.

Allison could see where Renee was going. "Only in very extreme circumstances".

"I think it shouldn't be allowed at all", Renee stated. She could still feel her skin burning. She had never been in so much pain in her entire life. It was far too cruel. "It feels like…". She couldn't continue talking. Her throat closed and her left hand began trembling at the horrible memory. But she swallowed and tried to appear strong. "Nobody should feel like that, ma'am".

The older woman gave her a compassionate look and held her hand. "I understand, Renee. And two years ago I was against torture too". She made a pause before continuing making her point. "But what about our national security? Jack assures me it's absolutely necessary. And look at everything that has happened since I took office".

"But we can limit the law to non-invasive methods of interrogations", Renee suggested. "And sometimes just a threat can be very effective". She made a pause to let the president absorb the words. "Ma'am… I've talked to my doctor at the hospital… Hyoscine-pentothal can cause severe permanent damage. I didn't have a stroke or a heart attack , but that'sjust because I was lucky".

The president was silent for a moment and thought carefully about what Renee was saying. She had to admit to herself that her chief of staff had a point. But… would the law be effective without the use of drugs? "I'm willing to consider this", she finally announced. "I want you, Jack and Tim Woods to investigate the issue and write independents reports on the matter".

Renee nodded. "I'll tell them". She gave the president a small appreciative smile and petted the puppy, who had now settled next to Renee and was sleeping peacefully. "I'll also tell Cal and Lynnette. They'll need to change the part about the act in the state of the union".

Allison nodded in agreement. "Yeah".

06.20.53 - 06.20.54 - 06.20.55 - 06.20.56 PM

Jack walked into the White House with a very serious expression on his face. He hated the fact that he and Renee were on a fight. He hated it when she was mad at him. It hurt him.

He then reached the ante chamber of his office. As expected, Ruth was working there. What surprised him was to see Angela Nelson waiting for him, sitting by a chair.

Ruth stood up immediately after seeing his boss. "Mr. Bauer, Ms. Nelson is here to see you".

Jack then addressed the woman with chestnut brown eyes and brown hair. "Angie, what can I do for you?".

They both then entered Jack's office. They remained standing up as Angie explained the reason for his visit. "Look, there's a situation with a reporter".

Jack was not so alarmed at first. He browsed through some papers as he listened to the press secretary. "What situation?"

Angela was somewhat scared. She knew Jack wouldn't react well to the news. "Please, don't be mad"

Obviously there was a reason for him to be mad. Jack wanted to know what was going on immediately. "Just tell me what it is"

The press secretary hesitated. "It's just… you are very emotional"

He didn't have time for nonsense. "Angie…"

"Okay… okay". She sighed and bit her lip fearfully. Then she lowered her voice to avoid being heard by everybody. "A reporter found out that Renee was raped by Vladimir Laitanan, then slept willingly with him for eight months and got pregnant".

Predictably, Jack frowned as anger ran through his body. "How?"

"She won't reveal the source", Angie told him. "But we are looking into it"

"And is this reporter going public with the information?", Jack asked, even though he knew the answer.

"Yeah", Angie confirmed. "I just wanted to give you the heads up, in case someone asks you about it".

"How are you going to handle it?", he asked brusquely.

"We'll deny the fact that Renee slept with him and we'll say he killed him on self defense", the press secretary said.

"She did", Jack affirmed, rather angrily. He was suddenly assaulted by the image of Renee stabbing Vladimir's dead body several times. But he was still convinced that Renee was innocent. Vladimir had driven her to that. Angie said nothing and lowered her gaze. "What reporter has this information?"

Angie didn't want to tell him because she knew the man before him would throw a fist. "Jack…"

Jack interrupted her sharply repeating the question. He was already losing his patience. "What reporter has this information?"

The press secretary sighed with resignation. "Valery Layton".

Before she even finished saying that name, Jack walked out of his office and headed to the press room.

Angie instantly followed him and tried to stop him. She couldn't let him make a scene in front of the reporters. "Jack… please, let me handle it"

Jack didn't even stop. He kept walking quickly like a mad man.

"Jack, please, don't go to the press room angry", she pleaded with desperation in her chestnut eyes.

He kept walking fast with determination. "That woman wants to hurt Renee, Angela. I can't let her do that".

"Jack, don't do it", she begged him again as she tried to keep up with him.

Jack finally arrived to the area where all the reporters worked on their respective desks. The members of the press looked at him with surprise. The national security advisor very rarely interacted with the reporters. One reporter called Sean Callahan stood up promptly. "Mr. Bauer".

"I need to talk to Valery Layton", Jack told him.

Sean pointed his index finger at a woman in her early forties, with long curly black hair, huge breasts and small deep-set steel-gray eyes. "That's her".

