I had a very amusing scene come to me the other day to do with my Faberry couple in the Cheerios & Froot Loops universe and so I wrote this. Don't worry I haven't abandoned my other stories, the next chapter of RBR is being edited now and the next Thin Ice is half done. This doesn't contain the scene as I originally saw it but the chapter wrote itself around the scene and adapted. This could be a bad idea or an amusing one but when the muse calls you obey…and wait to see how it turns out! So without further ado I give you the teaser chapter of my sequel to C&F entitled…

Going Loopy Fabray?

The five years following Jesse St. James's attack on Quinn had been good to the blonde athlete. There was a touch and go period where the physiotherapist hadn't been sure the broken knee would be one hundred percent repaired. However with care, patience and a lot of nagging (or encouragement as Rachel would repeatedly correct Quinn), it had returned to normal. In fact the only signs that the attack had even taken place were the scars on Quinn's knee from the surgery and the fact that both the knee and shoulder ached like a son of a bitch in the cold. It hadn't stopped her from accepting an athletic scholarship to NYU where she promptly led their runners to a stream of wins that earned her a plaque on the athletics department's wall of fame. It also hadn't stopped her from finally obtaining her pilot's licence, in fact she had gone from a student pilot licence to a sport, then recreational and private pilot's licenses. She was, in fact, only a hundred hours or so of airtime away from being eligible to take her commercial pilot's licence.

Rachel and Judy however had somehow managed between them to continually delay Quinn's application to join the Air Force. Both were terrified of the day the athlete would finally sign on the dotted line and be whisked away to Andrews for training before being dispatched to one war zone or the other. At first it had been the blonde herself who had delayed the application, as she wanted to get her knee back up to full health first. After that she had held off because the urge to work through her pilot's licences was too strong, and with Steve and his connections at the private airfield, she had the unrivalled opportunity to do it much more cheaply than she ordinarily would have done. After three years of college and receiving a first class diploma in both technical and mechanical engineering, Boeing had offered her the chance of a two-year apprenticeship. At first she had wanted to refuse them but as Rachel, Judy and Steve had all pointed out that it opened up huge opportunities for her after she left the Air Force, she had grudgingly accepted. Now however they were running out of excuses as the two years was up and Quinn had sat down to start the application process.

Things had gone just as well for Rachel at NYADA, from day one both her and her friend and partner in crime Kurt had made a huge impact. In a school full of talent they were the only two who managed to never lose their friendly edge, yes they were up against a wealth of competition and yes they learned early on that taking your eye off the ball for even one moment resulted in a knife in the back…but not once had they resorted to employing the same tactics to land themselves a role. Against all expectations and predictions, the two had maintained their cheerful demeanours and it had paid off big time as casting directors found their happy go lucky and team attitude to be a breath of fresh air when compared to the usual backstabbing type that musical theatre seemed to attract. As a result, they had gained a reputation as dedicated, eager, professional and hard working singers. At this point they were both starring in an off Broadway production of 'My Fair Lady' with Rachel making an admirable Eliza while Kurt was a delightfully earnest Freddy.

Quinn had found she actually enjoyed reading lines as Professor Higgins with Rachel, although the brunette diva couldn't stop herself from sniggering every time the blonde attempted an English accent…Rachel insisted it was worse than Dick Van Dyke's one in Mary Poppins apparently. Sniffing haughtily, Quinn had agreed to stop her attempts at accents long enough for Rachel to at least finish reading through the lines with her. The athlete on the other hand found Rachel's English accent, both upper class and cockney, to be incredibly interesting and after some persuasion got her to agree to use it in the bedroom once or twice…what? She couldn't help it if Rachel with an upper class English accent turned her on! Although in retrospect, encouraging the brunette's dramatic side did get a little wearing, especially as for several months Rachel insisted on waking Quinn up each morning with a bellowed 'Move your bleedin arse Fabray!' in celebration of one of Eliza's more famous lines.

Their relationship had gone from strength to strength and survived through bouts of Quinn's insecurity, Rachel's extremely jealous streak and of course the inevitable fights. Every couple fought from time to time, whether it was about what to eat for dinner that evening or whose house to spend Christmas at. But for Quinn and Rachel only one thing ever seemed to cause arguments between them and that was the fact that Quinn had continued to spend time boxing. Santana and the blonde spent two evenings and Saturday afternoons in the boxing ring and had gone from casual sparring to full on bouts with other fighters. They no longer fought each other unless it was for practice mainly because they had both become quite infamous on the circuit. Santana had adopted the fighting name of Diablo's Daughter and all her boxing gear was emblazoned with the double D logo. Quinn had found herself fighting under her call sign of Spitfire, mainly because San always referred to her by that name when they sparred and it had just stuck.

