A lone rabbit sat dejectedly upon a cold, stone floor. His ebony fur, with only his face showing any white whatsoever, was smothered in caked dirt and dried blood. Probably from the many beatings that he had received in his time of captivity. Clasped to his neck, wrists, and ankles were magic-restraining chains, keeping him from trying to escape from his small prison. His sky blue and black jacket and shorts were tattered and worn, rips and tears being seen on every place imaginable on them. It seemed that they were also a bit too small for him.

Outside of the room, a single torch is lit, allowing a small amount of light to reflect into the cell, the only light, other than his own, that was visible. The rabbit looked up, the light from the fire illuminating his sad aquamarine eyes. That light source, small as it may be, was one of the only things he could grasp onto to keep from losing himself.

He had been trapped in this place for twelve years now. Twelve years since he'd been taken from his family, twelve years since he had seen his father's face, twelve years since they had started trying to make him give in to the darkness inside of him. Twelve years…twelve long, wretched years.

The ones that had taken him…he didn't know who they were. They never showed their faces to him, always hiding away behind their black cloaks. All he knew was that they wanted him to embrace the darkness, probably so they could use him in their evil schemes. They would come, it would seem, every day, beating him and trying to make him give in. But, he wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Most of the time, he didn't even scream. Though, there were days when he'd wondered if it was even worth trying to resist. But, every time, something would remind him why he needed to keep strong.

In fact, it was now that time of day that they would come. The rabbit could hear a pair of footsteps stomping up to his cell door, quickly putting the keys into the lock, before stepping inside. The rabbit inwardly groaned. He could tell that the one that'd come in was the one that would always beat him the worst. He tensed up as the gruff voice of the man spoke.

"Ah. Oswald. Have you finally decided to come to terms with your fate?"

Oswald glared at him before remarking back with a growl. "Forget it, Blackie! I'm not in the mood for your silly games! How about we just skip the talking this time and just get this over with?"

The man chuckled, before grabbing the small rabbit by the neck, pushing him forcibly against the wall. "Hmph. If that's how you want it, Oswald…So be it."

During the abuse that Oswald was going through, he started to feel his darkness trying to consume him, telling him that it would all be over if he just delved in.

"N…no…" he groaned weakly, trying to push the darkness away inside of him. 'I…can't…' he thought, 'I can't…hold it…back…'

'You can!'His light told him back. 'Just hold on! It will be over soon.'

Oswald could feel his body start to ache considerably. He wasn't paying attention to the abuse on the outside, instead, he was struggling with his darkness on the inside.

'Oswald! You can't hold us back forever! We are the ones who are stronger! We can make you stronger, Oswald! Do you want the power to escape from here? We can give that to you, Oswald! And so much more!' The rising darkness trying to persuade him made a heavy feeling fall into his heart. But, the light inside of him started to push it back.

'Oswald! Don't give in! You know what the darkness does to people! You've seen it with your own eyes! You need to stay strong! Think about him. What would he say if you gave up everything you believed in?' At those words, Oswald did turn his thoughts to that one person. He stayed focused on him as his internal torment continued on.




The torment seemed to last for hours and it was getting to where Oswald didn't think he could take anymore. "No…please…stop…" Oswald gasped out. "Please…"

It was just to the point when Oswald felt that he would pass out that the cloaked man finally left, leaving Oswald bleeding on the floor. The not-so-lucky rabbit struggled to push himself off the ground as he started coughing, blood coming up as he did. He groaned as he managed to push himself up to a sitting position. This beating had been the worst yet, leaving numerous gashes and bruises upon his body, as well as opening up multiple old wounds that had started to heal over time, only to have them breaking open again. Dark blood poured down his face, leaving stains of red on his dirtied white fur, the blood coming from a deep cut on his forehead.

Oswald gasped, as he held his head in his hands, the pain being a little too much to bear, both externally and internally. "C…come on…Ozzie…get ahold of…yourself…you…can't g...give in to…them…not now…" Ozzie could feel hot tears of pain and sorrow start to rise into his eyes as he sat there, leaning against the stone wall behind him. "F…father…if you can…hear me…please…send me help so…I can get out of here…I…don't know…how long I can…stand…this…"

Thoughts of Oswald's father was the other thing that helped Oswald hold onto his light through his terrible struggles. His father, Walt, was the king of Disney Castle…or, the last he remembered anyway. People had always said how brave he was and how his kindness knew no bounds. The rabbit missed his father terribly and he would always hold onto the hope that, someday, his father would come to save him.

The rabbit tried to speak with his father again, this time with more agitation in his tone. "Father…how long must I…be kept here? C…can you even…hear me?" He waited a few seconds, almost half-expecting an answer before he mentally kicked himself angrily. "Of course he…can't hear me! What…could possibly make me think…he can hear me? He's…worlds away from here…leaving me to…rot…in this lousy place!" Oswald sadly sighed again, before closing his eyes, panting out each word as what little strength he had started to come back. "Let's face it. I'm never…getting out of here. Everyone…has probably for…gotten about me by now…Including Father."

"I have not forgotten you, my son."

Oswald's eyes flew open in shock, the rabbit frantically searching around him, trying to find the source of the voice. "Father?"

"I'm here."

The tears that had been held in before were now released as the rabbit cried. "Wh…where?"

Sadness could be heard in the words as the voice answered, "Unfortunately, I am only here in spirit."

