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Shiro: *concentrating really hard*

Ichi: Uh... what's up with you?

Shiro: ... I fergot how Uncharted ends. T^T

Ichi: ... *shakes head in disbelief*

Grimm: I would tell you, but it would ruin the surprise for everyone else.

Shiro: Tell me anyway! =(

Grimm: Let's just say I enjoyed it... and Ichi refuses to admit he did, too! =3

Ichi: You're so full of yourself.

Chapter 6

Grimmjow is still, crouched in his position amidst the three corpses he's just torn apart. He can hear a heartbeat, frantic and fearful. A wicked grin stretches on his lips, his eyes narrowing before he's gone. The last assassin tries to keep himself together, searching for his target even as his breathing picks up in panic. He starts to back away, passing a tree and stilling completely. Grimmjow is leaning his side against the trunk, a manic grin twisting his lips as his eyes narrow in threat. The gun is swung around to take aim, the blue haired male darting a hand forward and ripping the weapon from its owner's hands.

"S-stay away from me!" the assassin gasps out.

"Like you were gonna stay away from my boyfriend?" Grimmjow scoffs. "I don't think so. I warned your boss, but he didn't listen. You're not leaving here alive."

The man reaches for his knife, swiping only to have the blade caught uncaringly by the feral male. Grimmjow's nails rake along his face, his leg tripping the assassin to the ground… and then he converges. He leaves nothing but a mass of blood and mutilated corpse, just as he did the others.

Ichigo is sleeping when Grimmjow returns; curled up in a heap with the two wolves he left there. The females lift their heads in curiosity, sniffing out the predator's scent beneath the irony smell of blood. When they shift, they rouse the orange haired male between them.

"What..?" he murmurs. "Grimmjow! Oh my god, are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Grimmjow waves off. "It's not my blood; I just have a graze to the shoulder. Are you all right? No one got through?"

"I've been sleeping with the wolves," Ichigo informs. "You wouldn't believe how relaxing it is… well… I mean… of course you would, you've lived with them before."

"Storms are over, Ichigo," Grimmjow sighs. "I think it would be best to stay here for the meantime… at least during the night. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah, that's fine. I'll be okay as long you're with me!"

"Good. I'll be right back, I have to wash up… and I have one more thing to take care of."

Ichigo doesn't say anything, more than happy to let the other go. There's just no way he can stay in the same area with Grimmjow when crimson paints the larger male in such a nefarious manner. Grimmjow makes certain the wolves stay behind, the two simply lying back down with their new pup, and then retreats to the house. He would've just washed in the spring closer to the den, but there's something he needs from the house anyway.

His shower is a quick one, the blue haired man heading straight for the office after dressing. He had made certain to wear slipper-like shoes when he was hunting, as they left no prints and kept the guise of the wolf attack up… those were the only prints in the area, so he's happy to go barefoot once more.

It takes him a while to locate the digital camera he's searching for, yet once he has it he's back outside. He turns on the camera and grins at the lens, just to further infuriate the one to receive it. He makes certain to get as much background as possible, as he's well aware Ulquiorra will be looking at it as well.

"Hey, asshole!" he states. "How long has it been since you left us on this deserted island now? Hmm… I can only recall the hurricane you dumped us in the middle of. Not very nice, but much nicer than you calling and basically telling Ichigo you were whoring him off to the highest bidder. As for those assassins you sent to murder me and rape him until he broke… well… wolves can be such nasty little things when threatened."

As he spoke to the camera, he's been walking through the trees. When he comes upon the four he had taken out last, he turns the lens onto their cadavers. It looks nothing like a murder, the attack obvious and leaving no doubt to being a mauling by a feral animal. Grimmjow doesn't do this often; however he's also made certain to never develop a particular style or pattern. Since he grew up with such dangerous creatures in the first place, he grew the same habits they have when hunting and sticks to them.

"Hmm… I think these were yours," he states in feigned pity. "Looks like… four? Gunshots all over, but… I don't see any blood from the wolves. I thought you said these were your best assassins. Oh well… better luck next time, yeah?"

He gives the camera one more wicked grin after showcasing the last dead body, ending with a mocking salute before turning off the machine. Once that's done, he hurries back to the house and hooks it up to the computer. He's so glad cutting off the internet and such at this point would only cause suspicion… Ulquiorra could track something like that without a lick of trouble. Grimmjow actually kind of hopes Kyo's stupid enough to do so, just so they'll get picked up earlier. He shakes off the thought, searching for Ulquiorra in a chat window as he hooks the camera up to download the video.

Pantera06: Hey, you got a minute?

Murcielago04: I always have a minute for you, Grimmjow. What do you have for me?

Pantera06: It's downloading at the minute. I tried to get as much information into the images as possible. I just hope you can use them.

Murcielago04: No doubt I'll figure something out from them. If I can't, Stark will certainly be able to. He's been in nearly every part of the world… much like you.