Rachel however was not impressed at all…she made it a point to go to every one of the blonde's fights simply because Quinn always made the effort to attend her performances. But every time the athlete took a hit she winced, whenever she hit the floor from a particularly vicious blow, Rachel found herself being pinned to her seat by Brittany and Santana. She couldn't help it that her over protective girlfriend instincts flared up every time Quinn got punched. And every time, like clockwork the blonde would yet again patiently explain that if she were boxing then the whole point was to hit each other. So yes, it was the one extremely sore point in their relationship and it didn't help that as stubborn as Rachel was becoming about making Quinn give up, Quinn was becoming equally as stubborn over claiming her official amateur status. Santana thought it was hilarious and loved to play the devil's advocate in their spats, right up until Brittany glared, at that point the Latina backed off without a word. Rachel became even more incensed when she realised that Quinn had gone ahead and accepted official status without consulting her and had then put the information on her application form for the Air Force…which resulted in their current very heated argument.

"Rachel for the twelve millionth time in the last frigging week, I'm going to be flying jet's and getting shot at! Joining the boxing team isn't going to be any more dangerous."

To emphasise her frustration, Quinn slammed the fridge door loudly and popped the top on a soda. Rachel glowered angrily and crossed her arms, one foot tapping impatiently on the floor.

"Oh what a wonderful way to make your point Quinn! Pointing out the various danger's you're willingly walking into to justify offering yourself up as a punching bag…and stop swearing!"

Unable to stifle the urge, the athlete rolled her eyes in irritation and scowled.

"I didn't, frigging isn't swearing it's a useful adjective! And don't try laying a guilt trip on me now, you have known from the moment you met me that I planned to follow my father into the Air Force."

Throwing her hands up angrily, they promptly fell back down to prop on her hips, flicking her hair over her shoulder Rachel shook her head.

"Are you that stupid, do you not even realise that every time you mention it to your mom she flinches…she already lost her husband and she's terrified of losing you as well. Your ridiculously cavalier attitude towards the danger you're going to be heading into only makes it worse!"

Quinn got as far as opening her mouth to reply but Rachel was on a roll! She had been wanting to say this for ages, years in fact and now that Quinn had nudged the conversational door open, she was ready to throw herself through it.

"Oh no, I'm not finished Quinn Fabray! Both your mother and I love you so very much and to a certain degree we have resigned ourselves to the fact that your dream is always going to come first, but you cannot ask us to act as casually about it as you do!"

Unsure if she was actually allowed to reply yet, the blonde just ran her free hand through her short hair in frustration and waited to see if Rachel was finished ranting.

"I know you want to fly jets, I know you want to follow in your father's footsteps and I know you enjoy standing in a canvas square and trading blows for some bizarre reason. I have accepted this and it doesn't change the fact that I love you and want to spend my life with you, but you have to know that the thought of losing you…of you being hurt devastates me."

Quinn felt the righteous anger she had been stoking within her deflate rapidly and she took another long swallow from the soda to disguise the urge to cry. Rachel had subsided as well and sat down on the edge of their worn and frayed sofa, without the force of her anger to bolster her, she suddenly looked much smaller and somehow frail. Toying with the ring pull on the can, the athlete ran her hand through her hair again and trudged over to sit next to the diva.

"Rae…I just, maybe sometimes I joke about it and play it down because I do know how scared mom is, how scared you are. Christ when I think about that uniformed Captain walking up the driveway with that damn envelope…I know that fear only too well. So I joke about it because it helps me, it's a selfish reaction but I've wanted this for so long I have no idea what else I'd do."

She set the half empty can down and took Rachel's hand in both of hers.

"Rachel I love you, I really do…but you're right, you do have to get used to the idea of me in uniform and in danger because if they accept me I'm joining."

The brunette finally looked up and although the love was clearly swirling in those brown eyes there was also a sadness that pained Quinn greatly.

"And what…just as an example, what if something were to happen that changed our situation?"

Frowning, Quinn freed one hand to rub the back of her neck in thought.

"How do you mean? Like if something happened with my mom or your dad's and they needed care?"