It was around now that a cold wind flew around Oswald, before he could feel familiar, warm arms wrap themselves around him, engulfing him. Oswald was sobbing now, as he leaned into his father's embrace happily. "Father…why didn't you…come? I…I've been waiting so long…for you…"

"I am sorry, Oswald. But, I could not. The darkness clouding this place prevented me from finding you. The only reason I could come now was because I am not of these worlds anymore."

Oswald gasped, sorrow once again falling onto his face. "Wait…so…you mean…You're not…alive anymore?" he choked out, trying to keep himself calm.

"I am sorry, Oswald. You must know that I searched for you everywhere. But, during an attack that came upon me, I did not make it. Now, I am only a spirit. But, know this, Oswald, I will never leave you. I will always be with you…and your brother."

Oswald's eyebrows furrowed in disbelief. Brother? "Father…what do you mean…brother?"

"I can say no more, Oswald. My time with you right now is already short. And I have still yet to give you my message."

"Message…? About…what? And…really? A…brother? Father…Please! You must… tell me!"

Walt seemed to ignore the question about his other son, instead just focusing on giving his message. "In just a few minutes, there will be a young woman who will be breaking into the base you are currently in. She is coming to take you out of here. You are to go with her. Just remember, Oswald, I am always with you. I love you."

With those last words, Walt's spirit left Oswald alone. "I love you too…Father."

By this time, Oswald's tears had stopped and he felt a little better, knowing that his father had sent him help. But, one thing still bothered him. "I…have a brother?"

Of course, as fate would have it, Oswald didn't get any more time to ponder this valuable piece of information. A commotion sounded outside of Oswald's cell, many voices shouting out things like "Guard the prisoner!" and "Stop her!" More shouts and screams came before things got eerily quiet.

Suddenly, an explosion rang throughout Oswald's cell, a loud crashing following it, along with smoke. Oswald started to cough as the smoke fell into his lungs making it much harder to breath than it was before. He closed his eyes, trying to stop the burning sensation that the smoke was causing.

"Hello? Oswald, are you in here?" A smooth female voice called out into the room.

Oswald opened his mouth to answer, but all that came was another cough. He could hear the girl sigh as footsteps slowly came toward him. "I'd take that as a yes."

By this time, the smoke had cleared, enough so Oswald could see the person that had come to his rescue. Like his father had said, it was a young woman, probably no older than seventeen. She had short hair that reminded him of something he hadn't seen since before the night he was taken. The rising sun. It started as a golden yellow, but gradually changed to a brilliant orange. Her eyes, emeralds shining with relief. A small orange heart was tattooed to her right cheek, a tiny glow emitting from it. Underneath the loose midnight jacket she was wearing was a yellow sleeveless shirt. Adorning her legs was a pair of black pants that had many belts and chains hanging off of them, as well as one or two stripes as well, all of them either orange or black. On her feet were a pair of shoes that resembled his a bit, a little puffy where her toes were, but more clingy towards her ankles. They were striped black and yellow as well.

Lastly, in her hand was a keyblade. The hilt was shaped almost like a half star, its golden color turning to a bright blue as went towards the blade. The blade itself had blue, gold, and sunset colored vines crawling up, around, and out of it, leading to the tip. The tip had what looked like the other half of the star on the hilt, a blue half-heart lying inside of the half star. The keychain had a complete golden star hanging down, with a sky blue heart in the middle of it, like on the end of the blade.

The girl walked towards him, setting her keyblade next to her as she knelt down, her eyes full of concern. "Hey, are you alright?" she asked him. All Oswald did as an answer was glare before he coughed again, blood once again coming out. She winced before she spoke again. "Right…stupid question. Well, just hold on a minute. I'm going to get those chains off of you, alright?"

Oswald nodded as she picked up her keyblade and pointed it at the chains. A bright light illuminated the room before a small click could be heard, followed by clangs as Oswald was freed. "Thank…you…" Oswald said, as he slowly started to push himself up. The girl grabbed him around the waist carefully, helping him to stand. When he almost collapsed again, she helped him stay steady until he nodded at her, letting her know it was alright to let go. "So…what's…your name…?"

The girl smiled. "Alayn. It's Alayn. You're father sent me here to save you."

Oswald shook his head. "But…my father is…dead…how could…he have…sent you?"

Alayn's smile disappeared as she looked away. "I know he's dead. He came to me in a dream. He said for me to come here to find you and get you out."

Oswald nodded. It seemed to make sense. It was a few seconds before he realized what she had said before. "Wait…you said…you know…he's dead…How…?"

Alayn shook her head before picking Oswald up and putting him on her back, holding his hands around her neck so he wouldn't fall off. "Now is neither the time nor the place to tell that story. Once we get to a safe place, that's where I'll tell you. Ok, Oswald?"

Oswald sighed. "Alright…but…please…call me…Ozzie. Ok…Alayn…?"

Alayn smiled as she left the small, tore up cell behind. "Ok, Ozzie. Now, hold on."

Oswald nodded slowly as Alayn started tearing through the place, abandoning the wreckage she had caused only minutes earlier. He wasn't sure if she had killed everyone in the base or not, but he didn't want to think about that possibility.

He could feel himself start to lose consciousness as they continued onward. One thought went through his mind as his eyes started to close. 'I'm free. I'm finally free.' It wasn't too long before Oswald succumbed to the sweetness that was a peaceful sleep. The first one that he had had in years.

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