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I Love Thee

I love thee, as I love the calm
Of sweet, star-lighted hours!
I love thee, as I love the balm
Of early jes'mine flow'rs.
I love thee, as I love the last
Rich smile of fading day,
Which lingereth, like the look we cast,
On rapture pass'd away.
I love thee as I love the tone
Of some soft-breathing flute
Whose soul is wak'd for me alone,
When all beside is mute.

I love thee as I love the first
Young violet of the spring;
Or the pale lily, April-nurs'd,
To scented blossoming.
I love thee, as I love the full,
Clear gushings of the song,
Which lonely-sad-and beautiful-
At night-fall floats along,
Pour'd by the bul-bul forth to greet
The hours of rest and dew;
When melody and moonlight meet
To blend their charm, and hue.
I love thee, as the glad bird loves
The freedom of its wing,
On which delightedly it moves
In wildest wandering.

I love thee as I love the swell,
And hush, of some low strain,
Which bringeth, by its gentle spell,
The past to life again.
Such is the feeling which from thee
Nought earthly can allure:
'Tis ever link'd to all I see
Of gifted-high-and pure!

By Eliza Acton


"I have a feeling that the next person that stares at me for to long then starts whispering to the person next to them is going to have a rather sore bruise in the eye curtsy of Bella Swan" Bella grumbled irratebly as she eyed two freshmen girls who were staring and whispering indiscreetly as we made our way to English.

It was rather amusing hearing Bella threatening voilence on others when she normaly avoids confrontations if she could help it.

Thank goodness I'm not on the receiving end of her anger. Not that it would hurt me if she ever acted upon it but it would certainly hurt her if she tried to punch my concrete body though I suppose she would be very capable after our baby's birth.

Our Baby... I internally sighed happily. I will never get tired of hearing or thinking that.

"If I wasn't worried you'd break your wrist when inflicting the injury I would say be my guest." I chuckled when I saw the putelent look on her face. I pulled her to my side a little tighter then before so that my hands brushed briefly against the side of her stomach and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

The slight scowl on her face dissapeared as a doting smile took her place. Those two actions always calmed her down and I'm so happy knowing she'll always react that way after I kiss her.

"Yeah you're probably right," she sighed "In theory the idea is very appealing but in reality I really don't want to make a stop at the hospital on my first day back."

"I know what you mean about the idea of punching someone being very appealing. Do you know how many times I've had to stop myself from ripping the head of every adolecent male execpt Ben in this school? Every single one of them is thinking about how sinfully delicious your looking today. They are right love, you are ravishing bit only I can think about all the dirty things I want to do to you." I shuddered at the mental images the boys harboured about my Bella all morning.

Bella smirked at look on my face as I recalled all their thoughts I had to endure.

"Let them think what they want," Bella began as I looked at her incrudously "You're the only one who gets to act upon those kind of thoughts about me. You're the one I'm going home with. We're the ones that made a beautiful little miracle that's going to be living under my heart for another eight months." She finished sweetly, stroking me cheek softly.

The tension in my muscles I didn't realise before suddenly easded as I processed her words.

She was right, all these insuffrable little male human could wish all they want for my Bella's body because at the end of the day, I'm the one that's going to be buried deep into her.

Micheal Buble's song save the last dance for me suddenly came to mind; Don't forget whose taking you home, and in whose arms you're going to be in.

Michael sure knew what he was talking about when he wrote that song.

With that in mind, my jealousy subsided enough for a smug grin to light up my face.

Bella rolled her eyes at my expression and muttured "Men" under her breath.

"This term we will be looking into romantic poetry." Ms Alpine's monotous voice began as she adressed the english class.

"I hope to God you have all some what matured over the Summer," she gave Newton and Tyler a beady pointed look "As we will be starting by looking into more mature themes in romantic poetry. I know a lot of you will be immature about despite my fuitile wishing but its in this years curriculom so I've decided it would be best to get it over and done with."

Ms Alpine was stalling and I didn't blame her. Her thoughts were blanching at the idea of teaching classes to high school teenagers about erotic poetry.

As she predicted, every class member caught on to what she was saying and started giggling and snickering to themselves except for myself and Bella.

Speaking of Bella I turned and to see her reaction to the news as I couldn't read her thought. Her entire face as well as her elegant neck down to the delicious lines of her colorbones were flushed enticingly.

I suddenly realised that all the next couple of english lessons will be pure torture. One, i will have to endure an hour everyday of immature adolesent human thinking of nothing but sex, no doubt most of the males will have my Bella in mind when they do so.

But the other and perhaps more difficult torture would be sitting a whole hour with a raging hard on while I thought of nothing but sex with Bella and not being able to touch her at all.