Rachel started to shake her head but paused, bit her lip and then with a small sigh nodded. Sitting back on the sofa the blonde smiled softly.

"Rach your dad's are dangerously healthy and as for mom and Steve…considering they just booked a biking holiday, I don't think we have anything to worry about! And we're both fine okay? Yeah we have the odd argument but nothing major, you tend to worry about things far too much baby."

Smiling weakly, the diva nodded and allowed herself to be pulled into a loose embrace, things were far from resolved in her eyes but she wasn't even a hundred percent certain of her facts and until she was she didn't want to rock the boat. However if she was right then things were about to change drastically for the two of them and she had no idea how Quinn was going to handle it…or even if she was going to be able to handle it. So for now she let herself enjoy the blonde's embraces and kisses and when things between them grew more and more heated, she willingly allowed Quinn to steer her to the small but much loved bedroom. It was only several hours later after the athlete had worn herself out successfully and was fast asleep curled around Rachel that the diva let herself think about the predicament she found herself in. She glanced down at Quinn's contentedly snoring form and smiled fondly, reaching out she tucked a strand of short blonde hair behind a delicate ear, giggling lightly when the blonde wrinkled her nose and leaned into the touch. Then her eyes strayed to her stomach and she moved her free hand to rub over it protectively, biting her lip she took one last look at the slumbering athlete then snuggled down and turned the light off. After all, this worry could be for nothing and then she could tell Quinn how daft she'd been and why she had been worrying more and more about the blonde's choice of career.

However, as it turned out she was not wrong, something that she found out two days later after several different tests. Quinn was so invested in the application forms and updating her CV that she put Rachel's pacing and muttering down to nerves over a performance. At least that's what she put it down to until she found her i Pad literally ripped from her hands by an extremely irate diva.

"You haven't even noticed have you?"

Quinn had learnt early on that with Rachel it was sometimes tricky to work out exactly what you had done wrong and when so she thought back over the day and shrugged weakly.

"Um…is this about the pacing, cos I just figured that you were getting worked up about the fact there were gonna be Broadway scouts at the Saturday matinee?"

She raised an eyebrow, this was a 'shit, I hope I got that right' eyebrow as opposed to a kick ass one however and the chewed lip didn't help her to look any more confident. Rachel's brown eyes flashed angrily then widened when she remembered the scouts, she had been trying her best to forget that and had succeeded thanks to her situation, now Quinn had reminded her!

"Why did you have to remind me! As if things weren't bad enough you go and dump that on me and then…you just…things are…"

At that point, her voice went supersonic and her hands went into overdrive, the gesticulations nearly causing Quinn to lose an eye. The blonde sat back and opened her mouth ready to interrupt when she saw the diva slowing down to take a breath. Instead of speaking however, her jaw just ended up hanging open as Rachel burst into tears and slapped Quinn's arm before fleeing into the bedroom and slamming the door behind her. Now, normally when they had their little spats Quinn knew (or at least had a pretty damn good idea) of exactly what she had done and what it was about, today however she could honestly claim that she was in the dark. She half rose to follow then paused, with Rachel in this odd mood who knew what would happen if she went in there…then again who knew what might happen if she didn't go in there? Running both hands through her hair, Quinn stood fully and took several steps before stopping abruptly again, throwing her hands in the air uselessly she muttered to herself.

"I don't believe this…for the first time ever even I can't predict what's going on in Rachel's head."

She briefly debated calling Santana but then remembered she and Brittany were on holiday in Las Vegas to celebrate the blonde dancer's being signed up to choreograph the latest Britney Spears video and Santana's very early promotion to Homicide Detective. She definitely wouldn't be thanked if she interrupted that little weekend party, which left her mom and Steve, neither of whom she thought would be much good. Rolling her eyes at her sudden cowardice, the pilot squared her shoulders and taking a deep breath headed determinedly into the bedroom. The curtains had been drawn and there was a sobbing lump under the duvet that was most definitely Rachel. Sighing internally, the blonde lowered herself onto the bed next to the uncommunicative lump and couldn't help the half fond smile as she peeled the duvet down just enough to catch sight of one red- rimmed brown eye peering back at her.

"Hey…I don't mean to sound like a guy here but if you don't tell me what's wrong I can't help you cheerio? Is it really that bad?"

Both eyes finally emerged over the edge of the duvet and Quinn found she wasn't exactly reassured by the look the brunette was giving her. Swallowing down the sudden concern and panic that Rachel was about to tell her she had cheated on her or was going to break up with her, the athlete reached out and cupped Rachel's face gently.

