Black Roses

Hey guys or whoever is reading this. This is my new cars Fanfic. The name of this story was chosen by my friend CrashtheCat88 (thx CTC88! U ROCK!) . So yeah I hope you enjoy! This will have about 15/16 chapters if there are any reviews so make sure to review once you read! :). I take any reviews into mind. Oh and it's HUMAN FORM.


Everything in the recent weeks had gone in a blur and too quick for anyone to take into mind. Mater had become a spy, Lightning was almost assassinated and Lightning won the Radiator Springs Grand Prix (naturally). Sally Carrera slumped into the couch and sighed. She had a lot of paperwork to do. She glared at the stack of paper literally calling her to do the work. The front door opened and the sound of keys sounded.

"I'm home!" a male voice yelled from the front corridor. The man walked into the living room.

"Hey, Stickers," Sally sighed.

"You okay?" the man asked. He was none other than her boyfriend, Lightning McQueen (whose real name was Owen). He swooped down and kissed her cheek.

"Yea just stupid paperwork won't leave me ALONE! Everywhere I turn, paperwork is there!" Sally complained.

"Tell ya what makes you better," Lightning smirked. "A takeaway from the one and only Flo!" Sally rolled her eyes playfully and smiled.

"I can't. Paperwork is eating me alive and it needs to be done by Monday," Sally complained.

"It's Friday today," Lightning replied.

"Exactly. I want to At Least to get a weekend free. I'll see you later at Flo's at around, I dunno, 7?" Sally said before reaching up to kiss his lips. She picked up the stack of paper and walked into the kitchen. Lightning watched her leave. He walked out of the house a bit annoyed. She always had paperwork or something else on her mind. But never him. But if she did the work today, at least she would have the weekend free for him right? He slammed the door in frustration.

Seven 'O Clock came around eventually. McQueen was sitting in a booth waiting. The background music was A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

"I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more..." Christina sang over the radio. McQueen looked out the window and saw Mater and Holley making out from a distance. McQueen looked away and glanced at his watch. 7.10pm. She'll be here; women are always fashionably late McQueen thought to himself. He looked at the posters around him. There was a picture of the Wheel Well (where Sally first took him when he crashed into town all those years ago.) and a romantic picture of a sunset of the Willy's Butte. There was also a picture of Flo and Ramone's wedding photo. It said: "To Customers, thanks for dining with us! Love, Flo & Ramone! xx" It also read in a small print "Flo and Ramone were married on 14th February 1992". Suddenly his mind was on something else. Sally had said A Thousand Years by Christina Perri would be her wedding song. Wedding is was to be. Hopefully. He didn't even have a ring yet but he knew he wanted to marry this girl. Suddenly the door burst open.

"Sorry I'm late, Stickers!" Sally gasped. McQueen gave her a peculiar look. "I ran all the way."

"Ya know you're always late to things now," McQueen teased.

"What's that supposed to mean!" Sally replied. "I can't help it! Blame paperwork!"

"We never have time for each other anymore!" McQueen said back.

"Oh yeah, well you're the one who is always away in different parts of the world Risking your life on a track going 150mph!" Sally yelled.

"Actually, 210mph," joked McQueen.

"You're unbelievable! You say I don't have time for you? In case you haven't realized, I have to manage 2 motels which we own TOGETHER and I am waist-deep in paper work. Whatever happened to being there for each other?" Sally argued.

"We are there for each other, we just don't realise it sometimes. And my job gets us lots of cash," McQueen smiled. He kissed Sally sweetly on the cheek. Sally sighed.

"I've got to go. See you later." And with that, Sally was gone from the diner. McQueen felt angry at himself and Sally. He waited a few minutes and stormed out the restaurant. He cornered Sally trying to unlock the front door of their house.

"You do relieze I love you Sal," McQueen honestly said.

"I know but I have other things as well. Like cleaning the motels you don't even freakin' help out with and do paperwork which again you don't help me with," Sally explained, eventually getting the door open. "And being your girlfriend." McQueen thought for a second.

"Hey! You make it sound like being my girlfriend is a job!"

"Well sometimes it is okay! You never help me on anything and you're always too busy with your career to think of me or anyone else!" Sally replied.

"I think of you all the time! I think of you on the racetrack!" McQueen fired back.

"Really? Because if this is a job, I think I might quit soon. Now can you just go?" Sally finished before gesturing to the door. McQueen stared at her. This wasn't the Sally he fell in love with. He stepped closer towards her and pressed his lips on hers for a second.

"I have loved you for a long time. If you quit, I will die inside and will love you for a thousand years," McQueen said. Sally looked into his eyes and said:

"Go...GO!" McQueen stormed out and slammed the door. Sally waited until she heard the door shut and broke down onto the floor crying.

Then she reliezed something...

Love was just another excuse for getting hurt.