Accidentally in Love
Chapter 32: Epilogue

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-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

I'd always been a planner. Even as a child, I liked to set goals and work for them. To know what was going to happen next and to be able to count on it. Maybe it was because I had two fly by the seat of their pants parents who rarely planned for anything. Or maybe it was because I mostly grew up with my dad, who could organize his schedule around that of the Mariners but forgot things like Halloween.

At any rate, I'd never been spontaneous person, at least not before meeting Edward Cullen. However, in the five years we'd been married, I had learned a serious lesson about planning. You could plan and prepare for anything, but ultimately life was in the hands of fate—and sometimes fate had remarkably different plans.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

"Edward, there's someone at the door!"

"Coming!" he called, loud enough for me and whoever was on the front steps to hear.

Emmett laughed from the doorway to the living room. He must have followed Edward from the dining room. "Milking this pregnancy for all it's worth, eh, Princess Bella?"

"Hey, you've never been pregnant. You have no idea what kind of chaos this wreaks on my body."

Emmett rolled his eyes, and I heard Edward's raised voice in the entryway. "What are you talking about? Slow down!"

"Is he here? Just let me in!"

Maggie stormed into the living room, clearly worked up about something. Edward stepped into the doorway and raised his hands as if to say he didn't know what was going on. She huffed and stood in front of me with her hand on her hip.

"Is he here? Do you know what he did?"

"I don't know what he did," I sighed, "but Riley's in the dining room playing cards with Jasper."

"Dude," Emmett laughed, "throw him under the bus, why don't you?"

"Stop it, Em. Why don't you and Edward go in the other room too?"

He shook his head, but both men did as I asked. I patted the couch beside me and motioned for Maggie to sit down.

Our relationship had undergone a major change since our first meeting at the beach. Riley and her mother had been on the verge of filing for divorce so he could marry Jessica when the car Char was driving was hit head on by a drunk driver. She was killed instantly, and her estate was split pretty equally between Riley, Maggie and Randall—although Riley was given the condo in New York and expected to maintain the beach house in the Hamptons for the family. In the wake of her death, Maggie and Riley formed an interesting friendship. With her mother gone, Maggie only had Randall and her father left, and he parented via credit card, wanting nothing to do with either of his children.

Despite being close in age, Riley became the only parental figure she had who cared about her. Maggie and her brother Randall had fallen out over recent years, and she found herself leaning on Riley through her grief. She actually made a fairly miraculous transformation. In just a few months time, Edward said she'd returned to being the girl they'd known growing up—slightly superficial and airheaded but friendly and caring. She was still overly tan and had gigantic fake breasts, but at least she wasn't a heinous bitch anymore.

While Maggie accepted and even supported Riley's marriage to Jess, she struggled with the idea of seeing Jess as a mother figure. Esme had instead taken on that role, as I suppose in some ways all of us Cullen women did. I wouldn't call her my best friend or anything, but Maggie had truly become a niece to both Edward and I. We cared for her and were there for her when she needed advice or buffer between her and Riley. She came to Cullen family get togethers and, although it had originally required a couple of extra cocktails, we'd all grown to care about her. In the grand scheme of things, she'd been a spoiled brat who had never had the best role models, and no one could fault her for that.

The baby cried from her bedroom, the sound through the monitor startling us both. I groaned and scooted forward in my seat, preparing to stand.

"I've got her!" Edward jogged through the living room as the crying grew in intensity.

"Bless you!" I called after him, chuckling and rubbing my back.

He made his way back through to the dining room, bouncing Olivia gently and murmuring daddy secrets into her hair. I couldn't help but look at them. They were so adorable together.

"Is Liv the only kid here?" Maggie looked around and seemed to realize how quiet the condo was, aside from Olivia's crying. "Where's Parker? And why are all the Cullen boys here, doesn't anyone have to work?"

"I have no idea why they're all here, it's like the perfect storm of days off. They played video games all morning. The kids are all on a playdate with Esme and Roberta. Liv had a slight fever and Edward doesn't work until tonight, so we kept her at home. Rose and Alice were meeting them at the Met."

I had been spot on before Parker was even born when I told Edward his mother would get a nanny. It had been easy for Esme to watch the kids when it was just Rose and Em's three, but eventually Jasper and Alice had a baby of their own. Then Edward took a job in New York City because it was too good of an offer to pass up, and we moved back with a two year old another on the way. Carlisle finally gave into her requests, and they hired someone to help around the house for the first time since Esme's own children had been in diapers. Roberta did a little bit of everything, and she particularly loved spoiling their grandchildren.

