Okay, here we are with another slow chapter of GLF, it's mostly mushy romance and family stuff, however it does make way for the action that will hit soon! I just figured it was fair to give Quinn some chance to heal and spend time getting ready to be a parent. She will need to do so pretty soon because in two chapters time the triplets are arriving…will they arrive trouble free or will there be things that may just throw a spanner in the works? LOL you shall find out soon! (Just bear in mind that this is my slightly wacky story so pretty much anything could happen!) Oh, and just a quick note, Shelby is Rachel's mom in this story but no one apart from Shelby is aware of this, however that isn't the conclusion a concerned Quinn will mistakenly reach when she adds two and two in coming chapters and ends up with five. I hope you enjoy the chapter even if it isn't quite action packed, as always feel free to let me know you're still interested…or not. Love to ya'll xxx

The trip to Toys R Us had been…eventful, it wasn't every day a person was hailed over the loudspeaker to go and pick up their best friend and girlfriend from the information area because they had been speeding around the bike aisles on micro scooters! Quinn at least had the grace to look slightly ashamed of herself, unlike Santana who was just grumbling about not being able to complete their race. One sharp look from Rachel however and she subsided as well. The rest of the shopping trip went off without incident and soon they were headed home with the necessary supplies, as well as, (thanks to Quinn) every conceivable stuffed dinosaur the shop kept in stock. Back home, Quinn insisted that Rachel put her feet up as she had noticed the little diva wincing slightly as she slid from the jeep. Once the brunette was seated comfortably on the leather corner unit with some ginger biscuits and chamomile tea, Quinn corralled Santana into helping her unload the shopping. Bringing in the last of the bags, the pilot noticed that Rachel had started to doze and shushing Santana, who flipped the bird as she hadn't even been making any noise, tiptoed over to gently move the mug from the arm of the sofa. Placing a gentle kiss on her fiancées forehead, Quinn crept back out and pulled the door too, once they were both in the kitchen she grabbed a soda gratefully before passing one to Santana.

"I'm glad she's having a nap, I've been kinda worried about her…like maybe she's doing too much and I'm not doing enough."

Trailing off with a guilty sigh, Quinn played with the ring pull on her can, Santana watched her friend silently for a moment then, smirking, nudged her roughly with an elbow.

"Don't get so down on yourself Fabray, besides which, the things you perceive her to have done she actually didn't do. The house was pretty much done by the rainbow decorating group, little miss dynamite in there chose the colours and shouted out a lot of orders…ya know, all the things she's best at?"

Despite herself, Quinn couldn't help but return Santana's smirk.

"Okay, okay already…there is one thing I can do though, and if you have the afternoon free, it's the type of task you might actually enjoy helping me with?"

Santana raised one dark eyebrow coolly as she sipped her soda.

"Q, if you're about to suggest something freaky…"

Pulling a face, the pilot pulled back to thump the detective's shoulder.

"Firstly, gross! And secondly, no, that isn't something that even crossed my mind, although it worries me that it's obviously crossed yours! What I actually meant was, I need to go and find a car or some mode of transport that's easy for her to drive and is going to be safe for three babies to travel in."

Draining her soda can eagerly, Santana linked her arm through Quinn's and started dragging her towards the door.

"Come on then, let's get going already, car shopping is something I don't mind doing, even if it is for a family car, plus you need me for this, because no offence Fabray, but you can't haggle for shit!"

The protesting Quinn just had time to write a quick note to Rachel explaining where they had gone, before she found herself hauled into Santana's beat up old car, headed towards the first of many car dealerships. Although no solid decision was made that day, Quinn did bring home various different brochures for the diva to leaf through in order to choose those she thought would be best. Santana stayed until early evening then left the lovebirds to it, stating that she really had to sort the apartment out before Brittany got home that weekend and discovered the mess she reverted to living in when left alone. Quinn and Rachel spent a relaxed evening curled up together on the sofa watching a Futurama marathon before making their way up to bed. The day had obviously taken a lot more out of Rachel than she had expected because she was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Having taken several painkillers before bed, Quinn was anticipating a nice long chemically induced lay in…as usual however, it didn't quite pan out that way! The first thing she became aware of was a finger poking her ear lightly (yet again!), grunting she swiped at it and tried to bury herself even further under the duvet. The persistently poking finger however merely changed it's target and tickled the inside of her knee instead, half growling, half chuckling, Quinn swiped at it again and pulled the exposed leg into the duvet cocoon. Feeling secure in the quilted hideaway she had just concocted, the pilot smiled sleepily to herself and let her eyes slide close again…only for them to fly open abruptly when someone pinched her ass. Yelping from the shock more than the ever so slight pain, she kicked the duvet off with a scowl, pregnant or not, Rachel was in for some championship level pouting! Except it wasn't Rachel…hurling her arms around the visitor, Quinn didn't even to try to keep the happy tears from sliding down her cheeks and onto the teen's shoulders.

"J.D! God I…never thought I'd get to say this, but I missed you like mad, are you okay? Where have you been? You didn't get into any kind of trouble with the higher up's did you? Because if you did I can try explaining that it was all because I…"

J.D's eyebrows were so high on her head that they were practically part of her hair line, her mouth was moving but she was so taken aback at the pilot's verbal deluge she couldn't find words. Luckily for her however she didn't need to, Gaby's chuckle sounded from the other side of the bed where she was leaning on the windowsill with a fond smile.

"Calm the motor mouth Fabray! You're gonna scare the poor kid off…and why don't I get the same treatment, I'm most definitely not feeling the love here ya know?"

Grinning as widely as she was able to, the pilot launched herself off the bed and into her best friend's arms eagerly, the two of them toppled over giggling to land on the floor (Gaby being sure to protect Quinn's casted wrist) in a heap.