Man English just got a whole more interesting - Tyler.

Sweet we're studying word porn - Mike.

Hmmm... I wounder if Mike will get horny enough that he'll want to fuck behind the bleachers - Jessica.

My sympathy toward Ms Alpine just increased tensfold.

"This lesson, you will create your own... Erotic poems and a few of you will have to read theirs out to the class. Despite the nature of the topic can you please try to refrain yourselves from vividly describing sexsual acts. There also won't be any immaturity or laughing at each others poems, you are all practically adults and should act like one.

You can work either individualy or in pairs. If you your going to work with someone from the opposite sex do not use this class as an excuse for making out as a means of insperation. It wouldn't put it past some of you to do exactly that. You have thirty minutes starting from now!"

An unspoken agreement flashed between Bella and I as we atomatically moved closer rogether so that we could start on our poem.

"I can't believe we're doing this for class" Bella whispered embarressingly.

"I know, neither can I but it doesn't look like we have much of a choice," I sighed in resignition "What would you like to centre our poem about love?" I asked her, wanting her input.

"Well..." She started of shyly. I looked at her curiously, wondering what's going on in that beautiful head of hers.

"Weeeeell..." I promted encouroginly.

"I think we should both express our dislike for how modern times have destroyed the true meaning of sex. You know like porn and one night stands." She elaborated quietly.

"I think that's a brilliant idea love" I smiled widely. It was true indeed that the true meaning of love making is being lost a lot these days.

"You do?" She asked uncertainly.

"Of course I do. It's something we both dearly believe in. Why don't we give them a taste what making love truely means?" I told her stroking her cheek.

She blushed deeper red and nodded shyly while gawning on her lip.

"Let's get started shall we" I said flirtingly.

Half an hour later Ms. Alpine called the class' attention.

"Your time Is up class!" Some students who hadn't finished yet rushed to wuickly finish scribbling their sentence "Is there a volunteer that would like to go first?" She asked the class, dreading the next thirty minutes of her life.

I will definitely have to get drunk tonight, she thought glumly in her head.

Some students such as Angela shrunk back immediately while others looked somewhat eager to share their word porn in the words of Mr. Newton. I shuddered as I read in people's head what some of them wrote. How could most of them be so crass about such a beautiful and intimate act?

Unsurprisingly, it was Mike's hand that shot to the air first eagerly. Ms. Alpine sighed but nodded at Newton indicating that he could walk to the front and read out his poem.

There's no way Bella will be able to resist me after I read out loud my poem. It is about her after all. She'll totally see that i can give her a better time in bed than Cullen can. I bet their poem is crap. Mike thought smugly in his mind as he attempted to "walk with swagger" only he looked like he was having a muscle spasm in his right leg.

I leaned in closer to Bella "The poem he wrote is dedicated to you even though he's going out with Jessica" I whispered into her ear disbelieving.

Bella's face scrunched up in disgust when I told her that and the colour drained from her face when Mike winked at her before starting his poem in what he thought was a seductive voice.

"This poem is called X Rocket Glare," He said as he started leeringly at Bella

"I have a special rocket

Designated for one

Set to ignite

When the sun is fully done

With heat and dry conditions across the US

Fireworks are a concern

But hopefully in your vicinity

Is the only place this will burn

And besides if it gets too hot

You will know how to cool it down

Skills you have seem capable

Probably hearing my enjoyable sound

Know I suppose there is a chance that a blaze

Might be ragging maybe even wide

Where is my fire extinguisher

Could it be what you want to ride?

So let them scare the drive ways

With flashes going up higher

What seek to present to you

Is my own Unforgettable Fire"

When he finished a part of him was actually hoping Bella would remove herself from my embrace and run to him. What an imbecile, half of me wanted to go strangle him to death and the other half was suppressing laughter at his poor attempt at trying to win over Bella.

When Newton saw the embarrassment that was written all over my loves face and shrink in further in my embrace, his cocky grin slipped a bit but not enough to discourage him from future advances. When would the foolish boy learn to take a hint?

We're moving in together for goodness sakes and having a baby together! If only I could tell him about the latter. I'm sure he wouldn't look quite so cocky then.

All of the class was desperately trying to withhold themselves from laughing out loud at Mike's poem. All but Jessica that is, how that girl thinks that poem was about her when he never took his eyes off my Bella is truly beyond me. Her and Mike definitely deserve each other.

"That was a very... Interesting poem there Mr. Newton" Poor Bella she looks like she just had the worst nightmare ever. I don't blame her, the look he was giving her is enough to give anyone a nightmare Ms. Alpine internally shuddered.