Jack acknowledged with a nod and headed to give the female reporter a piece of his mind. All the other reporters gathered nearby to witness the conversation. Angie grabbed Jack's arm and tried to stop him one more time. "Jack, please…"

He removed his arm from her hold and ignored her plead. He then addressed the reporter, who stood up automatically. "You don't know Renee. You don't know her at all. You have no right to spread personal information about her when you don't know all the facts, when you can't possibly understand…"

Valery interrupted him with her usual arrogance. "The first amendment gives me the right to tell the people what I know. And there's no such thing as personal information when you are the president's closest advisor. I have to keep the people informed. That's my job"

"You don't give a damn about the people", Jack said with fury in his expressive aquamarine eyes. "You just want to destroy Renee to get ahead". He was clearly disgusted by the reporter's behavior. "She doesn't deserve this". To Angie's horror, Jack got in Valery's face with a very scary look. "Do you know what she's been through? Do you know what she has done for this country?"

The pesky reporter was actually intimidated by Jack. But she wouldn't back down. "Mr. Bauer, you won't keep me from doing my job".

He felt so helpless and furious. He wanted so badly to slap that reporter harshly across the face. But he couldn't do that. Instead, he grabbed her harshly by the arm and whispered a threat in his ear. "Listen to me, you little bitch… if you hurt Renee, if you cause her any pain, I'm gonna hurt you. You'll regret messing with her".

Valery just froze in fear.

Having said all he wanted to say, he left the room as the reporters followed him with their eyes.

Angie looked at the reporters awkwardly. She had some explaining to do.

06.24.31 - 06.24.32 - 06.24.33 - 06.24.34 PM

Alexandria, Virginia – Oronoco St. and Alfred N St – 3A. Judith Solomon's apartment

Judith was sitting on her beige couch, staring at the obese Russian man sitting in a chair that was in front of her. She was terrified. The man had taken her hostage and had a gun. She couldn't fight him. She was a petite woman in her late seventies while the man was a beast of 480 pounds. What could she do? Her only option to stay alive was to do what the man wanted.

She observed the huge beast in silence for a moment. The man was using her computer with a worried expression on his horrible scarred face. Suddenly, Judith realized something. "I know who you are".

"You know nothing", Igor groaned dismissively. He was checking buses' schedules on the old woman's computer to see when he could leave town.

The woman couldn't believe who was at her apartment. This was no ordinary thief. "You are the gangster they are looking for. You killed that woman, the FBI agent. And you kidnapped the Chief of Staff".

His features darkened. "Renee Walker is a bitch. She had it coming". He exhaled with frustration and shook his head. "I should have killed her".

"I think she's a nice person", Judith told him.

Igor frowned and shot her an angry dart with his eyes. "Listen, lady… that 'nice' person murdered my little brother and left him disfigured, after sleeping with him just to get something from him, like a whore"

Judith was surprised to hear the man making such claims. It sounded crazy to her. "I don't think so". She shook her head. "President Taylor wouldn't even let her own daughter get away with murder. She would never make a murderer her chief of staff"

"She did", Igor assured.

The woman didn't believe him. "I don't believe you"

"I don't care", the gangster said. He then felt very hungry, since he hadn't finished his sandwich because Jacobi's men had tried to kill him. "Give me something to eat".

Judith couldn't believe that he was making such request. "What?"

"I'm hungry. I need something to eat", he practically barked at her. He then stood up and aimed his gun at the old woman. "Let's go to the kitchen".

The woman reluctantly obeyed. "I don't remember what I have".

"Let's see". Igor opened the woman refrigerator and checked out what was inside. He found a pie which had been made the day before. He took it.

Judith was visibly uncomfortable. "How long will you stay here?".

"I'm leaving around 9". Igor then devoured a piece of pie like an uneducated pig.

06.27.09 - 06.27.10 - 06.27.11 - 06.27.12 PM

In the lobby of the west wing of the White House, George Sullivan was patiently waiting for a group of senators who had to meet him and Renee.

Then, Payton Whitford, White House media director, walked into the lobby. Her face lighted up when she saw George. She found the geeky-looking man with deep brown hair in a crew cut very cute. His big heavy-lidded steel-grey eyes were magnetic to her. She immediately stopped to talk to him. "Hey, George".

George gave her his typical dorky smile. "Hi".

Payton looked at him with expectation in her beautiful olive-green eyes. "So, you said you'd give me a ride to the polling center?"

He then remembered having said that. He had forgotten. "Right. But this thing has come up… Renee and I have to meet some senators from the Homeland Security committee. I'll be there later than I thought"

She understood completely. "Right… Renee wants to change the Boss-Buchanan act and ban interrogations with Hyrocide-Pentoral"

George nodded. "Yeah. We want to see if the bill can pass committee with that change"

Payton was slightly disappointed. "I see"

"But hey… Why don't you sit in?", George suggested casually.

Payton was surprised by the offer. "Homeland security is not really my thing".

