Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly

~ Rose Franken, writer


Sunday, 3:11pm




"Sorry. My sleeve got caught in the phone case. Hold on," Edward said and Bella paused her game. "Okay, fixed. I've always wondered why people do that, by the way."

"Do what?" Bella prompted.

"Drag out their words as if that'll make it easier for the other person to hear them,"Edward remarked.

Edward and Bella

Bella and Edward.

Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Masen.


Edward sniggered. "I can't believe you just yelled like that in the middle of Sheep Meadow."

One, 28 years of age and born in June, the other born in September and 29 years of age. One teaches three main sciences, Biology, Physics and Chemistry, at an all boys' boarding school. The other doesn't have a steady job, but gets by doing odd freelance jobs around the city such as telemarketing, working for a moving company, or landscaping.

"How'd you know I'm in Central Park?" a shadow passed over her and Bella looked up, pulling down the hood of her sweatshirt to see who it was. "Because you're standing right in front of me. Hi."

"Hey," Edward grinned and slid his phone shut. Instead of sitting next to her, Edward walked around behind Bella, slipping off his messenger bag from his shoulder, and sat down, pressing against her so that they were back to back.

"Why would you call me if you saw me?" Bella asked, returning her attention to the iPad in her lap.

"I was making sure it was you," Edward answered and tilted his head so that it pushed down on her ponytail. "You're very generic looking. Girl in her late twenties with brown hair, sitting in the middle of a park with her attention fixed on some form of electronic gadget on her lap. They're about a handful of other woman here doing the same thing. Plus, I saw three other girls on the way here wearing the exact same hoodie as you."

When Edward still had a girlfriend, they met in the strangest way, involving a hamster, a bus. They started talking about everything, and bonded over all those things. They even had inside jokes. When Edward and Tanya broke up, they continued talking. They always chatted, almost every day.

"It's because it was on sale," Bella muttered, making an annoyed sound that resonated from her throat. She pushed her back against Edward's so that his head moved so it wasn't pushing down on her ponytail.

Edward took out an apple from his bag, peeled the sticker off and placed it on Bella's handbag that's next to him. He took a bite and then frowned, chewing slowly.

"Are you playing Angry Birds?"

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

Edward and Bella are two extremely good-looking people that often receive double takes, glances over the shoulder while walking down the street, or a lingering (slightly flustered) stare while talking to another person.

This lingered form of staring, or double takes, can become even more pronounced when the pair is in each other's presence. The phrase 'now there's two people that you never thought would be together' often passes through people's minds when Edward and Bella are with each other.

"I can hear the pigs," Edward explained. "Are you hooked yet?"

"Yes. Why can't I stop playing this stupid game? I'm getting more pissed off than the birds," Bella huffed and Edward laughed. "The kids in one of my summer school classes showed it to me yesterday during the lunch break and I haven't stopped since."

The reason that phrase is repeated so much is mainly because Edward and Bella are such opposites.

Bella is attractive, smart, thoughtful, caring, and intelligent. She's the daughter that every parent wants; the girl you can take home to your parents; the student every teacher wishes they had in their class. Essentially, she's the prefect child. Well, as perfect as a child can get..

Like Bella, Edward is also attractive, smart, thoughtful, caring, and intelligent. However, he's the guy that your parents tell you to stay away from because he 'has too many tattoos and piercings;' he was the student that never paid attention at school and distracted others around him, frustrating the teachers.

He's a delinquent; Always has been since an early age with many bad records against his name that includes some minor criminal charges, as well as a short stint in a rehabilitation facility. He has problems with authority, is unable to keep a steady job, smokes too much and constantly makes crude jokes.

He has twenty-three piercings in total—five in one ear, three in the other, his eyebrow, lip, tongue, four that run down the nape of his neck and one on each finger, just above the knuckle. Multicolored tattoos adorn the entirety of his back, the bicep of his right arm and the forearm of his left.

While he may not be 'perfect' or 'ideal' like his friend Bella, Edward is truly a gorgeous, beautiful person, but not in a 'oh, a hot guy' when you pass him kind of way—though he is good looking. He's always polite, has a kind and caring nature (both have the expectation to authority), and has a smile that, when used properly, can be both deadly and helpful in the stickiest of situations (and it has. Countless times.)

None of that matters to Edward and Bella though—not their jobs or how they look. Simply put, they just, work.

"I'm not even good at it, which makes it ten times worse that I cant stop." Bella added with a scoff. "They all kept saying 'you're dong fine! You just have to get the hang of it and then you'll be awesome!' Stupid teenage boys with their stupid, addicting games about pigs."

"Speaking of teenage boys," Edward mumbled with a mouthful of apple and swallowed before continuing. "When are you going to show me your boobs?"

"In a sec. Let me just finish this level."


"No." Bella replied firmly, but she's smiling down at the enraged hogs. "Could you BE any more of a creep?"

"Nice," Edward said appreciatively. He held his fist up near his shoulder and Bella bumped him back in return.

Edward's fixation with Bella's breasts is a running joke between the pair that originated from how they met. Specifically, the position: both lying on the sidewalk, Edward on his back, Bella sprawled on her back against his chest with one of Edwards hands latched onto Bella's left breast.

