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John woke up feeling relax, calm and just a tad bit like he'd fallen down a rabbit hole and into some weird alternate reality where waking up after a night shagging his roommate, who was a hundred per cent male, felt as normal as tea and toast. What was even stranger was the warm feeling he had in the pit of his stomach at the feel of a heavy arm draped over his waist.

To say last night had been a revelation would be considered an understatement by anyone's standards. But it was a surprisingly welcome one. What had started as a slightly drug infused heat of the moment thing in a tiled while bathroom and turned into an almost all night shag-fest. Well, maybe shag-fest was putting it a little strongly. It was more two-shags-kissing-wank-fest.

John smiled to himself as he thought about the previous night, or he should probably say that morning as they hadn't gotten to sleep until at least 4AM. Sherlock had been the best thing of the night. For a self-confessed asexual workaholic he'd thrown himself into his new found sex life whole-heartedly and at times John had been hard pressed to keep up with him. He could only imagine what it was going to be like when they got home.

He knew that no matter what the work would come first and he was fine with that. In fact if John was honest, he'd admit that the work had kind of become important to him too. But when there wasn't any work, when Sherlock was bored or found life dull… or when he was coming down from the high of solving some case or other, John knew that that's when things where going to get both interesting and dangerous, because Sherlock was as renowned for his impatience as he was for his deductive skills. He could almost see it now. Instead of shoot the living room wall or using his skill to embarrass whoever was in a five foot radius, it would be 'John, I'm bored. Lets have sex.' or a text pretty much saying the same thing and he wouldn't care who was around or where they were, he'd just say it and expect John to drop everything to accommodate him, because that's what John did.

The idea however wasn't at all displeasing and that was one hell of a shock to the ex-army doctors system. He shifted back against the warmth of Sherlock's body and glaced across at the clock. It was still early and he groaned that he hadn't slept longer. Three hours wasn't enough. Either his movement or his noise gained the sleeping detectives attention because he suddenly felt Sherlock's morning stiffy pressing against his arse causing him to swallow hard and suck in a lustful breath.

He'd made it very clear last night that if Sherlock wanted to continue this, which he'd eagerly insisted he did, then their were rules and boundaries. One such rule being that by no mean was John getting fucked. Not this side of death anyway. Cause lets face it, knowing John's apparent luck there was such a thing as reincarnation and he'd come back as a girl. - and Sherlock would very likely come back as himself. Anyway, Sherlock had agree to the terms and they'd fallen into bed for another round of shagging.


John heard his… what did he call him now, moan into his shoulder.

"I'm still your friend John…" Sherlock announced in a husky, sexy, lazy voice that shot right to John's groin. "…if you must label us, then lets stick to that one."

John rolled his eyes. He still hadn't figured out how the bastard was able to read his mind when he wasn't even looking at him.

"I'm not reading your mind, I just know how you think." Sherlock laughed, pulling the shorter man closer to press a kiss to the side of his neck. "John…" he feigned a gasp while grinning widely. "….already."

John turned to glare over his shoulder, trying his hardest to frown. "Don't even try it you sod, I wasn't even thinking…."

"Weren't you?" Sherlock continued to smirk, his brow raised disbelievingly.

John narrowed his gaze at him, smiled a little and leaned closer to Sherlock's lips.

Only to pull back and leap out of the bed. Sherlock wasn't the only one who liked to screw with his flatmates libido, John laughed to himself as he marched across to the bathroom. He arse on full display much to Sherlock's delight.

When John exited the bathroom wrapped in a towel it was to find Sherlock up and dressed. He raised at questioning brow to his 'friend'. "Going somewhere?"

"Lestrade text. Apparently the local constabulary wish to talk to me." Sherlock said with a groan.

"What me to come?"

Sherlock gave a small smirk that resulted in a glare from John. "No, it's shouldn't take long. I'll just give my statement and leave Lestrade to deal with the moronic questions." He informed as he shrugged into his over coat and headed to the door.

"Sherlock. Be nice. - well, polite at least."

Sherlock didn't kiss him a goodbye and John was alright with that. There was no way he was going to let them turn into one of those lovey dovey touchy feely gay couples. They were just John and Sherlock; friends, colleagues and flatmates. The Consulting detective and the blogger, who just happened to be in a relationship.

John was about to head to the bed when he realised he hadn't hurt the door close, looking over his shoulder he found Sherlock stood on the threshold staring at him. John smirked. "Waiting for something?"

"Huh." Sherlock grunted before strolling back into the room and locking his lips against John's, before finally walking confidently out, leaving John with a girly smirk plastered to his lips.


Sherlock pulled the door closed with a silent sigh and caught the wide eyed stare of Lestrade. A blush staining his cheeks as his gaped at the detective. Sherlock fought the urge to laugh. He walked past the inspector, fastening his jacket as he went.

"Morning Lestrade. How are we today. - Sleep well."

"Huh. Yeah." he stammered as he pulled the door to his room closed, his gaze wracking over the detective. There'd been speculation about John and Sherlock but Greg hadn't really believed any of it. In the five years he'd known Sherlock he'd come to the conclusion that the man didn't do sex. He'd never seen him even show an interest in a man or woman unless it was to gain information on a case. And while he'd seen an instant connection with John, he'd assumed it was just friendship. How wrong he was.

He wasn't sure what he was more shocked at? That the speculation had been confirmed via very thin walls? That John was apparently gay? Or that he'd ever doubted any of it? There was one thing he did know. He wasn't going to look John in the eye for a while.

He heard Sherlock chuckle as he passed and Greg felt his cheeks heat.

"Shell we?"

"Huh, yeah." Greg nodded following silently after the slim detective. His gaze noticing a deep red mark on the mans neck.