"But we need someone from communications there. We are gonna have to announce what we accomplished with this meeting. Cal and Lynnette are busy polishing the State of the Union, and Angie…". He trailed off and looked around, scratching the back of his head with confusion. "Well, I don't know where the hell Angie is".

"She's dealing with something Valery Layton found out about Renee", the young woman explained.

George then remembered. "Oh, right… she's investigating who is the source of the leak".

Right then they saw Wendell Draper and Myron Wilcox walking into the lobby. Myron politely shook hands with George and Payton. "Hi".

After that, Wendell shook hands with both White house staffers. "Jesus Christ. This day is insane".

George definitely agreed with the assessment. "Yes. It is".

"We are thrilled that Renee didn't get killed by that lunatic", Myron said.

Then Wendell looked at George with malicious expression. "But I imagine you must have mixed feelings about it. George".

George was deeply confused by the senator's words. "I'm sorry?".

"Well… it's no secret that you want her job", Wendell pointed out, clearly intending to hit a nerve.

Myron looked at his peer like saying 'no, you didn't'.

Payton widened her eyes in shock. She couldn't believe the nerve of Senator Draper.

George was naturally outraged by the insinuation. "How dare you…? How dare you imply that I'm less than overjoyed with Renee's survival?" He approached the senator in an intimidating manner. His steel-grey eyes were shooting angry darts. He was skinny and nerdy, but he could be very intimidating as well. He possessed the power of intimidation needed to negotiate on behave of the President of the United States. "Yes, I want to be Chief of Staff. But Renee Walker is great at what she does. She's a patriot. She's strong and courageous. And the president loves her like a daughter. So, no, sir… I don't have mixed feelings. I'm 100 percent happy to have Renee still with us".

Senator Draper looked down uncomfortably, not really knowing what to respond, while Myron and Payton smiled at him victoriously.

For a moment, there was a very awkward silence. Then senators Mackenzie Goddard and Wesley Elbridge walked into the lobby. The female senator from Florida greeted everyone innocently. She didn't know why there was so much tension in the air. "Hello".

They all greeted the new arrivals with 'hello's, 'Hey's and nods. Then George proceeded to make the proper introductions. "This is Payton Whitford, our new Media Director. Payton, these are Senators Draper, Goddard, Wilcox and Elbridge".

Payton gave them a polite smile. "A pleasure to meet you all".

Wesley returned the smile. He found the woman with wavy black hair and olive-green eyes very attractive. "Nice meeting you two".

"Please, follow me", George then told the group as he headed to Renee's office. They arrived to the antechamber of the office and saw the assistants working. George addressed Eric. "Is she there?".

"She's still with the president", Eric informed.

Nobody said anything for a very awkward moment. Then Wesley decided to break the silence by making a comment to the attractive media director. "So, Payton… that's an unusual name".

"Yeah. I was named after my great grandfather Peter Payton". She began babbling the story of her name very fast. She was a very friendly person who liked to talk a lot. "He only had daughters so he wouldn't be able to pass on his family name. That's why he started the tradition of naming the children with names starting with a P. He had my grandmother, Prudence, who had my dad, Parker. My sisters, Peggy and Priscilla didn't follow the tradition with their kids though. But I'm planning to, if I ever have kids".

"Family traditions are very important", Myron commented approvingly. "The tradition in my family is always getting together for lunch on Sundays".

"My daughter is gonna use the wedding dress my wife used and her mother before her", Wendell mentioned casually.

They all nodded in acknowledgement. Their chitchat was then interrupted when Renee appeared. She greeted everybody with a nod. "Hello".

George couldn't help but to feel horrified by the nasty bruises in his boss's face. It was the first time he saw Renee after the kidnapping.

Wendell rushed to be the first one to greet Renee. He wanted to appear concerned. "Oh Renee… Thank God you are here. We were all so worried".

"Ms. Walker, you look good", Payton told her to cheer Renee up, like many other staffers had done.

"Thank you", Renee said politely, even though she was tired of listening to that phrase that wasn't true.

"It's not true you look like shit", George teased her. Renee pretended to take offence and hit his shoulder softly. She and George chuckled and then he got serious. "I'm glad you're here".

She noticed he was getting emotional. So she held his hands between hers for a moment, appreciating his concern. She was growing accustomed to using Allison's way of showing affection.

"Would you like anything to drink?", Zoe offered.

Everybody ordered their drinks and then walked into Renee's office. Then Mackenzie addressed the Chief of staff. "I'm sure it was a terrible ordeal". Renee nodded.

Myron took a look around and admired the office for a moment.

