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Kelly had always been High-hats girl.

She was the only one who could stand up to him, and say whatever shit she felt like.

She just wasn't scared of him.

Apart from tonight that is.

Moses, Dennis and Pest were all sat up in Ron's flat, having a smoke just chattin shit to each other when the argument started. Unfortunately, no matter how thick the door to the weed room was, everyone could still hear every word.

"Are you fuckin crazy? Me give up ma whole life, just for you?"

"Hats, I was only joking! No way would i ask you t-"

"It's always what you want,you spoilt whore."

"WHAT! I never ask for anything Hats. Nothing. I put up with you going out all the time, I put up with the violence and the crime. All. The. Fucking. Time. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing."

"Hey, you signed up for it."

"God. you know what? I'm done. That's it. I can't do this any more."

Her footsteps are cut short.

"You're not going anywhere." High-hat said before the first slap was heard. They all cringed at the sound of it. And the sound of the next one, and the next.

Moses looked over at Pest, not surprised to see that he had his eyes squeezed, his mouth set in a scowl and his fists clenched so tight that his knuckles nearly burst through his pale skin. His hat and hood had fallen down, not that he particularly cared. He was concentrating on blocking out Kelly's screams that could be heard now.

Pest had been crazy about Kelly since forever. And everyone knew that she liked him back. Always had, always will. They were two people that were never seen separated on the block. You could always catch them laughing, or smiling, or just enjoying the others company. That all changed when High-hats stepped in. He was crazy jealous and decided to claim Kel for himself. When she refused, High-hats threatened to shoot them both. In the end, she agreed. But it was only because Pest forced her to, but he was honestly doing it to protect her. 'Cause, in all honesty, Pest would do anything for that girl. Jump in front of a van to save her, mug, steal, lie. Fuck, he'd even take on High-hats himself if she asked him to.

But she never did.

So just like everyone else, he had to sit through that torturous hour until the screaming subsided, after Ron had turned the volume up on the Discovery Channel to full.

High-Hats walked out of the weed room pulling his jacket on, as if the last hour hadn't just happened

"Turn that shit down man." he snapped at Ron, while he adjusted his hat in the mirror.

"I'll see you next week yeah?" He asked, walking out the door, not waiting for a reply.

As soon as the front door clicked shut, Pest was up and in the weed room. And even though the TV was still loud, everyone could hear Pests comforting whispers.

How she was worth more than this.
How he always thought she was beautiful, no matter how much the bruises show.
How he would do anything for her, that she just had to ask.
How much he loved her.

She would always reply with the same things

That she'll leave High-Hats.
That she adores how sweet Pest is.
That she'll take him up on that offer, one day.
That she loves him too.

And just like always, the whispers fall silent, normally because Kelly or Pest have silenced each others tears with a kiss.

Pest and Kel.
"The perfect couple."Tia always says. She always says that forbidden love is always the most passionate, and that Pest will get his chance. One day.