"All of the kids? Oh shit!" Maggie laughed, knowing as well as I did that our children would be returned jacked up on all sorts of sugar and, in Parker's case, without a nap.

"Right?" I snorted. "At least we know he'll sleep good tonight, when we finally get him calmed down."

I sighed and smiled at Maggie. "Why don't you tell me what had you so worked up?"

She huffed and rolled her eyes. "He's vetoed a bunch of my wedding ideas. Again."

"Mags, I realize your mother left you all a shit ton of money, but there are limits."

"You're taking his side?"

"I'm not taking sides. I'm trying to be reasonable. The last time he vetoed your plans it was because you wanted to buy Olivia a two thousand dollar necklace from Tiffany's."

"It was her birthstone."

"I was still pregnant with her." I chuckled and shook my head. "You need to learn the value of a dollar and stop throwing it around like confetti at some point. Riley just doesn't want you to end up broke and living in his guest room."

"Whatever. Eric doesn't seem bothered with my spending," she shrugged, referring to her insanely wealthy fiance. They'd met at a charity auction, and he swept her off her feet. He was a total nerd, there was no other way to describe him, but he didn't seem to care that Maggie had no idea what he was talking about when he discussed business. What mattered to him was that she both needed and allowed him to take care of her. It didn't hurt that she was completely smitten with him. Like, giggly school-girl smitten. It was pretty sweet when it wasn't annoying.

"You're not spending his money. Yet." I patted her leg and chuckled. "Just keep calm and try not to jump all over Riley. Jess isn't here, so I think he may have pissed her off today, too."

"Fine. But I'm not happy about it. I just wanted edible gold leafing on the cake. Is that so much to ask?"

I raised an eyebrow, but she didn't elaborate. "I'm pretty sure he was more upset about the birds."

"The doves are beautiful."

"Not coming out of your cake and shitting on people in your reception." I shuddered just thinking about the germs those fucking birds could carry.

My bones ached, low, between my legs. The feeling of my pelvis shifting and spreading had gotten earlier with each pregnancy. I brought my hand up to rub my belly since I couldn't actually touch the part of me that hurt.

She glanced down to my stomach and gave me a soft smile. "Do you have names?"

My eyes jumped to hers in surprise and then I looked away, hoping she hadn't seen my panic. She couldn't know. I hadn't even told Edward. There had been too many people at the condo when I got home from lunch with Rose and my doctor's appointment. I'd had a regular checkup with my OBGYN, and when she listened to the baby's heartbeat there'd been a faint echo.

A second heartbeat.

I grinned just thinking about it despite how terrified I was. Twins. Edward and his damn super-sperm had kept me pregnant for most of the previous three years. After Parker, my pregnancy with Olivia had been planned, but not the next one. Not that soon, at least.

I'd gone in for a follow-up appointment after Liv was born to get back on birth control because Edward and I had decided we wanted to wait another year before trying again and - surprise! My doctor gave me a cursory exam and made me take a pregnancy test as standard procedure. I got dressed and waited for her to give me a prescription to fill on the way home. The doctor had a strange look on her face when she came back into the exam room. It was like she couldn't decide if she wanted to laugh or cry. I hadn't expected either of those reactions so, nervously, I rang my hands and bit my lip.

Pregnant. Without even trying. I swore then and there Edward was getting snipped. Maybe even before I had the baby. I was excited, terrified, horny and nauseous all at the same time. It was going to be a long pregnancy.

"Bella, names?" Maggie's teasing laugh brought me back to reality.

"Sorry, pregnant brain. You'll understand one day." I laughed and shook my head. "Anyway, Park and Olivia are named after our grandparents, so we've got the other grandparents left—Elizabeth, Marie, Anthony and Thomas. We both vetoed Eustice and Oscar."

"Oh my God, those are bad. People used to have such awful names. I love Marie, and Anthony is great. It's Edward's middle name too, right?"

I nodded, thinking about how we would need two names this time. Two names that sounded good together when you yelled them one after another but weren't too similar to confuse people.

"Are you finding out what you're having?"

"Yeah, next month. I can't imagine doing this and not knowing who you'll be bringing home from the hospital."

Riley came in from the dining room and took a seat across from us. "Hey, Mags."

"Dad." She'd taken to calling him that when she was upset with him. Mostly, it freaked him out.

"Whatever. You're angry about the birds?"

She pursed her lips. "Yes."

"Maggie." I gave her a look trying to tell her to tone it down. Ultimately he could pull the plug on this whole wedding that she insisted the bride's family pay for.

