Waiting For You

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Ikuto's P.O.V

I had just got back from an all-day search, with no luck. I had no new leads, no clues, not even a possibly hint to where my father might have gone. There was no trace of him. Not here, nor the other places my mother suggested. I'm starting to believe that he really disappeared off the face of the Earth. I dug in my pocket and took out the list of places to search. I skimmed the list all the way to the bottom and found "France". I crossed it out. "Well that's it." I sighed I've been to Spain, Italy, and now France.

I treaded to my bed, kicked off my shoes and collapsed onto it. I was exhausted. Snuggling deep into my pillow, closing my eyes and hearing the sweet sound of nothing I began to drift off to sleep. Then, the loud, blasting music of my ringtone disturbed my peace. Times like this I wondered why I listened to Girugamesh. "Ughh" I said, rolling over toward the nightstand and grabbing my phone. Normally I would have ignored it, but since I've been doing that for a while now I figured I might as well answer it. I forced my eyes lids to open and attempted to read, what looked like scribble plastered all over the screen. I waited for my eyes to adjust and tried again.

"Eh?" I rubbed my eyes and blinked a couple of times but the words and numbers were still there, clear as daylight. "700 unread messages and 301 missed calls". I was surprised. Had I've been gone that long? I scrolled down the list. Most of them were from Utau, "of course" I said to myself. There was some from mom, Tadase, Sanjo, Nikaidou, and one from "Rima? Who was Rima?" I mumbled to myself, trying to remember. It took me a couple of minutes, considering that my brain was processing things at a slow rate at the moment, but I remembered Rima being the short blonde non-athletic rich girl. What could she possibly want from me? She had left a voice message so I decided to check it. As soon as I did I regretted it at once.

Her voice was booming, louder than my ringtone and clearly angrily. I woke up a bit but still a little drowsy. "Great what did I do to piss her off", I thought. "IKUTO YOU PIG HEAD, BAKA, PREVERT, (mental note: Rima's going to feel my wrath when I get home). ARGGH! HOW COUD YOU NOT CALL OR EVEN TEXT AMU ALL THIS TIME?" I shot up then, fully awake now. "CRAP AMU!" I yelled. I didn't even hear the rest of the voice mail after that. I quickly started to think back. "How long has it been?" I asked myself. I finally calculated that I've been gone for about three months… "THREE MONTHS!" I shouted.

I quickly went through my phone history. I found a message saved in drafts addressed to "Hinamori Amu". Now it all came back to me. I had meant to send Amu a message the day after I left. But I had two problems. One, I had no idea what to say and two, how would I explain the "we'll continue this later" thing or the ….kiss? Well the sort of kiss, not sure if you could call it a kiss but I did kind of touch her lips. So it's a kiss …. right? Plus I left her on the bench after that "kiss" so she must have been mad. Therefore I thought I should give her some time to cool off too. "Ugh", basically I just kept procrastinating and eventually I lost track of time.

But now here's a new problem, it's been three months. I haven't contacted her once in these three months. So naturally she would think I'm uninterested in her by now or maybe even got tired of waiting for me. A lot can happen in just three months, what if she moved on? Just the thought of Amu being with some other guy tugged at my heart. I frowned, I'm sure Tadase has tried something by now. What if there together right now? "No", I shook those thoughts from my head "if they were Rima would not have called", I said to myself. Maybe I could text her now. Yeah! That's it, if I do that it'll clear everything up, I just hope I'm not too late.

"I hope Amu doesn't mind a text", I sighed. It's just that if Rima was that mad, then Amu must be furious. It's not like I'm afraid of Amu she's a couple of inches shorter than me. But still I wouldn't want to cross paths with angrily Amu. (o.o)

I sat on my bed, my phone in my hand staring blankly at the screen. "Great this again" I said as I realized once again I was faced with problem number one. My fingers started to move and I formed the words "hey what's up?" Seriously, that's what I came up with? I could hear Amu's voice now, "What's up? Oh nothing much you know just been wondering WHERE THE HE-"Obviously a bad idea. I quickly hit the back space key, deleting the horrible message. "Ok" let's try something else. "Ello,how have you been?" That one was at least decent, better but once again I could hear Amu's voice…"Oh I've been fine but you would know that IF YOU EVER CALLED YOU SON OF A-" Err never mind that one was a bad one too. I kept trying for another hour, still unsuccessful.

"So uncool Ikuto", I sighed thinking how stupid I must look, stressing over a simple message. But to me it wasn't just a message it was more than that. I don't know why but it just has to be perfect. Then it finally came to me. I hurriedly typed it before it escaped my mind.

"Dear Amu, I know it's been a while and I'm sorry about that. I had lost track of time. I understand you might be angry at me right now and you have every right to be. I broke our promise. But I miss you Amu. Do you miss me? Or have you forgotten about me already? If you have then I'll just have to make you fall in-love with me again. I'll be home very soon and I plan to continue where we left off at so be prepared.

Love Ikuto.

I pressed send. I smirked at how I knew Amu would blush while reading the last part. I laid back down again ready for sleep. But not for another all-day search, tomorrow I'll be taking the first flight back to Japan.

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