The office had an auburn hardwood floor and cream-colored walls. There was a big but simple beige wooden bookcase full with Renee's books and files. There was also a big beige wooden desk matching the bookcase with matching side table behind of it. The side table had a bunch of pictures on it. Those were pictures of Renee with her parents, with Jack Bauer, with the president in the oval office and her two friends, Liz and Leo. Myron observed with special attention a picture of a man in a military uniform shaking Ronald Reagan's hand, in the photo there was also a red-haired lady holding Renee at the age of three. The Senator assumed those were Renee's parents. Above the photos, on the wall, there were four college degrees displayed. Two of them had the logo of Princeton University. One said 'Bachelor of American studies' and the other said 'Bachelor of Eurasian and Russian studies'. There were also two degrees from Columbia University. One said 'Master of Business Administration' and 'Master of International Affairs'. There was a framed newspaper article displayed on the wall as well. It was the article announcing her appointment as Chief of staff. In front of the desk, there were two black leather chairs matching Renee's. In another wall, there was a flat-screen TV like the President's, an item Ethan didn't have while being chief of Staff. In the middle of the office, there was a big salmon velvet couch and four matching salmon chairs. The couch and chairs surrounded a large coffee table. Interestingly, Ethan's paintings had been replaced with framed photos of different parts of the White House and Washington DC.

In sum, the office was now more modern and feminine. Myron nodded approvingly. "I like what you did with the office. When Ethan was here it was way too serious"

"Like Ethan himself", Wendell added, as he sat on the big salmon couch. Renee shot him a disapproving glare and took a seat in one of the salmon chairs. Myron took a seat in the other chair while Mac and Wesley sat on the couch, next to Wendell. George took a seat on the third salmon chair.

Renee cleared her throat and then spoke solemnly. "Well… as you know, tonight, during the state of the union, the president will announce that she'll officially give the senate the Moss-Buchanan Advanced patriot Act for its consideration. Senator Bryce Devoss will be the sponsor… You have all seen a draft of the bill, but the original proposal has just been modified".

Wendell gave her a distrustful look. "Modified how?".

"The use of Hyoscine-pentothal has been removed from the list of procedures allowed during extreme interrogations", Renee answered to everyone's surprise. "Only non-invasive procedures will be allowed, procedures that don't cause permanent damage in the individual".

The senators absorbed the information. Myron remained skeptical. "Why the sudden change of heart?",

"That doesn't matter, Senator", George said quickly.

Renee raised her hand as if telling her deputy to stop. "It's okay, George". She made a pause, hesitated for a moment, but then decided to tell the senators the truth. "The information I'm about to tell you won't be released to the general public… Can I count on your discretion?".

"Of course", Mac rushed to confirm.

Myron nodded. "Yeah".

"We won't say anything", Wesley added.

There was a moment of silence as everyone looked at Renee expectantly. She finally told them the truth. "The man who kidnapped me gave me injections of Hyoscine-pentothal". She closed her eyes for a second as all the pain she had felt thanks to that drug came suddenly back at her. But she recovered instantly and looked unfazed once again. Nobody could tell she was still affected by the hell she had gone through. The senators were simply appalled by the news. They were too shocked to say anything. "Having experienced the effects of that drug myself… I do not longer think it's okay to use it in others. No human being should ever have to experience that kind of pain…". Once again she was assaulted by horrible memories.

This time, George noticed Renee was disturbed, so he stepped in to continue the conversation. "Besides, we have all read the research, that drug can cause strokes, heart attacks as well as damage to the peripheral nervous system"

"That is exactly what I have been telling you for months, son", Myron reminded him. He gave George a pleased smile, happy that he was getting his way. "Gail and Thad will be thrilled". He was talking about Gail Conway and Thaddeus Rawlins, two black democrats who were in the Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee.

"How many votes do you think we'll get?" Renee asked. They needed at least ten votes for the bill to get out of commission and move to the floor.

Myron gave the topic a thought for a moment before answering. "Well, I can't make a commitment without further studying, But you'll definitely have Gail and Thad".

"Senators Woo and O'Hara too", Mac added "And I think I'll vote in favor too. Let me think about it"

Then all eyes were on young Wesley Elbridge. The republican senator from Illinois finally expressed his position timidly. "I… I'm just afraid the interrogations won't work without the drug. And we need them to work in order to prevent attacks".

"That's not a bad point", the female senator from Florida said.

"We can't let our fear kill our humanity", George argued calmly.

"I'm with George", Wendell said. "Even with this change I'm against the bill. Torture, in any form, shouldn't be allowed under any circumstance. And I'm gonna talk to every member of the senate until I convince them than I'm right".

Renee was not at all intimidated by his words. "That's your prerogative".

George then stood up and gave each senator a folder. "These reports describe the methods that would be allowed if the Moss-Buchanan act were approved. And it contains information about cases in witch such methods have worked in the past". He had prepared those folders incredibly quickly for the meeting.

The senators grabbed the folders and gave them a look.

Then Eric walked in with the coffees for the senators.

Right then, Angie was in her office looking a bit overwhelmed and took two aspirins for a strong headache she was feeling.

Simultaneously, Jack and Nora were working together in his office.