"Of course you do you irritating pain in my ass! I know you said I needed private time to heal and all that, but…I kinda, ya know…miss you guys when you aren't around, even though you, my friend, have no boundaries whatsoever and somehow it seems J.D is picking up your bad habits!"

Gaby opened her mouth to protest but with the combined assault of J.D's emphatic nodding in order to negate herself of any blame, and Quinn's already disbelieving eyebrow raise, she just huffed and waved a hand airily.

"Whatever! Geez you treat me like this and then wonder why I don't come round more often!"

Rolling amused hazel eyes, Quinn levered herself back to her feet to sit on the edge of the bed, glancing between the two grinning spectres.

"So…is there another job already, is that why I see you now, or is there a problem, something else going on?"

Although she attempted to keep her tone light, there was a trace of hurt in it that made Gaby flinch guiltily. Clearing her throat, the redhead smiled apologetically and plopped down cross-legged on the floor, J.D sat next to Quinn, seeming to need as well as want the physical contact.

"I'm sorry Sherlock, sometimes the rules I have to follow aren't fair…truth is, while you risk your life for souls you've never met the higher up's tend to forget you have one of your own. I had to leave you for a bit, partly because as much as you seem intent on shrugging it off, you were hurt pretty badly and needed the time to just be with Rachel. But the other part…well, that's a little more complicated but a whole lot happier!"

Quinn quirked a puzzled eyebrow at that and glanced at J.D, the teen shrugged a shoulder casually, but there was a sly smile she couldn't quite contain from breaking across her lips.

"Okay, would you two just come out with it already!"

The teen giggled at Quinn's playfully exasperated tone, Gaby however just sniffed haughtily.

"Well, if you're going to get all bossy about it…"

At Quinn's playful glare she relented however, glancing once more at J.D. her expression visibly softened and suffused with genuine joy as she started to speak.

"Your work down here is creating a stir with the higher up's, you aren't only doing what's expected of you, you're doing one hell of a lot more than that. Take J.D.'s case for instance, all you had to do was prove she didn't kill herself, what you actually did was prove that and bring down an entire child slavery ring! To say you went above and beyond doesn't quite cover it, however, there are the possibilities of this bringing unwanted attention as well, so the higher up's have decided to send you a little extra help."

Frowning slightly, Quinn couldn't help but feel like she might have had a conversation similar to this before, although she couldn't quite grasp when or where it had taken place. Gaby smiled internally, knowing full well that the athlete wouldn't be able to remember the dream conversation the two of them had, had. Clearing her throat to corral Quinn's wandering attention, the spectre carried on with her news.

"Because a large part of your welfare is intertwined with that of your family, it was decided that Rachel should have her own guardian angel, someone who can instantly find you if you're needed, someone who has a close connection to you."

Brow creasing in thought, the athlete glanced between the two ghosts speculatively.

"So…you're going to be Rachel's angel as well as mine?"

As Gaby rolled her eyes, J.D couldn't help but laugh and nudge Quinn's side gently.

"Geez Montana you don't listen do you? She's getting an angel of her own…me, I'm going to watch over her for you, and the babies when they arrive of course!"

Quinn seemed in a state of shock and the teen's smile faltered slightly, fiddling with her friendship bracelet awkwardly she mumbled.

"Um, I mean…only if you want, there are other people more qualified to do it I guess, but, cos we have a sort of connection already I guess they thought…"

Before she could grow any more insecure about the pilots lack of reaction, she found herself letting out a yelp of surprise as she was tackled into a bear hug. Holding the teen close, Quinn felt all of her rapidly growing maternal instincts blossoming outwards; the reason she couldn't speak yet was because she was choked with emotion. Seeing J.D. start to question whether she was welcome or not had, however, spurred her into action, that action being a hug that she hoped would convey everything her brain seemed unable to articulate at that particular moment. Over the teen's shoulder Quinn caught Gaby's eye, and blinking the tears out of her own, mouthed the words 'thank you!' the redhead winked and mouthed back that she was welcome. After a few immeasurable moments of heavy silence, the pilot cleared her throat, ruffling the protesting, giggling teenager's hair.

"I'm definitely okay with that kiddo, in fact I'm sort of over the moon about it, though how this is going to work is beyond me, I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm happier than a fat kid in a donut shop about you being here…but how on earth is this going to work if Rach can't see you or hear you?"

Gaby rose smoothly to her feet and spoke, even as the teen opened her mouth to reply.

"This is where I take over kiddo, the explanation is kind of…complicated."

Waiting for J.D.'s reluctant nod, Gaby smiled and turned to her friend who was getting that frustrated look she wore whenever things weren't going fast enough for her.

"While I'm technically your guide as you work through the jobs you're given, I'm not an actual guardian angel, J.D. is, or will be at least, therefore the rules she's governed by are sort of different."

Yawning as much as she could with her jaw wired shut, Quinn shook her head slightly.

"If this is going to get complicated then I need food first, and preferably before Rachel comes back from the market and see's me talking to myself again."

J.D's stomach gave a gurgle of sympathy for the blonde's own hunger pangs and Gaby shook her head at the two of them.

"Still thinking with your stomach huh Fabray? Okay, well let's take this down to the kitchen then because I'd rather not have to go through it all twice!"

Grinning, Quinn grabbed her robe from the back of the door and slipping her feet into the zombie slippers that Santana had brought her on her last birthday, led the way down to the kitchen. Ten minutes later and armed with a large mug of filter coffee, a beaker of blended Froot Loops and two straws, Quinn gestured for Gaby to commence with the great reveal. Rolling her eyes at the way the blonde sucked the pureed cereal into her mouth with an almost sexual groan of gratification, the ghost sat on the kitchen counter and began to explain.

"Okay, now normally a guardian angel is just as you've described, seen and not heard! However, your condition and position in the grand scheme of things is somewhat unique, all this means that we've had to rethink how things usually work. The result is there's a sort of ritual that we need to perform."