"Come on…talk to me, please?"

Sniffing and blinking as more tears fell, Rachel replied in a very small voice.

"You're going to hate me Quinn."

Hazel eyes softened perceptibly and propping her chin in one hand, she smiled at the sniffing brunette before bending down to steal a soft kiss.

"I won't hate you, whatever else happens in this life I could never hate you…so stop tearing yourself up inside over this and just talk to me. Need I remind you Miss- Overly- Articulate that you were the one who insisted we always talk things over if we had problems."

A hint of amusement flashed in the tear filled brown eyes, accompanied (to Quinn's relief) with a small but genuine smile.

"No you do not have to remind me, though I suspect you enjoy the few occasions that you get to use my words against me far too much."

Quinn just smirked, silently confirming her girlfriend's accusation, after another small smile, Rachel sat up and allowed the blonde to help her clean her face delicately. Once that was done they kissed again softly and Rachel let out a breath while Quinn just waited patiently for her to speak.

"I…know I've been behaving a little strangely for a couple of weeks now and until last weekend I wasn't sure why myself but…well, now I do know why and although I have always had very real concerns over you joining up, that hasn't been the main reason for my odd behaviour of late."

Frowning, the pilot sat up herself and just nodded patiently as she waited for Rachel to get it all out. The diva was rarely if ever visibly nervous and so the hunched figure that was hastily shredding the tissue in her hands was worrying enough.

"Quinn, sweetheart do you remember your birthday?"

That got a very wide grin as the blonde thought back to that weekend, it wasn't like she would ever forget that particular celebration after all! She'd spent the actual day of her birthday miserable, she had just gone through the change at the start of her somewhat unique 'period' and felt tired and achy. Rachel had spent the day bringing her, her favourite foods and making sure she was comfortable. Even going so far as to sit through 'The Life of Brian' which she didn't find in the least funny but always reduced the blonde to tears of hilarity. The next day however Rachel had woken her up in a most satisfactory manner before whisking her away for a long weekend in a lakeside cabin.

"Of course I do, it was the best birthday I've had since the one where my dad took me to sit in a Raptor cockpit."

Rolling her eyes, Rachel couldn't help but smile fondly as she reflected that sometimes, just sometimes Quinn really did think like a man (not that she would ever tell the blonde that), fidgeting the diva cleared her throat.

"I meant…the first night in particular, when you ticked off one of the fantasies on your list?"

Unable to quite stop the flush that rapidly suffused her cheeks, the blonde nodded.

"Yeah, course I do…although you admitted the whole open fireplace and rug thing was one of yours as well so it was more like we both got to tick that one off actually."

Fidgeting even more, Rachel started chewing on her lip as yet again Quinn missed out the rather important part of that fantasy…the part that led to the current predicament Rachel found herself in. Trying to hold on to the last of her rapidly dwindling supply of patience, the diva decided to just shoot from the hip, so to speak.

"Well yes I admit that I wanted the fireplace and faux bear skin rug part as much as you, but what I was actually referring to was you ah…well, you know, being able to make love to me raw."

The blonde's smirk grew dreamy at that and she couldn't help it as her mind replayed in detail the moment Rachel had finally let her go without protection. Although the brunette was on birth control and they weren't exactly prolific before they dated each other, Rachel had insisted on safe sex and for the most part Quinn agreed…for the most part.

The heat from the fireplace was pleasantly warm against their naked skin, a part of Quinn had worried that in reality it might be too hot but it wasn't, it was in fact pretty damn close to perfection. Rachel was laid out beneath her, dark hair spread across the rug underneath them both. The flames from the fire flickered across the former cheerleader's bronzed torso and caused her eyes to shine brightly, the pupils blown wide with passion.

"It's not fair that you get to be that damn gorgeous Rach."

The hoarseness in her tone surprised even Quinn and she swallowed to try and clear it before realising it was caused by passion…and with Rachel spread out like that underneath her it wasn't about to go away any time soon.

"Look who's talking, do you ever even look at yourself Quinn? Every day I wonder how I got so lucky and thank the stars that I still have you."

Flushing, Quinn lowered her head, in part to avoid the intense brown gaze currently being directed at her. And in part to kiss and lick lightly at the beautifully prominent collarbone in front of her, despite the delicious sensation her girlfriend's mouth was creating on her heated skin, Rachel wasn't going to let her get away with ducking the compliment. Catching the stubborn chin in one hand, she tipped the athlete's head back until she could see those swirling hazel eyes.

