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Kurt had been acting rather odd lately. He usually came over to Blaine's dorm when he was done at the gym and they'd hang out the rest of the night and do homework. But recently, his gym time took longer and he headed home afterwards. He'd come over later, but Blaine missed that extra time they'd always had together. They didn't get much together since they lived on opposite ends of campus and were both so busy with school. He'd asked Kurt about it, but he just said he was tired of having to use the shower at Blaine's dorm, since it wasn't attached to his room and he was tired of having to lug his products around.

He sounded rather defensive about it, so Blaine just let it go. It was only a few days a week and he took it upon himself to instead go over to Kurt's more that he had before, figuring that possibly that was why Kurt was really acting off. Usually, he'd text Kurt to give him a heads up before he headed over or to ask him what to bring for dinner, but tonight he was in a rush and wanted to be there when Kurt got home. He had picked up dinner at one of Kurt's favorite restaurants and wanted to surprise him.

Blaine had the extra key and let himself in, shoving the door shut behind him with one foot. Kurt had lucked out when he requested a suite room and had gotten one with a few other theater guys. They had a shared common room/small kitchen but each had their own of the four bedrooms that shot off of the common room. There were also two shared bathrooms. It was a nice set up, but Blaine preferred to live closer his school, which didn't offer such nice dorm facilities. He did spend quite a bit of time over at Kurt's though, due to the fact that they could have some privacy at his.

He hadn't managed to beat Kurt though and he was just exiting his bathroom that he shared with one of the other boys. "Hey you!" He walked over to him and gave him a peck on the lips in welcome. "I missed you today. Wanna help me with these bags? I have dinner!" He held put the bags and grinned at him when he saw the recognition of the logo come across Kurt's face.

"Sure, hon. Smells delicious." Kurt grabbed one of the bags and set it on the counter. Blaine looked at him under the fluorescent lights of the kitchen.

"Kurt? You look different somehow, flushed or something. Are you ok?"

"What? Oh, yeah I'm fine. Just a little hot that's all." Kurt responded, he turned away from Blaine and was quick to change the subject. They took all the food out and arranged it on their plates before settling in for dinner and a movie. Blaine didn't really think about Kurt's odd look again, that is until about two weeks later.

He'd noticed that Kurt appeared more flushed than normal pretty much all of the time, but any time he mentioned it Kurt gave him a small 'bitch' face and brushed off his comment so Blaine continued to ignore it.

But after two weeks of flushed Kurt, Blaine headed over to Kurt's again for another Friday night dinner and movie. He'd tried texting Kurt but hadn't gotten anything back. They'd already made the plans though, so Blaine headed over anyway. He got to the dorm about 6:30; usually that was late enough Kurt would be back and showered after the gym, ready for dinner. So when he didn't respond to the texts, Blaine got a little worried.

He let himself in to the suite and called out Kurt's name. He didn't hear a response. He set his items down in the kitchen area and went looking for Kurt. As he got closer to his bedroom, Blaine heard a muffled sound.

"Kurt? Hun? Are you here?" Blaine called out as he walked toward Kurt's closed door.

"Yeah, but don't come in Blaine. Can we do this another night? Please?" Kurt's voice had a tinge of pain to it and the sound immediately threw Blaine. "I, um, just need to be alone right now."

"Are you ok, Kurt? You wouldn't answer my texts? Can't I just check on you?" Blaine worried, standing right outside his boyfriend's closed door straining his ears to hear anything on the other side. He could hear a bit of movement and what sounded like Kurt groaning in pain.

"No, no. I'm fine. I left my phone out there and I don't want to go get it. I'm sorry. Can you just leave me be? I'll call you tomorrow; I promise." Kurt's voice was still strained and it sounded like he may have just started crying. There was no way Blaine was going to leave before he knew what was going on with Kurt.

"Kurt? I'm coming in. I don't know what's wrong, but I'm not leaving until I see for myself that you're ok. You don't sound alright." Blaine started to push the door open and found it locked from the inside. It just had one of those child locks on it though, so he just had to find a pin to push the lock out from the outside where he was. He jumped a few times before he could reach it where the pin was stashed above the door.

Kurt could hear him outside the door, but couldn't get himself moved fast enough to prepare before Blaine burst in. Blaine was extremely puzzled by what he saw when he finally got the door open. Kurt was lying on his stomach, a pillow under his hips, ass in the air and bright red. His t-shirt had ridden up and was exposing a distinct line where his skin when from pale to bright red. A blanket was draped over his legs, leaving only his bright red butt exposed.

