Summary: Jessie and Katie break up. Jesie meets someone new. The rest of the cast make appearances too. *Chapter 1*: Don't Look Now

Manning Manor: Jessie awoke early. She got out of bed and rummaged through her dresser for something to wear. She looked in the mirror. "I can't believe it's the first day of school already" she sighed. A little later downstairs. "Grace ready to start your final year of high school?" Lily took a sip from her cup. "Ready for it to be over" Grace peered up the stairs. "Jessie, come on. We're gonna be late" Grace screamed. "I'm coming!" A few seconds later Jessie's footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. Grace impatiently scampered past Lily and out the door to wait in the car. "Bye" Lily waved.

Upton Sinclair parking lot: Grace pulled into the school's parking lot. Jessie bounded out of the car as soon as Grace put it in park. Finding a nearby Katie. ''Hey'' Jessie greeted. "Hey Jess, you ready for another year in these hallowed halls". Katie grinned. "Yeah, can't wait". Jessie said sarcastically. Grace rolled her eyes and gave a knowing smile as she watched the two banter on their way up the steps. "This is going to be a long year" Grace grumbled.

Week later in Upton Sinclair hall way: Grace is making her way through the maddening crowd. She eyes her favorite annoyingly cute couple up ahead. "Hey, Grace did you hear?" Anne from her economics class pulled her off to the side. "What?" Grace shook her head. "The new transfer student tried to off herself over the summer" Anne pointed to the tan brunette walking towards them. Grace merely stared sheepily. "So, then Eli actually ate the whole jar full! Can you believe it?" Jessie giggled. Katie half noticed distracted by something. "Earth to Katie" Jessie waved. "Oh, must've zoned out for a second there". Katie covered. "You're so silly" Jessie teased while looking to see what had distracted Katie. Just the usual throng of students milling about. Jessie shrugged and walked her girlfriend to class.

Few days later in Upton Sinclair cafeteria: "May I sit here?" Grace looked up from her book to see a tan brunette clutching a red lunch tray. "Sure" Grace shrugged. Moments later Jessie and Katie sat down in their usual spot at Grace's table laughing at something only they seemed to know. After their laughter subsided they noticed someone new in their midst. "Hey Grace who's your friend?" Katie nodded in the tan girls direction. "Um..I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name?" Grace felt embarrassed. "Megan. I just transferred here" the new girl replied sheepily. "Hi, I'm Katie" Katie smiled. "Jessie" the blonde introduced herself. "Grace" the brunette smiled. "Nice to meet you" Megan shyly smiled. Katie smiled back before whispering something in Jessie's ear setting off another gigglefest. Grace just rolled her eyes and went back to her book.

Week later at the Singer residence: Jessie arrived at Katie's house on Saturday afternoon. Jessie gave her girlfriend a hug before noticing another girl in the room. "Oh hey Jess, I hope you don't mind I asked Megan to join us today" Katie gestured to her new friend. "Um no I guess it's OK. I just thought that we were gonna be spending the day together you know just" Jessie tried to hide her disappointment. "Well we could do that anytime" Katie changed the subject. "So how do you girls feel about movies and candy" Both Megan and Jessie laughed at that. Katie just beamed. Later on that day after the double feature and double doses of chocolate. "Hey Jess, me and Megan were talking earlier and guess what? She plays guitar. Maybe you two could start a band or something." "I dunno, maybe" Jessie didn't know why but she felt kind of uncomfortable. There was just something about the way Katie looked at Megan that bothered her.

Few days later at Sammler and Blue offices: "Hey Rickie" Rick looked up from his drawings. "That was Holzman Brothers. They'd like to know if we'd like to take a crack at designing their new corporate office" Sam smiled. "We got the job?" Rick about fell out of his chair. "We got the job" Sam and Rick high fived. "Well we gotta get to work. We've got floor plans to map, bids to.." Sam cut his partner off "wanna savor the moment?" "Sure" Rick conceded. "Good. Let's go celebrate" Sam grabbed his jacket and dragged Rick along.