Pantera06: You'd think I'd know our location… but I've always been more of an animal than an explorer. I'll send you the video now. I can't stay and chat though; I have to get back to Ichigo.

Murcielago04: Understandable. I'll deal with the video once I get it.

He doesn't bother with an answer, clicking the window shut and bringing up the email. It's a bit harder to attach the video without Ichigo, Grimmjow was never an expert at the computer, but he manages. Once it's attached, he types in a quick message and sends it to his friend. He makes certain it goes through, shutting off the computer and heading out after gathering some more food and water.

Ichigo is still snoozing without a care when he enters the spacious den, the wolves leaving with just a nod of Grimmjow's head. He joins Ichigo within the makeshift bed, setting the food and water in the chest of flat stones he put together earlier. Once he's lying beside the other, Ichigo hums in his slumber and moves to curl against Grimmjow's side.

The morning is too quiet for Grimmjow's liking, his body slipping from the safety of their den and moving carefully through the brush. If there's a threat nearby, he'll find it without trouble. The wolves are asleep at the moment, which means he's on his own for now… but that's the way he likes it. He hurries over to the spring, knowing that's the most likely place for a camp to be set up. Grimmjow stays within the brush between any likely intruders and his den, searching intensely for any other people.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Grimmjow's heart jumps into his throat, his body jumping at the start and his hair practically standing on end. He whirls around, a hand on his chest as his large cyan orbs take in Ichigo. The orange haired male is stifling laughter, losing the battle after a few minutes.

"Did you just yowl?" he asks in humor. "Oh my god! Can you purr, too? I wanna hear you purr!"

"I can scratch just as well, so shut the fuck up!" Grimmjow snaps.

"… Would you purr if I scratched your belly?"


"Sorry. What are you doing out here?" Ichigo repeats to change the subject.

Grimmjow remembers why he's there, quickly yanking the other down with him and searching the area. Upon seeing nothing, he heaves a sigh of relief and pulls the other back toward their den. Ichigo pulls away from him, scowling in anger at his lover's behavior.

"It's too quiet here," Grimmjow explains. "Something's gonna happen."

"Of course something's gonna happen," Ichigo rolls his eyes. "But I know Kyo. He won't do anything until he rubs my face in the fact I'm helpless to stop him. There's probably a message on the phone or something."

"Stay near the den, I'll go check the house."

Before they can do anything more, they hear the booming sound of a helicopter overhead. Grimmjow grabs Ichigo and runs for the den, the orange haired male tripping over his feet in an attempt to keep up. Eventually, he lifts Ichigo into his arms and takes off. There aren't many places to land within the jungle, so they're forced to land on the beach.

"Grimm, what's going on?" Ichigo cries out over the noise. "This can't be Kyo! It's too soon and very out of character!"

"I may have sent him a provoking message with a camcorder… displaying the remains of his assassins," Grimmjow comments off handedly.

"WHAT! Are you fucking crazy?" the smaller male shouts, swinging at Grimmjow's head.

"I want him to come here, Ichigo," he frowns. "The sooner I beat the shit out of him, the sooner we can get home."

"It doesn't matter how much to provoke him! He won't come here!" Ichigo snarls. "You're a threat and he knows it! He's a fucking coward! There's nothing in the world that'll make him come here himself, not when you're still alive!"

Grimmjow dumps his lover onto the ground before the den, giving him a pointed look before turning to leave. Ichigo sighs deeply and crawls back into his hide-away, grumbling to himself about his best friend's impulsive behavior. Although, he has to admit a certain fondness for curling up in their den like this; it's so cool and comfortable, with warm and furry companions to keep him occupied.

Grimmjow darts through the trees, keeping low and leaping into the branches close to the beach. He's well hidden; the shade and limbs covering him perfectly as he peers through them. There aren't many people within the contraption, only about four, and he's once more insulted by Kyo's idiocy. It's bad enough only four people have come, but only one gets out of the helicopter. They're wearing a dark hoodie, obviously an assassin that knows their stuff, and they're quick to lose themselves in the jungle. Grimmjow is torn; uncertain whether he should go after the lone male or attack those in the helicopter… he decides the assassin is the biggest threat.

The man is very good, hard to find and leaving no footprints. Their scent is covered and Grimmjow finds himself eager for the hunt, which he reprimands himself on constantly. He's supposed to be keeping Ichigo safe, not adhering to his feline tendencies and bounding off for a playful hunt. He keeps to the trees as much as possible, sneaking along the branches while barely disturbing them, and finally comes across the one he's looking for. They've found the den Ichigo is hidden in, which has Grimmjow seeing red. He dives down on the other, snarling in fury as he swings his fist hard. It's blocked by the side of a sniper rifle, the man pulling their hood down to reveal curly brown locks and lazy gray eyes.