At the blonde's wide eyes, Gaby rushed to reassure her before she could swallow her incredibly full mouth to ask the question the ghost knew she wanted to.

"Whoa calm down Fabray! When I used the word little it's because it's something very small and personal, it doesn't include chicken's blood or altars or anything else worrying…sheesh, you really do watch too much Discovery Channel!"

Rolling her eyes, Quinn went back to 'eating' her cereal as she casually flipped Gaby the bird. Hearing J.D. giggle and belatedly remembering she was now supposed to be setting the teen an example, she flushed slightly and muttered an apology. Sighing the sigh of the put upon, Gaby carried on.

"Anyway…as I was saying before, after this is done, Rachel will be able to see, hear and interact with J.D fully."

It was the teenager that interrupted her this time as she hadn't known this herself.

"Really?! You mean like…well, like I was alive again?"

The last two words came out almost in a whisper and at the mix of hopefulness and bewilderment in her voice, Gaby's face softened into a gentle smile, she nodded while Quinn watched on, fascinated.

"Yeah kiddo…this is something that doesn't happen very often for obvious reasons, such as the fact people who might recognise you as you were before are still around. But you bonded with Quinn on an emotional level, and she needs that almost as much as, if not more than, Rachel."

Looking to the pilot who had just finished her cereal, Gaby raised her eyebrows; somehow Quinn just knew that it was time for her to be honest with J.D. about how she felt. Something she had always been loathe to do beforehand as she had known the teen spectre would need to pass on and out of her life at some point. Now, however, the expression in Gaby's eyes was telling her that however things ended up playing out, she needed to tell J.D. how she felt about her, for the kid's sake as well as hers. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, Quinn tried not to fidget as despite her very open and loving family, she still found emotional openness awkward.

"J.D…I knew when I met you that something had sort of, flicked a switch inside me, but until recently I didn't fully comprehend what that switch was or what it meant. The truth of it is that becoming a parent was something I constantly worried about, I mean what if the babies are born and I suck at it, or I don't know how to connect with them properly. Then you came along and I just knew…I knew that I could do it, that I could be maternal, because that's what I felt when I met you. I wanted to look after you, protect you, hug you, scold you…I mean I know you had, or have, parents, but…despite that I feel like you're mine, I love you as though you're my own daughter Jodie and having you join our somewhat unique family is more than I could have dared hope for."

For a moment there was silence, then J.D. rushed forward into Quinn's arms, holding her close, the pilot closed her eyes and smiled, although the gruff teen wasn't able to verbally say that she had felt the same sort of link, she was doing so with her hug and the way she relaxed into Quinn's arms. After a moment, Gaby reluctantly interrupted them when she spoke quietly.

"I hate to break up the love-in…but I need to finish this explanation before Rachel returns and we have to commence with the ritual."

At her friend's quizzical eyebrow raise, the redhead shrugged a shoulder.

"It takes a lot out of me to complete it is all, and that means you're going to have to be the one to explain it all to Rachel, and no offence Sherlock but your attention levels aren't always at their best when you're distracted…which is all the time!"

J.D. laughed at that and playing up for the teens amusement, Quinn puffed her chest out proudly before crossing her arms and raising a challenging eyebrow.

"Name one time, one time Gabrielle Armaro, that I got so distracted I didn't know what was going on around me!"

Grinning cheerily, Gaby held up a hand and began to count down on her fingers.

"Cheerleader camp when you were so busy drooling over the coach you somersaulted directly into the pyramid and sent everyone tumbling! Science class sophomore year when you added the wrong chemicals together and set fire to the bench because you were trying to read comics at the same time. The field trip to that ranch when a branch smacked you off your horse because you were plane watching. That time at the pool when…"

Holding her hands up in a very hurried surrender, Quinn spoke swiftly.

"Okay, okay! Geez…I said one incident not a list, and I get the point, I'll pay attention!"

Smiling sweetly, Gaby waited until Quinn directed her full attention to what she had to say, although one hand remained wrapped around J.D.'s shoulders as the teen seemed reluctant to separate from her.

"Good, now back to the point in hand, for Jodie to be an efficient guardian angel she needs to be able to interact with not just you and Rachel but the world in general. And as this situation doesn't occur often and is indeed considered 'special circumstances', it's been decided that in a very real sense Jodie will get her life back."

Next to her, Quinn heard rather than felt the sharp intake of breath the teen took, holding her closer, soothingly, the pilot spoke for her.

"But what about the issues you raised, the fact that her parents and friends will still be around?"

Swinging her legs back and forth, Gaby carried on with her explanation trying to keep it as brief as possible for both the shocked and hopeful teen and the easily distracted pilot.

"Quite, in order to combat that, Jodie's appearance will adjust when the ritual is completed, not drastically, but she will become the age she was meant to be had her death not occurred. In addition to that she has to promise not to contact anyone from her previous life, this may sound harsh but it is for not only her personal growth but for that of her parents as well. They are learning to deal with the truth and to forgive each other and move on, they have their own paths and destinies, and Jodie, you have to trust that this decision wouldn't have been made if it were not the best for all those concerned."

Seeing Jodie lost in thought, Quinn nodded to Gaby, letting her know that she had this. Turning to face the teen, she absentmindedly tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ear and spoke softly.

"It's a tough decision to make kiddo, if you can't do it then I'm not going to think any less of you, God knows you have more than earned the right to just pass on and rest in peace, and giving up everything you had to be with a family you don't know that well is a big risk. The only thing that matters to me is that you make the decision that's going to be right for you."

J.D. looked thoughtful for the longest time, mostly looking inwardly though occasionally her gaze would flick to Quinn or Gaby, both of whom were waiting patiently for the girl's decision. Eventually Jodie drew in a deep breath and squared her shoulders, her decision had obviously been made.

