Chapter Thirteen

As the meeting went on Sasuke felt like pulling the trigger of a eight millimeter to his temple as Gai expressed his love for a cruiseliner fore the middle aged crowd.
"The endless possibilities! The chance of finding adventure and the ever flowing fountains of youthfulness erupting throughout the ship...It's got GUSTO!" The strange man clinched his fist while his associates shook their heads at their boss and Sasuke's scowl went into the negative digits.

"Well so look, do we have a deal? I need to wrap this up ya know." He hissed, while clutching his phone in his pocket. Number seven had been calling him for the past two hours at this point, and the meeting hadn't even gotten to the part for Sasuke to present his idea fully.

"Oh well you have to go? I'm so sorry, I thought I had you for the rest of the day and we were going to tour one of the ships." Gai's defeated look made one of his members chime in.

"Well sir, we can arrange another meeting in which we can actually hear Mr. Uchiha's proposal and not revisit the history of Carnival Cruises." The hint was quickly picked up my Sasuke who stood to his feet while gathering his brief case and paperwork.

"Oh well very well then. Okay, well guess till next time and oh yes, you can leave your schimatics for the ship's design, I'd love to look at your ideas."
"Sorry, but I don't give info unless we're talking money. Just the way I do business, and I've got to go. Two hours of my life are already lost." The ladder part of his statment was made under his breath while he left towards his car.

"What is it seven?"He asked while getting into his limo.

"Sir, I've been trying to call you. There's something odd going on. Itachi is well he's..." Number seven began to sniffle.
"What man just spit it out."
"He's doing physical labor."
The line was silent as Sasuke stiffened in disbelief and almost dropped the phone.
"Show me." He spoke in a low tone.
The driver downloaded Itachi working outside and took an occasional picture of Hinata bringing him snacks.

What the fuck? Uchihas don't do manual labor! Hell we hate to sweat and clearly he's pouring water like a stream. Why is he doing so much for her? She's a freaking cutie, but no woman would make me work my ass like that unless her pussy is a good as the bright new shine of a new dawn.

"Look, I've just gone through the worst meeting in my life and spent those two hours with a jolly green asshole. I can't take too much more."Sasuke felt his head throbbing.
"Well I did find out she's a caterer, so maybe he's helping her get her business started."
"Hn. Possibly. Keep me posted and definitely tell me where he goes to live. Send me the information of her business. I'll look to see why she's so special.
"Sure thing boss."

I need a massage, a drink, a hot woman, and some Doritos, thought the handsome exec.


It was now late in the evening and Itachi had pushed himself to the limits. He'd finished painting and working on her porch. He'd done some yard work giving her the beginnings of some nice landscaping and also mowed her lawn. It was almost nine and Hinata insisted he take a shower to sooth his muscles and have dinner. While in the shower she walked up to the door sheepishly and peeked in.

Oh I hope he has the curtain pulled. I'd hate to embarass myself. Course I'd love to see his-Oi, that's so terrible of me.

Shaking her head she pushed the door and set down at the counter an all black sweat suit set with a dark blue tee-shirt. When he came out he saw the gifts and smiled.

Oh how nice of her. She didn't have to do that for me. Maybe she's hinting I need to change up my look.

With much pleasure he dressed up and walked into the kitchen letting his hair hang down to air dry. Hinata felt her heart twist around.
"Oh we-well it-it-it really looks n-n-nice on you." With cherry cheeks she motioned for him to sit and he did after thanking her.
"Well you didn't have to do this for me. But I certainly appreciate it." He watched her set up the table and his stomach was already scratching his spine.

By Kami! I've eaten so well today, I hate to leave. The ware house is not like being in a house, and even Mrs. Cookie's cooking doesn't taste like Hina's. Things aren't the same when it's just you by your self. Course now its us. Just us. Hinata and me...

His thoughts wondered while she finished her preparations and she jogged up the steps to clean up as well since she was doing her normal house chores. When she came down she wore, a short dress with a blue ribbon about the waist. It just touched her knees and Itachi was surprised to see her in anything else but her calf high skirt with tee-shirt.


"Well, I felt that well we have worked so hard today that this night was special. I'm so glad to have found someone so nice and such a hardworker that I wanted to give you a wonderful dinner. We can discuss your menu and other plans for your restaurant since you are working with helpihg me achieve my dreams." She had the softest of rouge upon the tops of her cheekbones, but Itachi was mesmerized by her eyes and new look. Even though it was simple he felt his heart gooshing with a warmth that he hadn't felt before. It was more than just appreciation and it made him bow his head in gratitude and in admiration.

"I can't explain to you how special this makes me feel. You are a beautiful woman with a heart of gold and a spirit so positive that people around you want to gravitate to your charm. I'm blessed to sit and break bread with you Hinata and truly honored to share my dreams with you. I'm only doing my best so you can see the fruits of your labor."
The words of affirmation made her gasp and tear slightly. The soft lighting in the kitchen gave more of a romantic ambviance than expected and they watched the glimmer of love in each others eyes.

I've never felt like this with any other woman. Could this be what love is? I mean she's the perfect woman for someone with something to offer, but right now I have nothing. How crazy would it be to ask so much for one that gives without any thought of receiving. She's such an angel. I don't know what I'm feeling. Kami you could help out ya know.

Itachi blinked slowly before continuing his gaze.

He's so handsome and gracious. No one's ever given me such wonderul words. He's a hardworker and unbelievably smart. He's gentle and even spirited. I feel like I could tell him all the problems I have and he'd be able to solve them. He makes me feel safe and well, am I falling in love with him? Impossible. He's so good he's someone that needs someone more than me. Someone that's got there stuff together. Not robbing Peter to pay Paul. Oh Kami, I wish I knew how he felt about me. I know we get along but is this love that I feel?

The two realized they'd been gazing into each other's eyes. Neither wanted to move till the beep at the oven made them blink and chuckle. Hinata walked over and Itachi stood to help her. As they walked he miss judged his step and bumped into her when she bent down to open the oven door.

"Oh my! I'm so-so very sorry, I-"
"It's okay, I should've let you know I was going to well stop and uhm..."

She noticed he was in her space. He quickly realized it too as he began to close the gap between them.

"Open up the damn door Hinata!"
They both jumped to real time and Itachi frowned angrily.

Who the hell is that?

When she rushed to the door and swung it open, a bouncing Kiba was there whimpering with his huge dog.

"Kiba, wha-wha?"
"Let me in I gotta go really bad or I'll pea on your porch like Akumaru."

She let the young man in and he bolted to the back just like the dog. Itachi was miffed and stupefied. Hinata looked at him with apologetic eyes.
"Oh yeah, I need to tell you, about well, my so called fiance."



Author's note: This ends the first part of Rise Above. I'll be working on the second half soon. I know you guys are wondering what will happen next. So please stay tuned. We meet many more from the first teams in the next chapters. Thank you for your support and the hits and reviews! Take care and Happy Mother's Day to anyone with kids.