Spoilers for enemy mine

He was a con man and he'd found his mark that rescue girl was going to give him a lift out of here even if she didn't know it.

He'd done it got the money and boy had the payoff been worth it, he knew it was risky conning David Cooks but he had nothing to lose. Months left to live he wanted to live it up. He had visions of luxury hotels and as many women as he wanted. He had jumped on a plane leaving Sydney knowing anywhere was better than there. Charles Howard wasn't stupid he did his con and got out quick.

Hearing noises of the engine spluttering he knew he was in trouble as the plane took a dive down. He prayed to anyone that he would survive. The landing was bumpy after taking a moment to realise he was still intact and not injured. He began assessing other passengers any dead and he could empty their wallets. One guy was trapped the pilot had an injured collarbone and another with a bad leg. He only had a scratch. He looked at his watch they'd have been catching up to him by now. He needed to get out before they hunted him down. He began walking taking as rest under a rocky ledge. Then he saw them the 2 rescue people, a bloke and the most attractive girl he'd seen in a while. She knelt down beside him, his next mark she was going to give him a lift out of here he just need to find her weakness her soft spot.

He began talking her father seemed to be it, he noticed a slight flinch as she spoke. He began working the angle, speaking about a daughter he didn't have, how he felt distanced from her. She was beginning to come around; putty, everyone was putty in his hands.

Lara was walking the man reminded her of her dad. She wished she'd had a chance to be with her dad before the dementia. She wished she could have told him how lonely she felt when everyone else's dads came to sports day, school play or graduation and hers was working. She didn't care that she had a nice house or nice clothes she just wanted her dad to build a tree house with her. When he did come home it didn't matter she spent 8 hours a day training a gymnastics and came second, why wasn't she first. Why wasn't she better? Lara knew he thought of her as a failure maybe that was why he spent so much time away.

From behind she heard a yell, he was gone she ran back. Down a small cliff Charles was heaping cash back into a bag.

"I sold my house, it's for my daughter" he explained. Lara felt her anger rise, it was so lie her dad come back with money hope it buys your peace, your forgiveness.

"So what you weren't trying to get help just protect your money" Lara accused, money it was all about money. He could have died walking through the bush, just to protect a bit of finance

"Chinese buyer we cheated stamp duty" Charles admitted, knowing that going for a lesser crime was better than going for the truth.

Lara rolled her eyes, it wasn't her or recuses business. He wanted to carry cash around it was his business.

As they walked out the bush Charles grabbed her throwing her to the floor.

"What?" she exclaimed

"Ok so I didn't quite tell you the full story" Charles admitted, this was getting more complicated. He hadn't quite expected

"Technically the money belongs to my boss, he is the criminal, David Crooks" Charles told her

"And you're not?" Lara questioned there was at least a million in that bag you didn't get that from a crime boss by being nice

"I did the accounts in a creative way, tax write offs" Charles said, it was a long time setting up before he got the mother load and split

"Just turn yourself into the cops"

"Please Lara I need it to make peace with my girl" Charles begged going for the emotional angle, it worked better with women

"You're crazy"

"Please Lara I'm ill, I have 12 months left max I don't want to spend that in jail" Charles admitted

"I don't care, do you get that" Lara replied angrily, these guys looked dangerous and he had lied to her before. Charles sensed he was losing her pulling out the big guns

"Blood cell counts, I don't have to explain them to you" he showed her his latest tests. She looked at him sympathy filling her eyes. He looked sincerely, appearing sad while internally grinning, she was his.

She handed him back the paper, standing up to review the men. Both looked armed. She stood up going into the clearing. They left as soon as she told them they were evacuated and going to St Marks. Charles came out

"Don't make me regret this" she warned. Charles nodded looking sincere now all he had to do was get her to drop him off at the airport. Lara began driving planning to take him across town to the hospital away from St Marks. She stopped at the petrol station Charles used the toilet, Lara used the opportunity to called Dean.

Charles went to the toilet, he knew she wouldn't drive off. He had her trust. He came out to see her on the phone. Damn it she wasn't meant to ring anyone.

"Who were you ringing?" he asked causally

"My rescue partner he thinks I should turn you in" Lara confided. Charles knew she wouldn't, a police car pulled into the gas station

"Well here is your chance go ahead." He offered. He knew when conning people it was important to make them believe the choices were their own even though they weren't. She turned the engine on

"Not yet" she decided, "I'll drive you to your daughters then to the cops" she offered. Charles nodded. It was like playing a violin. He gave the address for an old con partner. He knew she would play along.

He sat in the car playing the nervous dad, he knocked on the door, she answered

"You love me, you're going to let me in" he told her. She smiled and opened the door. They sat for 10 minutes talking. Charles knew Lara would sit and wait as long as he needed.

"I need a photo of your son" he asked Claire, she gave him one; in return he gave her $500.

Lara sat in the car, she reached for her phone almost calling her dad. She stopped herself

"How did it go?" Lara asked

"Really well" Charles claimed smiling.


"I have a grandson, Michael he is studying in England. My daughter refused the money she gave me this photo"

"That's sweet he is a handsome lad"

"I just wish I could see him" Charles said quietly. "Right before we go to the police I'd like a bite to eat" he asked, Lara laughed,

"Last stop" she told him.

They drove to a local burger place. Charles jumped out with a $50. Lara sat in the car. She really liked Charles he seemed a nice guy trying to make things right. It was just a shame he wouldn't see his grandson. Suddenly a car came out of nowhere hitting Charles and knocking him over. Lara jumped out the car and was reporting it. Three men jumped out the van one going for the money the others for Charles.

"Boss wants him to pay" they claimed grabbing him. Lara fought them as best as she could.

"He is injured, you can't take him, he'll die if you take him"

"Hey you're the rescue bitch that lied to us. You keep him alive or your both dead.

Grab her and her kit" one ordered, Lara fought as they roughly tore her radio off her smashing it to the floor.

"Boss doesn't want him dead" the man explained as she was shoved in the back of the van as it sped off.