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Ichi: Well then, you get topped by a chick.


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Chapter 1

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques is a simple creature, he likes little and hates much… nothing simpler than that. He likes fighting, likes hunting on his rare bad days, loves fucking, and has a fondness for his orange haired best friend. He, of course, hates having to follow the rules and often finds himself in the wilderness where those rules don't apply. The majority of the week, however, finds him pestering Ichigo Kurosaki. He's known the orangette since they were pre-teens… Ichigo was getting beaten up by his classmates for his hair color and Grimmjow was passing by, stopping just to jump into the fray. Grimmjow hasn't lived among humans long, his parents were biologists and worked with animals all over the world… he's more animal than human thanks to years within Africa's Savanna and jungles around the world, left to his own devices or to be raised by local tribes if not babysat by animals. Because of this adventurous past, at eighteen he headed out to live within the forests outside the city they settled in only a month before. Which is where he's roaming now beneath the full moon and star lit sky.

"It's chilly tonight," he muses to himself. "Wonder if I can crash Kurosaki's place. I know his dad just loves me for some reason, and that dark haired sister of his is a riot…"

He stops short of the forest's edge, breathing deep as he gauges the city's night life. He doesn't like people all that much and hates the business of the city during the day, so he keeps himself within the wilderness of the forests until he knows things have calmed enough for him. If he does partake in society's aggravations, it's usually because he promised Ichigo he'd hang out with him for the day. He's also been known to be hired by the FBI to track down lost criminals or missing people, so he's racked up a good amount of money and even has an apartment for when he bothers with city life. His cyan orbs, glowing unnaturally within the darkness like a prowling feline's, cut to the left upon hearing Ichigo's voice. He knew the younger was going clubbing tonight with Rukia and Renji, as he was asked to accompany them and refused, but he's also aware that the person holding the orangette close isn't either of the two. He stalks closer, his inhuman senses picking up things typical humans never would. He can smell Ichigo's fear mixed with anger, he can hear the panicked thump of the smaller male's heart, and he can pick up on Ichigo's flinching. The man beside him is hostile, that's obvious enough with the grip he has on the nineteen year old. His one hand is arched in a way that tells Grimmjow there's a knife against Ichigo's side, fury automatically bubbling within the teal haired twenty year old.

"Let me go," Ichigo growls out. "I told you we were through two months ago, stop hounding me! I don't want to see you anymore!"

"And I told you, Berry… you're mine," the man hisses. "You'll always be mine and the only way you'll ever get away from me is through death."

Those two words, 'you're mine', have Grimmjow's rage skyrocketing. His vision turns red a moment before he pushes it down, an animalistic growl rumbling from his chest loud and ferocious just like the white jaguar he was frequently located in the possession of in his youth. His parents were always petrified of the jaguar he named Pantera, unaware how the aggressive cat continuously managed to end up with him from infant to teen years… they're also uncertain why she never harmed him, but later learned she had lost her cub at that time and took Grimmjow as her own. He shakes the memories from his head, concentrating on the now and glaring balefully at the man touching what belongs to him. The older male holding Ichigo hesitates and glances around at the sound of his growl, expecting to be mauled by a vicious dog from the alleys. Shrugging it off, he continues to pull an unyielding Ichigo toward the docks and a waiting boat.

"Stop!" Ichigo snaps. "I'm not going anywhere with you!"

"You know me, Ichigo… or, at least, you know me well enough," the man smirks dangerously. "If you don't do as I say, I might turn my sights on one of your friends… or your little sisters, perhaps. I'm sure they'd love a bit of fun."

"… You wouldn't," Ichigo gasps.

"But I would. We both know I would. Now get on that fucking boat before I'm forced to damage you're gorgeous self," he states forcibly.

