author: just like a love song

summary: "Lex," he was the only one that could call her that, "you look beautiful." But this was was wrong, and this was sick. Because she wasn't his. Because she was his sister. If only he could tell his heart that... max/alex

a/n: I feel kind of like a horrible author... I know that I should be updating the other stories that everyone's been waiting for, but I've had the biggest writers block. I decided I would try to write for a whole other catagory... and thus, here is a WOWP story! I like MALEX and JALEX, but there aren't really any super detailed stories for Max and Alex, so... here we are. This story probably won't get that many reviews, considering how unactive this section is (with the show ending and everything), so this is more for me to get back into my groove. I'm trying a new kind of style, so if you are a normal (or new!) reader, tell me how you like it!

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kiss me in the rain




chapter one: if only

how can something so wrong feel so right?





"Can I-I..." the voice was tired, shaky, and so quiet she had trouble hearing it over the roar of the busy street. She inclined her head in slightly as the woman softly heaved, trying to get more words out, "b-borrow some of your ch-change, dear?" the lady stuttered in a slightly stronger voice – which really wasn't saying much – having trouble holding out a garish yellow-green hand that was suddenly launched at the young girl.

Alex Russo's first instinct was to shudder, pull away, and sprint off in the direction she had originally been planning to go. Because she didn't do charity. However, when she slowly looked the woman's way – having ever intention of telling her off before running away – she was was left frozen, her heart sinking.

The woman was tinier than she was, frail, and bent in an awkward angle as she tried to shy out of the rain that was pouring down on them. Her hair was frazzled and falling out, her skin wrinkled and already looking like it belonged to some leather recliner that had been left outside for too long.

But it was her eyes that really got Alex's attention. Although not the most beautiful things themselves, sunken into the back of her skull, tiny, beady, and a watery blue colour that just didn't look quite right on a person, they still had something special about them.

Because in them, Alex swore she could see the world.

It was like her whole life was shrunk into those little eyes, and all she could think about was how sad they looked. It was suddenly clear how alone this woman was. But she was still alive, and she was still trying... and if that didn't mean she had guts, Alex wasn't sure what did.

Maybe it was because she could see herself in this woman – this old lady that was still pushing, even with so little hope – maybe not, but she still reached a dainty hand into her soaked jeans, pulling out a couple of dollars and gently placing them into the old woman's hands. "Here." she smiled softly at her, kissing her on the forehead the same way her dad used to do for her, "Stay safe."

The old woman's face lit up, and she smiled hugely. Half of her teeth may have been gone, but she could just tell... she used to be beautiful. "Thank you, miss! Th-thank you!" she bowed deeply, in a way that must have been uncomfortable for her, before scurrying off out of Alex's sight. She stared after her for a moment, the soft smile still playing on her own lips, before she realized who she was, and set her expression into one akin to a scowl.

Now she just had to get home.

O – x – O – x – O – x – O – x – O

She slammed the door closed, smirking slightly in satisfaction as it shook the walls on both sides. Serves them right, she thought to herself smugly, sleeping while I was out being soaked.

To say the least, her day had been bad. In fact, horrible wouldn't even begin to describe it. She'd had cheer until about five-thirty, starting at three, which meant two and a half hours of straight practising. Also known as a lot of work. And like most things in life, Alex just didn't do work. Sometimes, she seriously wondered why she had put herself through this... she wasn't the most peppiest person, after all.

But Mr. Laritate had insisted. Apparently, it would be 'good' for her.

That, along with the fact that she needed some sort of extra curricular activity to pass grade eleven (stupid preparatory school), had persuaded her to try out for the team that past year. She'd always been relatively flexible, which was how she'd made the team in her sophomore year, so it was really no problem to make it again. Not a lot of the other juniors on the team could even do a cartwheel, and thus her tumbling put them to shame.

