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Naruto slowly stood up, while the dust caused by him being flung against the rock, breaking it into a dozen or so large pieces in the process, that was once where he stood, drifted away into the wind, soon dissolving into nothingness. As Naruto stood up, Sasuke was charging his ultimate technique, the Chidori, to it's full power. Naruto in all of his Nine Tailed fueled rage, began charging his ultimate technique as well, the technique's name, the Rasengan. And as Naruto did this, he and Sasuke stared into each other's eyes, Naruto into Sasuke's Sharingan eyes and Sasuke into the Nine Tailed Fox's slitted eyes and down into each other's soul's.

Naruto saw right into Sasuke's revenge obsessed soul, and Sasuke could see into Naruto's soul with ease, which was streaked with determination, but at the same time, was tainted by the Nine Tailed Fox sealed within him. Slowly Naruto's chakra became a small ball of blue energy, Naruto then focused on concentrating the chakra to it's full potential. Naruto quickly pulled this off, thanks to the Nine Tail's chakra, which was flowing through and all around his body, he then compressed it.

Sasuke finished charging his Chidori to it's full potential, and just as he was about to attack, the lightning he had focused around his left hand, for the Chidori turned black, Sasuke knew this was because he was in the second state of his curse mark. Sasuke had hoped this would happen, that this form would make his signature technique even stronger, he was right to hope. As He saw the lightning out of the corner of his left eye, he silently named his signature attack, he simply called it his Black Chidori, which was actually twice as strong as the regular Chidori.

Naruto and Sasuke both took to the air at the same time, lunging forward and upward, the two charged through mid-air at each other ready to kill one and other.



Both Naruto and Sasuke, with their ultimate techniques in-hand, shot their arms forward, Naruto his right arm and Sasuke his left arm, Naruto with his Rasengan in hand, and Sasuke with his Black Chidori in hand. Naruto's Rasengan and Sasuke's Black Chidori slammed into each other, but neither of the two young Shinobi gave an inch to the other. Naruto and Sasuke both pushed forward with all their might, both using so much power that their chakra aura's distorted each other and were going all over the place. Naruto with his red chakra aura and Sasuke with his blue chakra aura.

Both of their chakra aura's quickly mixed together and entrapped the two inside a black purplish ball of chakra. Through all of this, both of them remained staring into the other's eyes, and down into the other's soul, and then finally both Naruto's and Sasuke's chakra's gave out, causing both of their ultimate attacks to explode in each of their faces.

The next day. Naruto arrived at the Hokage's office, he had just gotten out of the hospital, so he couldn't help but wonder, "What does Granny Tsunade want with Me?"

Naruto opened the door to the Hokage's office and instead of seeing Grandma Tsunade and Shizune, he saw all of the Clan Elders, a strange old man he had never seen before, and then he saw Granny Tsunade, but her back was to him and Shizune wasn't anywhere in sight. Naruto, with a questioning look on his face, finally spoke, "Um...what's wrong Grandma Tsunade? Why are the Clan Elders here? And who's that Guy?"

Naruto then pointed towards Danzo. Lady Tsunade finally turned around, as Naruto saw Tsunade's face, it became apparent that she had been crying. Naruto, his usual care free tone, slowly ebbed away, to concern, "Granny, what's wrong?"

Tsunade quickly walked over to Naruto, stood in front of him, looked at the village Elders, and Danzo, and gave her protests once more, "You can't do this, you just can't! This Boy has tried to defend this village time and time again, you can not do this!"

Naruto was becoming confused, he didn't understand what was going on, Naruto, being Naruto, asked, so he could clear up the confusion, "W..what's going on?"

Jiraiya, having followed Naruto from the hospital, entered the office and as soon as he saw Tsunade crying, he rushed to her side. His tone was filled with worry, "Tsunade, what's going on? What's wrong?"

Danzo quickly spoke before Tsunade could answer Jiraiya, "What's wrong is that Boy. He uses the Nine Tail's chakra often to make up for his carelessness, and plentiful mistakes. He is a severe threat to this village! And She, protects him! He needs to be banished from the village!"

Jiraiya enraged by Danzo's words, quickly snapped back, "This 'Boy' has devoted his life to becoming Hokage and keeping the Hidden Leaf Village safe!"

Naruto was taken back by all of this, so taken back that he couldn't even speak. Jiraiya quickly continued, "Besides You can't do anything to him! The Hokage has the final say in endeavors such as these!"

Danzo smiled and spoke, "Which is exactly what I'm doing, I'm giving my final say."

Jiraiya's tone was one of shock, "What?"

"You heard me Jiraiya, I am the new Hokage, the sixth Hokage."

Naruto was crestfallen, not only was he not the fifth Hokage, he wasn't even the sixth, and he might not ever become Hokage, because right now, a man who wanted him gone, was Hokage. He felt a dark, dark pit of sorrow take a hold of his heart, as the realization of that he may never, ever become Hokage, hit him full force. His tears silently began to fall. Jiraiya, knowing the workings of the title of Hokage, quickly objected, "You cannot become Hokage! You can't take the position away from someone!"