Who knew she had a sense of humour? Ten points her for our mutual dislike of Mike Newton.

Please someone kill me now! Ms. Alpine's mind pleaded. After Mike's poem a few students went after him and each and every poem was more horrendous than the last.

I still need to fill in the time with one more poem before the bell rings and I'll truly consider suicide if I get one more immature and poorly written one. Her beady eyes fixed on Bella and eye as Bella and I gazed at each other adoringly without speaking a single word. Hope flashed in our teacher's eyes as she watched as my fingers combed back Bella's hair from her face and kissed her forehead. What a sweet perfect couple, if only all teenage couple could be like them. They're also my best students, their poem is bound to be the best in the class.

"Mr. Cullen and Ms. Swan," Bella and I both turned to face her "Could you both do us the honour reading out your poem?" She asked hopefully.

We both turned back to face each other and communicate silently.

Do you want to do it? My eyes asked hers.

Her eyes were clear of hesitation as she gazed back at me.

I looked at her questionably as if to ask if she was sure and Bella nodded back at me. I smirked a little at the thought of the blush that was sure to grace Bella's face when she will read it out with me to the class. Bella rolled her eyes at my smirk and stuck out her tongue at me. Without uttering a word out loud both us stood as one while still each others gaze and both reached out one of our hands for each others and moved to the front of the class.

How in tune with each other they are. I've never seen anything like it outside of romance novels. – Ms. Alpine

Urghhh... Do they share a brain now too - Lauren

When we reached the front of the class, Bella stood right in front of me which allowed me to place both of my hand her small waist.

"This poem is called Touch," Bella told the class before indicating that i should carry on.

"The poem is about my and Bella's views about how we think modern times have corrupted the true meaning of making love. For my love and I, love and lust walk hand in hand. Sex should be given to someone you truly love and there is no greater honour and pleasure than when you give everything you could possibly give to your significant other." I explained while looking adoringly down at Bella.

What a pussy! He is so fucking whipped that its embarrassing - Mike

That's like soooooo sweet! why can't all guys be like Edward - Katie

We definitely need more people like them in the world – Ms. Alpine

I could tell Bella was getting really nervous by the picked up beats of her heart. I lifted her chin with the tip of my finger and turned her face to face mine.

"Just look at me." I whispered to her. She nodded the tiniest of nods before staring with the opening line:

(A/N: BOLD - Bella, UNDERLINED – Edward, B&U - Both)

"What's wrong with touching?

Lips together, hands caressing skin.

What's wrong with just kissing?

Bodies together, heated breaths on our...

Because i think we've gone too far now,

Can we please stop?

And turn the clock a little back now,

Cos it seem we're slipping to damn slack now,

Watching porn, Instead of hot hands running on backs now."

As we softly recited the poem we had composed together we added little actions to the words we were saying. When said what wrong with kissing, she gave me a little peck on the lips and when I spoke of hands running on backs, I moved one of my hands to trace the planes of her back. None of these actions were premeditated but came natural to us as we immediately slipped into our little bubble. A vague part of mind noticed that we had immediately caught everyone's notice from the moment we'd slipped into our little intimate moment.

"We're sending fake us Facebook pokes and hugs,

Stimulated sex and we're forgetting how to make real love.

No more secret meetings under trees at spring time,

Just an X at the end of an MSN, like yeah that's a real sign."

Some of our class members nodded and giggled a little at that last line. Ms. Alpine was among the nodders as she agreed with us in her mind.

"I want to see unbuttoned shirts to knickers,

Circling chests with the tips of your fingers.

I want hands on,

Lips on,

Heat on,

Eyes to eyes because that's the single biggest turn on."

I'll put my lips on whatever part of your body you want Edward Cullen

Oh pleaaase, he's just saying stuff he knows will have the girls swooning. It's that fucking movie "The Notebook" that creates a totally unrealistic image to them. No guy or relationship is that romantic. If I have to hear one more whiny voice say: "Mike, why can't you be more like Edward Cullen, he treats her like she's a queen." I will strangle the guy wit my bare hands.

I was aware of the thoughts swirling around in my head from my classmates but I was too immersed in Bella to bother trying to decipher which thought came from who.

"I want to turn off the TV,

Because believe me i'm not turned on by DVDs of over-aged men on girls on stiletto heals sofas

Bent over bed giving head to."

Finally, a guy who is not into porn. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Bella is one lucky bitch.

"And no sweat no.

I want you to see me,

I want you to feel me,

I want to spend the day with you sweet day dreaming.

I want to hear you screaming softly for more."