"Hey…you don't get to ignore a compliment Fabray, you should know how sexy you are."

The hazel eyes rolled in self-consciousness and not a little embarrassment.

"Quit it cheerio, I know that maybe I could pass for handsome if it weren't for the scars."

The scars…The main point of Quinn's shame, despite how many times Rachel had reassured her that they didn't detract from the blonde's attractiveness. Now Rachel trailed a hand down to lightly trace the twisted scar that started under the blondes chin and travelled downwards, finally ending near the hollow of her throat.

"They don't make you any less attractive Quinn, they just remind me what an amazing person you are. What you went through to protect the last scrap of privacy your best friend had, and you didn't let them break you. So you better damn well get used to me loving every inch of you, including the scars."

Shaking her head fondly, Quinn decided to let it go, tonight was for love, not her insecurities…something she was pointedly reminded of when her painfully erect cock brushed over the curls at the apex of her girlfriends legs. She let out a low groan and lifted up to relieve the pressure and get back to enjoying the brunette's body. Rachel however was having none of it, this weekend was about Quinn and her fantasy and although she never (God forbid!) objected to the blonde's dedication to making sure she came repeatedly, at this time of the month they could both get satisfaction quickly. Somehow Rachel was fairly sure that after her next few words Quinn wouldn't want to delay anymore either. Reaching down between their bodies, the brunette took a firm hold of Quinn's not so little visitor and pumped her hand up and down firmly enough to guarantee she had her girlfriend's full attention.

"Quit teasing me Quinn and do what you said you wanted to…own me."

Grunting faintly at the still moving hand between them, the blonde fought for the control to speak.

"L…let me go then so I can put my armour on."

She grinned crookedly and nipped gently at Rachel's lower lip before moving to sit up and go for a condom. However, when the hand caressing her refused to move, she frowned slightly and refocused on Rachel's lightly teasing smirk.

"Um…need you to let go?"

The diva shook her head and reaching up with her other hand hooked it around Quinn's neck and pulled her into a deep and thorough kiss while the hand holding the blonde's cock directed it so the already leaking tip stroked across her clit, the action caused them to groan into each others mouths simultaneously.

"Christ Rachel if you don't let me go soon I'm not sure I'm going to be able to help myself…"

The athlete's voice was more of a growl than anything else, that in itself caused Rachel to shudder with arousal and she could feel the proof of her excitement leaking out of her and onto the rug that was both soft and rough underneath her. Tightening her hand in the hair at the back of Quinn's neck, the diva bit the underside of a slender yet strong jaw and husked out.

"That's the point of fantasy number 3 isn't it? To take me any way you want for as long as you want in front of an open fire…raw, let your primal side loose was, I believe, how you worded it."

Swallowing audibly, the hazel eyes widened with a mix of surprise, love but most of all hunger. Rachel was woman enough to admit that it was the hunger that caused her to grow even wetter, the almost possessive light in Quinn's eyes seeming to set alight every nerve ending in her body. Licking her lips nervously Quinn had just enough self-control left to ask.

"Are you sure baby…if not say so now, because once I start I'm not sure I'm going to be able to stop.."

Finally letting her hold on the athlete's straining member relax, Rachel looked deeply into the almost pleading eyes and although there was the fleeting inclination to tease just a bit longer, she couldn't deny that she had also been fantasising about Quinn's number 3 scenario since she had seen the list.

"I'm positive, show me how you own me Fabray…if you're still up for it that is?"

That did it! Just as Rachel had known it would and in a flash she found herself turned over onto her stomach. She could feel Quinn kneeling between her legs behind her and almost spoke when she felt the blonde's strong yet surprisingly gentle hands pushing her legs apart. Rachel lowered her forehead to the rug and unsure what to do with her hands started to reach back. Quinn's hand's gently slapped them aside and moments later the diva felt the warmth of her girlfriends supple body stretch out across hers, one hand scratched lightly up her side and across her shoulder blade before sinking into and gripping the long dark locks tightly. Rachel couldn't hold back the aroused growl as she felt her hair being pulled firmly and a soft pair of lips run along her earlobe. The caress was achingly gentle, and quickly juxtaposed with the sharp but brief pain of teeth biting the sensitive skin just behind her ear.

"Put your hands under you chin and lace your fingers together, do not move them unless I tell you to."