Meanwhile, Leo was still driving the stolen red Volvo but got stuck in traffic, to his annoyance.

06.35.01 - 06.35.02 - 06.35.03 - 06.35.04 PM

06.39.15 - 06.39.16 - 06.39.17 - 06.39.18 PM

The senators were still meeting with Renee, George and Payton.

At the same time, Leo kept driving with hatred written all over his features. His angry look was pretty scary.

In the interim, Judith was worriedly looking at Igor eat like a disgusting pig,

At that moment, Zoe and Eric were diligently working behind their desks.

The young black man couldn't help but to give the young woman a quick look. She considered her extremely beautiful. She had almond deep-set aquamarine-green eyes and long chestnut-brown wavy hair. Eric had noticed that she wore a lot of make up to cover up the bruises in her lovely face. She had said that those bruises were the result of an ice-skating accident, but he suspected she was lying because she showed up with bruises often. He wished he could help somehow, but he knew that sadly there was nothing he could do. So, he focused on his work again.

As Renee's assistants continued working, Susan Murray showed up in the ante-chamber of Renee's office. "Hey".

Eric greeted her back. "Hey".

"The president needs that position paper on school vouchers", the president's assistant explained.

The black man nodded, searched for the paper in question and gave it to Susan. "Here it is".

"Thank you". Susan took the paper and gave Eric a smile. "So, are you going to the capitol?"

"No. Zoe drew the short straw", Eric replied.

Susan then looked at Zoe. "I drew the short straw too".

"Lucky us", Zoe said with clear sarcasm in her tone.

The half-black woman smiled and then nailed her eyes on Eric. "It would have been nice going to the capitol together and going for a drink afterwards".

Eric missed the flirtation and assumed Susan was just being friendly. "Yes. We can go some other time".

"Absolutely", Susan was slightly disappointed because she wanted to go out with Eric. But she could wait for a better time. "You deserve to go home and rest. You work so hard".

"I don't know about that", he said with genuine modesty. "But I do know that if I don't go home soon my cat won't recognize me anymore"

Susan chuckled and then smiled at Eric showing her perfect teeth. "Well, I have to get back to work now". Then she addressed Zoe. "I'll see you later, Zoe".

Zoe just nodded, gave her a fake smile and said nothing. She didn't like it when Susan flirted with Eric. Zoe told herself that her own feelings for Eric were silly. She had to get over them for she was a married woman. She gave her wedding ring a look as if to remind herself of that fact.

Eric watched Susan leave. The young black woman was very attractive. But, unfortunately, he liked Zoe. He had a crush on the white lady with aquamarine-green eyes and long chestnut-brown wavy hair. But Zoe was married… married. He had to get over his crush. Maybe he should go out with Susan, who was beautiful too.

After Susan left, Renee's two assistants got back to work. Then Zoe's phone rang. She picked it up after one ring. "Renee Walker's office".

An athletic man with big hazel eyes and dark brown wavy hair was on the other side of the phone conversation. He was Todd Forrest, Zoe's husband. He was sitting on a couch as he talked and held a beer with his free hand. "Hi, sweet baby".

"Todd", Zoe greeted him back without much enthusiasm because she was too busy to talk to him. He called her far too often.

"How are things at work?", Todd asked.

Zoe gave him a very short answer. "Okay".

"So, will you be here soon? You promised to make me your lasagna", he reminded her.

The young woman knew right then that she would get in serious trouble. "I promised I'd cook tomorrow. Tonight I have to go to the capitol and then Renee will have to deal with the aftermath. I won't be home till midnight".

Predictably, Todd got angry. "Damn it, Zoe! This week I've been ordering Chinese food or pizza every night. I wanted a homemade meal".

Zoe bit her lower lip. "I'm sorry"

"You are my wife! You promised your job wouldn't interfere with your wife duties", Todd protested loudly.

Then the young woman got angry too. "I have to work. This is a very important day. Gee, Todd, cook your own dinner". She then hung up the phone and then looked terrified. She knew she would have to pay for doing that.

Eric gave his colleague a concerned look. "Hey, if you need to go home, I could go to the capitol".

Zoe shook her head. "No… no. It's my job. Todd will have to suck it up".

He gave her a sympathetic smile. "Okay".

06.41.53 - 06.41.54 - 06.41.55 - 06.41.56 PM

Renee, George and Payton were finished meeting with the senators.

"What do you guys think?", the chief of staff asked her team as she finished a cup of coffee.

"We are definitely making progress", George said as an answer.

Payton nodded in agreement. "I'm sure the bill will pass".

"Hey, don't tempt fate", George scolded her lightly.

"You should tell Cal and Lynnette to put this progress on the state of the union", Renee told George.

Payton wasn't so sure about that. "We don't want to look over-optimistic. The president should simply announce the change in the bill".

Renee decided that the younger woman had a good point. "Okay".

