The Story that Never Happened

(Rin POV)

Disclaimer: I do not own the shuffle media or anything to do with shuffle but if I did then it would have kept on going.

If you like this then I will keep going on but if you don't then I will just leave the story how it is.


I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock again as well as the sweet sound of Kaede's voice saying "It's time to get up silly."

I thought to myself "It is really early, can't I just go back to bed?" but instead of saying my thoughts, I rose from bed, so I could eat my wonderful breakfast that Kaede made for me.

Kaede replied sweetly, "I made an omelet for breakfast. Does that sound okay?" She asked innocently.

I replied nicely, "Why of course that sounds good, your omelets are fucking delicious."

Kaede commented, "Okay, I am going to set the table while you get dressed and get your things ready for school."

"Okay, I will be down shortly for that delicious omelet of yours." I called back to her. Then I jumped out of bed and put on some dark blue jeans, with a white button up shirt. I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and comb my hair. When I was done I ran down stairs to find myself looking at a table covered with four omelets, two pieces of bacon, and two pancakes. I looked at Kaede and stated, "You did not have to go and make this much food. One omelet would have been good enough."

She replied sweetly," I know, but I love to cook for you and make sure you have enough, that's why I made all of this food for you."

I asked nicely," Aren't you going to eat any?"

Kaede replied, "I already ate my breakfast while I was making yours, so you go on a head and eat."

I replied, "Okay, if you say so." Then I grabbed my fork and stuffed my mouth full of everything. It only took me about five minutes to eat all of this, seeing how I was starving. When I finished I put my dishes in the sink and said, "Lets head of for school now Kaede." She came running down the stairs with our lunch, and her bag. I asked nicely, "Do you want me to carry something for you?"

She replied back, "No, I can do it. Don't worry."

I said, "Alright lets head off to school then."

They were on their way to school.