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Hey, this is my first Ukitake/Shunsui story. I tried to keep them in character as much as possible. Sorry, if I didn't succeed. Anyway, Chapter 2 has the lemon in it, but this isn't a PWP so if you want to know how they end up in that position then perhaps you should read this chapter too. Please, enjoy and let me know what you thought, but don't be mean!

Jushiro Ukitake was just getting over a very nasty case of pneumonia and was finally able to catch up with the mountainous pile of paperwork piled up on his desk. He had gotten through half of the first pile when the door opens and a breeze goes through the room causing the papers to become scattered everywhere. He lets out a very exasperated sigh before addressing the cause of the mess.

"Really, Shunsui, it has taken me half the day to sort these documents out and within a few seconds you have ruined everything I've done."

The Captain of Squad Eight, Shunsui Kyoraku emerges from his hiding place behind the bathroom door with a guilty expression on his face, "Sorry about that, Ju. I'll help you sort it all out later, but right now I have to hide from Nanao."

Ukitake lets out another sigh as he begins gathering up the stray pages, "Don't you think that this is the first place she'll look?"

"Hmm, you're right…maybe, I didn't plan this out very well." He flashes Ukitake an embarrassed smile.

Ukitake pushes a strand of white hair out of his face as he continues picking up the mess that his best friend made, "Well, I'm very busy and I don't have time for whatever it is you think I have time for. So, instead of running from Nanao, perhaps you should try working a little."

"Wow, way to give a man a hard time. You must be on the rag or somethin'. Shunsui bends down and begins helping Ukitake pick up the scattered documents.

"Just got off it actually. That is why I have so much work to do. Now, unless you're going to help me you need to leave." He picks up the last of the documents and snatches the three pages that Shunsui managed to pick up out of his hairy hand.

"You and Nanao are no fun at all. I just wanted to take a little drink and nap break." He frowns at the irritated Squad Thirteen Captain and sits on the floor as Ukitake sits back down at his desk to resort through the documents.

"Perhaps, if you did your work once in a while then maybe Nanao wouldn't be so opposed to you taking a break." He picks his pen back up and begins writing. Shunsui smiles as he stares at his hardworking friend.

"I feel like I'm back at the academy right now." He takes his hat off and places it on the floor beside him. Ukitake never looks up from his work, but a smile finally breaks over his annoyed features.

"And, why is that, Shunsui? Is it because I'm working and you're not?" He picks up the page he is currently writing on and places it in the done pile.

Shunsui smiles at Ukitake's words, "Yep, and you're lecturing me just like old times." They sit quietly for a few seconds, but the silence is broken when Nanao roughly opens the door, "So, this is where you've escaped to!"

Shunsui quickly tries to stand up and flash step passed her, but she's on him before he can stand up completely and grabs his ear tightly between her index finger and thumb, "Ow, ow, ow, Nanao, that hurts!"

"Then that means I'm doing it right. I can't believe you're in here bothering Captain Ukitake." She begins dragging him toward the door still holding his ear firmly.

"B-but, I'm not bothering him."

"Yes, he is." Ukitake never stops writing as the scene before him continues. Shunsui's mouth drops open at Ukitake's agreeing to his being bothersome.

Nanao finally manages to get him out the door, but Ukitake can still hear her yelling, "You better believe I'm not letting you out of my sight for one minute when we get back to the Squad Eight barracks. Don't even think about doing anything until you've done all that paperwork!"

"But, Nanao, I thought I was the Captain and I forgot my hat."

"I'm the Captain today and you don't need that foolish hat!"

Ukitake hears Shunsui complaining for a little longer, but the two of them are finally out of earshot, "That lieutenant is the best thing that ever happened to him." Ukitake continues his paperwork and several hours later he signs the last page letting out a relieved sigh, "Finally, I thought I'd never be done."

He stands up and pops his back looking into the kitchen with a frown at the table. He'd always hated the side of the kitchen the table was occupying and today was the day he was finally going to move it to a new section of the small room. After several long minutes, he'd managed to move the table to the desired location, but now he was sweaty and coughing horribly. He continues to cough violently until to no one's surprise, blood splatters against his hand and drips to the floor.

Once he's able to breathe again, he wipes his mouth and the floor and decides he'll just relax in the tub. He was bloody and sweaty and maybe the steam would make his chest feel better. Not long after he'd settled in the water, he hears a familiar voice, "Ju, where are you?"

