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The next morning, Ukitake awakens with a violent coughing spell and as always on the fourth cough the blood spills out of his mouth like clock work. The thing that was different was the hairy hand pulling his own hand away from his mouth and wiping the blood away with a cloth. Ukitake looks up at the smiling face of his friend turned lover, "You haven't wiped my mouth in a long time, Shun."

"It was the morning of our graduation from academy because that was the last morning that I woke up in the same room with you, but I still remember that it's four coughs and…well, blood."

Ukitake gives his friend a look of adoration and lays his head on Shunsui's shoulder, "That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever done for me."

A confused look comes to Shunsui's features, "Remembering how many coughs it is until you need a tissue is the sweetest thing?"

Ukitake nods, but before Shunsui can comment they hear a knock on the door, "Come in, Captain Unohana."

Retsu Unohana walks into the room to see the two men snuggled together on the futon, "I can come back later when you don't have…company."

Ukitake lifts his head from Shunsui's shoulder and motions for her to come farther into the room, "No, it's fine." He looks at Shunsui and begins explaining Captain Unohana's visit, "Captain Unohana comes to check on me every morning about this time."

"Oh, okay…I'll just get out of the way then." He emerges from the blanket and stands up. Considering Ukitake was still naked, he was glad to know that at some point Shunsui had put on some pants.

"I'm afraid I'm not properly dressed or at all for that matter. I'll have to apologize for…"

She holds up a hand signaling him to stop, "That's quite alright. Whatever you do in your home is your business and I'll only be looking at your chest."

Ukitake nods and Captain Unohana does her usual morning check up, but every so often a small frown appears on her face. When she finishes her examination she looks at her patient, "Every thing seems as normal as usual except for the fact that your lung capacity isn't as high as I would like it to be considering it was a lot better yesterday."

Ukitake looks confused, "What does that mean?"

She smiles and gives him an accusing look, "It means that you've done something strenuous that I specifically told you not to and you aren't going to lie to me about it. So, what forbidden strenuous thing have you done?"

Shunsui's face turns red as he goes to stand by the window to look out and Ukitake's whole body turns red all the way up to his hair roots, "Well, you see, I moved that table in the kitchen because I hated where it was. I find that it looks much better and I get more…enjoyment from it being on the other side of the room."

Shunsui holds back a laugh as Captain Unohana gathers her thoughts on the situation, "I see and does your moving the table account for the bruise on your collarbone?"

Ukitake's hand immediately moves to cover the bruise as his face turns an even brighter shade of red, "…Yes, I bumped my collarbone on the table. That's exactly what happened."

She looks from Ukitake to Shunsui, "And, did Captain Kyoraku happen to assist you in moving the table?"

Ukitake is now as red as a person can be with out being the definition of red in the dictionary, "No, why do you ask?"

She tries to hide the amused smirk that's threatening to spring to her face, "It just seems that he has a similar bruise and I thought that maybe he acquired his in the same fashion."

Ukitake and Unohana look at him waiting for an explanation, "I…fell…that's it…and I landed right on that pesky collarbone. I mean, it's just sticking out there…waiting to be hit." His face is now the same color as his kimono.

Captain Unohana only gives them a disbelieving look as she begins to repack her medical bag, "Well, I'm going to have to ask that you not move any more furniture or what not until you've healed for about another week." Ukitake nods, but Unohana isn't done speaking, "And, gentlemen, I may be a nice lady, but I'm not naïve." She stands up from packing her bag and puts it on her shoulder, "I know good and well that it takes two to move a table, if you catch my meaning."

She winks at Shunsui and continues her speech, "So, the next time a 'table is moved' let's not be so rough, Captain Kyoraku."

Shunsui looks down at the floor, "Yes, ma'am."

She gives them both a sweet smile, "Good day, gentlemen." She then leaves and heads back to Squad Four.

Ukitake gives Shunsui a puzzled look, "What just happened?"

"She knows that we, um…did it on the table." He tries to ignore the worried look on his white haired friend's face.

Ukitake lets out a worried sigh, "Oh, my."

"Oh my is right because now every female in the Seireitei will know about it."

Ukitake contemplates this for a moment and lies back down on the futon, "Well, that's not good."

The End.

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