"Before…all this, maybe I'd have said 'go to hell' or just walked out on you both…but things are different now. I know there's more going on than I'll most likely ever understand so I have to go with what I do know. And what I do know is that my parents are gonna be okay now, I also know that what you do is so important, that it re-balances the scales when something sends them out of whack…and I do know, that you love me like a daughter already, and that I love you like I loved my own mom."

Smiling shakily, Quinn hastily repeated the mantra in her head, dontcrydontcrydontcry! And just kept hold of the teenager she secretly never wanted to let go of. Smiling back, J.D. squeezed the pilot's hand as she finished in a soft, almost shy tone.

"I know you might see it as a big decision to make, but to me the decision was made when you first agreed to help me Montana…I'm staying with you and Rachel, if she's agreeable to it that is."

Smiling so widely her wired jaw throbbed, Quinn kissed the teen's forehead and spoke just as softly.

"I think a part of her loves you already kiddo, you did save my ass after all, via the peanuts granted, but it was you that did it!"

After giving them a moment to be mushy, Gaby cleared her throat to regain their attention.

"Right, now that's all explained I suppose we should go for a while so you can explain it all to Rachel. When you've done so and she tells you what she thinks about it all, call me and we'll be back to complete things, okay?"

Reluctantly letting go of J.D., Quinn nodded and watched the teen head back over to Gaby, letting out a breath she ran her good hand through her hair.

"Okay, get out of here before I don't let you…and just make sure you get here exactly when I call so I don't worry!"

Gaby smirked and shoved gently at J.D.'s shoulder.

"Ha, get used to that kiddo, overprotective parental Montana headed your way!"

Groaning slightly and rolling her eyes, Jodie couldn't quite keep the pleased light out of her eyes. Quinn just shot a playful glare at Gaby as she watched them disappear with a half smile, glancing down at herself she sighed before muttering.

"Okay, look's like I better get dressed and sort myself out, this could be a somewhat… interesting conversation with Rach!"

Chuckling to herself, she rinsed the beaker she'd used for breakfast and popped it into the dishwasher before heading back upstairs, still unable to get the grin off her face at the prospect of J.D. becoming a part of their family. By the time Rachel got back from the market Quinn was dressed in jeans and a grey v-neck sweater, smiling happily she went out to help Rachel from the jeep.

"Hey you, I told you to wake me and I'd take you to the market, you shouldn't be lugging shopping bags around in your condition, not to mention struggling in and out of this old thing."

Accepting Quinn's help gratefully, the little diva allowed herself to be half lifted with Quinn's good hand. Reaching up, she placed a soft kiss on her fiancés lips then reflexively winced at a twinge in her lower back. Before she could even open her mouth to protest the fact that Quinn herself only had had the use of one hand to unload the groceries, she found herself propelled into the comfortable chair the pilot had moved into the kitchen. Despite her casted hand, it took only three trips for Quinn to bring everything in and she immediately put the kettle on to boil for tea, leaning down she brushed a kiss across Rachel's temple before carrying on the conversation she had been in the middle of outside.

"Why'd you let me sleep in huh? I would have come with you baby."

Reaching up to pat Quinn's cheek lightly, Rachel shrugged a shoulder.

"I'm used to getting up early these days Froot Loop, and you were so exhausted last night I just wanted to let you sleep in, and despite your assertions young lady, getting the snot kicked out of you is a lot more wearing than being pregnant…for now anyway."

Stealing one more kiss, the pilot went back to finish making the tea before joining Rachel at the kitchen table.

"Well…I'll let you get away with it just this once, but next time I'll sulk and pout and all those other things that mean I'm not happy! And we are definitely getting a new car this afternoon, that's not even a question because watching you struggle in and out of that jeep makes me wince let alone you."

Chuckling at Quinn's imitation of the look she made whenever she saw Rachel struggling in and out of the car, the diva swiped at her leg before acquiescing.

"Okay, well you know the ones I like and I know we can afford it but don't let yourself get ripped off, and don't go getting any accessories that we don't need, you know what those salesmen can be like!"

Popping off a cheeky salute, Quinn settled down with Rachel's hand in hers, just enjoying being with her for a few peaceful moments. However, there was work to do and definitely some explaining so taking a deep breath, the pilot assumed a casual tone and started.

"You're not gonna believe who stopped by this morning while you were out…"

An hour, and several cups of tea later, Rachel was settled back in the chair while Quinn rubbed her feet softly, soothing the aches that had gathered there from just the one simple shopping trip. She knew Quinn was masking her own enthusiasm as she didn't want to colour the diva's decision with her own desires, smiling softly, Rachel tilted her head slightly as she spoke quietly.

"You don't have to you know?"

Looking up with true confusion, the only less than elegant reply the blonde could come up with was…


Setting her lukewarm chamomile tea down, Rachel gestured for Quinn to join her, masking her trepidation, the pilot moved back to her own seat, wrapping her arm around the diva who immediately snuggled closer.

"You don't have to worry about forcing me into a decision based on the way you feel…and before you even attempt to object, remember how well I know you!"

Chuckling at the slightly guilty look on Quinn's face, she reached up and brushed her hand through tousled blonde locks, immediately the pilot relaxed.

"I know how much you love that kid Quinn, you never even had to say it, I could see it in your eyes whenever you talked about her. She helped bring you back to me and the peanuts baby, even if she hadn't and I didn't feel the same way as you, there's no way I would deny her, or you, the chance to explore your maternal connection with her. As it happens, however, I feel I already know and love her as one of our children, I know that's extremely strange but I really don't know how or even if I can explain it any better than that. It just feels incredibly, right that she join us…you know?"

Swallowing her tears down, Quinn cleared her throat and nuzzled further into Rachel's arms.

"Yeah, I know exactly what you mean and I can't explain how happy this is gonna make me, her and you! I guess I should call them down and we can do this, ritual, whatever it is, maybe we should go into the lounge for that though, a little more comfortable than the kitchen huh?"