At that moment, Angie Nelson walked into the office. "Renee… Are you ready for the press conference? The press is getting very impatient".

Renee stood up from the couch and nodded. "Yeah"

Everybody left the office. Renee and Angela headed to the press room. As they walked side by side, Renee talked to the press secretary side by side. "Angie, you can tell the press that we are changing the Moss-Buchanan bill. The use of Hyoscine-pentothal for interrogations will no longer be allowed".

"The press will want to know why", Angie said as they continued walking.

"I know". Renee sighed. "Tell them it's because we are concerned about the permanent damage it can cause".

"They'll ask why we weren't concerned before", Angie said.

The chief of staff knew her press secretary was right. She thought about it just for a couple of seconds before telling her what to say. "We were concerned, so we carefully analyzed all the information again and changed our minds".

Angie nodded. Then the women finally reached the press room and the press secretary took the podium. "Guys, please, be seated. The white house chief of staff would like to make a short statement, but she won't be answering questions".

Renee began walking to the podium. Sean Callahan suddenly started a round of applause and, surprisingly, the noise and the light of many flashes startled her a little. It was strange. She had never been afraid of reporters before. But the kidnapping had been such a traumatic experience for her. For a second, she looked down feeling overwhelmed. But soon she recovered and smiled for the cameras.

It was then that Jack discretely walked into the press room and hid behind the reporters to observe Renee without her seeing him. They were in the middle of one of their typical fights, yet, he wanted to be there for her. He wanted to check on her and see if she was doing okay. He exchanged a look with Angie, who quickly smiled and gave him a reassuring thumb up.

Renee started reading the statement she and Angie had prepared a bit sheepishly but competently nevertheless. "Today, around 2 pm, I was kidnapped by a known Russian gangster called Igor Laitanan. On may 20 I was part of a CTU operation. Igor's brother, Vladimir, was the target. That operation resulted in his dead. Igor holds me responsible for that so he kidnapped me to avenge Vladimir's death. I'm now okay. I would like to thank the FBI for working so hard on my safe return and the staff of Virginia Medical Center. I would also like to thank all the concerned Americans who prayed for me. I'm overwhelmed by the affection I've been receiving since I came back". Then she made a pause and got a little emotional. "I would like to thank Jack Bauer as well. He saved my life".

Jack's eyes sparkled with tears he didn't shed. It moved him in so many ways that Renee had mentioned him even though she was mad at him.

06.44.21 - 06.44.22 - 06.44.23 - 06.44.24 PM

Oronoco St. and Alfred N St - Alexandria, Virginia

Finally, Leo reached the building where Igor was and got out of the vehicle. He entered the building located in Oronoco St. and Alfred N St, in Alexandria. He took the elevator to the third floor and then searched for apartment 3A. He found it quickly. Then, very slowly, he forced the door open and then closed it behind him. He drew his Beretta 9000 pistol and looked around. Nobody was at sight. But, to his surprise, there was blood everywhere. He also saw a half-eaten sandwich over the coffee table.

He took a moment to search for the evidence Igor had stolen from Jason Pillar. It wasn't there. There was no backpack or anything.

He then went to the kitchen, which was also empty. After that, he headed to the apartment's only bedroom. He felt shocked when he saw four dead bodies: a short man with brown hair, a blonde man, a black-haired man and a very tall man. He recognized the men from an FBI investigation. Those men supposedly were gangsters working for Ivan Jacobi, but the FBI had never been able to prove that fact.

"Damn it".

It was all so confusing. He wondered what the connection between Jacobi's men and Igor Laitanan was. Were they working together? In that case, why had Igor killed the men?.

But Leo didn't have much time to think. He had to find his sworn enemy, who couldn't be so far away.

He left the apartment and it was then that he noticed the traces of blood in the hallway. He followed them and got to apartment 3C. Trying not to make any a noise, he got the door open with his silenced gun readied.

He saw nothing in the living room so he went to the kitchen. In there, he saw his mortal enemy, who was eating next to a terrified old lady. He was pretty shaken up. He hadn't seen Igor since the day the fat man pretended to die.

The Jewish woman froze feeling shocked when she noticed Leo with a gun. The Russian gangster was astonished too. He thought Mastrosov's men had killed Leo. He could not believe his eyes. Very quickly, he jumped on his feet and drew his weapon at Leo. "You should be dead".

"That makes two of us", Leo pointed out with an angry frown on his face.

For a brief moment, they simply stared at each other with hatred in their eyes. They both had their respective guns aimed at each other. Since Igor was distracted looking at Leo, Judith summoned all her courage and quietly grabbed a frying pan behind the Russian's back. Only Leo saw her and acted like nothing was going on. Soon, the old woman bravely hit Igor in the head and gasped shocked by her own actions.