Ichigo seems to hesitate only a moment, his famous temper flaring without another thought and his fist darting out to catch the man in the jaw. His assailant falls back in surprise, Ichigo falling into a fighting stance and ready to smear this man onto the sidewalk. Grimmjow feels pride at this sight, his desire spiking at the memory of so many brutal fights and near fucks between himself and that hot little orangette… the tension was so heated during those near fucks, but Ichigo was so oblivious Grimmjow didn't want to chance surprising him. The teen dodges a hit, swinging hard and planting a foot into his opponent's stomach afterward. Unfortunately, this man knows him well and easily lays him flat. Ichigo tries to break free of the pin, but ends up hanging his head in defeat as he's dragged toward the boat without a word. Grimmjow doesn't like this at all, darting forward without thinking and creeping onto the expensive speed boat built for long parties on the ocean. He watches Ichigo get shoved into a cabin below, waiting a moment for the man's back to turn before sneaking in after the younger male. He knows they're too far out now to swim back, but he'll be damned if Ichigo has to go through this alone.

"Kurosaki," he whispers in the darkness of the cabin. "You okay?"

"G-Grimmjow?" Ichigo gasps. "What are you doing here? Did Kyo kidnap you too?"

"No, I saw him dragging you off and snuck on," he grins feral. "I didn't want you to have all the fun. Who the hell is that jackass?"

"My ex-boyfriend," Ichigo mutters bitterly. "I didn't date him by choice, of course. He's a drug dealer and a gang leader; he caught me at the club a few months ago and drugged my drink. When I woke up in his bed he told me he'd kill my family and friends if I didn't stay with him. I stayed for a month before I managed to talk to Kisuke… he's the only one that would spare me any time for advice and I certainly wasn't going to speak with my dad about it."

Grimmjow isn't blind to Ichigo's unfavorable bad habit, he's tried to steer his best friend away from his destructive taste in men multiple times. It doesn't surprise him it's led him to this point… he's been warning Ichigo about this for years. The best the teal haired man can do is comfort his lost friend in the most subtle ways possible, or Ichigo is sure to kick his ass for treating him like a girl.

"It's okay, I'll give you the pleasure of my company before we find a way back," Grimmjow smirks haughtily.

"Grimmjow, when he finds you he'll kill you," Ichigo warns, though a small smirk touches his lips at the comment.

"You think I'm scared of that scrawny piece of shit," the other snorts. "I've been raised by jaguars, brought up by tribes, and chased by so many different predators I can't remember them all. The last thing I'm afraid of is some asshole that thinks I'm nothing but regular trash… I'm a special kind of trash."

"Grimm… sometimes I forget why I like you. And then you do stuff like this," Ichigo chuckles a bit calmer. "Just… don't leave me alone with that guy, okay? He hurt me really bad that month I was with him and I just know he's waiting to do it again."

Grimmjow nods quietly, catching the broken look in those eyes Ichigo normally hides with warm smiles… this is the man that caused it. His every instinct tells him to march out there on deck and gut that piece of shit for harming his orangette, but a smaller part knows Ichigo is too fragile to leave alone right now even if he doesn't want to admit it. He knows the other is influenced by this fear and hopelessness, so he pulls the quiet orangette into his lap and wraps him in a strong embrace. Though Ichigo fusses and fights, he's easily settled. Of course, Grimmjow doesn't play fair, but that's beside the point. A few nibbles to the skin near the orangette's earlobe and Ichigo's a pile of mush, a spot found during their experimental stage when Ichigo was curious about his sexuality and Grimmjow was prone to sleep with anything. They never went all the way, but they've made out so many times there isn't a pleasure spot they don't know.

It's days of listening to the footsteps of at least three men traveling the deck above, hiding when meals are brought to the vibrant haired nineteen year old, whispered arguments that were lucky not to turn into anything but heated words, and comforting Ichigo through occasional panic attacks when Kyo visits to touch and taste him in subtle ways… and then the boat shudders to a stop and Ichigo is startled awake. Grimmjow has him in his arms at that point in time, eager to banish the nightmares that come with Kyo's proximity, yet slowly releases him when the footsteps get closer to the cabin. Ichigo stays put on the side closest to the door, Grimmjow moving to hide behind the door when it opens inward.

"Let's go, Berry," Kyo grins. "Time to see your new home."

"My new home? I want to go back to the city, Kyo."

"I can't keep you there, too many people are able to take you away from me," he waves off. "You'll like this place much better, I promise!"