Smiling, Rachel nodded her agreement, but as she stood up she suddenly remembered something and let out a yelp of excitement, jumping a clear foot in the air Quinn whirled round in shock."

"What, what is it, what happened?!"

Holding a hand out to lay on the pilot's arm and calm her, Rachel was quick to explain.

"Calm down, I just remembered something that I think might be appropriate to this situation!"

At the blonde's confused look, Rachel went on to explain.

"Well, when I gave you the tour of the house the other day I missed your office remember? But now, and considering this ritual is connected with ghost business, I think it's the perfect time to show you what we came up with for you."

Taking in the diva's gleeful smile (and admitting to a renewed sense of curiosity) Quinn nodded, wrapping her good hand around the diva's, she inclined her head towards the staircase.

"Lead the way gorgeous."

Almost skipping with glee, now that she had rested, Rachel led the way up the stairs, past the second storey and up towards the attic rooms, which they were mostly using for storage…or so Quinn thought. As they reached the landing she saw that while the door on the left hand side was the same solid wood it had been when they moved in, the right had been replaced. Instead of the solid wood, it was now half wooden with a large clouded glass panel that had been inscribed with gold leaf to read Quinn Fabray Private Investigator (Unusual Cases A Specialty). Laughing at the inscription, the pilot ran a hand across the lettering, then, taking a deep breath she entered her new office. And couldn't help the grin that lit her features as she took in how much thought had gone into the décor, one half of the office was a stereotypical 1950's P.I. office, desk, chair, filing cabinets, hat rack complete with trench coat and trilby, and of course the two battered brown leather sofa's (that had recently been in their flat) for waiting clients. Turning round, she laughed again as she saw the other half of the 'office' was more like a big kid's playroom, complete with a mini basketball court, small gym area complete with punch bag, and an entertainment centre set up.

"This is…awesome!"

Picking Rachel carefully up, Quinn spun her round, peppering her face with kisses. Giggling at the ticklish sensation of some of them; the diva waited to be set down again then tried to assume a more serious expression.

"It's not just for show you know Froot Loop, follow me and I'll show you what I mean."

Willingly letting the brunette lead her towards the desk, Quinn rose both eyebrows as Rachel unlocked the drawers with a small set of keys and revealed the diaries that had previously been in her mother's loft.

"They're all here listed in order of date in case you need to refer to them…there's also something that Santana actually insisted on when she learnt just what it is you do."

Trying not to feel as cautious as she was at the prospect of just what it was her detective friend had felt was necessary, Quinn followed Rachel to what looked like a closet. Upon opening it however, her eyes widened as she took in what was essentially a C.S.I's workbench, on one end was a thick stack of textbooks.

"Um…she does know I have no idea what I'm doing with any of this stuff right? I mean technically I know how the machines work but…"

Trailing off, Quinn flailed her arms trying to convey her thoughts, Rachel found herself snagging the waving hands gently and bringing them back down to rest between the two women.

"Calm down baby, she knows you aren't able to use it, yet…however, as she rightly pointed out, if you're going to end up running around and picking up pieces of evidence that might help bring cold cases to a close then you had better damn well do it in a way that won't shoot the case to hell…her words not mine!"

Smirking at the fact she could almost picture the Latina stood in front of her growling the words out, Quinn nodded in agreement before looking at the textbooks.

"So, I take it I'm about to start studying again?"

Rachel nodded, then leaned forward with a twinkle in her eye.

"I'm afraid so, but on the bright side I can certainly offer you some incentives to get the best results, incentives your professors most definitively couldn't offer you!"

Unable to stop the grin creeping over her face at the thought of what those incentives might be, Quinn glanced at the textbooks again.

"I have always liked the rewards that come from some good hard…studying."

Smirking, Rachel wound her arms around Quinn's neck, pulling her down for a kiss she murmured huskily.

"Have I ever told you that you're nothing but a gigantic pervert sometimes Fabray?"

As a reply, the blonde grinned back unrepentantly, murmuring.

"You love it Berry!"

Those were the last words spoken for quite a while as the two concentrated on the kiss, with her jaw wired shut, Quinn was remembering the sensations she could illicit from the diva with her lips alone. For her part, Rachel found the soft and sensual kisses to be more knee-trembling than the hungry and deep approach. As such she found she had to fight to keep from pushing her fiancé to the floor and really going to town! Knowledge of why they had come up there in the first place prodded her libido back into place however, so with one last gentle nip of the pilot's lower lip, she pulled back and rested her forehead on Quinn's collarbone.

"As much as I would love to follow this little encounter through to what I'm sure we would both find is a pleasant and very fulfilling conclusion…we are sadly here on business."

Exhaling shakily, Quinn nodded and was glad her co pilot wasn't due for a day or so yet, meaning the only thing she had to consciously 'lower' was her rapidly beating heart rate.

"Yeah, yeah you have a point…besides there's plenty of time for that later!"

Wiggling her eyebrows, she smirked and agilely ducked the diva's hand swipe as she led the way to one of the two sofa's. Sitting down, she held Rachel's hand in hers tightly and called out for Gaby. Mere moments later her friend appeared, J.D. in tow and looking slightly worried at the prospect Rachel might not be comfortable with her, although the diva had yet to be able to see or touch the spectres, she found herself instinctively knowing when they had appeared. Smiling softly, she spoke before Quinn or either of the spirits could do so.

"J.D.? I know you're here even though I can't see you yet…and I just want to tell you that I can't wait to have you with us. I owe you so much already and maybe I can get to repay some of that now, as you join our family."

Rachel couldn't see yet, but Quinn and Gaby were both aware that the teen had moved up to stand by the diva, arms half raised before she remembered she wasn't 'alive' yet. Gaby spoke softly, conveying the information concerning the ritual to Quinn who then explained it to Rachel. As the redhead had said earlier it wasn't a complicated ritual at all and once she knew what was happening, the pilot turned to Rachel with a very slight flush.