"Your right, unless the majority of the elders deem it necessary to name a new Hokage that is, which is a precaution taken in case of emergency. Well, seeing as how this Boy abuses his power so, this is most definitely an emergency. All opposed to appointing me Hokage?"

Only three hands were raised, the first was from the Akimichi Clan Elder, the second was from the Nara Clan Elder, and the third and final hand, was from the Hyuga Clan Elder.

As those three hands were taken into consideration, they were dropped, as the next words escaped Danzo's lips, "All for?"

Every other Elder in the room, raised their hand. Danzo nodded, pleased with the outcome, "Now, I am officially the Sixth Hokage. And I the Hokage, Exile you, Naruto Uzumaki!"

Naruto couldn't take it anymore, the impending banishment is one thing, but to be actually exiled, was something else entirely. Naruto couldn't help but collapse to his knee's and cry his heart out. Tsunade got to her knees and tried to comfort him. Jiraiya was furious, he couldn't help but shout, "How dare you!"

Danzo then continued, "Since you are no longer a Denizen of the Hidden Leaf, you cannot be a Hidden Leaf Shinobi, you must return your headband and resign from the rank of Genin. That also means you can never become the Hokage, and if you ever return to the village, you will be killed on sight."

Naruto became lost in despair, as Danzo's words echoed within his head, replaying, like a tape recorder being played over and over again. Naruto, still crying heavily, tried to reach for his headband, but it was quickly snatched off his head by Danzo. "I'll be taking this, and don't worry, I'll return it to Iruka for you."

Naruto felt his pit of despair, grow just a bit deeper., Danzo then continued, "You have until noon tomorrow to leave the village, or you will be executed, publicly."

Naruto, Tsunade and Jiraiya were forced out of the office, and after crying for who knows how long, Naruto managed to pick himself up and make his way home.

Naruto collected his things, wrote down a very lengthy goodbye on a piece of paper, staining it with a few tears in the process, put it on his door and left. In the dead of night Naruto walked through the village, reminiscing. He passed Ichiraku's, he passed all of his friends houses and hang out's and he finally arrived at the village gates. It had only taken a few minutes, but as Naruto finally reached the gates, he felt as if he had been walking through the village forever. Naruto looked out at the world beyond the Hidden Leaf and then looked back at everything he had to leave behind, he felt more misery than he could ever imagine.

Naruto walked out the gates and kept walking, he took one last look back, let two more tears shed and continued to walk forward. Naruto walked for what seemed like hours, he didn't know where to go or what to do. And on top of that, it then began to rain. Naruto looked up as he was drenched by the rain, normally he would love to screw around and play out in the rain like a child, but now it seemed like the world hated him...again.

Naruto walked on and on, it felt like he had been walking for an eternity, as he finally felt both emotionally and physically drained, so he found shelter beneath a tree, lied down beneath it and tried to go to sleep. But all He could do was cry uncontrollably, no one was there, and his whole purpose in life had just been stomped into nothing, so he didn't care. His dream would never come true, he would never ever become Hokage. Naruto cried for several minutes, until he eventually cried himself to sleep.

The next morning all Citizens of the Hidden Leaf were called to a conference, the Hokage hosting. Once all Denizens had grouped around the Hokage's building, the conference was going to begin shortly. Many people who knew Naruto were there, his whole social circle in fact. People such as, the owner of Ichiraku's, Teuchi Ichiraku, his daughter, Ayame Ichiraku, Kakashi, Sakura, Lee, Tenten, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Asuma, Kurenai, Might Guy, Konohamaru, his two friends and Iruka. Danzo stepped out and addressed them all, "Denizens of the Hidden Leaf, I Danzo, am your Sixth Hokage."

Many people were shocked into silence, a few just gasped and the people Naruto's circle were confused, or at least the Genin and Shikamaru were. Danzo quickly continued, "The village Elders have appointed me as your new Hokage, Tsunade was forced to step down, and my first act of Hokage was put into action last night. I'll let Lady Tsunade explain the rest."

Danzo then stepped down, Tsunade and Jiraiya gave him a dirty looks and confronted the crowd. Tsunade calmed the crowd down, pulled out a piece of paper and made an announcement, "Citizens of the Leaf, I'm afraid I don't bare good news. One of our very own Shinobi was banished last night, he was just a Genin, in fact. Naruto Uzumaki is no longer a Citizen of this village, he has been exiled."

Naruto's whole social circle was disturbed at the news, they couldn't believe it. But the Villagers, were a different case. Several Villagers looked pained at the news, but several rather large groups couldn't help but let their relief show. They were glad Naruto was gone, that was obvious.

At seeing this, it just made Tsunade begin to choke up, she managed to hold her tears in, as she began reading the note. "I, Naruto Uzumaki am leaving the village. I no longer have a place here as it was stripped from me, and I wanted to leave this note to say goodbye to all of my friends and teachers. Iruka sensei, I wanted to thank you for all of the encouragement you gave me, and I thank you for putting up with a failure like me and helping me even though I acted like a complete brat. Sakura, I'm sorry I always annoyed you, I got in your way so much, ruined your advances towards the Guy you really liked, and I thank you for sticking by me, even though I didn't deserve it."

