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Steve came running after Danny had called him. "What's wrong?"

Danny turned to Elena and she spoke for him. "My son… he's missing." Elena said trying to fight back tears.

Steve turned to Danny. "You called me over hear… I was freaking out because you sounded scared and now you're telling me… it's because of a missing child?" Steve asked, not understanding.

Danny looked at Elena who had turned and clung on to Damon like her life depended on it and then he turned back to Steve. He stalked towards him before he was in his face. Taking a deep breath he talked. "That is my kid Steve and he's a little boy so we need to," he paused for a moment looking at Elena. "We just need to find him."

Steve looked at Elena and then back at Danny. "I don't understand what you…"

Danny looked frustrated. "We just need to find him Steve! Do first, ask questions later! Please Steve,"

Steve looked at Danny and could tell that he was in fact frustrated and knew that he had to find this kid.

"Chin and Kono can you guys keep working on this case? I have to deal with something."

"Everything ok Steve?" Chin asked.

Steve looked over at Danny who had his head in his hands and sighed. "Not right now. But it will be. I will explain everything later just please get to work on this case and keep me updated."

"Sure thing boss," Kono said and they both went back to the crime scene.

"Ok I need to know what happened right now," Steve said.

"I don't know! One minute he was right there! He was talking to me and then Caroline asked me something and I looked away for one minute and when I turned back… he was gone," Damon said trying to hold it together.

"Ok I will go see if there are any security tapes around the area. I will also talk to people see if there is anyone who saw anything. Now Elena I need a detailed description of your son." Steve said as he pulled out a note pad and a pen. It was one of those times where he needed to be professional and not go by memory. Not when Danny was involved.

Elena took a deep breath and Damon wrapped his arm around her for support. "His name is Scott Lucas Williams. He's four and a half years old. He's wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt with running shoes. He has blue eyes and sandy blonde hair." Elena said and then started to sob.

~1 hour later~

"I can't imagine what Elena's going through right now," Caroline sobbed in Klaus' shirt.

"I know love but Elena is strong. I should know," Klaus said as he chuckled at the memory of trying to kill Elena and her friends multiple times.

"I just…. Who would do something like this?" Caroline asked her fiancée.

"I don't know. Scott doesn't deserve this he is a great kid who would want…" Klaus was saying but was cut off by his phone ringing.


"Why is you're brother calling you? You gave him hybrids he should be leaving you alone," Caroline exclaimed.

"I know. Give me a second love I will be right back," Klaus said before standing up and walking away.

"Kol," Klaus growled into the phone. "What do you want?"

"Hello to you to brother. How are you liking Hawaii?" again another chuckle.

"Wait how did you know…" Klaus started to say but cut off. "Kol what did you do?"

~In the police station~

"And then I woke up the next morning and Danny was gone. I never heard from him again. I found out I was pregnant a month later and nine months later I had Scott," Elena said finally finishing the story to Steve about what happened between her and Danny.

"I'm sorry you had to go through being a single mother," Danny said. He had been sitting by the window sill silently not knowing what to say.

Elena looked over at him and smiled. "I wasn't alone. I had Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric and so many of my other friends and family so no I wasn't alone. Scott maybe had to start growing up without a dad but he had me."

"I didn't know he even existed!" Danny yelled.

"Whose fault is that!" Elena yelled back.

"Yours! Because you never had the decency to try and find me!"

"It was your fault! Not mine! You're a cop! A cop! Why didn't you try and find me?" Elena yelled finally letting tears stream down her face. She had been strong through this whole ordeal but bringing up things that had been unspoken for years finally got the best of Elena.

"I don't know…" Danny finally admitted, in a hoarse whisper.

"It was hard Danny. I had to go through nine months and yeah I had friends but I wanted you there. I wanted you to be with me when I cried and hold my hair back when I had morning sickness and drive me to the hospital when I found out I was in labor. That was supposed to be you. Not Damon and Alaric and Jeremy."

"I'll give you two a minute," Steve finally said and slipped out of the room.

"I'm sorry Elena. If I could go back in time and be there for you I would but I can't. If I had known about Scott I would have been there for you! I want to know my son and I really hope that we can find him. If you don't want me in his life that's fine I will understand your reasoning's."

Before Elena could say a word Danny left the room to go help Steve with the investigation.

Elena had always wanted this. For Danny to be back in her life. She wanted Scott to know his father and wanted him to be able to be in Scott's life but she was scared. She was scared of Danny walking out again, she was scared of having to go back to Mystic Falls but most of all she was scared that they were never going to find Scott.

They had to find her son.

~In the park~

"Kol… what did you do?" Klaus repeated.

"Well brother my hybrids seem to have disappeared on me. I need new ones."

"You still have some of Elena's blood… use it." Klaus growled.

"Yeah… I got hungry one day and I wanted to try it and I might have drank it all."

"Kol, I don't care. Leave us alone. I am finally happy,"

"Yeah well there is a complication with that. I need more of Elena's blood."

"You aren't going to get any!" Klaus yelled. He had started to grow close to Elena and considered her a friend. He didn't want hybrids anymore. He had a family and that was all he needed.

"Well let me tell you Klaus I think Elena will willingly give me some of her blood." Kol chuckled, satisfied with how his plan was working out. "

Klaus scoffed. "Yeah right and why would she do that?" Klaus asked, not believing him.

"Because if she doesn't give me her blood to make more hybrids. I will drink from her son and then kill him… and she won't like that will she?"

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