You can see whatever part of me you want Bella, I'll let you make me at your mercy.

I bet they have the best sex life ever. Jessica said that Bella described as "mind blowing." That's so not fair, I want mind blowing sex. Better yet, mind blowing sex with Edward. I bet he's packing.

"But this bitch star be my whore

Cos I'm bored of this MTV thugs star sessions that's gone.

I want to bring back lessons in caressing and turn ons,

Make us understand the song that bodies can sing to...

Bring you to your knees just jiggling.

I want to whisper in your ear in French, (A/N: In the live performance I saw, the poet actually starts to speak seductively in French. Couldn't find the written down though.)

I want to breathe in your smell like a flowers first scent...

Sipping your eyes like a sweet summer time song.

I want to make you smile just speaking,

Tell you things that make even the macheous man weeping."

Oh. My. God. He can speak French too? Whisper to me in French Edward! God that is so sexy. Can he get any more perfect?

God I think I might just have an orgasm right here in class if he speaks in French again.

After I said I wanted to whisper in Bella's ear in French, I actually leaned down to Bella's ear and started doing just that while snaking my arms more firmly around her waist. I'm just thankful no one in our class actually spoke or understood French because the things I said to her were very dirty indeed. I think they all understood that though when they noticed Bella's flushed face and hitched breath.

"If I'm tied up you can untie those knots

Shout a time for a slow wine and a bed post stomp so we can stop...

For a minute...

Then lie back and fill up a bath and lye in it,

And the bubbles and water massage your musk skin."

Let me untie those knots Bella... Hang on did she just say what I thought she said? Does she let Cullen tie her up? Like with handcuffs and shit?... Fuck, that lucky son of a bitch.

I allowed myself a smirk at that particular thought. He wasn't the only one in the class who caught unto the meaning of that particular line as well. Bella sure does let me tie and untie her.

"I want to close my eyes and sigh drift away sleeping in my dreams.

I want to remember the days,

Before technology teased and took the real thing away.

Bring back breezes and seas,

I want beaches and trees.

I want to lie back,

And at least get my back scratched by branches and please...

Bring back those basic treats,

Like oil on your back making your muscles feel sweet."

He gives her massages too? I'm totally telling mike to do all things in this poem to me. Swoon... He's so romantic.

"Oh and two claps stand up for a standing ovation,

For the people still cooking up creating temptation.

I want strawberries fed to me four days a week,

We could unease it at the place with your place and cream.

I want shaded benches and three hour hugs

Slow songs brought back at the end of ever night club.

I want to see couples growing hard on a dance floor,

Not puking in toilets and starting fights at closed doors.

I want more than back street porn,

Like kissing and touching and love from the very day that we're born

Real hippies time sixties,

That make love not all.

Not just trends on Top Shop t-shirts to be worn.

I want warm, not luke warm or cold,

I want heated hugs,

less stress and more sex for the old.

Don't want moods of people alone

Sitting bored on their own,

Not been touched for a year just wanting one hand to hold on."

Ewww... They should like ban sex for old people, that's like totally gross.

"I want to roll back times, smash web and texting,

See people hold hands, stroking skins and listening.

I just want to answer the question i asked at the very beginning and i mean...

What's wrong with kissing?

Lips together, hands caressing skin.

What's wrong with just touching?

Bodies together, heated breaths on our...

Because i think we've gone to far now,

Can we please stop,

and turn the clock a little back now

Because it seems we're slipping to far slack now.

Watching porn... instead of holding hands,

And rubbing each others backs now."

By the time we finished the poem, Bella was turned to face me so that both of our profiles were facing the class. Both of her hands were placed over both sides of my chest while mine resided on her back, were I rubbed up and down her spine soothingly.

You could probably here a pin drop when we finished. Most of the people in this class were rarely silent but for once everyone took a moment to be in awe off the undeniably chemistry and bond from Bella and I that was washing around the room in electric currents.

Not once did my eyes stray away from my favourite pair of eyes in the world, two deep pools of milk chocolate warmth.

I hope our baby has her eyes.

A/N: There you go every one. The poem that Bella and Edward and Bella read is called touch by Hollie Mcnish. I discovered this poem when she came to visit my college and performed in the cafeteria while everyone was eating. She's brilliant and you can only listen to the audio version for free online. If you want it written, she has a book you can buy by downloading it online or ordering the paperback. If some of the words are wrong, I'm sorry but I literally had to listen to a sentence then write it down and some of the words I couldn't decipher exactly what they were. Here's the link to that audio if you want to hear it: track/22-touch

I really need to wrap up the first schood day don't I? So next chapter will be the last one of the school day before we do some serious moving on.