The soft tone was made even more arousing by the blatant command in the words and the brunette rushed to do as she was told. She felt Quinn's other hand rest on her hip and lightly urge the diva to lift up slightly. Rachel frowned at the move, she had expected to be taken from behind, knowing Quinn was particularly fond of that position, but this was…different. Instead of urging her on to her knees the athlete slid her own legs under Rachel's supple ones and with a swift move that left the brunette idly wondering if Quinn had taken up yoga, she locked her feet around the brunette's ankles. The result was her legs were locked in position in a shape similar to a frog's back ones just before it jumped. She barely had time to consider if it felt awkward or not before she felt Quinn enter her in one smooth motion, the tip of the blonde's cock hitting that special spot inside her with the very first thrust. She groaned long and loud and the urge to move her hands to push herself back further and increase the depth of penetration was almost overwhelming.

Quinn sensed Rachel's hesitation and tightening her grip on the hair wound around her right hand,she tugged lightly, digging her nails into the brunette's hip for emphasis. Rachel swiftly but reluctantly backed down and a thrill of power ran through the athlete's body that made her shake slightly with exhilaration. She wondered if Rachel was aware of the pleas that were falling from her lips as she tried to encourage Quinn to start moving again. Enjoying the power she had been given, the blonde rotated her hips with the next slow thrust and smirked when a whimper tore from Rachel's throat. However, the feeling of her unsheathed cock being massaged by Rachel's wet and tightly gripping walls was too much of a temptation and after a few more seconds of hesitation, she pulled out until only the very tip was inside. As Rachel opened her mouth to beg once more, Quinn slammed home and growled lustfully at the cry of pleasure that Rachel let loose loud enough to echo in the small cabin.

By that point Rachel was too enveloped in the sensations Quinn was setting off in and all over her body and made a vague mental note to ask where she found this position because Jesus Christ! Her erect nipples were rubbing gloriously against the rug as Quinn continued to pump in and out of her at a rapid pace. The angle her hips were tilted at ensured that her g spot was thoroughly massaged with each and every thrust and the urge to free just one hand and reach down to her clit was becoming too much. Nails digging into her hip pointedly stayed the would be wandering hand and provided a delicious stab of pain that was quickly washed away as she felt herself reaching her peak already. The feeling of Quinn inside her raw was amazing and she suddenly understood why so many women risked pregnancy to experience it. Her sense of despair at approaching her climax so soon was slightly eased when she felt her partner's thrusts becoming jerky. The hand on her hip slid off and underneath to rake a nail across the incredibly alert clit and with a sharp cry, Rachel fell into an orgasm powerful enough that everything went fuzzy for a few seconds, then she heard Quinn's yell of release and felt her come inside of her for the first time, that alone triggered a second orgasm and the next thing she was aware of was being cradled in the athlete's deceptively gentle arms while her girlfriend giggled happily.

"I totally made you pass out Berry!"

Blinking sleepily, Rachel shot a playful glare at her and rolling onto her back smirked up into the very smug hazel eyes now hovering above her.

"Once in a lifetime achievement Froot Loop, so enjoy it."

Growling slightly, Quinn lowered her head to proceed with marking the diva with a very distinctive hickey, between bites she muttered.

"We'll see…we'll see."

Blinking and shaking her head slightly to pull herself out of the reminiscence, Quinn cleared her throat and tried to remember what the point of the conversation was…oh yeah!

"Well, yeah, obviously I do…why, did you not um…not like it?"

Quinn suddenly felt guilty, although Rachel had assured her repeatedly over the weekend that she was definitely enjoying herself the blonde now wondered if that had been nothing more than a front. A fear quickly allayed when the diva reached out and laid a hand on Quinn's knee.

"Don't be silly, of course I did! Or didn't the multiple orgasms, hoarse throat from screaming and scratch marks on your back convince you?"

Flushing a bright red, Quinn subconsciously felt her shoulder blades twitch, it was almost a month ago and she still bore some of the marks.

"Okay point taken, but if it wasn't because you hated it then what was it? I mean you were still on birth control right so it can't be that."

She chuckled slightly and waited for Rachel to either join in or slap at her playfully and tell her off for being stupid. The bottom abruptly dropped out of her stomach when instead of either of these reactions, Rachel just looked down guiltily and shredded more tissue. Swallowing on a suddenly closed throat, she was ashamed to hear the squeak of real fear in her voice as she repeated.