Ukitake lets out a defeated sigh and answers his friend, "I'm in the bath, Shunsui." Before the white haired Captain can blink, Shunsui is standing in the bathroom doorway.

"Did you even consider knocking before you burst in here?" Shunsui thinks for a moment then a huge smile spreads across his face, "Nope, why would I do that?"

Ukitake lets out another sigh and shakes his head, "You wouldn't." Shunsui sits down on the side of the bathtub and crosses his arms over his chest. "What are you doing back here? I thought Nanao wasn't going to let you out of her sight until you finished all of your paperwork."

Shunsui groans at the mention of Nanao, "Oh, trust me, I finished it all because Nanao is a slave driver! She didn't even want to let me have a bathroom break and when I finally convinced her to let me go to the bathroom she went with me!" He then pokes his lips out in a mock pout, "But, I came back because I forgot my hat." He points to said hat now sitting on his head, "Not to mention I wanted to talk to you when you weren't so busy."

"Talk to me about what?" He sits up making the water slosh around.

"Nothing in particular…do I need a reason to talk to you, Ju?"

Ukitake shakes his head, "No, I guess not, but since you're here do you think you could help me with my hair? My chest is still very sore from that pneumonia and when I raise my arms it's hell." Shunsui nods and grabs a cup sitting beside the tub for just these occasions as he stands behind his friend. He dips the cup in the water and fills it.

"What are you doing in the tub anyway? I thought you bathed earlier…close your eyes." He pours the water over Ukitake's head and repeats it before the thirteenth Captain can respond.

Ukitake wipes the water from his eyes, "I did, but I moved the kitchen table to the other side of the room and I got sweaty and eventually bloody."

Shunsui shakes his head in disbelief as he reaches for the shampoo bottle, "It hasn't even been a full week since you got over that pneumonia. You shouldn't be moving tables." He squirts the shampoo into his hand and begins washing his best friend's white hair.

"I know, but doesn't it look so much better where it is now?"

Shunsui shrugs and fills the cup with water again, "I guess, but you could have let those two annoying third seats move it. They'd both give you their first born child if you asked them for it. Now, close your eyes and tilt your head back." Ukitake does as he's told and Shunsui washes the shampoo out of his friend's long white hair, "Why didn't you let Retsu wash it for you while you were staying at Squad Four?"

Ukitake lets out a relaxed sigh as he wrings the water from his hair, "She shouldn't have to see more of me than she has to and I prefer you to do it anyway." Shunsui laughs as he runs his large fingers through the wet strands of white hair, "You wouldn't have to get naked for her to wash your hair and with her being the Squad Four Captain she's probably seen more penis than a Rukongai whore."

Ukitake's eyes widen in shock, "Shunsui, that is very inappropriate!"

"I just meant that we've all been injured at one time or another and some injuries are…lower." Ukitake rolls his eyes and stands up with a little help from Shunsui.

"Well, she's very busy and I couldn't possibly ask her to wash my hair…now bring me a towel." Shunsui does as he's told and wraps the towel around Ukitake's body. Once he's dry he puts on a simple night shirt, walks to his futon, and lies down. Shunsui follows him and stands at the foot of the futon. Ukitake sits up and smiles at his large friend, "Are you just going to stand there? You've finished all your paperwork…why not lie down and talk to me for a few moments?"

Shunsui takes the hat he'd come over to retrieve back off and lays it on the floor, "Why can't I stand and talk?" Ukitake puts on his best sad face and directs it at Shunsui. "Please, Shun, you know it makes me feel better and we used to talk like that all the time during academy." He gives his bearded friend one last pleading look making him give in.

"Okay, Ju, just stop looking at me like that." He take his pink kimono off and lies down on the futon that's a little too small for two grown men to lay on together, but he manages to get most of himself on the futon. He presses his nose into Ukitake's still damp hair secretly smelling the clean scent of it being freshly washed or at least he thought he did it secretly.

"If it doesn't smell good then it's your fault." Shunsui flinches at being caught and Ukitake laughs, "You know I thought about cutting my hair."

"Why would you want to do that?" He moves his face out of the white locks and frowns at the thought of Ukitake going back to the short hair of their academy days.

"It's just so hard to manage. Things would be a lot easier if it were short." Even though he can't see the look on Shunsui's face he smiles at the frown he knows is there.