"Fine. Yes, I'm upset that you won't let me have the doves. Or the gold leafing. I want it to be perfect!"

"Mag, what you're planning seems more like a circus than a wedding."

I watched Maggie tense up as if she was a volcano about to blow, and I kind of wanted to slap Riley myself. Sometimes he didn't get women.

"Are you saying I have bad taste?"

"What?" His eyes flew to mine for help, then back to his emotional step-daughter. "No. Not at all. What I'm saying is that I think you need someone to help you. Alice planned Edward and Bella's wedding, and it was much smaller and more laid back. I'm saying I'll pay for a wedding planner."

I nodded in approval as she squealed and threw her arms around him. I knew his issues weren't entirely about the money; it was more about not letting her embarrass herself or her new husband with the clusterfuck she seemed to be organizing.

The doorbell rang several times as they finished up their hug. It was most likely one of the kids being silly since all of Edward's family had keys to our place. A second later, I heard the front door open and the familiar sound of the Cullen children echoed in our foyer. Esme, Alice and Rose herded them into the living room; Bree and Katie both came in with their headphones on and looked bored with life, Peter stumbled in behind them, dragging his backpack crammed full of his most prized treasures, Alice and Jasper's son, Jeb, pulled on the bag and nearly knocked his cousin over, while Parker rode on Rose's back, his little arms wound tightly around her neck.

The guys came in from the dining room and Emmett's voice boomed. "Did everyone have fun with Grammy?"

They all answered at once, some excitedly and some, the twins mainly, whiney, but all quite animated.

Rose put her fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly, quieting everyone down. "It was a great day. Now, kids go upstairs. Adults, go in the kitchen. Auntie Rose needs a beverage."

Despite a couple of protests, everyone did as Rose asked. Her control over the chaos was actually quite impressive. Esme was the first in the kitchen, heading straight for the vodka. When the first round of drinks was poured, including my club soda with lime, we gathered around the table to relax and catch up. Edward handed Liv to me and made her a bottle. Peter ran in and out of the room a couple of times, whispering and giggling in Emmett's ear each time.

During one of his son's uncoordinated dashes back towards the stairs, Emmett laughed and looked at Esme. "Jesus, Ma, how much sugar did you give him?"

She pursed her lips and gave him an annoyed look. "He only had a little bit."

"Yeah," he snorted, "and you only put a little vodka in that drink."

Edward reached forward and cuffed his brother on the back of the head.

"Thank you, Edward," Esme laughed. "We went to the Temple of Dendur as well as the Arms and Armor Court. They were very well behaved."

"Mostly," Alice laughed.

"Hush. They deserved a treat afterwards. We went out for milkshake."

Emmett gasped. "You took them to Lexington Candy Shop? That's so not fair!"

"Son, I always took you there after the museum, too. You've had more than your share from that soda fountain over the years."

"But you took Alice!" he huffed. Big tough Emmett was a marshmallow at his core. I didn't envy Rose being married to him. It was like being married to Jim Carrey, on steroids.

"Should I hit him again?" Edward joked, his hand poised behind his brother's head.

"No, don't," Rose chuckled, "I'm afraid he already has brain damage."

"You're afraid? I'm sure of it!" Riley laughed and high fived Jasper.

"And on that note," I sighed, "I'm taking this sleeping baby upstairs. She and I both need a nap."

Olivia and I were given a quick round of hugs and kisses before I went upstairs to put her in her crib. I left Edward in charge of seeing everyone out, trusting him to serve himself and Park dinner. I stripped down to underwear and one of Edward's t-shirts and climbed in bed.

I woke later to a gentle kiss, and opened my eyes to see Edward grinning back at me.

"Hey," I mumbled, stretching and rubbing sleep from my eyes. He was dressed for work, but I had no idea how long I'd been asleep. "What time is it?"

"It's 8 o'clock." He kissed my forehead and sat back, still smiling. "I need to head to work in a bit. I didn't think you'd want me to let you sleep too long."

"No, you're totally right. I feel like I could sleep until morning, but I'd probably be up in the middle of the night spending your money on As-Seen-On-TV products."

"And we don't want that!" He tried to look serious but couldn't hide his laugh. With a sigh, he stretched out beside me on the bed. "I changed Olivia and gave her another bottle. Parker is watching Cars again."


I'd fallen asleep thinking of ways to tell him about my doctor's appointment, but I hadn't come up with anything. I didn't want to blurt it out, but I didn't have the energy to plan some elaborate reveal either.