"Rach…it can't be…right?"

The tissue was now in so many pieces it couldn't even count as confetti and the brunette waved a hand around wildly for a moment before everything spilled out at once.

"I was still on birth control of course I was, I wouldn't take a stupid risk like that if I didn't know for certain but…I was on some antibiotics from the Dr for that tickle in the throat you remember?"

Unable to think let alone speak anything approaching a sentence, the blonde just nodded dumbly and Rachel carried on.

"He was hesitant to prescribe one so powerful but as I pointed out to him this is my first major role and I couldn't afford to be a victim of some evil throat disease. Anyway he prescribed them and I just took them without…um well without reading the warnings and one of them was that it could negate the effect of pill based birth control."

She glanced across at Quinn as she chewed on her lip in agitation, she wished the athlete would say something, at this point she'd settle for anything! Quinn however was staring wide eyed at Rachel as though she had grown a second head. Feeling the need to clarify Rachel reached over and pulling out her nightstand drawer revealed not one, not two but over twelve home pregnancy kits…all positive. A small but definite whimper fell from the athlete's lips then and Rachel felt her heart twinge painfully at the reaction, it was true they hadn't planned it but it wasn't Quinn who would be the one carrying the child after all!

"It's definite, I had the official result from the Dr this morning…we're having a baby."

Standing abruptly, the blonde started pacing, muttering and running her hands through her hair in agitation. She stopped all of a sudden and whirled on her heel.

"Are you sure, I mean absolutely one hundred percent positive because tests can be wrong, they could be from a faulty batch and…the Dr might have got your results mixed up with someone else's?"

Snorting irritably, Rachel folded her arms.

"Yes Quinn I'm certain! Do you think I would have told you if I wasn't certain, I didn't want to worry you unless I knew for sure."

Nodding the athlete went back to pacing, although the hands had migrated from her hair to twist around each other cracking the knuckles, a gesture Rachel recognised only too well as one of extreme worry on the blonde's part. Sighing Rachel lay back down and curled in on herself, she had known this wouldn't be good news for the two of them but she hadn't thought it would be this bad either. Quinn's next words however had her sitting up with a mixture of disbelief, hurt and white hot anger.

"Did you do this on purpose…to stop me signing up with the Air Force, is that why all of a sudden you let me go raw?"

Brown eyes widened in shock then quickly narrowed as anger set in and she slid from the bed stalking towards Quinn.

"How dare you even suggest that I would gamble with the chance of bringing a life into this world just on the off chance it would stop you risking your life! This might surprise you but I let you do that because I love and trust you, something that's obviously only one sided!"

Cringing, Quinn ran her hands through her hair and tried to think how to claw her way back from that faux pas, she had known even as she was saying it that Rachel would never do something like that but she hadn't been able to stop herself. The next thing she knew the brunette was hurling some clothes into an overnight bag, angry tears falling from her eyes as she literally tore round the room.

"Wait, Rachel I'm sorry that was a stupid thing to say and I didn't mean it I just…this is a shock okay!"

Whirling around on her heel, the brunette was still crying as she managed to choke out.

"How do you think it has affected me! It's my body that's going to be the one carrying this child, it's me that has to have their whole life turned upside down and I could be risking a shot at Broadway, so yes Quinn believe me when I say that I'm all too aware how much of a shock it is!"

The last three words were literally hissed at the fumbling blonde and then Rachel turned and picked her bag up before stalking out. Swearing under her breath and face palming hard enough to hurt, Quinn ran after her.

"Rachel please don't walk out on me, I know I can be an asshole and that I don't deserve you but please don't leave! We can work this out?"

Letting out a long breath, Rachel let her head rest on the doorframe for a few silent but tense minutes. Finally, she spoke up but still didn't turn to face her girlfriend.

"I'm not leaving for good but right now I need to go somewhere else and calm down before we say anything else we might regret. Tomorrow morning I'll meet you at the diner for breakfast and we'll take it from there okay?"

Quinn wiped at her cheeks and wondered when exactly she had started crying, sniffing she shoved her hands deep in her jeans pockets and her voice broke when she started speaking.

"Rae…please just, if you really have to go I guess that some space is the least I can do for you but just promise me it's only for one night?"

Torn with the need to reassure Quinn and the need to talk to someone who might understand it from her point of view, Rachel turned enough to finally lock gazes with the athlete.

