Just thought I'd let you all know, the sequel to this story, Babysitting Detail is now in the process of being uploaded. Chapter 1 is up, and chapter 2 will be there shortly.

…The boy's strange eyes faded away as John succumbed to sleep, but the sleep was not the peaceful blackness he'd been expecting. All of a sudden he was five years old, trailing after his mother and father, who were pushing a buggy holding a sleeping Harry. They stopped at a bench to eat the biscuits they'd brought. John, however, was restless, so went to a fallen tree trunk a short distance away. He walked backwards and forwards along the top, perfectly balanced until a scuffling made him look down. He jumped away from his parents onto the ground, and found a boy huddled there. John had never seen anyone quite like him. He was scrawny, with black curls, and eyes that seemed to flick between green and grey.

"Hello," said John.

The boy didn't answer. He seemed scared, but his eyes appraised John coldly.

"Lockie!" called a boy's voice in the distance. "Lockie, where are you?"

There was a moment's silence, then a man bellowed: "SHERLY!"

The boy visibly trembled, eyes wide as a hand appeared from nowhere and grabbed the boy by the collar…