Ultimate Experiment Bandicoot 4

Chapter 1 A Child is born

2 Years later ( after UEB 3 )

Come on Tawna Push! Aaah she screamed and after a minute of screaming there is cheering. A child is born to the Itchyigoya family ( Crash decited to keep his father's name ) and the doctors said it is a girl and as they gave her to Tawna she smiled to Crash who was excited about having another child. She said to Crash that they have a daughter, Crash was happy to hear this and Tawna asked Crash what to name her. Crash named her Jessica and Tawna liked it. Then later they heard that Spyro has another child ( his first is Trish ) and he named the boy Spyro Jr. Crash also saw his daughter playing with Jr and they were glad.

Chapter 2 Hope for the Future

Its been 2 months since Jessica was born and during the 2 months were amazing. The human race has advance to the future stage just like what happens at the movies. It includes cool invention from Cortex Enterprises like; flying cars, no pollution, collonings the moon, Terraforming Mars and Venus to be like Earth, it was suppose to take 3 centuries but it actually took 3 years thinks to Cortex and Gaxmonia's technology. Evenafter terraforming Venus and Mars they began colonizing them and Dr. Cortex planned to terraform Titan one of Saturn's moons. While the scientists leaded by Dib and Coco Membrane and Neo Jr, Crash came to Cortex with Jessica in his arms saying to Cortex that he was a great dad, the world has peace though they have enemies, Communists and Aliens. Also he said that hes glad to be with his dad. When Cortex heard this he shed a tear and said that hes proud to have Crash as his son. After all this Crash, Cortex, friens and family look to the future for peace while keeping the peace from evil. So they became the Future Foundation . Well they made this team when Crash Twinsanity ended and since then Future Foundation has brought good to Earth and beyond.