"I…will stay at Kurt's tonight and we'll talk tomorrow, I still love you and don't intend on leaving you but what you said really hurt me and I need to be somewhere else just for a little bit."

Shoulders slumping in defeat, Quinn dropped her gaze and nodded miserably as Rachel headed out of the door, just before she closed the door the athlete called out.

"I love you cheerio."

A brief smile flickered over the brunette's lips and she nodded.

"I know."

Then the door closed and Quinn closed her eyes as she strained to keep track of Rachel's footsteps towards the lift, mentally calculating the journey, sure enough right on time she heard the engine of the ancient Jeep fire up and pull away. Sighing, she fell onto the threadbare sofa and threw one arm across her eyes before giving into the tears fully. Eventually she cried herself out and found the energy to crawl into bed, she couldn't help a sharp bark of bitter laughter when she felt the beginnings of cramps in her abdomen. In all the confusion and excitement of finally nearing her goal of signing up she had completely forgotten that she was due. Fumbling in her nightstand, she grabbed the bottle of Advil and palmed a couple before burying her head under the pillow, with any luck she could patch things up with Rachel in the morning and they could talk together about what the hell they did next. Due in no small part to the exhaustion she felt from crying herself out earlier she slept deeply, the next morning she woke early and glared at her crotch where her co pilot was standing to attention in all it's morning glory.

"I think you've gotten me into enough trouble!"

Closing her eyes, she concentrated hard until her erection wilted away completely, to her chagrin it wasn't difficult, all she had to think about was a life without Rachel, that most definitely did it. Scowling deeply, she kicked off the duvet and trudged down the hall into the bathroom still wiping the sleep from her eyes. Yawning widely, she flipped up the toilet seat and started to pee, she couldn't help the slight smile. If there was one thing she enjoyed in a very odd way about her slightly different biology, it was the fact she got to pee standing up. She was almost done when a voice sounded behind her, a voice that she hadn't expected to hear ever again.

"Wow, Sherlock I always wondered if you did the guy thing when you had it or if you still sat down, guess I know now!"

A cold jolt of apprehension crept down her spine and tucking herself hastily back into her boxer shorts, she turned round slowly. Because if she was about to see what she thought she was, then either she had finally gone completely mad…or she'd somehow died in her sleep. As soon as she completed the turn, she opened her eyes and her jaw promptly dropped open in shock.

"Y…you, um you're…well this is…you're dead!"

Gaby smiled awkwardly and wrinkling her nose slightly, she held both hands out calmingly towards her oldest friend.

"Well, yes, I mean I would hope so considering you went to my funeral. I understand this is probably going to be a little difficult for you to absorb all at once but I'm here to help you, well…that and you're going to kind of need me in the next few months."

There were so many things Quinn wanted to say and yet at the same time she was pretty convinced that she must still be sleeping. The result was her mouth was moving, hands flailing but nothing came out, cringing at the confusion in her friend's eyes Gaby tried again.

"Quinn you're going kind of bright red you need to breathe! You also need to kind of get used to seeing dead people…seeing as it's your legacy and all."

"I'm dreaming, that's what it is…or, maybe, maybe it's just that the guilt over the argument with Rachel is getting mixed up with the guilt I feel for turning your life support off and now…um, now I'm finally going nuts! Yeah…that's a much more likely explanation than anything else…gotta be."

Her words were coming out shaky, a little abrupt and definitely several octaves higher than normal. Sighing, Gaby tucked her hair behind her ear and walking forward reached up and tugged firmly on Quinn's ear, the athlete gave a yelp and sprang backward, her friend grinning at her slightly guiltily.

"See, not a dream, yes I'm here…sort of anyway but I'll get round to explaining that properly later.

Blinking wide confused hazel eyes, Quinn's hand strayed up to touch her reddened ear, at the heat coming from the recently tweaked appendage she managed to utter a squeaked.


Her hand dropped from her ear and she promptly fainted, Gaby managed to catch her before her head hit the edge of the sink, she sighed wearily before easing the athlete to the ground and muttering.

"Yeah, I kinda thought you might react like that."

So…yeah this is going to be a tad different from my other stories it's mostly humour and a little crime solving with the odd clumsy attempt at smut thrown in lol. The main question for you guys is this…do I carry on with this or abandon it as a bad idea? Let me know what you think either through a review or if you would rather a PM. I have to admit I would like to continue it but as you are the readers it's really up to you. Anyway I hope you liked it but feel free to let me know and remember I still love you even if you hate it lol xxx