"… Stark? What the fuck do you think you're doing? I could've killed your lazy ass!" Grimmjow shouts in anger.

"Sorry," the other smirks. "I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to see if I could locate your hide out before you found me… I guess it was a tie."

"Ichigo, it's time to get the hell out of here!" Grimmjow calls.

Ichigo's vibrant locks peek from the entrance to the den, those perfect amber orbs gazing cautiously at Stark before joining Grimmjow. After the smaller male is within Grimmjow's reach, the trio heads back to the copter. Ichigo is confused, yet he knows Ulquiorra well enough to know the video would help immensely.

"What about Kyo?" he asks suddenly. "Where is he?"

"He's in jail, don't worry," Stark waves off. "He'll be of no consequence once we get back… I'll take care of him personally."

"Oh," Grimmjow grins. "Personal vendetta?"

"With you absent, I had to pick up your slack," Stark huffs. "My job was taxing enough, yours was just exhausting!"

Ichigo is lifted into the machine on the beach after Stark boards, Grimmjow following… only a little sad at leaving such a perfect home. He had everything there; shelter, food, room to run, and his lover. He shakes the thought from his mind, reminding himself of his self-imposed reward for rescuing Ichigo. The orangette catches his feral grin, so pleased with himself, and shudders in caution. He knows that grin all too well… it means Grimmjow's about to do something he won't like.

They land within the city they left just after lunchtime, all their friends pacing the landing area impatiently for their return. It's a wonderful reunion, one that Ichigo can feel his heart swelling during. Though the thought of Kyo returning for him plagues him, Ichigo is positive Stark will make good on his promise. After all, there's nothing that man hates more than extra work.

"We should take a vacation to celebrate!" Nelliel, Grimmjow's older sister, squeals excitedly. "Hallibel and I will plan it all out!"

"Give it a few days," Grimmjow smiles indulgently. "We still have to deal with the man behind all this shit."

She nods excitedly, jumping up and down as she chatters on about the awesome vacation they'll all have. Ichigo, on the other hand, got to divulge everything that happened on the island… and learn about how everyone knew he was with Grimmjow.

"You fucking taped us having sex!" he shouts in fury. "You son of a bitch! I'll fucking castrate you!"

"Rukia! You loudmouthed bitch!" Grimmjow snaps.

Ichigo is after him in a heartbeat, the others laughing as the larger male keeps just out of his reach. Stark heads out at that time, his sniper rifle packed away in the case slung over his shoulder. It doesn't matter how much proof they have on Kyo's dealings, the sentence was pitiful and his obsession with Ichigo is far worse than they had thought. In the morning, the news will state a prisoner was found shot in his cell… problem solved. Stark thanks every star in the sky he's that good a shot, or his vengeance would be difficult to achieve.

**** 1 Week Later****

The planned vacation is in Vegas, much to Ichigo's surprise. He's always wanted to come, but never found the time. The club they're in is packed with alcohol, gambling, and music. All three running through Ichigo's veins on a serious high. He's already hit it big a few times, loving his fake ID even more each time, and he's downed enough drinks to put him under for a month. He's lazily rocking within Grimmjow's arms right now, as that's about all he can do at the moment.

"Let's get out of here," Grimmjow murmurs.

"I like the music," Ichigo yawns tiredly. "Just a few more minutes."

"You're drunk off your ass, Ichigo," his lover sighs. "It's time to go. We can always go out again tomorrow night, okay?"

Ichigo relents, leaning heavily on Grimmjow as they head out. Grimmjow keeps him flush to his side, the smaller male close to passing out on his feet even as he takes another step. With a light chuckle, the larger of the two decides now's as good a time as any to collect on his promise.

Ichigo stretches and yawns, rustling the sheet wrapped around him and noting with a pleasant sigh that he was thoroughly hammered the night before. He doesn't usually indulge in drink, yet Grimmjow was with him and he felt safe enough to. His temples throb with his hangover, a glass of water and some aspirin next to the bed in order to relieve it a bit. As he reaches for the glass, however, Ichigo notes a band of gold on his ring finger that shouldn't be there. He stills and draws it closer to his face, praying he's hallucinating. It's well made, a small diamond embedding into it, and looks worth a fair bit of money.

"You like it?" Grimmjow asks from the doorway.

"I… We… You didn't," he gasps in shock.

"I told you, Ichigo. Once we were off that island, I was gonna kidnap you and force you to marry me," the other laughs. "Now you can't get away. You're all mine!"

Ichigo is torn, wanting nothing more than to kill the other… and knowing he's elated at the same time. He'll force Grimmjow to have a proper reception for their friends and family later, but right now he just wants to enjoy the rest of his vacation-turned-honeymoon. He opens his arms to invite Grimmjow into them, an invitation the other doesn't hesitate to take.

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Shiro: Awe, I thought Grimm was hintin' at sex. *pouts*

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Ichi: ... Whatever.

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