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Setting: Pre-Brooke

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The first time he saw it happen, Franky was working on plans for a new invention in the boys' sleeping quarters.

It was the dead of night, and everyone was sleeping but the newest member. As the cyborg worked, he paused for a moment to look at his new crew, reflecting on how he could have possibly made friends such as these.

And then Luffy woke up.

It wasn't a normal awakening, it was more panicked and jostled. The strawhat captain sprang out of bed with wide eyes, and his body then completely flipped so his head landed where his feet were previously, and vice-versa. Luffy grabbed his trademark hat and put it on his head, holding it there, gripping the edges until his knuckles were white, and then gripped it some more. Franky could see him trembling.

But Luffy never saw Franky.

Realizing he had been ignored, the ship-wright contemplated what to do. Should he comfort him? If he does, what should he say?

Should he ask him what was wrong? No, it was quite obvious he didn't want to say. Luffy wasn't seeking out help from anyone there, most likely because he didn't wish to tell. He was the captain, he believes he has to maintain the appearance of being strong and fearless.

Another reason Franky doesn't want to ask is because the raven-haired boy has done a very good job of appearing just that. Strong and fearless. This was Monkey D. Luffy, the man who would be Pirate King. This was a guy who could make grown men pee their pants with a glare. Who could be both the most carefree and the most frightening person in the world. A man whose anger could burrow its way into one's subconscious and instill deadly fear into anyone the least bit weaker of heart. This was Luffy, who has laughed in the face of death and throws himself into the path of rampaging monsters for laughs.

What could possibly give a boy like him a nightmare, Franky isn't sure he wants to find out.

Should he comfort him without asking questions? Even that seems like a bad idea. He hasn't known them long, but he's known them long enough to know a very simple rule all strawhats live by.

Do not interfere with a fight that isn't yours.

Although this wasn't a fight, it was definitely a battle. Luffy's battle. Not Franky's.

As it continues happening, Luffy startling awake while Franky works on a project, Franky will always be ready to step in, but he will never meddle.

And so, each time, the ship-wright will watch over his captain silently, prepared to intervene if he needs to. Keeping constant vigil, all he can do is hope that the strawhat-wearing boy will calm. Franky watches until he does, until he goes back to sleep, until the order returns to its usual peaceful dissaray.

The blue haired male will never mention it to anyone. As a strawhat, he never goes against his captain's orders.

Even if they were never made.