A/N: This work takes concepts from both The Crow and Ghost Rider, since the ideas are so blatently obvious I guess that makes it a fanfiction of both of them. The characters on the other hand are original, and I try to take the plot in my own direction. This is my first piece to be released on this site, so please review and tell me how I can get better.

The couple walked alone through the dark city that night. Hand in hand, they gushed over the play they had just seen. They were engaged, ready to be married in just a few months time. Both shared a passionate love that nothing could have extinguished, not even death.

The brisk, night air cut through them. The man took off his coat to give to the woman to help keep her warm.

"What a gentleman," said the woman. The man laughed but didn't comment. "Oh, I forgot to tell you," she continued on. "My sister is coming here for a business thing. Would you have a problem with her staying over to save her having to get a hotel?"

"Yeah no problem. How long is she going to be in town?" he asked.

"Just a few days. It's actually kinda convenient, her birthday is coming up while she's here so we can celebrate with her."

"Sounds like a plan," he said with a smile. They continued on in silence for a while. The man had no problem with his girlfriends family, in fact he rather liked them. His own family was not quite as close however. He was thankful for her family because it let him pretend for a moment that his life hadn't been filled with misforutune. His father had been an angry drunk, and would often lash out against his family when he had had too much of "the good stuff." His alcoholism had eventually been the death od him when he came home from the bar one night, too intoxicated to drive. The man didn't know how too feel at the time of his father's death, but looking back he often wished he had at least gotten to see him in a better mood before he left them.

The man pushed his mind out of the past, and focused himself on the now, his girlfriend was his future, and that's all that mattered to him.

As they passed an alley, a gun clicked in the dark, and a man's voice spoke out to them.

"Freeze! Get in the alley, follow it until you get into the warehouse." Afraid, they obeyed and were lead into the deserted warehouse.

"This is how it's going to go down," said the thief calmly. "You're going to give me your money, or I'll bust a cap in your ass!"

Though the man felt great fear, he spread his arms in front of his lover. "Fine take my damn money, but don't lay a finger on her!" He threw his wallet on the ground and continued to stand in front of his beloved. He was shaking all over, wondering why the fates had chosen the two of them to be caught in this situation. He knew that crime was rampant in the darker parts of the city, but never before had be been in such danger as this before, and the fact that his girlfriend was in danger as well made it even worse. His breath was quick and adrenalin pumped through his veins, and even though he was scared, his mind seemed to be crystal clear, as if the mortal danger eliminated the haze of his mind.

The thief walked to the wallet and picked up the money. A smug grin spread across his face, he was clearly pleased with himself. "Now then... go to Hell!" he yelled firing the gun into the man's guts.

"David!" screamed the woman. The man named David fell to his knees and then onto his back. The light in his eyes dimming as the life left him. The woman knelt down next to David, cradling his head in her lap. Her eyes were glistening and a single tear fell from her eyes onto the man's cheek.

"J-Jessabell…" he whispered, trying to reach up and tough her face one last time. His eyes closed, and his head tilted to the side. Jessabell began to sob and put her lips to David's forehead.

"He he, now that he's out of the way, let's have some fun!" The thief grinned. Evil burned in the murderer's eyes as he gave into his lust. He approached the woman, intending to commit a sin far worse than what he had done so far. The thief grabbed David by the cuff of his shirt and tossed his body aside like it was nothing. Jessabell whimpered in fear and sorrow as she watched David defiled in such a manner.

Taking a step forward, the murderer threw down his gun and aimed to rip the young woman's blouse off. Before he could lay a single finger on her, a bright flame engulfed the body of David, and a mighty voice pierced the air.

"I told you not to touch her," it roared. David stood, his body still covered in the blaze. "I won't let you harm Jessabell!"

The flame died out, and David walked up to the man, hatred burning within his heart. David had seen into the man's soul, and knew what he had intended, this brought forth a rage so powerful nothing could stop it.

The murderer screamed in terror and picked up his gun, firing a second round into David's head. David's skull kicked backwards from the recoil, and he stopped his approach. The killer let out a sigh of relief. This did not last long however, as David straightened his head and continued to walk onwards.

David grabbed the man by the throat.

"Wh-what are you?" he asked, fear behind every word.

"I am he who was once called David," said the man who should have been dead. "But you may call me Void."

The thief screamed. But this didn't stop Void.

"You have been Judged! Now experience Hell for yourself!" Void tightened his grip on his murderer's neck, and a burst of Hellfire erupted from the thief's body, when it dissolved, nothing was left of the man, not even ash.

Then Void turned to Jessabell, and his face showed signs of immense sorrow.

"D-David?" she squeaked, tears streaming down her face.

"Jessabell... I'm sorry, I'm not longer the David you fell in love with. To save you I had to make a contract with Satan. Now I am cursed to wander this earth, sacrificing souls of evil men to the devil himself."

"No! I don't want that for you! Why would you-" she stopped unable to finish her sentence out of pure grief.

"Jessabell, we can no longer be together, but my sacrifice was worth it, because I did it to save you. If you wish to make it up to me, then go on and live a long happy life. Do this as a dying man's last wish." Void came closer to Jessabell and placed a single kiss on her brow, His eyes glistened as he knew this would be hard for both of them, but it was the best choice he could have made.

Void tried to walk away, leaving the matter on a bittersweet note, but Jessabell had other plans. She embraced him and sobbed into his shirt, no longer bloodstained, due to the purification of the fire.

"P-please... Don't leave me." she cried in between sobs. Not knowing what to do, Void returned her hug, and they remained like this, in silence, for a minute or so. Finally Void spoke again.

"Goodbye, Jessabell."

With that Void turned his back on Jessabell, and with a flash of brief hellfire, She was alone in the warehouse.