Leo then took the opportunity to launch himself against Igor and pulled him down. The Russian fired a shot with his silenced gun. The bullet nearly hit Leo's left shoulder, but it barely touched its side and continued its way to the kitchen wall. Leo was full of adrenaline so he barely felt it.

Both men struggled on the floor for Igor's gun. Leo was on top of Igor, punching him in the face. Then Igor pushed him away and positioned himself on top of Leo, punching him fiercely as well. Leo tried desperately to push away the 480 pounds beast but, at first, he was unsuccessful. Then he thought of Elizabeth. His beautiful Lizzy, with her short golden curls and big heavy-lidded sapphire eyes. Igor had taken her away from him.

Fury made Leo stronger than ever. He managed to position himself on top of the fat bastard again and, this time, he banged the Russian's head harshly against the kitchen's floor. "You son of a bitch! Fat bastard!"

Judith was horrified by the amount of violence she was witnessing. "Please, stop it!". Of course, Leo ignored her and kept beating the other man. "You are going to kill him!"

"Like that's not exactly what I want", Leo thought to himself. "Shut up!", he yelled at the old woman.

Finally, Igor was unconscious. Leo grabbed him by the arms and, with a lot of effort, dragged him to the living room. But it was a very difficult task because of the man's weigh. In the middle of the way, he stopped, feeling frustrated. He began kicking harshly the man's immense body while yelling. "Damn it, Laitanan! Why don't you stop eating?! You're disgusting!"

Soon he managed to tie him up to a column in Judith's living room. He tied his hands and feet to the column with handcuffs. He also used a towel as a gag to keep Igor from yelling.

Judith then emerged from the kitchen with a terrified expression on her face. "What are you going to do to him? We must call the police".

The old lady was starting to annoy him. She was disturbing him with her whining. He puffed and grabbed her from the arm.

"No! What are you doing?!", she protested.

"Relax! This is for your own good", Leo assured her while locking her up in the bathroom. Even if she agreed to stay quiet, witnessing what he would do would be too traumatic for the woman.

Without her distracting him, he went back to Igor, who was just waking up.

Leo went to pick up the gun Igor had been carrying. It was a HK USP Compact side gun, the very same gun that had killed Elizabeth. The mere sight of it truly affected it. He held it in his hands for a moment and stared at it clearly perturbed while his hazel eyes filled up with tears and his throat closed.

Very quickly, he composed himself, left the gun and pulverized Igor with his look. Abruptly, he punched him several times with all his forces on the face and on the huge stomach. He then backed down and took deep breaths trying to calm down. He still had things to find out.

He took the towel off Igor's mouth and spoke calmly. "How come you're alive? I saw the car exploding". He still remembered the car crash like it was yesterday.

"I wasn't in it. I left it and put one of my men in the driver's seat while your were still unconscious in your own car", Igor explained. "My man was also… large and the explosion left his body unrecognizable"

The American looked still incredulous. "There was a DNA test"

"It was fixed by a friend I had at the lav", Igor admitted arrogantly.

Leo's features darkened. He would murder whoever had helped Igor. "Who?"

"His name doesn't matter. He's dead anyway. He got killed in a fire with family. Tragic". Igor didn't even pretend to be upset about it, though.

The Russian didn't admit causing that fire himself to shut the lav technician up, but such confession was not necessary. Leo knew his enemy well enough to guess the truth.

"I'm sure you're devastated", Leo said sarcastically. Igor just stared back at him without expression. Leo puffed and shook his head. "You're such a moron. I didn't even know you were alive. Nobody knew. You could have staid hidden living a long life in peace. I would have never been a threat to you. Why did you have to come here and fuck everything up?". Overpowered by yet another wave of fury, he punched Igor again. "Why couldn't you leave me alone?! Why?!"

"Why do you think, Aleck?". Igor spited out Leo's alias mockingly. "I let you join my gang and took you under my wing. I loved you like a brother. But you were a fucking FBI rat! You betrayed me! You were playing me all along". The deep betrayal was all over his ugly features, Discovering Aleck's true identity had felt like a knife in his gut. "How could you? I made you, ungrateful bastard!".

Leo was deeply outraged. He wouldn't let Igor take credit for the legend that had once been Alecksandr Petrovscky. No way. "I made myself"

"Bullshit!", Igor yelled sharply in an instant. "I taught you everything you know, disgusting rat. And you thanked me by destroying my organization. You destroyed me and helped Walker destroy my brother… So I hunted you down and killed your bitch".

Then Leo lost it completely. He was pure fury. Once again, he beat the crap out of the man. He got close to beating him to death, but somehow managed to stop himself. He stepped away from the Russian and took deep breaths. He had to calm down. He stumbled into a couch, feeling all out of energy.

He finally composed himself and approached Igor once again. He first put the towel back in the gangster's mouth. Then he grabbed a taser gun and gave him electric shocks as he spoke. "I already know why you killed my Liz. What I need to know is why you killed Jason Pillar as well. Who told you to do that?". He then removed the towel so Igor could talk.