Tsunade took a deep breath, steadying her voice, so it wouldn't begin cracking, and then continued, "Kakashi sensei, I thank you for helping me to hone my ninja skill's, you taught me a lot, you put up with a ignorant failure like me and succeeded in helping me, thank you so much. Bushy Brows, your an incredible ninja, just because you don't have ninjutsu or genjutsu doesn't mean a damn thing. Your a better Ninja than I ever was and you truly have determination that is incorruptible. Kiba, you are an extremely awesome fighter, you could have beaten most of the opponents I struggled with, I really have no clue how I beat you. So keep training, so You can become even stronger."

Tsunade stopped once again, trying to force her voice to stay the same, she didn't want it to begin cracking. She managed, and soon continued, "Shikamaru, your lazy, and you think everything's a drag. But, Your Ninjutsu and weaponry skills are truly amazing, you deserve the highest role in the ANBU. And I know, that with that well hidden, brilliant mind of yours, you'll make it there someday. Neji, I know that I've told you this before, but I think you should hear it, one more time. Unlike Me, Your not a failure and you can change yourself. Well You did and you are a truly excellent ninja, just don't ever forget no one's destiny is written in stone, not even yours. Hinata, your shy and weird. I kinda like people like you. But no matter what don't forget that your an amazing fighter, if you try as hard as you can, you can surpass Neji and beyond, and you'd better believe it!"

Tsunade couldn't take much more, she felt like breaking down. So, to continue, she finally let her tears begin falling. But she somehow kept her voice from cracking, and continued, "Konohamaru, You will become a great ninja, you will become Hokage and you will be a better Hokage than I ever would have been, don't ever give up, buddy. Pervy Sage, I'm sorry I failed you before I even began, I wanted to be your worthy student, but I'm just not up to the level of skill that would be needed to be able to learn from you."

Tsunade looked over at Jiraiya, tears were starting to well up in his eyes, Tsunade turned back to the note and finished, "And finally, to the Village of Konoha, I'm sorry that I have the Nine Tails sealed within me, and I'm sorry I earned your hate, I'm sorry that I grew up with a monster inside me, but I can't truly ever forgive you for everything you did to me, but I understand that I deserved it. Everyone, I'm sorry that I ruined your lives when I was in your presence, I won't ever be able to do so again, goodbye, forever, I guess, Naruto."

Tsunade gripped the note tightly and looked out on the crowd, Naruto's whole social circle was taken back, all having different reactions to the situation. Iruka silently shed tears, Sakura was trying to be silent as her tears began to fall, but she was only able to keep her voice at whisper level. Kakashi shed one single tear, Lee was crying and sniffling, unable to hold the hurt in. Shikamaru was silently crying as well, keeping his sadness to himself. Kiba couldn't help but shed a few tears, Neji's mouth was agape and he looked utterly shocked, Hinata slammed to her knees and began to cry her eyes out, Konohamaru also fell to his knees, as he began to shed tears. Tsunade then looked over at Jiraiya, he was finally letting the tears fall, silently though.

Tsunade looked at all of those affected by Naruto's letter, took a deep breath and finally finished the announcement, "Most of You should know exactly why he was Exiled, but wouldn't speak of it, because of the decree made a little over twelve years ago. And frankly, whoever agrees with the new Hokage, is heartless."

Naruto's Friends and Teachers were in an uproar, they could not believe Naruto was banished from the village for that. Four of the specific friends Naruto spoke of in his note, made their way to the Hokage. Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba and Lee got in his face, and one by one began to speak. Kiba was first, "How dare you! Naruto didn't do anything wrong! You old bastard!"

Lee was second, "Why would you do that to a Shinobi as dedicated as Naruto? Naruto doesn't deserve to be treated like that!"

Shikamaru was third, "This is ridiculous and you know it! Naruto has posed no danger, so there is no reason to exile him from the village!"

And finally Neji, as Neji got close to Danzo his Byakugan flared to life, "How dare you, you decrepit old man! Naruto Uzumaki was more than willing to give his life to save anyone in this whole village, he was the most dedicated Shinobi the Leaf has ever known! And to reward Him, you exile him? You are no Hokage, you are a power hungry fool!"

Danzo didn't even blink as he responded to the young Shinobi's anger, "Your biased because of your friendship with Him, and by the humiliation you suffered from your defeat at his hands."

This enraged the young Hyuga, "Wha...what? How dare you!"

Before Neji could do anything drastic though, his attention was drawn to his Cousin, "Let me go! I have to find Naruto!"

Kurenai, Hinata's sensei, held her back, as she struggled to get away, so she could go after Naruto. "Hinata you can't just leave the village like this! You don't know where Naruto is or where he's going! How do you think your going to find him?"

Hinata fought and fought to get out of her sensei's grasp, she was crying uncontrollably as she did so, tears sliding down her face at a rather fast pace. "I don't care! I need to find him!"

After a bit more struggling, Neji came to Kurenai's aid, he used his Byakugan to his advantage and chopped the back of Hinata's neck in her most sensitive spot, effectively knocking her out.

Tsunade watched as all of this chaos went on, Naruto's exile had caused a huge upset within his social circle.