"Okay, so…here's what we need to do, um, we hold hands and I use my other hand to hold Gaby's, she in turn will hold J.D.'s hand and then…um, well, then you and I kiss."

Clearing her throat and rubbing at the back of her neck awkwardly, the pilot tried to ignore Gaby's sniggering and J.D's roll of the eyes. Rachel fought the smile she wanted to let loose and forced herself to raise a cool eyebrow.

"And the prospect of kissing me is causing you distress?"

Flushing a darker shade of red, Quinn stumbled over her own words in her haste to explain.

"No, I mean yeah, but not…well, not like you're implying! What I meant was that, well ya know, kissing in front of my friend and our soon to be sort of adopted teenaged daughter is kind of embarrassing!"

Lips now quirking as the smile almost broke through, Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Honey, I hate to break it to you but when we get married you have to kiss me in front of everyone, plus no offence to J.D. but she is going to have to get used to the fact we kiss each other, frequently in fact! Shock horror news here Fabray but as I love you, I also love kissing you…so shut up, take my hand and kiss me!"

Glancing to the side where Gaby had hold of her other hand and was convulsed with silent laughter, Quinn raised a threatening eyebrow. The implied threat fell flat however when the redhead only laughed harder, turning in exasperation to J.D. she gave up when she saw the teen was also sniggering.

"Okay, geez, I get no sympathy around here!"

Sighing, she turned back to Rachel, and at the grin on the diva's face, finally chuckled herself.

"I know…I'm too shy for my own good, but I think I remember you saying something about a kiss?"

Smiling softly, the brunette hooked the forefinger of her free hand into the collar of Quinn's sweater and pulled her forward murmuring under her breath.

"So I did…"

Once more covering the pilot's lips with her own, Rachel kissed her softly, conveying as much love as she could with gentle languid strokes of her lips and tongue. Feeling herself melting slightly at the pure affection in the kisses, Quinn was dimly aware that her other hand, intertwined with Gaby's, was growing warmer and warmer. She was actually aware of little more than the embrace of her soul mate, somehow, this time, and with this kiss, she seemed aware of Rachel's emotions and thoughts as well as her own, it was…extreme, to say the very least. Not only were her own feelings sweeping over her in waves but so were the little diva's, and what she felt from her, the love and affection, literally took her breath away, leaving her light-headed. It was only when a throat cleared itself hesitantly that the two women pulled apart to be confronted by an exhausted looking Gaby and a shocked but pleasantly amazed J.D. Rachel's gasp alerted Quinn to the fact that she could indeed now see the teenager as well, which, the pilot belatedly realised was now reflecting the 18 year old body she would have had and not the thirteen year old one Quinn had first met. The answer to the question of whether or not Rachel would be able to touch the teen was answered when the little diva stood, and after meeting J.D.'s blue eyes, pulled her into a hug that rivalled the one Quinn had used. While the two embraced, Gaby squeezed Quinn's hand which was still in hers, looking up into the tired eyes of her friend, the pilot smiled softly.

"Thanks for this…I mean it Gabs, for me and Rachel, but most of all for J.D."

Winking back, the redhead took her hand from the pilot's.

"You're more than welcome Sherlock, but now I need to go get some downtime and you need to go and do some family bonding…and probably some clothes shopping as well."

Laughing softly, Quinn nodded and after watching her friend disappear, turned to see Rachel and J.D. both looking at her with their arms open wide. Grinning, she made her way over to enthusiastically embrace the nucleus of her soon to expand family. Over the next few days, the three of them settled into a very comfortable existence, J.D was given the spare room for herself and with the help of Quinn in a practical sense and Rachel in an organisational one, they redecorated it so it more suited the teen's taste. However much she wanted to help Rachel out however, Quinn managed to duck out of the clothes shopping expedition by arguing the case that she could get the dinner ready. J.D. let her off the hook saying she was more than capable of keeping an eye on the diva, apart from those potentially dramatic episodes, the three had just spent time getting used to each other. It was just as Rachel had said however and rather then needing to learn to be around each other, it was as if the teen was always meant to have been with them. The first test came when Shelby turned up three days after J.D.'s joining the family unit, as agreed earlier, the explanation for the girl's appearance would be that she was Quinn's cousin who had moved there after her parents emigrated. It was J.D. herself that answered the door that day, and did a double take when she saw the dark haired woman that stood there…looking so much like Rachel.

"Whoa, are you like Rachel's sister or something?"

The agent's mouth moved up and down for a few seconds without any words making themselves heard before Quinn inadvertently rescued her when she showed up behind her after picking up their new car.

"Who is it…oh, Shelby, it's you, I thought Rachel was going to meet you at the office tomorrow?"

Although she tried her hardest to be polite for her fiancés sake, Quinn found it hard to hide her dislike for the always immaculate agent and knew the feeling was mutual. Smiling coldly now that she was back on familiar ground, Shelby flicked her hair over her shoulders and sniffed haughtily.

"Yes, but I thought rather than make her come to meet me in that awful jeep it would be simpler if I just came here to tell her the details about her meeting. She really shouldn't be pulling herself in and out of that jeep in her condition you know?"

Grinding her teeth so hard it was actually audible, Quinn forced a smile that was just as false as Shelby's as she gestured behind her to the new Chevy Volt MPV5 sat in the driveway.

"I know, if not for the mugging it would have been done earlier but the hospital stay sort of put a crimp in my plans."

Ignoring the reference to the mugging (which was how Quinn's injuries were explained to those not in the know), Shelby instead looked at the car as if she were inspecting it.

"It's rather big isn't it? Going to use a lot of gas to keep a tank like that going, and you know how Rachel hates fossil fuels."

Forcing herself to maintain her serene smile, the blonde crossed her arms as she explained patiently.