He grips Ichigo's upper arm and drags him out, Grimmjow stalking after them before diving into the ocean with a near silent splash. As the group of four takes a small life raft to an island, Grimmjow swims after them and slips into the brush on the beach unnoticed. Ichigo is shivering, more in fear than the cold since this place is practically tropical, and it takes all Grimmjow has not to run to him and protect him from this threat. Though he shivers in fear, Ichigo can snap in a heartbeat and that's not something Grimmjow likes to get in the way of. That temper and strength is what Grimmjow's been taken by.

"You brought me to an island?" Ichigo asks. "I'll just get help from the people that live here."

"I know," Kyo smirks. "That's why it's deserted."

"… What?"

"It's deserted, Berry. There's only one house here and it belongs to me, it's my vacation house. Business is great, I own this whole island… it's even uncharted, so no one will be able to bother you," Kyo comments happily. "I'll try and find the time to visit, I am extremely busy after all, but at least now you can't hide from me. I'll send one of my men with supplies every Sunday, so try not to run out before that. The house has electricity and running water, only the best for my precious Berry. If you don't see me in a month, I've lost interest in you and you'll probably die here. Wish I could stay and… enjoy… some time with you now, but I'm out here to meet a business associate on another island."

He leans forward and kisses the stunned orangette, leaving the teen stranded on an island no one will ever find. He regains his senses around the time Kyo and his two goons are drifting off in the life boat, the youth running into the surf with a look of desperation on his face.

"Kyo! You can't leave me here," he shouts. "Please!"

"Sorry, Berry, it's for your own good," he calls back. "Oh! By the way, there's supposed to be a storm in a few days! Lock yourself in the house, it'll be safe there! Bye!"

Ichigo collapses in the water that now rests around his waist, the stricken look on his face as the boat speeds away drawing a possessive growl from Grimmjow. At the sound, Ichigo's head picks up abruptly and he moves to look at the man slinking from the growth of bushes and trees.

"Grimmjow!" he calls in relief. "I thought you were still on that boat."

"I promised I wouldn't leave you alone with him, didn't I?" the other snorts mockingly. "Now get over here before the sharks get interested."

The tan in that face quickly dissipates as Ichigo races out of the water, amber eyes turning back to the clear surface to catch a sleek form just off the shallows turning away. Grimmjow grasps his upper arm gently and pulls him further away from the water, his cyan orbs searching the island to gather his bearings. This island is littered with forest and grass, fruit trees and berry bushes, some herbs and even vegetable plants… it was made to live off of in case the gangster needed to get away for a long while. It should be fairly easy living here. He knows just by the landscape that there are a few caves and perhaps a cove closer to the beach, a high ridge is the most likely place to build a house, and the trees will make perfect covering in case a plane should pass too low. The first thing he'll have to do is locate the house, which shouldn't be too difficult for him since he can see the worn path made by frequent visits.

"Come on," he murmurs. "We'll go to the house first, okay? You need some rest before we get ready for the storm. I also have to contact some help and check out what supplies you already have… Do you have your phone?"

"No, Kyo threw it in the street when he was pulling me away from the club," Ichigo sighs. "Is there anything I can do to help you? I'm not feeling particularly tired."

"No, Kurosaki, I want you to sleep," Grimmjow frowns. "You look ready to pass out and I need you rested if you want to help. Leave everything to me; I live for this shit after all."

Ichigo gives him a soft smile, one full of gratefulness Grimmjow most likely won't let him express verbally, and the teal haired man rolls his eyes before leading his best friend down the worn path. Halfway there and Grimmjow catches the growl of an animal, his cyan orbs narrowing as they search the undergrowth even as he slowly pushes Ichigo behind him for safety. A large grey wolf stalks slowly from the bushes, teeth bared in a snarl as it gets ready to attack. The large man has been around packs of wolves before, they're easy enough to figure out and he's managed to climb the ranks of many packs with relative ease. Grimmjow growls back, crouching to set a single hand on the ground in order to get to this beast's level, and his eyes take on a ferocity only an animal can possess. After a few moments of staring one another down, the wolf thinks better of his choice on stepping within this animal's territory. It flings its head back in a howl as it steps back, conceding defeat before turning tail and trotting off.

"What was that?" Ichigo mumbles.