Luckily, as was typical in our relationship, Edward played into my hand and gave me the perfect opportunity. He scooted down my body and pushed my shirt up so he could rub my belly and talk to the baby.

"Hello, Number Three." He pressed a light kiss to my belly that made me shiver. "How was your doctor's appointment today? Did you cooperate so mommy could hear your heartbeat again?"

He tilted his head and put his ear to my skin as if he was trying to listen. His eyes were full of joy, and his teasing smile was adorable. I was so in love with him it was ridiculous.

My eyes welled with tears even as I returned his smile. "You're not being very nice, ignoring Number Four."

His brow furrowed in confusion as my heart pounded in anticipation and excitement. I licked my lips and swallowed the emotion clogging my throat.

"You kissed Number Three and said hello, but you haven't said a word to Four."

He pushed up on one elbow, partially sitting up. His other hand rested on my side, and his thumb rubbed a gentle circle on my skin as his eyes darted between my stomach and my face.

"What are you saying?" his voice was a whisper, full of hope and uncertainty.

I wiped a tear of my cheek and smiled. "When we listened to the heartbeat today, there was an echo. A second heartbeat. We're having twins."

The doctor had insisted on a quick ultrasound after hearing the second heartbeat and gave me a couple of pictures showing the two babies. I pulled the thin strip of paper out from under the pillow and held it out towards a shocky looking Edward.

His eyes were huge. "You're serious."

I bit my lip and nodded. I knew he would be happy, but just like me, he needed a second to get his head around it. Wrapping his arms around my torso, he dropped his head to my stomach, peppering me with kisses as he whispered words I couldn't make out. Then he crawled up my body, cradling my head in his hands.

"I love you so much, Bella. I don't... My heart is so full right now." He wiped a couple of tears away before shaking his head and laughing. "I can't believe you kept that to yourself all day!"

I raised an eyebrow. "Did you want me to come share it with the Cullen Boys Club?"

"No, definitely not. This was better. Perfect. I just can't believe you kept it in!"

"I was a little freaked out. I didn't expect it. The doctor said it explains a lot though."

He nodded. "Yeah, it explains why you're measuring big, why you've been so sick and why you're so tired. You're growing two babies in there."

He slid his hand down my side before running his fingertips over my stomach and squeezing my hip. He took a deep breath, and I watched his eyes grow dark as he exhaled. Just one look from him and my whole body began to heat up.

"Are you turned on, Dr. Cullen? I thought I was the one who was horny for most of our pregnancies."

His hand slipped between my legs, cupping my sex. His eyes darted all over, from my face to my belly, down to where he touched me and back.

"Jesus, Bella. There are two of my babies in there. Mine."


He groaned and pulled my underwear down my legs before tossing them over his shoulder. Then his shirt was off and he was sliding his scrub pants down. Before I could get my shirt over my head, he was back on the bed beside me. He helped pull it off my arms and tossed it on the floor with everything else. Our eyes met, and his mouth was on mine, hot and insistent. When he pulled back, he dragged his lips along my jaw and whispered in my ear.

"I don't know what to do with you, baby. I really want to fuck you, hard, make you crazy, but I want to cradle you like glass too, be careful with our children. Cherish you."

His words were like throwing gas on a flame. My hands fisted in his hair, and I pulled his mouth back to mine. "You can't say things like that and not follow through. We don't have much time before you have to go." I slid my hands down to his ass, pulling him tight against me. "Fuck me now, cherish me later."

With a groan, he did just that.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

"You doing great, Bella. One baby down, one to go." My doctor's voice drifted up from beneath the drape covering my spread legs before she stood and patted my leg even though I couldn't feel it. "Nurse Joan is going to go update your family. Sound good?"

"You remember what we talked about, right?"

Joan and I had become close friends in just a few hours. I'd been dilated to six when she came on shift so after she called the anesthesiologist for my epidural, Edward and I explained that we had kept the twins a secret. We'd told Rosalie because since she had twins of her own she would know what we actually needed. The extra car seat, crib, high chair and other things were hidden in our attic, ready to be pulled down and set up when the babies arrived.

"Of course, Bella. I'm going to tell them about the baby and then tell them I'll be back when the second is born - then walk away before they can ask questions."

"Perfect," Edward laughed, and I wasn't sure if he was referring to our plan or Number Three. He was standing across the room with another nurse while she weighed and cleaned the baby.

The monitors started beeping, signaling another contraction, and the doctor's disembodied voice came again, "Get ready to push, Bella."