Shunsui lets out a soft sigh and twists a strand of the said hair around his finger, "It's your hair, Ju, you can do whatever you want with it, but every woman in the Seireitei is jealous of this hair and if you cut it you'd look like a little boy." He hears an offended sound come from the thirteenth Captain.

"I'm sure no one is jealous of anything I have and it isn't my fault that I didn't turn into sasquatch when I went through puberty like you."

"Oh, ha ha…you're so funny." He lets go of the strand of hair around his finger and begins rubbing Ukitake's back.

"For someone who didn't even want to lie down and talk you sure are falling into your old academy habits like rubbing my back. You don't have to do that you know." Ukitake closes his eyes hoping his friend didn't stop what he was doing.

"I know I don't have to, but I know it makes you feel better and I want to do it." He increases the pressure a little causing a groan to be heard from Ukitake.

"I know you don't mind, but I always feel guilty because I never do anything for you, Shun." He hears a low chuckle come from the Squad Eight Captain, "What's so funny?"

"How can you say that you never do anything for me? If it weren't for you I would have never made it out of the academy." His hands travel lower down Ukitake's back causing more delighted sounds to leave the thirteenth Captain's mouth.

"You know you're the only one who ever touches me." He lets out a content sigh as Shunsui continues rubbing his back. When Shunsui doesn't respond Ukitake continues talking, "Don't get me wrong everyone is always nice to me and very respectful, but they keep their distance. I can't say I blame them, if I saw someone coughing so hard that blood spilled from their mouth I'd keep my distance too. No one wants to catch anything from me. Of course, Unohana touches me, but it's her job, meaning you're the only one that touches me simply because you want to."

Shunsui considers his friend's words before answering, "Well, the way I figure it is if I've been hanging around you this long and haven't caught anything then I must be immune." Ukitake lets out a soft laugh, but doesn't give Shunsui a vocal response. The two men remain silent for a long time and Shunsui begins to think his white haired friend is asleep until he suddenly turns to face the Squad Eight Captain.

"Is something wrong, Ju? You ready for me to go?" The thirteenth Captain doesn't speak, but places his hands on either side of Shunsui's face and places his lips gently against the warm lips of the shocked eighth Captain. Once the initial shock of the kiss had passed, he returns and deepens the kiss causing the smaller man to moan softly against his mouth. They kiss a few seconds longer, but Ukitake pulls away in order to catch his breath.

Shunsui gives him a confused look, "W-why did you kiss me?"

"Do I need a reason?" He looks pleadingly in his best friend's confused eyes. After what feels like hours, Shunsui shakes his head. "Then kiss me again, Shun."

This time Shunsui grabs Ukitake's pale face and crushes his lips against the eager lips that started it all. The kiss is hard at first, but becomes more gentle when Ukitake feels his friend's tongue slide across his lips. He opens his mouth allowing the eighth Captain's tongue to slip inside. As the kiss continues, he feels himself being pushed against the futon and the weight of his larger friend settle on top of him. He hoped Shunsui wouldn't notice his erection, but with just the thin night shirt on he knew it was very obvious. Suddenly, the kiss ends making Ukitake open his eyes to see his best friend looking down at him.

"Ju, I-I can't do this." The words are a surprise to the white haired Captain's ears as he gives his friend a puzzled look.

"What do you mean you can't?" He grabs Shunsui's wrist not wanting to let him go.

Shunsui just shakes his head and pulls his wrist free, "You're my friend and…and I just…can't. I-I have to go." His body leaves Ukitake as he stands up and walks toward the door forgetting his hat and kimono.

Ukitake sits up and quickly tries to stop his friend, "Shunsui, wait!" The dark haired Captain stops, but doesn't turn around, "Did I do something wrong, Shun?"

"No, I just…we'll talk tomorrow. I have to go." Without another word, Shunsui leaves the thirteenth Captain's home and flash steps all the way back to the Squad Eight barracks.

Ukitake doesn't even realize he's crying until he feels the warm tears splash onto his bare hand. He grabs Shunsui's forgotten pink kimono and buries his face in the soft fabric that holds the eighth Captain's scent and hopes his sobs can't be heard muffled in the pink fabric.

End of Chapter 1

Well, on to chapter 2 then…bear with me because I know you're going to start reading it and you're going to say, "There's no lemon in this!" …but there is I promise! Please don't give up on this story after this chapter. Thanks for reading!