Hi! This is my first Kuroshitsuji fic (not that that really matters!), so please don't be toooo mean!

Kuroshitsuji Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare with the Kuroshitsuji characters- make the characters do preposterous things, or just make them reveal little secrets- which one will you choose?

(This first chapter is pretty much told from Ciel's perspective, but I don't think the other chapters will be like this)


Chapter 1

It was definitely Sebastian's smile. That was right, Ciel Phantomhive thought, letting a small sigh escape his slightly parted lips as he glanced round the room. Obviously, he needed a good excuse to why most of the people he had met in his life were now sat round his ornate dinner table, awaiting his next move…

"Today's tea is a Darjeeling with milk," Sebastian announced, pouring some a cup of the hot beverage for his master.

As Ciel drank the tea, Sebastian came closer to the desk and smiled at Ciel. "Do you not think, young master, that playing chess to pass the time every evening is becoming rather dull?"

Ciel rolled his eyes, placing a hand under his chin, "what do you want?" he asked, voice keeping the same uncaring tone as always.

Sebastian bowed slightly, "I was merely wondering, master, whether you would like to hold a kind of," at this point the butler paused, "evening with our 'clients'? Simply for social means of course!" he leaned forwards, smiling that sweet smile he loved so much.

Ciel simply rolled his eyes again, "whatever- that's fine by me- just send out some invitations; Finny, Maylene and Bard can attend as well; we shan't bother with meals this one time."

Sebastian nodded and bowed once more, then turned and left the room, smiling ever so slightly as he did so…

And so they were all here, at the Phantomhive mansion, each with a cup of wine in front of them, and each wondering why they had been called here.

Perhaps, thought Ciel, as a few of his guests began to chatter, he should not have left Sebastian to write the invitations on his own, or to choose their recipients, either.

There was Lau and Ran-Mao, Grell, Undertaker, Soma and Agni, Elizabeth, others, and several cats.

And how on Earth was he going to entertain them all? Ciel glanced up at his butler, who simply smiled, and the young boy knew he would have to do something soon.

He stood up, the room falling silent, and cleared his throat, "I know that I invited you all here without much warning, but I thought that we could all meet up tonight in a sort of social gathering, you may put it. We shall play cards, chess, whatever you like, but whatever happens, you have my butler to thank for coming up with the idea!" he pointedly looked at Sebastian, smirking slightly.

"So, does anyone have any preferences to what we do first?"

The room filled with suggestions-


"See who's the best kisser!"



"Pole dancing!"

"Best dressed!"

"Help! There's a rabid cat eating meeee!"


But the most audible voice in the room was a high, girly voice…

"TRUTH OR DAAAAREEE! It'll be soooo cuuute!"

Ciel inwardly groaned, and felt glad that he'd already raised the fact that this was all Sebastian's idea.

Following the previous comment, the room had quietened down, and murmurs of agreement could be heard occasionally.

"Very well then," Sebastian announced

"Truth or dare it is!" both master and butler chorused…



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