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Carlos couldn't understand it. Someone actually noticed him. And it was the most popular guy in school no less. There had to be a catch. There's no way that guy would be ever talk to him. Let alone, say something nice. It bothered Carlos a lot. He wanted to know why Kendall Knight, of all people, decided he was no longer invisible.

Carlos tapped his pencil against his desk, waiting for the last three minutes of his last class to end. He wanted to go home. School, as usual, was dull and boring today as it was any day. But today he was just so antsy. And the only one he had to blame for that was Kendall.

The bell finally rang and Carlos wasted no time in grabbing his things, shoving them in to his book bag, and hustling out the door. He moved through the ever growing crowded hallway with practiced ease. No one paid much attention to him so he was used to being bumped in to in the hallway. He quickly made his way one of the school entrances at the end of the hall. He stepped out in to the sun, shielding his eyes only to bump right smack in to someone's chest.

Carlos shook his head, taken by surprise. He stepped back. "I'm sorry; I couldn't see where I was going." He mumbled, sure that once he looked back up the person would be gone.

"It's alright. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going either."

Carlos blinked. How the hell does this even happen? What higher force is at work that keeps bringing us two together? The Latino thought as he looked up to see Kendall Knight smiling down at him. "Um no, it's fine, it was my fault. I'm sure you didn't see me. Um I have to go."

Before Kendall could say anything else, Carlos hurried off down the steps. The blonde watched as he walked off down the street, his eyes still on him until he was out of sight. He titled his head to the side. Was that guy avoiding him?

It was going on close sundown and Carlos was sitting on the roof of the city's old fire house which was converted in to a coffee shop/cafe. The place wasn't due to open again for another hour so he had some peace and quiet to himself. He was the only one from his school who had access to the roof since his uncle owned the cafe and the firehouse. Funny enough, this is where he lived too.

A couple years ago Carlos's parents passed away in house fire. It's almost like he was the epitome of some cruel irony – living in a fire house now. After his parents had passed, his mother's younger brother and his favorite uncle took him in. He appreciated it, really he did. But he never got over losing his parents. The month of their death was also when Carlos became invisible to the world. And he's been like that ever since.

Which lead back to Carlos's current situation. Why, all of a sudden, was he no longer invisible to Kendall Knight?

Kendall looked up from his phone when he heard a car honk from outside his house. "Mom, I'm heading out now!" He called to his mother as he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. He hurried down the stairs and got in to the back seat of James's car. "Hey man." He said, greeting James first, and then mumbled a 'hi' to the other passengers.

James returned the greeting, as did the other passengers but Kendall didn't seem to notice at the moment. He did notice that James had a new girl sitting up front with him, no doubt a new girlfriend. And there were two other girls sitting new to him. They took quite a few glances at Kendall, but gave up and began talking to one another when they realized they couldn't get his attention.

Kendall sighed as he stared out the window. He loved his really, really he did. Okay scratch that. James was pretty much the only person he could stand from their so called 'clique' but that was because they had been best friends for years. He only put up with these other fake people because, somehow, he just couldn't get out of it.

"So dude, we're gonna get coffees at the Firehouse. You okay with that?" James asked Kendall. The blonde just nodded yes, knowing James could see his reflection in the rear view mirror. He had never been to the old firehouse that was converted in to a coffee shop/café. He heard they had good coffee, food, and service, but just never found the time to go there. Well, have to start sometime, right?

In no time at all, James parked on the street only a few yards away from the firehouse. Everyone got out, and once again the girls from the backseat tried to make an attempt to get Kendall's attention. The blonde one rolled her eyes.

"I bet you he's secretly gay." She whispered to her friend with the horribly dyed red highlights. Her friend nodded, agreeing. It was Kendall's turned to roll his eyes.

Because every guy who doesn't pay you two girls any attention is automatically gay. Kendall thought to himself – makes sense. Kendall followed behind the two girls who walked in the coffee shop behind James and his new weekly arm candy. They sat down at a table big enough to accommodate them and waited for their server.

Kendall sighed to himself, half wishing he didn't agree to come. But James really seemed like he wanted him to tag along. He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard a new voice start speaking.

"Good evening, my name is Carlos, what can I get you?"

Carlos? His name is Carlos? Kendall thought, he looked up at the Latino who was wearing a waiter's apron and holding a pad and pen. He didn't know the boy from the courtyard worked here. And now that he did, well he just might come here more often.

Kendall could tell that Carlos had noticed him – he did his best to avoid eye contact, that is, until he had to take his order. Carlos smiled warmly, and the blonde couldn't help but think that he had a cute smile. "And what can I get you?" He asked.

Kendall returned the smile. "I'll have hot chocolate, please." He said, watching the Latino nod then write it down. He looked back up at everyone.

"I will have your drinks out shortly." With that said, Carlos walked off behind the front counter, where the drinks are usually made. Everyone resumed talking except Kendall, who couldn't keep his eyes from following Carlos.

Carlos sighed to himself as he began making the drinks he just took the orders for. It's like he couldn't get away from Kendall. He hurried around behind the counter, making all five drinks as nice as he could in a timely fashion. Soon he had them all finished, placed them on a tray and carried them back out to their table.

"Okay so that's one chai tea, a caramel macchiato, a non-fat chai latte, a low-fat French vanilla cappuccino, and a hot chocolate." He said, laying everyone's drink in front of them. He smiled to himself, happy he memorized everyone's order.

Kendall looked at his hot chocolate, smiling at the cherry on top. He had to admit, Carlos was good at making these drinks look very presentable. He looked up at Carlos, still smiling. "Thank you." He said, causing the Latino to blush.

Carlos just nodded his head, realizing Kendall was the only one who thanked him. Before the blonde had a chance to say anything else, Carlos was called away by his uncle. The Latino let out a sigh of relief, happy to be away from that table. After a while the Carlos noticed someone walk up to the counter.

"I'll be with you in a moment." He said, finishing up a drink. He turned around, a smile on his face. It faltered for just a split second when he noticed who was behind the counter. "Um, how can I help you?"

Kendall smiled at Carlos. "I just came to pay for our drinks." He replied, laying down cash and the receipt the Latino had given him. Carlos nodded, taking both and shifting slightly to the cash register. "I really like the touch you did on my hot chocolate. It was pretty."

Carlos could feel himself blushing lightly again. "T-Thank you." He said. He handed Kendal back the change that was left over. "Here's your change." Kendall nodded, that smiling never leaving his face.

"Thanks." He said, before hearing James call him back over. He gave one last look at Carlos. "I'll see you around, Carlos." He spoke, taking the Latino by surprise and walking away. Carlos looked on after the blonde, his mouth slightly agape. He looked down at his apron, noticing his name tag wasn't there.

"He remembered my name…"

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