"It's an electric car for the main part, and was voted car of the year actually, also, two of the car seats were ordered and fitted through them via the isofix system which is the safest system you can get. Rachel chose the car herself and I made sure the car seats were the best we could get, so I know for a fact she will like it just fine."

Smiling back just as falsely, Shelby entered the house and walked past the puzzled J.D. who was eyeing her warily.

"Well…it's good to see you're seeing sense these days."

Before Quinn could reply, Shelby walked off toward where she could hear Rachel's voice coming from. Growling under her breath, Quinn stalked in and after taking her boots off and hanging her coat up, answered J.D.'s silent question.

"Rachel's agent, she's like one of the top agents working today but…I hate her face so much I'd rather have wiped my boots on it than the mat."

Stifling a snort of laughter, the teen closed the door and led the way to the kitchen, muttering under her breath.

"Why does she hate you so much, did you like, kick her puppy or something?"

Throwing her hands up in exasperation, the pilot let some of her frustration with the situation leak into her words.

"I don't know! I mean, if I could pinpoint a reason she's such a bitch to me I could call her on it…but so far as I know I haven't done anything to offend her or piss her off. I can't tell Rachel how much I hate her because to be fair to Shelby she has moved heaven and hell to get Rachel and Kurt's careers started. Most of the time it doesn't get to me because we rarely have to see each other, but I hate the way she looks at me like she's constantly judging me!"

Shaking her head slightly, J.D. mused on the awkward and inexplicable relationship between the two women.

"Maybe she's just jealous or something, like, she see's Rachel as her protégé and thinks she could do better. Which is bullshit by the way, cos there's no one that could love Rach more than you do, and vice versa."

Gently cuffing the teen's ear for the cuss word, Quinn smiled warmly.

"Remember your language kiddo, or the babies' first words are going to end up being something out of an R rated movie! And maybe you're right, Shelby has been described as ruthlessly ambitious on her clients' behalf…but if that's the case I wish she'd back off and realise there is no way I would ever stand in the way of Rachel's career."

The two fell silent as they entered the kitchen where Shelby was moving around and making the tea as though she owned the place, feeling herself bristling at the presumptuousness of the woman, Quinn was gearing herself up to confront her when Rachel's hand pulled lightly on hers. Looking down, she saw the diva's slightly apologetic look which was confirmed when she mouthed the word sorry, immediately feeling the aggravation leaving her body, Quinn sat down next to Rachel and winked to show she was fine. Reaching down she picked up the diva's feet and began to rub them and the calves soothingly, seeing that the adults were otherwise occupied, J.D. took the opportunity to head back upstairs to her room and carry on catching up with five years of movies and T.V. Turning around, Shelby froze for a moment when she realised Quinn had joined them both, but smiling her patient smile she brought the tea to the table after making a third for the pilot.

"I hope you don't mind Shelby, but Quinn has said she will come with me so I'd love it if she was in on this meeting as it would save me from having to remember and repeat it…plus my legs and feet would definitely thank you!"

Smiling at the happy grin the diva was wearing, Shelby's expression softened and she spoke in a tone Quinn had never heard her use with Rachel before, it was almost…loving.

"Of course not Rachel, anything that helps you feel more comfortable."

As she refused to glance Quinn's way, she didn't see the speculative look on the pilot's face as she mulled over what exactly was prompting Shelby to talk so affectionately to her fiancé.

"Well, the meeting is all set up for next weekend, I'll book the tickets this week for you, they are very excited about working with you on this one, they've even started the preliminary drawings for the main character, just based on your headshots!"

While Shelby and Rachel chatted excitedly about the production the brunette would be involved in, Quinn just sat and watched, every so often she would smile or kiss Rachel's hand when the diva spoke to her…but mostly, she watched Shelby. Although she had always had a somewhat combative relationship with the older woman it really hadn't occurred to her how odd that was when she had done nothing to invite the agent's ire. J.D.'s throwaway comment about the agent possibly feeling jealous had sparked something in the back of her mind, something she wasn't altogether comfortable with. She was so engrossed with her silent scrutiny that she started slightly when she realised Shelby was standing to leave, before she could offer to show her to the door, the agent held up a halting hand.

"I'll see myself out Quinn, you stay here with Rachel, she looks like she needs a rest."

Sensing the hidden dig that she wasn't doing enough for the little diva, Quinn yet again bit her tongue and just smiled, she was glad when the agent finally left as her face had started to hurt from all the forced smiling. Turning back to Rachel, she saw the slightly worried look in the chocolate eyes and immediately relaxed, leaning forward to brush a kiss across the diva's questioning lips.

"Sorry, lost in thought babe, now…what do you say to an early night snuggled up in bed together watching one of your sickeningly romantic films and eating onion rings and Cheetos?"

Laughing slightly, Rachel pursed her lips in thought and countered.

"Hmm, well given the fact those are your snack favourites and you can't actually eat them how about instead we go for white chocolate malted milkshakes and Bugles, obviously those will just be for me but we can both have the milkshake."

Sighing dramatically, Quinn slapped a hand to her chest and let her head droop.

"As I acknowledge that solid food is a slight issue for me right now, I guess the shake would be a good move…I take it this means I'm about to go out and hit the Sugar Shack huh?"

At the mention of her favourite malt shop, which coincidentally sold the biggest of her latest cravings, Rachel's eyes lit up. Laughing, the pilot stole another kiss before sliding from the diva's grip and to her feet.

"Okay, you go fire up the DVD player and get comfortable, I'll go and get the shakes, and before you ask, yes, I'll make sure I get them to add that extra shot of vanilla syrup for you!"

Calling her thanks to the blonde's already retreating back, Rachel grinned happily and scurried upstairs to create the perfect snuggle zone. As she passed J.D.'s room she saw the teenager sliding into the leather jacket she'd chosen with the Captain America shield emblazoned on the back. Before Rachel could ask, Jodie grinned as she explained.