"I'm a more dangerous animal than it was," Grimmjow smirks. "Nothing more. Let's get you to that house."

"Do you think he'll have cameras on me?" Ichigo wonders. "What will he do if he sees you with me?"

"Don't know, don't care," the older remarks. "If he comes back here, it'll just give me the opportunity to kill him like I wanted to in the first place."

Ichigo says nothing, but Grimmjow catches the expression in his amber pools… the one that wishes he could watch the teal haired man destroy the one causing him pain. It's a very primal thing to think, yet Grimmjow is more aware of Ichigo's baser instincts than the teen himself. Ichigo attracted Grimmjow on the sheer fact he remained an animal within the world of people.

The house is amazing to say the least, one story and ranch style but still decked out in the expensive stuff you'd expect of a drug lord. The place looks almost new, the windows made of thick bullet proof glass in case of storms, and it's built sturdy within the trees. Grimmjow approves of it, stepping inside with Ichigo and listening for the whir of security cameras. He hears nothing, thankfully, and realizes that Kyo was so confident of Ichigo's helplessness he didn't even bother to hook them up. The more dominant male immediately locates the bedroom, sending Ichigo to bed at once before searching the area. The clothes are mostly in Ichigo's size, though there's a dresser of stuff more Grimmjow's size which he quickly realizes are Kyo's things. Everything looks to have been redone for the orangette's stay, which tells Grimmjow the piece of scum isn't planning on visiting too often or for very long. The house has one bedroom, an office, a lavish bathroom, the living room pit, kitchen, laundry room, and indoor garden. After a quick sweep of the house, he heads to the pantry off the kitchen. Everything within the pantry is canned or imperishable, though the island gives plenty when it comes to vegetables, fruits, and herbs. On the back wall of the living room pit, in place of a TV considering there's no reception out here, is a huge aquarium tank with all the fixings packaged and set neatly beneath it. With nothing better to do while Ichigo rests, Grimmjow gets started on setting up the aquarium. It's huge and will be good when it comes to keeping seafood fresh so he doesn't have to continuously catch more, plus he has no idea how long he'll be unable to hunt because of the storm coming. He sits before the packages, reaching into his back pocket and taking out his phone to call one of his more reliable friends from the streets. He waits for them to answer, looking about as he muses to himself.

"I usually like to rough it, but with Ichigo here… I'm really glad that bastard made things so easy for me," Grimmjow murmurs.

"Jaegerjaques, I did not give this number to you as a toy," a cool and irritated voice sighs out.

The comment draws a grin from Grimmjow, the childish male frequently having called just to relieve his boredom… or just to bother the raven he's known since childhood. He stopped doing that last year after he was almost throttled by the other, but Ulquiorra still hasn't let it go.

"Yeah, I realize that," he remarks as seriously as possible. "And I haven't made any prank calls or anything all year. I'm calling now, because I'm trapped on a deserted island with Ichigo. He was kidnapped by his…"

"Jaegerjaques, I'm really having trouble believing this isn't a prank call," Ulquiorra breathes in irritation.

"No, I'm serious. He should've been missing for a few weeks now, call his old man," Grimmjow protests with a slight panic. "I swear, I'm telling the truth! Just… listen to me. I would never lie about something like this, Ulquiorra, you know me."

"What's going on, Jaegerjaques?" he remarks with a hint of worry.

"Okay, look… Ichigo got roped into a dangerous relationship against his will a few months ago," he explains. "He left him two months ago, but that jackass jumped him in the club again and forced him on a boat. I stowed away, but I couldn't get him off before they left. It's been a week or two of sailing… I can't tell how long really… but he dropped Ichigo off on a deserted and uncharted island and I stuck around to keep him safe."

"You're not kidding, are you?"

"No, I'm not!" he snaps. "I'm lucky I happened to be in the area at the time, or he would've been fucked! I can keep him alive for as long as you need, but if that asshole comes back before then I can't promise I won't kill him!"

"Calm down," the twenty year old hacker comments in exasperation. "It's up to the police to find him, but I can get the gang together and attempt to help them in any possible way. Can you tell me any specifics?"