"Well, if there isn't going to be any nipple action, then I may as well leave," Edward sighed melodramatically and Bella just rolled her eyes, still fixating on her game. Having finished his apple, Edward glanced around him, trying to find somewhere to put it. He stood up from the ground and grinned, spotting a place for it.

After stealthily and gingerly depositing the apple core, he moves to stand in front of Bella. She pauses her game and has to squint her eyes when she looks up at Edward, because the sun is in her face. Edward notices her discomfort and shifts to the right so his form blocks out the bright light.

"Thanks," Bella said gratefully and Edward placed his messenger bag back over his head, across his torso. "Hey, before you go, are you free the night of the twenty-fifth?"

"Is that a Saturday?" Edward clarified and Bella nodded. "Nothing…or something very important that I definitely cannot get out of depending on why you're asking if I'm free."

Bella tsked her tongue at him and rummaged around in her bag for a moment before taking something out and handing it over to Edward. "I have a wedding reception invitation that includes a plus one."

"This is for your mom's wedding reception," Edward pointed out, skimming over the invitation. "Which is at The Plaza. Very classy."

Bella shrugged. "My mother is the definition of classiness, you know that," Edward hummed, still looking at the invitation. "So, will you come?"

Like their personality and physical appearance, when it comes to family, the pair is again on separate ends of the scale.

Bella is an only child and comes from a broken family. Her father Charlie, a retired police officer, resides on an island off the coast of Washington state. Her mother lives in Connecticut on a large estate with her soon-to-be husband, a former board member of a popular baseball team.

Bella loves and cares for her parents very much, but as she and her parents get older, she finds that she can only handle them in small, sporadic doses. Specifically her mother.

Edward has no immediate family. Growing up, he was often shifted from family to family across the country because of his out of control behavior. Once an adult, and being used to this somewhat nomadic style of living, he's journeyed from city to city, never staying more than a year in the one place.

He has a vague memory of being told that he has an uncle or a cousin living in Wisconsin. Or Washington. Winnipeg? A distant relative lives somewhere starting with 'W', that's all that Edward is sure of.

"What kind of cake is your mom having?" Edward asked suddenly.

Bella blinked at him and paused for a moment before answering. "Um, well, I don't remember the exact name. But it's some sort of chocolate-"

"Okay. I'll come," Edward interjected, handing back the invitation to a startled Bella.

"Seriously? Because she's having chocolate cake?"

"Wedding cake is very important Bella. You mustn't joke about it," Edward mocked in a snobbish voice and Bella laughed.

"Does that mean you've chosen your wedding cake?" Bella teased.

"Uh, yes," Edward scoffed. "And I've also chosen my dress, plus the color that I want the bridesmaids to wear. I'm thinking something that sits above the knee and in aubergine."

"Ooo, that sounds cute. So it's a summer wedding then?"

"Spring, actually."

"You know what else you should do?" Bella asked.


"Watch more ESPN," she said flatly and Edward laughed. "No, really. You can flick to it in between watching TLC and the Fashion Channel."

"I'll try," Edward said and glanced around him. "Anyway, I better go. I'll catch up with you later?"

Bella nodded. "Sure. Bye."

Edward turned and started to walk away. Bella watched him take out his iPod from his pocket and unravel his earphones from around it, before remembering her game. With Edward gone and the sun shining in her face again, she flipped up the hood of her sweatshirt to block it out.

And even though Edward's walked far enough to put some distance between them, he can still hear her loud shriek as his apple core falls out of the hood and onto her lap.


I see her turn back before she walks around the corner and I straighten my self up a bit because she's trying to find me between the people on the sidewalk.

When she finally catches my eye, she mouths, "Thirty minutes."

I roll my eyes and pointedly mouth back "Okay," but I'm grinning. She returns my grin and continues walking.

I'm watching her walk away because she made me promise.

Two minutes ago we were arguing. We couldn't go back to her place together and she wanted a thirty-minute head start, so I said yes.

It doesn't matter that I'm just realizing now that I've never said no to anything she's asked me or the reason why she wants a head start because I don't really care (well, I care a little. I can't think of a reason why she would want a head start.) I'm too busy thinking about the two minutes before we were arguing.

When her arms were wrapped around my neck and my eyes were closed and her mouth tasted like marzipan frosting. We've kissed before, but this time with a purpose and intensity I'd never seen from her in the history of our friendship.

Now everything that ever was or wasn't between us is changed and Bella, formerly known as friend, has become something else entirely.

Okay so, I know no one really reads author notes (I almost always skip them) but I just need say some quick things:

I wrote this fic in about five days, around May last year after reading WhatsMyNomDePlume's "Best I Ever Had." It was just something silly I wrote to pass the time and didn't think anything would come of it

and now I'm posting it as fan fic lol

WhatsMyNomDePlume knows about this fic, in case anyone's wondering. She gave it the green light and has read the first three chapters (which wasn't nerve wracking AT ALL btw, hahaha...*sigh*)

Overall, this is 13 chapters, completely written/beta'd which means updates will be quite frequent. Not sure how frequent just yet, but I'm thinking fortnightly.

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