"Go to hell", the gangster told him. He was feeling a lot of pain, but he wouldn't give in.

Unfazed, Leo patted his enemy's cheek condescendingly. "I'll send you first. But don't be scared. After this, hell is gonna feel like a vacation to you". He put the barrel of his gun inside the Russian's mouth. Then he brutally hit the man's jaw, breaking two of his teeth. "Who ordered you to kill Pillar?"

All Igor did was to spit a mixture of blood, little pieces of teeth and saliva at Leo's face.

Disgusted, Leo cleaned himself up with the towel and then put the towel back in Igor's mouth. "Fine. You asked for it" With that, he grabbed his Swiss army knife and took off Igor's shoes as the Russian tried in vain to kick him in the face. Finally, Leo cut one of Igor's toes and then cauterized the wound so the Russian wouldn't die too soon.

"You still have nine toes and ten fingers left, Igor. And you know me well. I can go on for days. So I'd start talking if I were you", Leo told him. "Who ordered Pillar's death and what did you do with the evidence he had?" Then he removed the towel, which was soaked in blood, from the mouth of his enemy to let him talk.

Leo's eyes and tone would have terrified the hell out of anybody. But Igor was not anybody. The Russian felt an enormous amount of pain, but remained stoic. He was determined to take the punishment like a brave Russian soldier. "Nobody ordered me anything. I killed him because I wanted to".

Of course Leo didn't believe him. He simply gave the Russian an electric shock and moved on to another question. "What did you do with the evidence?"

Igor feigned a deep confusion. "What evidence?"

The men stared at each other with hatred.

Then Leo coldly proceeded to cut another finger and cauterized the wound.

At that moment, Renee was in her private bathroom looking at the bruises on her face in the mirror. She had a haunted expression.

Right then, Jack was in his office, sitting behind his desk, looking worriedly at a photo of Renee he kept there.

Simultaneously, Allison was rehearsing the important speech she would soon have to give.

06.54.12 - 06.54.13 - 06.54.14 - 06.54.15 PM

06.55.37 - 06.55.38 - 06.55.39 - 06.55.40 PM

Senators Wendell Draper, Myron Wilcox, Mackenzie Goddard and Wesley Elbridge arrived to the Capitol Building, where hundredths of other politicians were already gathered.

Meanwhile, Nora entered Jack's office to give him an update on Russia and Kamistan.

At the same time, Renee entered the oval office to help Allison with the state of the union.

In the interim, Leo kept torturing Igor.

Leo finished cutting another one of Igor's toes. He had already cut three. "Tell me where the information is". Igor said nothing so Leo gave him an electric shock. "Give me the information!". Igor simply cried in pain with tears falling from his steel-blue eyes and sweat all over his face. "You stupid bastard! I'm gonna cut the rest of your fingers and make you eat them! You better start talking".

But before doing as he had threatened, Leo noticed two things that had fallen from the Russian's pockets: a gorgeous engagement ring and a silver necklace. He examined the ring. It was beautiful. It had a white rounded diamond in the middle and two princess-cut sapphires, one at each side of the diamonds.

Leo didn't understand why Igor was in possession of such ring. "Are you going to propose to someone?"; he asked mockingly. "Nobody will marry you. You're disgusting". He then looked at the necklace. It had a silver heart which said 'Renee Abigail Walker'. He understood what had happened. "You stole this things from Renee!". The implication hit him. "She and Jack are engaged".

He felt troubled for a moment. Tears came to his hazel eyes. Jack and Renee would get married and would be happy, while Leo's life was ruined forever and Elizabeth was dead. The four of them could have been so happy. They could have shared dinners, poker nights and the weddings. Liz and Renee could have gone shopping for wedding dresses together and they could have been each other's maids of honor. Cooper maybe would have carried the rings for both weddings. Leo then pictured in his head Elizabeth and Renee trying on wedding dresses together. Liz would have probably chosen something simple and not white because it would have been her second wedding. She would have made such a beautiful bride.

A wave of fury overtook him. He began beating the crap out of Igor again unleashing all his anger. He stopped and thought of a way to make the Russian suffer. He took the Swiss army knife and this time he cut Igor's left ear.

It was then that he noticed something on Igor's shoulder. The Russian had something hidden under the skin. Leo used the knife to cut the skin and saw that it was a memory card. "Now I have what I need".

He already knew how he would kill Igor. He had made the decision hours ago.

To Igor's horror, Leo opened the backpack and took the box of matches and the bottle of kerosene he had taken from Renee's house.

He then spilled the kerosene all over Igor, lighted a mach and threw it at Igor.

The Russian instantly caught fire and Leo watched with a tiny creepy smile how his mortal enemy burnt alive.

06.59.56 - 06.59.57 - 06.59.58 - 06.59.59 PM

07 PM

To be continued….

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