This Is The New Home for D.O.A.W.K.R.S

January 24, 2008

We were playing the Big Wheel game again and Greg finally knocked me off, but instead of hitting me it went under the wheel. I came flying off the bike while the bike barrel rolled down the hill. I attempted to break my fall but I didn't stick them out in time. My arm hurt terribly. Greg tried tied to cheer me up but I couldn't laugh.

January 27, 2008

Christmas Vacation is over, that Big Wheel incident gave me a broken hand. The bike was totaled too. A bunch of girls and so guys started surrounding me in the hallway; later Greg started bragging about how he had broken my hand. This is probably about this "popularity" thing and I am guessing it back fired.

January 28, 2008

Now Greg is wearing gauze to fake an infection and I accidentally told everybody about it. Girls are still hanging around me and are even feeding me! It is starting to annoy me having girls around me all the time, but I have to keep 'cool". Greg is starting to do symphony sheets to get attention. Luckily the doctor said I could take my cast off in a couple of days and I hope that will put an end to this madness.

January 30, 2008

I am back on my arm and they just did an assembly and showed 'It's Great to be me" It talks about being you and to not change for the world. Greg always says it's a bunch of bogus and it makes bullying worse. Later that day they made an announcement about safety patrols which interested me. When something like this happens, I expect Greg to talk me into it. Now guess where I am? Greg has brought me to the office to sign up. We immediately got our belts and badges. I realized we would miss 20 minutes of Pre-Algebra. So I wanted to know how we make up the work, next thing I knew I was saying "YA HOOEY!" after Greg pinched me.

January 31, 2008

Our first day on safety patrols was great! We didn't have to stay in the freezing rains for an hour like other patrols, but that doesn't mean any hot chocolate in the café. At 12:15 we walked kindergartners home. Easiest thing ever!

February 1, 2008

It was snowing today and school was canceled. Today was supposed to be the pre Algebra test. 75% of that stuff I didn't know. Also Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday are days off so I was getting an extra day of vacation. I decided to study but Greg called and asked me to come over to attempt the world's largest snowman, every time Greg and I get serious about it, the snow melts. We want to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. I guess Greg didn't want to miss again. I arrived and we automatically started to roll the first ball. It needs to be 8 ft tall to be record worthy. The ball got heavy and we had to start having short breaks. Mrs. Hefley had to go to the store and our ball was blocking her car so she pushed it out of the way during one of our breaks. Greg didn't notice that we had to share the record with her if we did it. The ball eventually got so heavy that it tore up some of Mr. Hefley's sod he laid in November. Greg and I hoped it would snow more but it stopped that exact minute. I later hatched a plan for another thing to do with our giant snowball; The North Whirly Street kids are always using our hill for sledding even though they got a hill exactly like ours. We were going to scare them down our hill. I had to go home for lunch after that but, about half an hour after that Greg called and said the snow was melting! I rushed to his house but when I got there, there was no snowball, just the remains. Greg told me he screwed up and his dad destroyed it. I was furious; I wanted to roll that ball down the hill. Greg called me a big baby and we got into a shoving fight but suddenly; we got hit by the North Whirly Street kids.

Will A New Chapter Be Coming Soon? Maybe...