"BLAINE! Please leave!" Kurt practically screeched at him, his face turned away from the door. "Oh. My. God. LEAVE!"

"What the hell happened, Kurt? Are you alright?" Blaine quickly closed the door and was already three strides inside the room, completely taken aback at the sight in front of him. He went over to his oddly exposed boyfriend and tried to see his face.

"It's too embarrassing for words, Blaine, just leave. I'll be fine tomorrow, just come back then, please," Kurt sniffled. Blaine was still so shocked from the sight. From his new angle, he could see that Kurt's ass was bright red, painfully so in an outline that looked very similar in shape to his boxer briefs. Blaine placed a hand on Kurt's shoulder and pushed the pillow away that Kurt's face was buried in. He knelt by his head and tried to get Kurt to look at him.

"Seriously, Kurt. What happened? Your ass is . . . well. . . it's all red. It looks painful. Like really painful. What the hell happened?" He stuttered on the words in the middle of the sentence, not being able to even wrap his head around what might have happened to him, but whatever it was Blaine was positive it was painful.

"My ass is my business, Blaine. Please, for the love of Gaga, leave me be. Just don't ask any more questions," Kurt closed his eyes and willed his boyfriend away. His embarrassment was turning his face as red as his butt.

"I'm pretty sure it became my business too, once we got rid of the 'no hands south of the equator rule,' Kurt." Blaine couldn't help himself, he reached out and touched the redness and Kurt yelped.

"Don't touch it, Blaine! Are you insane? It's so burnt! Please! Oh. !" He buried his face into his mattress since Blaine had taken his pillow.

"Ok, Ok, I'm sorry, babe. But please, what happened." He tried to look serious and not laugh at Kurt's predicament because although it did look funny, he was in obvious pain.

"Uhh. Well if you must know. And mind you, you are dragging this out of me and it had better not leave this room, Blaine, I'm serious!" Blaine made a motion of sealing his lips and throwing away the key as he sat down on the floor next to Kurt's bed near his head.

"Fine," Kurt sighed and his face started to turn even redder as he began, "Well, remember when you asked me if I looked different?" Blaine nodded. "Well, god I can't believe I'm admitting this, well it had been mentioned to me at one of the rehearsals that I was so pale that it was difficult to get my make up right. So I talked to one of the girls afterwards and she recommended a solution." Kurt sighed and halfway attempted to look into Blaine's eyes, who was slowly catching onto what had happened.

"I went with her to the tanning salon she usually went to. Things were going fine – I started off really slowly; you know how careful I am with my skin. I wouldn't have done it except it was indicated to me that I might not get as many parts as pale as I was. I mean, you noticed, but couldn't really figure it out."

"But today when I went, I had forgotten to put back on my boxer briefs after our, um, escapades this morning." Blaine grinned at this revelation and sat up slightly to kiss Kurt on his forehead. "Anyway, I forgot them and I usually where then when I tan, so I just threw my shirt over my, um, my front, but I forgot about my ass. Every other time I've gone, it was covered up, but this time it wasn't and I went nearly 15 minutes. So I got burned everywhere that was usually covered and it's so red and it hurts so much and I look like I have a freaking baboon butt!"

Kurt was dissolving into tears at his pain and humiliation while Blaine barely kept himself from bursting out in laughter. The smile reached his eyes though and the tears of laughter started trickling down his face.

"You have to admit, Kurt, it is kind of funny!" He suppressed another giggle and sighed to calm himself down. "Is there anything I can do? Do you have any aloe? I'd gladly rub it on your burned baboon butt." He could no longer hold in his grin and had to move fast to get out of Kurt's reach as he tried to swat his boyfriend.

"Just laugh at my misery, Blaine Anderson, I see how it is. See if you get any anytime soon!" Kurt turned away disgruntled at his boyfriend's response to his predicament.

Blaine stood up and lightly kissed Kurt's cheek. "I'm sorry, hon. I'm sure you're in a lot of pain; let me go get the aloe out of the bathroom and your laptop and we'll watch something while I tend to your poor sunburned butt. Ok?"

Kurt grunted in response not ready to forgive Blaine just yet and still extremely embarrassed.

Blaine was back in a hurry with a musical and a giant bottle of aloe lotion. Blaine started the movie and began to slowly and carefully apply the aloe. After a while, Blaine began giggling to himself a bit. "Well, Kurt, at least you can be grateful you remembered to throw a shirt on over your, um, front."

Kurt looked back at him with a raised eyebrow and finally cracked a smile. "I suppose you and me both are grateful for that." He wiggled his eyebrows at Blaine, making him chuckle and turned back to the movie.

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