Canada's Prime Minister looked at his country. He had known him for only a few years of the country's long life, but it had been long enough to realize that there was something off with the poor lad; something emotionally off.

Due to this, he decided to have Canada visit a psychiatrist and see if she could help him. At first, Canada was against the idea entirely, but eventually he and the psychiatrist agreed on a way to see if he really needed help or not. This way was that for half a month Canada was to keep a diary of how he feels about things in his life.

However, when the time came and the diary was due, he asked the psychiatrist if he could wait to turn it in until after he had filled it in. Truth be told, he was really enjoying the fact that he could write out all of his frustrations; even if at the end they would be critiqued to show if he needed help or not.

But things in his life were not going smoothly during this time, and by the time he had almost filled it in he had to go to a world meeting. Here, is ex-boyfriend Prussia decided to swipe Canada's precious Diary and gave it to France to read while Canada was back in his hotel room looking for it. This eventually led to France and several others reading the entries in the diary out loud to the entire world.