During the next contraction I thought I heard some sort of commotion or excitement down the hall, but then the baby was crowning and I forgot about our crazy relatives. With just a few pushes, Number Four arrived. The delivery room was controlled chaos as the nurses tagged and took care of both babies while the doctor finished my aftercare. Edward drifted between the nurses and my bed, keeping an eye on of all of us.

Eventually, both babies were snuggled on my chest while Edward sat beside us. He had a look of absolute awe on his face as he leaned forward to kiss my forehead.

"They're perfect, Bella."

"We make good babies," I sighed, running a hand over the soft auburn hair on Number Three's head. There was a tag that read "Baby A" for the time being, but these kids would be stuck with the nicknames of Three and Four if Edward and I had anything to say about it.

We took some time to ourselves, each holding and feeding a baby, enjoying the tight cocoon around our family for a few minutes. Edward left a voicemail for Garrett giving him the surprising news that we had twins. Garrett and Ang were still in Seattle and had two adorable little girls and Abe, who was Garrett's mini-me.

While I could have stayed in our little bubble for hours, I was also exhausted, and we still had some introductions to do.

"So, what do you think, are you ready to see everyone?" He stroked along Four's cheek with the back of his hand, completely absorbed in our children.

"They're going to be pissed!" I laughed. "But I don't care. Yeah, why don't you bring them in."

That time I did hear the noise from the waiting room. Cheers and laughter rang out as they made their way down the hall and I was thankful that it was mid-morning and they weren't disturbing anyone's sleep.

The kids were either in school or with Roberta because we weren't sure how long the delivery would take, so it was only the adult Cullen crowd. My father and Sue were making flight arrangements and were expected in the next day or two. The crowd quieted down as they came in the room and saw me with the babies.

"Oh my God, Bella!" Esme laughed through her tears. "How could you do this to me? I could have done such amazing things with their nursery!"

I knew she was teasing, so I just smiled and went along. "As if you aren't going to re-do it now that they're here?"

"This is true!" She leaned down and kissed my hair. "Seriously, this is an amazing surprise! Congratulations."

"Edward, you dog!" Emmett called. "I knew you were a stud!"

"Quiet, Em!" I worried that his booming voice would wake the babies, but they only wiggled and squeaked a little before settling back down.

"Sorry!" He laughed as Rose shushed him as well.

Carlisle clapped a hand on Edward's shoulder, but Edward pulled him into a hug. He was overflowing with happiness, smiling and laughing, hugging everyone in his family even though I was pretty sure he had hugged them all in the waiting room. They all said their hellos and congratulations before Esme couldn't hold back and asked to hold one of the babies.

"So," Alice rubbed her hands together, "what are their names? The suspense is killing me!"

Edward looked down at me and I gave him a grin and a nod.

"We wanted to stick with family names, but we also really wanted two boys names that fit well. So, Bella is holding Carlisle Anthony, wrapped in the blue stripes and born at 10:06 a.m. this morning. And, mom, you're holding Charles Thomas in the solid blue, born seven minutes later."

"Oh, Edward," Esme gasped, her eyes filling with tears. Honestly though, as I looked around, there wasn't a dry eye in the place.

The babies were passed around and doted over for a little while, and I allowed my sisters-in-law to diaper and feed them. I knew that having two babies was going to be a challenge so I would take all of the help I could get.

Eventually, Edward ended up sitting next to the bed with both babies in his arms. Esme stood over his shoulder, her camera clicking away, capturing his adoring face.

"Who'd have thought we'd have gone from Craigslist to four kids?" he said quietly, teasing me as he gazed down and little Carlisle began to squawk.

"What did you say, sweetie?" Esme reached down and ran a hand over Carlisle's head to quiet him. "What did you get on Craigslist?"

"No, Mama, that's not what he said," Alice laughed from her perch on the end of the bed. "What was that coffee shop you liked, Bella?"

"Um, Solstice?"

"Right. He said Solstice, that's where they met."

"Sentimental fool," Emmett laughed as other members of Edward's family made quiet murmurs of how romantic we were from around the room.

I watched Edward as he tried not to laugh.

Alice was totally right, the coffee shop by my old apartment I loved was called Cafe Solstice, but that wasn't what Edward had said. I knew it, and he knew it, but it didn't matter anymore. After everything we'd been through, Garrett and Angela remained the only other people to know the truth. Our story, with its crazy beginning and ridiculously romantic course, had led us to this amazing moment. Edward and I had certainly learned the value of taking risks and following our hearts.

And with our two newest additions, our family was complete.

-x-o-x-Accidentally in Love-x-o-x-

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