"Hey, no offence but as much as I love seeing how much you two guys love and dote on each other, I'd rather not be here constantly cramping your style…plus I need to go take my films back and choose some more."

Rolling her eyes affectionately, Rachel reached out and ruffled the teenager's spiked hair, the haircut was one of the first things Jodie had asked for, even before new clothes she wanted her hair cut short so she could spike it. Rachel had immediately taken her to see her stylist Bennett, he had been more than glad to gain another client, especially one who wanted a style so different to Rachel's, it made him feel more creative apparently! Mock scowling in a fashion that was very reminiscent of Quinn, J.D. straightened her spikes then picked up the stack of DVD cases on the side.

"You know, if you keep visiting that place you'll be caught up in no time, in fact…if I didn't know better, I'd say there was another reason you keep going there!"

Flushing slightly, Jodie raised a warning eyebrow as she made her way out of her room and down the stairs.

"I'm not going to dignify that with an answer Rachel!"

Laughing slightly, Rachel leant over the banister and sing-songed her answer.

"J.D.'s got a crush…"

Growling slightly, Jodie looked up, and with a discreet wink to show she wasn't actually angry, she headed out. Chuckling to herself, Rachel scurried back to the bedroom and set about creating her snuggle zone. Half an hour later and Quinn was back, toeing off her boots, she threw her coat in the vague direction of the coat hooks before heading upstairs with the treats. As she reached the bedroom, her face broke into a smile as she caught Rachel in an unguarded moment, snuggled in what looked like a nest of blankets and pillows, the diva had her eyes closed as she sang along to something on her iPod. Leaning on the doorframe, Quinn just took a moment to thank God and her good luck that she had been lucky enough to somehow attract, and even more miraculously, keep this woman. She was abruptly busted when Rachel's eyes popped open and she smiled shyly.

"How long have you been standing there, Miss Fabray?"

Shrugging casually, Quinn moved into the room before replying, carefully setting down the tray of shakes and bag of bugles that Rachel was craving, on the nightstand.

"Long enough to remind me what I miss when I'm apart from you, now hush and let's get comfy…what film are you making me suffer through tonight?"

Waiting for Quinn to change into her sleep shorts and T-shirt, Rachel lifted the duvet invitingly, sliding in next to her with a contented sigh, the pilot kissed the tip of the diva's nose.

"Actually, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by my choice of movie, it's not my usual selection, but I suddenly realised that I wasn't really in the mood for a romance. I figured that as I have my big tough athlete with me, I'd take the opportunity to choose something from the horror genre that I've wanted to watch for ages!"

Raising an eyebrow in question, Quinn found it answered equally as silently when Rachel hit the play button and the menu for Silent Hill popped up on the screen. Laughing happily, the pilot pulled Rachel closer and they settled down to watch the movie. Predictably, the diva spent most of it with her head buried against Quinn's shoulder, squealing for her to say when it was safe to look again, not that either of them really minded. The next morning brought a familiar and annoying pain for Quinn, growling irritably, the pilot reached down, and sure enough her co pilot was there, there and very alert. Sighing, she let her hand drop before kicking the covers off intending to go to the bathroom and take care of herself while Rachel slept on peacefully. Those plans were abruptly halted when Rachel (who wasn't in fact asleep and hadn't been for a long time) took hold of Quinn's hand to stop her, frowning in confusion, the blonde stifled a yawn before asking sleepily.


Biting on her lower lip seductively, Rachel jerked gently on their joined hands, pulling Quinn back into the bed fully.

"Don't go…let me see to that for you."

Swallowing slightly, the pilot felt Rachel already reaching down to take hold of what was rapidly becoming an extremely happy part of her anatomy.

"I'm not sure…I mean, I don't know how much I'm going to be able to do in return Rae, you don't have to…"

Shushing the nervous pilot, Rachel leant down to press a firm kiss to Quinn's slightly pouting lower lip, nipping the point of her lover's chin as she sat up. Rachel straddled Quinn's waist before speaking in a rough passion-filled voice.

"Trust me when I say I really don't mind, this is for both of us, and you…well, you've never let me do this before, be with you the day of the change, not so soon anyway."

Relaxing, Quinn pushed any worries or concerns she had about being selfish to the back of her mind, it wasn't actually that hard to do considering Rachel's hand was beginning to work wonders with her cock.

"Well…if you're s…sure."

Although her words were slightly hesitant her body was most certainly not, her hips moving in tandem with the stroking motion of the diva's hand. Quinn always suspected that this particular part of her anatomy didn't take very long for her to take care of after it's first appearance because it was overly sensitive…she now no longer suspected but knew for certain, it was less than five minutes into foreplay and she already felt close. Swallowing, she reached down to still Rachel's hand; at the confused, slightly hurt look in brown eyes, she rushed to explain.

"Just…one of the reasons I've always been reluctant is this thing is kinda sensitive, well, overly sensitive if I'm honest and I'm not sure how much…"

Knocking the pilot's hand aside gently, Rachel spoke even as she used the copious amount of pre cum to hasten the movement of her hand.

"I don't care Quinn, because ten seconds later you're good to go again and trust me…I'm going nowhere in a hurry!"

As the last word left her lips, she smirked triumphantly and watched Quinn arch upwards as her first orgasm hit, seconds later and still panting breathlessly, the pilot groaned as Rachel's prediction proved true and her traitorous cock sprang back to life. Chuckling, the diva let go long enough to position and lower herself onto Quinn's member.

"Now, let's see which one of us passes out first huh?"

Quinn's good hand palmed one of the diva's breasts eagerly, the fingers of her casted hand wrapping round the material of the sheet to gain leverage as she began to move in tandem with Rachel's thrust's. This was one competition she was more than willing to take part in…even if it did kill her!