But things had changed for the team this year. Ever since placing second in Nationals that previous season, the coach had been obsessed about being number one. Every single thing they used to do twice, now they had to do at least fifteen times. If something wasn't perfect, then you were off the team. Maybe a little harsh, but it was what was 'needed' to win. Now, instead of practices twice a week, they were every week day except Monday, each practice lasting for about two or three hours, depending on the day.

It was exhausting, to say the least, and by this point she was just done. Her coach had been particularly nasty today, and she had made her stay behind after practice to clean the locker room – which the football boys used too, by the way – so that she could get rid of that 'nasty little attitude' of hers.

By the time she was done, it was six-thirty, and she still had to get home. Her sour mood had just about doubled, and half way to her walk to the bus station, it had started to pour down rain. And, coincidentally, she had ended up giving her bus money to that poor old woman, which Alex was seriously regretting after she had been walking for approximately half an hour. New York was a big city, and sometimes she wished she lived in a small town.

When she finally reached her house, her legs were aching, her head pounding, and her back felt like it had been permanently wedged into a huddled over position. What she really needed to do was curl up on the coach, but she thought better of it after she got a whiff of herself. She smelled similar to a wet dog, which filled her with a bit of embarrassment, and a whole lot of disgust.

She stalked through her house, stomping all the way up to her room and grabbing a change of clothes. Everyone was asleep (damn them), so she decided on a pair of girly pink booty shorts, and a thin tank-top that she tried not to wear too often. It showed her bra clearly underneath, and was just a bit too low for her own tastes, but almost all of her other clothes were dirty, and she was just so hot.

Tucking them under her arm, Alex padded down the hallway and into the bathroom, some of her anger dissolving as she let herself ponder how good that shower was going to feel on her skin. Excitement didn't even begin to describe it.

O – x – O – x – O – x – O – x – O

By the time her shower was done, all of the exhaustion Alex had been experiencing seemed to be wiped away. She didn't feel like she could sleep in the next couple of hours, so despite the fact that it was probably about twelve by now, she lazily wandered down the stairs to her living room. Stopping mid-way down, she was surprised to hear noise coming from the direction of the TV. Cautiously, she peaked through the railing, and spied the familiar tousled hair of her younger brother.

Letting out a small sigh, she continued her tread, not trying to hide herself anymore. "Hey Maxie." she mumbled, but she knew he would hear it. He always had this uncanny hearing, and when she saw him drowsily raise a hand in greeting, she knew she'd been right. "You want some popcorn?" she offered.

He turned his head slightly, the light off the television defining his now chiseled features, "Yeah, sure." he smiled slightly at her, and she let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding.

At the age of sixteen, Max Russo had grown up. Along with a growth spurt (which had sent him towering over Alex), he had also lost all of his baby fat, growing more handsome with every coming day. After being conned into joining the football team by a friend, he had become more muscular, and it really started to show as everything about him began to even out. Voice deepened, stink gone, and even his... uniqueness had toned down.

It didn't take long for the kids at school to notice, and he was quickly accepted by the members of Tribeca Prep's popular crowd with open arms.

It was odd at first, a little hard to adjust to, but in time Alex had gotten used to it. It had even brought them closer together, having to spend so much time being with him due to their intertwined sports.

However, not many people knew that they were siblings at school. It was just a 'coincidence' that they had the same last name to everyone else, and when their parents asked them why, they'd both said, "I don't want people to know that I'm related to them!" although it actually went so much deeper than that.

"Can you bring the pickles too?" well... some of his uniqueness had toned down. He was still Max, after all, and his odd habits had continued with him, such as eating pickles and popcorn together... literally combining them as he ate them. It was kind of cute, and because she had a fondness for the green vegetable herself, she didn't mind.

"Mhm..." she hummed, leaning down and grabbing her wand out of the side of her boot. She pointed it at the bowl, mumbling under hear breath, "I'm not in the mood to make my own buttery food, fill this bowl with corn that's popped, so I don't have to move down to the shop."