Sherlock noticed the man staring as they exited the pub and pulled his collar in that 'cool' way John had mentioned in an attempt to cover the love-bite his 'friend' had left there last night. "We'll take your car." Sherlock stated.



Sherlock was only able to be polite to the local idiots for fifteen minutes until he'd started insulting their intelligence, which they made so very easy. Five seconds after calling the local sergeant a buffoon with the IQ of a coral reef, Sherlock had marched out of the small police station, leaving Lestrade to make his apologies.

It took him five minutes to make it back to the Cross Keys where he found John standing at the bar exchanging money.

"What took you so long?" the doctor asked glancing down at his watch. "Twenty minutes? Your losing your touch."

"Meaning?" Sherlock frowned.

John laughed. "Meaning, I expected you to have insulted the whole station and been back after just ten."

Sherlock smiled widely. "I would have but my doctor told me to be polite and only a fool ignore with his doctor."

John shook his head. "Want any breakfast?" he asked as Gary stood waiting on the other side of the bar.

"No. I'm just popping to the toilet."

"Alright. I'll be out side."

A moment or so later Sherlock exited the pub with two cups of coffee in hand. He walked over to the picnic table John as sat at as Billy placed his breakfast in front of him. He gave the man a small smile. He handed over the cup of coffee as the chief walked away. "So they didn't have it put down then? The dog."

"Obviously. I guess they just couldn't bring themselves to do it." John replied ripping a knife through his eggs and tomatoes.

"I see."

John smiled. "No, you don't."

"No, I don't. - Sentiment?"

"Sentiment." John nodded grinning.

John chewed his food as Sherlock took a seat next to him. As he swallowed his food he decided to broach the subject that had been bugging him all morning…at least for the past half hour. "Listen, what happened to me in the lab?"

Sherlock looked guiltily away. "You want some sauce with that?"

"I hadn't been to the hollow, how comes I heard those things in there? Fear and stimulus, you said."

Sherlock kept his head down like a naughty child, riffling through the condiments. "You must have been dosed elsewhere. When you went to the lab maybe. You saw those pipes, leaky as a sieve. And they were carrying the gas…so…" He pulling out two sachets. "…um, ketchup was it, or brown."

John stopped ripping at his food and turned. "Hang on. You thought it was in the sugar. You were convinced it was in the sugar."

Sherlock looked at his watch. "Better get going, actually. There's a train that leaves in half hour, so if you want…"

John sighed as understanding hit him. His head hanging forward and shaking for a few moments. "Oh, god. It was you…." his gaze snapped around to fix his irritated gaze on Sherlock's. "… you locked me in that bloody lab."

"I had too…" the detective sighed. "It was an experiment."

"An experiment?" John snapped loadly.


"I was terrified, Sherlock. I was scared to death."

"I thought the drug was in the sugar so I put the sugar in your coffee…" he explained in a hushed tone trying not to draw any attention. "…then I arranged everything with Major Barrymore. It was all totally scientific. Laboratory conditions. Well, literarily." Sherlock smiled.

John took his frustration out on his breakfast. Typical Sherlock. He didn't know why he was surprised. Actually, he wasn't surprised. He was always the man's crash test dummy. Though on the bright side, in a way it hadn't turned out all that bad. They'd solved the case, John had finally dealt with months for built up frustration and Sherlock had finally gotten a taste of what being human meant. All in all, not a bad nights work.

"I knew what effected it had on a superior mind, so I needed to try it on an average one."

John's folk froze half way to his mouth and he hope Sherlock could read his mind, cause right now he was think the arrogant bastard was getting another shag this side of Christmas.

"You know what I mean." Sherlock sighed.

"But it wasn't in the sugar." John said around his breakfast, really feeling the needed to rub it in.

"No, well I wasn't to know you'd already been exposed to the gas." Sherlock said defensively.

"So you were wrong."


"You were wrong. It wasn't in the sugar. You were wrong." John insisted, enjoying himself a little too much.

Sherlock shifted in his seat and murmured into his coffee. "A bit. Won't happen again."

The pair sat in a comfortable silence for a while before John's mind suddenly sparked up.

"Any long term effects?"

"None at all. You'll be fine once you've excreted it. We all will"

John smirked down at his plate. "Think I might have taken care of that already."

Sherlock laughed as the memories of last nights activities filtered through his mind. He watched John for a few seconds and felt a warmth spreading through his chest at the sight. There was no way he was going to lose John now, if it meant fighting tooth and nail, John Watson was his forever. - And god save any who tried to separate them.

Sherlock's attention was captured by Gary and he got to his feet.

"Where you going?" John asked looking up at him.

"Won't be a minute. Going to see a man about a dog."

John smiled as he watched Sherlock walk away. A warmth spreading though his whole body at the sight of the confidence detective. John sighed to himslef as he accepted the fact that him and Sherlock weren't just a couple, they were together. Completely, thought thick and thin, good and bad and the only thing that was going to part them was death. John shook his head at how completely wussy he suddenly found himself sounding. But he didn't really care cause his life had never been so good.

As he finished his breakfast alone, he found himself humming 'It Started With A Kiss' and laughed.


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1) The whole conversation outside the Cross Keys for those who don't know was taken from the episode. I just added the thoughts and feelings to fit the plot. I needed that last conversation because I'd always planned to use…

"Any long term effects?"

"None at all. You'll be fine once you've excreted it. We all will"

"Think I might have taken care of that already."

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3) The use of 'being human' was not done as a purposeful in-joke. I didn't even realise I'd said it until after I'd written it. Being Human is a BBC Three show staring Russell Tovey, who guest stared in this episode as Henry Knight. He strangle plays werewolf George. I don't watch Being Human but my sister in law does, so I know of it. And I have to admit it was a little hard at points, I found myself trying not to laugh at the irony. (at least I think its irony?)

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