This is a dramatic romance story that use the characters of one of my favorite manga Naruto. I like the pairing of Itachi and Hinata and also Sasuke and Hinata, yet this will only have their likeness. I hate to try to re-do a character totally but I thought of this storyline for these characters and Sasuke is the one that's sort of OC, so just bare with that. He's not the focal point though. A friend of mine heard my idea and she just had to have me write it so I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think! Oh and for younger readers this is young adult for a reason. Enjoy!

I don't own any characters from Naruto.


Sasuke looked at his watch again while waiting for his mother and father to finish their discussion, in hopes that Itachi would soon arrive. The door opened and the six foot three eldest son strolled in with his brief case in hand.
"I apologize for my tardiness father. Lankford needed to make some reservations in Rowanda for some construction there." Bowing from his waist at both his parents he took a seat by his father's mahogany desk.
"Well I will forgive it this time. I need to know what your plans are so we can plan for a family trip. Sasuke is going out of town on some excursion with his brokers. What do you have?"
Mr. Uchiha looked at his tablet while they were being served tea from one of his office butlers.
"I don't think I want to go anywhere father. I actually wanted to talk to you about well, I feel that I want some changes in my life."
Sasuke looked up from his work for a moment while his mother noticed Mr. Uchiha flinch.
"Oh? Is this about some woman?" He somewhat groaned.
Itachi's mother perked up as did Sasuke who was working on his blog. Itachi shook his head in response before taking a deep breath. He knew he and his father often argued relentlessly about business and that feeling of an ensuing battle crept up his spine.
"I just want something from my own two hands father. All that I have is because of your work. I want to do something I'm passionate about. Build from the ground up and-"
"You have businesses that you have built." He said with some indignation.
"No. Those things were built in the name of the Uchiha, you father, your business, investments that have been established to bring in money for your companies, not necessarily mine."
Mr. Uchiha put down his tablet while he frowned at his son's thoughts of possibly taking over his money.
"So you want to take the reigns and run the family businesses? Well I'm not dead yet and-"
"No, I mean I want something that I put together with my time, talent, and effort. I want to do something I've dreamed of and see it prosper."
"What the hell are you talking about? You have dreamed of being a successful business man and that's what you are. You are an investing guru and unmatched accountant. Hell, you've made more deals for me as my son then I pay my own lawyers half the time."
Itachi took another deep sigh as he felt the tone of his father change.
"Look father, I've always followed in your footsteps as you have wished, but I want to walk my own path now and find out what I can do from my own ambitions and passions."
"What the hell else are you thinking you can do?"
The only sound in the room after his statement was the clicking of the clocks hand. The monarch looked at his son as if he told him he was about to give birth.
"Cook? Cook? That's why we hire people to cook for you! We don't cook, we allow women to cook for us!"
"But that's just it. I love to cook. I've been working with my chef and-"
"You've been cooking in your kitchen? Beside your chef? What sort of madness is that? You can get dirty in the kitchen! No son of mine works like that when I've busted my ass to provide nothing but the best for you."
"And for that I'm appreciative, but I want to go to culinary school to-"
Mr. Uchiha found his way to the chair Itachi was sitting in to stand over him and yell.
"Culinary school! I think you need to take a vacation. Crunching numbers is crunching your cerebellum! I'll call your office and have them clear your schedule and-"
"No father. I want to return to school because it's my passion and something I really want to pursue - for me." The tension hit the ceiling as another argue sprung up between the eldest son and the father. The men debated the years spent in growing the agency they were both profiting from, while Itachi brought out the points of why he should have his own life, his father pointed out why he should continue to ride in his shadow.
"Well my answer to that is absolutely not! You're twenty seven and set for life! How dare you waist my hard earned money to do some trivial search for yourself! Those years are over and your career is in business! End of discussion now where do you want to go for this trip?"
Waving his hand at his son as if that would end it, like it normally does, the monarch took his seat to resume working on their vacation.
"I'm-not-going." Itachi said flatly.
"I will take what I have in savings and start at Johnson and Wales University in the spring semester to start on my dreams."
Again there was an eerie silence and the black haired, onyx eyed millionaire stood with a look of annoyance. Sasuke put his tab on his side while listening even more intently. Their mother sat holding her chest knowing that she should not speak.
"Are-are you defying me? Well understand that the money in savings is my money. Without this company or its name you wouldn't even have a bank account!"
"Well then I'll start with my investors and-"
"They belong to me as well because you assist in finding new business partners for me! I won't stand for such a waist and I will hear nothing else about this stupidity! I often knew your brother was recklessly throwing his life away, not you."
Sasuke felt like giving his father the finger but knew it would cause even more tension so he simply rolled his eyes to the insult.
"I'm not throwing it away, but you can't stop me for reaching for my goals. I'm going back to school."
Itachi stated while standing to his feet.
"Not with my money you're not!"
"Fine, I'll work for myself. The opportunity will only fuel my desire to build up my own business faster so I don't have to use your money."
"If you pursue this ignorance I'll disown you, boy!"
Again the chamber was filled with silence. The hearts of all pounded roughly. Itachi squint his eyes angrily while biting back obscenities, but his ole man was stubborn, vindictive and greedy. He knew his father wouldn't be accepting of him wanting to break away from the family track but he knew he was right in following his own dreams.
"So you're saying… if I go after my dreams you will no longer call me son?"
"If you pursue anything other than what I've built for you, not only will I disown you, but you will be dead to me. Now what'll it be?"
His mother sat with her hand over her mouth, Sasuke's eyes widened, while Itachi clenched his fist staring into the black eyes of his father.
"Then so be it. I no longer have a father."
The gasp from his mother enraged his father even more as he stepped up in his son's space wishing he had some more height on him.
"I am your dreams and I am what has kept you all your life. You're nothing without me! So I suggest you think about what you're about to do. You have always been the achiever in our family and the money maker. I will destroy anything you have that was purchased with my money. I had already arranged meetings for you and companies for you to oversee when I die. You're going to throw that away for your little stunt for some independence!"
Grinding his teeth Itachi loosened his tie and began to unbutton his jacket. He threw his coat to the ground while unbuttoning his shirt and stepping out of his shoes. His father looked at him with a frown while his brother sat with his mouth stretching open. Itachi stripped down to nothing throwing his clothes in a heap at his father's feet.
"If all I am to you is material things then so be it. I don't need you and I don't need things."
Before he stepped back his father got in his face one last time.
"Walk away from me and I promise you'll be ruined! This is a dishonorable act and I'll erase your name from anything concerning this family. You will be dead to me."
"Then I die, but understand that you can take my clothes, money, and things, but I'll still rise above."
Rolling his eyes he turned his back to his father and marched out of the office and out of his father's good graces.
"Don't you turn your back to me! Itachi! Itachi! You leave this room and I will keep my promise to forget that you exist! Itachi!"
The yells fell upon death ears as he slammed the Oak door knocking some artifacts down to the ground. Sasuke scrambled to his feet to see if he could talk to his brother.
"Let the bastard go Sasuke, he's not at all what I thought he could be."
Mr. Uchiha had been arguing for some time now with Itachi over business decisions and they both had wanted to take the companies in different directions. Now that Itachi was gone, he knew he couldn't back down on his word, else risk looking week. So he made some phone calls to wipe out the name of his eldest son and work on filling in the void.