Not the best spell, she would admit, but nonetheless the bowl filled itself with fresh, hot popcorn, and she smiled contentedly, grabbing the bowl in one hand and the jar of pickles in the other, slowly making her way over to the bright orange couch Max was lounging in.

A couple of feet away, she stopped for a moment, staring at him. He was wearing a dark navy blue tank top, which rested softly in his defined chest. His pants were a plaid colour, obviously cotton, and partly showing off his... No. Bad area of thought! She scolded herself, Not that I was checking him out or anything.

She shook her head, moving forward a couple of steps and plopping down beside him. She set the bowl on her lap and inched forward so that she was curled up against his side (so he can reach the popcorn... obviously), her head resting against his broad shoulders. His familiar scent reached her nostrils: like a forest right after a rainfall, and she slowly breathed it in, letting herself close her eyes so that she could relax.

As she slowly felt her muscles begin to unwind, one of his strong arms pulling her closer to him as he began to speak.


"What happened today?" He looked down at her, observing her finally relaxed face. Her long hair, wet from just getting out of a shower, was thrown over her opposite shoulder and halfway covering her face. Lips halfway open, and chocolate eyes tiredly closed, she looked to be something akin to an angel.

She had been so stressed earlier, something he'd been able to tell with just one look at her. After seeing her from his cracked open door in his bedroom, he had crawled out of his bed and made his way downstairs, waiting for her to join him, like he knew she would. Somehow, he always been able to calm her down, and he took pride in that skill as she sighed into his chest, snuggling closer to him as a small grin made its way to his lips.

This kind of intimacy used to be reserved for Justin. But ever since their older brother had started to become more absorbed in his work, he had become different. He'd still been the same brother, just perhaps a little less family oriented. But then, after he began to date a new girl... Rachel, he was never at home. Alex was the one to take it the hardest, although that in itself wasn't all that surprising. They'd always had a special bond.

In that period of grieving the brother she once had, Max had somehow managed to slowly worm his way into her heart. They were possibly closer than the other two used to be, although they were without the bickering that made Justin and Alex... well, Justin and Alex. Now, it was just Max and Alex.

He had to admit, he liked that much better.

"Well..." she mumbled into his side, "coach was being such a bitch to me today, and she made me clean the stupid locker room. Do you know how long it's been since that thing was cleaned?"

He chuckled softly, bringing his head down so that it was against the top of her head, slowly breathing in her cinnamon smell. "Probably back when Mrs. Carnathy went to our school." he was talking about the old lady that ran the office at their school. She had a weird obsession with buttons, which was besides the point, but she was practically ancient. The kids at school often joked that she probably wouldn't be able to remember her 30th birthday.

Laughter bubbled from deep inside her, as she choked out, "We both know that the school wasn't around back then." giggling as she poked his stomach playfully. He joined her laughter, and it filled the room with noise.

Once they were done, both heaving from the lack of oxygen, they collapsed on the couch – popcorn forgotten on the floor – Max spread lengthways across the length of the furniture and Alex sprawled atop him. "Thanks Maxie." she used that smile that she reserved just for him, and his heart skipped a beat as her gorgeous chocolate eyes stared into his.

"Your welcome." he quietly answered back, licking his lips unconsciously. The next words poured out of his mouth before he could stop them, "Lex," he was the only one that could call her that, "you look beautiful." he reached one of his hands up from where it was resting on the couch, stroking a piece of hair away from her face.

Their gazes got more intense, faces slowly inching closer until he could feel her hot breath against his. They were so close, and he could practically taste her. Closer... and closer... and...

A door from upstairs slammed open, and they both sprang apart, awkwardly looking away from each other. "Well... I've, um, got to go." Alex mumbled under her breath. "To bed, I mean." she quickly scrambled up the first couple of stairs, glancing behind her at the last second to meet his eyes. The contact was electric, but he looked away.

Because this was wrong.

Because she was his sister.




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