"Well, the guy's name is Kyo. He's a drug dealer and a gang leader," Grimmjow sighs. "No doubt the cops are already looking for him on some charge or another. The island isn't tropical per say, but it's really warm here and a storm is coming within the next few days. There's really nothing much I can tell you now, but the house here looks as though it was made as a safe house in case he needed to lay low for a long time. It's got everything, even edible plants growing all over the place."

"It may take some time, Grimmjow," his friend states firmly. "I will do all I can to help and I'll send for the others as well. Can you call often?"

"I can try. I'll call back tomorrow, but right now I need to get ready for that storm."

There's a long pause, but Grimmjow has dealt with Ulquiorra long enough to learn when there's more to be said. He gets up and starts inching toward the bedroom to check on Ichigo, just waiting for the hacker to start speaking once more. Ichigo is curled around a pillow, the blankets cast aside although a corner still drapes over his waist, and light whimpers escape him through his nightmares.

"Why did you follow him?" the raven finally asks.

"You know why, Ulquiorra," Grimmjow sighs as he backs away from the bedroom. "We've pussy footed around for years now, feeling each other out… but in the end you always knew what was going on. Ichigo has been mine for years; I'm not letting some jackass take him away from me. It's bad enough he did something to nearly break him beyond repair! I had to talk him down from panic attacks every time the guy was within two feet of him."

"Are you sure about Ichigo, Grimmjow? I know you've looked for serious relationships before… is he the one?"

The comment strikes Grimmjow as a surprise, he wasn't expecting such a thing to be asked. Ichigo and he have been through a lot together, never leaving each other's side. Even when Grimmjow was carted off to yet another expedition with his parents before their retirement, they kept in touch through e-mail, text message, internet chat, and phone calls. It's a long time before he remembers what he was thinking about in the first place, his own mind working hard to answer the question he's never let himself think about.


"Now's hardly the time to be lecturing me on romance," the other snorts derisively.

"… Grimmjow."

"I think Ichigo is the right mate for me, but I've been hesitant on making a move and you know it," he huffs. "Happy?"

Grimmjow has always had that problem, but Ulquiorra has known him long enough to decipher his words. Thanks to years of being raised by more animals than humans, Grimmjow sometimes uses the animal term for certain things. One such thing is 'mate', which would mean anything from lover to wife depending on the sex. His other girlfriends and boyfriends always hated it when he referred to them as a mate or 'his bitch', but Ichigo always thought it was humorous. When Grimmjow slipped up in junior high, telling a bully Ichigo was 'his bitch', Ichigo had laughed and said 'and you're my pussycat'. That nickname wasn't Grimmjow's favorite, but he was relieved Ichigo didn't take it the wrong way.

"And you're thinking about it now because he's been kidnapped?"

"No… because he needs me," Grimmjow sighs a bit deflated. "He needs me now and I won't abandon him. The guys that he's been dating are assholes and abusive, he's safe with me and I want to keep it that way. Now stop asking me all this shit, I'm starting to feel like an overemotional chick!"

"… I can't deny this has been a long time coming," Ulquiorra comments. "I do believe I've been waiting for this since you told me about your first time 'experimenting' with him. Take care of Kurosaki; I'll deal with the police and gather a bit of information about the island. The foliage and weather may help narrow down where you are."

"Thank you, I'll take good care of him. Do your best to help us and I'll do my best to keep in contact with you. I can't promise much, however… I forgot my charger and I don't know a thing about hacking computers."

"Talk to Ichigo, his uncle had him hacking sites before he turned nine from what I hear."

"… Seriously?"

There's a noise of confirmation and the two hang up, never expending the breath needed for a farewell. Afterward, Grimmjow moves back into the bedroom. Ichigo is still in the throes of a nightmare, panting and sweating as the scent of fear rolls off him. Grimmjow sits beside him and gathers his smaller frame into his arms, his familiar scent of fresh rain and forest washing over the teen and soothing him. Ichigo relaxes, nuzzling into his chest as he grips the front of Grimmjow's black tank top. The naturalist sighs, running his fingers through orange locks, and closes his eyes to rest just a bit before getting back to work.

Sorry if it doesn't seem much different, but I did try. The second chapter is a little more different =) Don't worry, Ichi will NOT be topping Grimmjow ;p

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