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Couples: AA?R and BA?R AND GA?R
Ash-11 Crystal-11
Misty-11 Gary-11
Brock-13 Tracey-13 (I'll tell u if I change the ages)

Prof. Samuel Oak- In this I'm thinking about having a romance between him and Ash' mom so I'll make him around 45. But, tell me what you think. I still ain't sure yet. Plus, I didn't make that crappy name up. That's his name in Pokémon 2000
Delia Ketchum- 35 Once again I didn't make up her crappy name. Its in Pokémon 2000.

Okays, on with the crappy fic I say!!


The shadowed room seemed to be empty, yet the pokémon still felt those piercing eyes upon him. The first three pairs of eyes were nothing more than two petty humans and a weakling pokémon. Fear surrounded these three. They were afraid of him. For a second or two, he revelled in their fear of him.

The other two pairs of eyes seemed to study and watch his every movement; one human, one pokémon. Fear had not conquered this pair. Finally, the fearless pair stepped out of the shadows and into the narrow beam of light streaming in from the small skylight above.

"YouI know you." The pokémon choked out. He was tired and weak from the attack earlier. He had no idea how he had gotten to this dark, eerie human place.

He stared up at the tall human dressed in a gray business suit. His dark hair was gelled back and his steel cold eyes were covered with a pair of expensive looking sunglasses. Beside him sat his sleek, red eyed Persian.

The pokémon growled. Yes, he knew this man. Giovanni. That's what they called him. Head of Team Rocket. And his creator.

Giovanni sneered at the pokémon who was lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. "Not such the master pokémon any more, are we?" Giovanni asked, circling the creature. He stroked his chin idly. "As I recall, you once asked me what your destiny was."

The pokémon glared up at him, panting heavily. "You gave me the wrong answer. I am not your slave. I never will be."

Giovanni smiled to himself, already knowing the outcome of this argument. "You were created by humans to obey humans, beast." He repeated, voice low, dangerous, but still as calm as ever.

The pokémon continuously shook his head. "No." He forced a smile, "Your over confidence is your weakness." His eyes lit up and he began to rise off the floor.

"Your faith in your power is yours!" Giovanni hissed, stepping backwards and nodding to the two rocketeers who had been standing in the corner beside their Raticate. Slowly they began advancing towards the rising pokémon. They leapt at him, attaching a glowing blue collar around his slim neck. Immediately the pokémon froze to the spot and the two rocketeers stepped back, dusting their hands off and smiling triumphantly at their boss.

Giovanni nodded his approval then turned back to the motionless pokémon. "Who are you?" The pokémon did not move, nor did he move his lips. Yet the answer was heard by all in that small dark room.

"My name is Mewtwo, slave to Team Rocket: The new law."