Waiting For You

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Amu's POV

"Amu..?" I vaguely heard the voice calling my name. I was so absorbed in my phone's contents that didn't even hear the person walk up behind me, nor felt the tap that was now present on my shoulder. I snapped out of my daze and looked up to see who it was that was trying to get my attention. It was Rima and she had an annoyed look on her face.

"Oh Rima", I said smiling up at her. "What's up?"

She lifted one of her eyebrows, "What's up?" she repeated, "Amu I've been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes, I think I should be the one asking you that" she said putting her hands on her hips.

"Oh um nothing" I replied, glancing back down at my phone. I small smile crept onto my face as I reread the text that Ikuto had sent me, of course I had already memorized it word for word by now, but each time that I read it my heart would flutter as my thoughts centered on Ikuto and how I knew that somewhere he was thinking about me as I thought of him.

"Let me see what Ikuto sent you"

"Huh?" I asked, once again being brought back into reality.

"Ikuto" He must have sent you something otherwise you wouldn't be smiling like some kind of pervert, she paused …. "Only he makes you do that" "Let me see it", she said holding out her hand toward my phone.

My cheeks turned scarlet "how did she know and do I really look like a pervert?" I thought. "Um why?" I asked, stalling her to try to come up with an excuse to why I couldn't give her my phone. I personally didn't want anyone to see what Ikuto had written for me, it was for my eyes only. Even if it was Rima who wanted to see it.

Seeing how I wasn't going to give it to her, Rima attempted to snatch the phone out of my hand but failed when I leaned back out of her reach, that's when she lost her balance and fell flat on her face to the ground followed by a loud "thud".

Rima stayed on the ground and didn't move. I got nervous, afraid she was going to pop up any second like on the horror movies with a furious look on her face, Rima really hated to be embarrassed. Instead she propped herself up on her hands and looked directly into my eyes. She looked hurt. Or at least she appeared to be.

"Amu-chan" she said softy, giving me the puppy dog eyes. "Is what Ikuto sent you that important? So important that you can't even show it to your best friend? Is Ikuto more important to you than me?" her voice became a whisper and she lowered her head so her eyes were hidden by her bangs. The wave of guilt hit me hard. Rima had won and she knew it. I walked over to her, helped her up and handed her the phone. I looked away embarrassed by the wide grin on her face when she finished reading it. She looked up at me and yelled, "Ganbatte Amu!"

Ikuto's POV

"One hour until landing" the voice announced from the speaker.

I had been nearly asleep but my ears had caught the word "hour" and my head quickly shot up. "One hour" I whispered to myself. I smiled; in only sixty more minutes I would be able to see Amu. On this fourteen hour flight, this whole entire time the only thing I thought about was her. It got so bad that my hear would flutter every time something pink caught my eye, only to be disappointed when finding out it was either a shirt or a hat. She was even in my dreams every time I closed my eyes I would see her smiling up at me holding out her hand for me to grab it, I would then wake up and look like a fool because my hand would be actually in the air trying to grab hold of the other hand that was never there. It finally occurred to me that I missed her terribly, I longed to feel her presence to hear her voice to hug her and tease her and to witness her many shades of red. "Ugh" I groaned sixty minutes seemed like a long time now, I couldn't wait to be near her. Why can't this plane go any faster?

Ok, I will admit I sounded like a whining child just then, but it's been so long, well… three months but to me it's feeling like three years. I sighed, pulling out the picture of Amu I had in my pocket, I was grateful I still had it. It was the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. I sat gazing at it for a while until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw that it was the old man sitting next to me, he was pointing at the picture of Amu.

"Is that your girlfriend?" he asked grinning at me.

I was taken aback by that question, after recovering I paused before answering thinking about it, "Is Amu my girlfriend?"

"Yes, she is" I finally answered.

"She's beautiful" he replied.

"Yeah, I smiled I know".

Amu's POV

"Amuuuuuuuu, If I sweep anymore my arms are going to fall oooooff" Rima whined. "I shot her an annoyed look, "We wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if you hadn't gotten us in trouble" I replied. Rima had been talking to me non-stop all day about Ikuto, she even texted me during a test since we were across the room from each other. We ended up getting caught and the teacher punished us with clean up duty for a whole week.

"But Amuuuuu this is way too much work!" she complained. I sighed, we had only been cleaning for about ten minutes and she was already complaining, a new record for her. Well actually I had been cleaning, Rima on the other hand just sat on a desk and swept the same spot over and over again. I had to admit though that one spot looked pretty shiny.

"You're just lazy Rima" I said while shaking my head. "You haven't even done anything".

"What are you talking about?" she said sounding genuinely confused. "Don't you see how shiny this spot is?" "I've been working ten minutes straight!"

We both burst out laughing.

"Hai, Hai, gomen Rima", I said while brushing the tears from my eyes. "I can see that you've worked very hard" She just grinned and nodded in agreement.

"So…..." she said while staring up at the ceiling leaning back onto the desk. "What are you going to do about Ikuto"

I stopped cleaning, and looked down "I don't know…." I said. "I'm not sure of my feelings, when he teases me it makes me mad, when he's not around I feel sad, when he hugs me I'm happy, but sometimes his words hurt and when he left I cried. But now that I know he's coming back I feel so excited and at the same time my heart aches and I don't know why", I sighed.

Rima smiled, "That's easy Amu, your in-love".

Ikuto's POV

I stepped out the airport feeling refreshed, looking up at the stars I whispered to myself "Amu…"

I'm home.

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