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Okay Ramble over. Here we go…

Everything was so surreal over the next year.

In Mid-August, Holley gave birth to a healthy boy. She went with what Mater would've wanted to name a son- Josh Mater Shiftwell. Everyday Holley took Josh to the grave of Mater.

Mater's grave was next to Doc's grave next to Wheel Well. It had inscribed on the grave: "Here lies Thomas "Tow" Mater. Amazing Man. Died fighting for his friends." Josh took his father's gorgeous hazel eyes and goofy smile.

Sally's dream had come true. She married the man of her dreams. He had amazing sapphire eyes, dark blonde curly looks and a huge heart despite how much of ego he had. His name was Owen "Lightning Stickers" McQueen. And she was Sally McQueen. At long last. She also herself gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl named Skylar. She had Sally's piercing green eyes, dark blonde tuffs and a pretty smile.

Billy became a permanent resident of the town. He helped out at Flo's Café. He acted as a guardian to Mia and Tia at the least. He acted as the father to them.

Sally collapsed on the sofa completely pooped out from work. Skylar was 2 months old and was being babysat by Holley with Josh. Sally glanced at the clock on the table; it read in red 20:40PM. Stickers should be home by now… she thought. Suddenly a knock at the door startled her in the depths of her thoughts. Who would knock at this time!? Holley's looking after Sky, Flo and Remone are asleep… Sally's hand flicked on the light switch before walking towards the door. In the doorframe, a tall slim, masculine figure with dark blonde hair and blue eyes with 2 heavy bags faced her. Sally waited a second before hug-tackling the man. She placed her lips on his and smiled. As the kiss came to a stop she felt tears welling up.

"Welcome home Stickers," she smirked. "Stickers" was still racing but he promised it would be his last season for a while. Lightning dropped the bags and placed his arms around Sally's waist. God he missed her so damn much. It felt like forever since he saw her. They may be nearly thirty, but they still love like teenagers.

"I missed you. So much," Lightning whispered as he wiped the tears away from Sally's eyes. "C'mon it's late. Let's go inside before it starts to rain."

The rain hammered on the balcony windows of their bedroom. It was pitch black. Lightning was fast asleep under the duvets. Sally was stirring and fidgeting in her sleep. Something was distressing her. She sprang up from her sleep in a blink of an eye breathing heavily before bursting into tears. Lightning blinked his eyes slowly before throwing his arms around Sally.

"What's wrong?" soothed the man.

"Memories and stuff. Ignore me…please," Sally begged.

"Chick isn't going to hurt you. Just pretend that what happened last year never happened. Remember how happy you were when you found out you were carrying Sky? How happy you were on News Year Eve? Can I have that Sally back please? I know you're fighting to forget Chick and what he did. Nightmares go away and dreams fix the damage done by nightmares," Lightning comforted. He kissed Sally's cheek in sweetness and Sally buried her head in Lightning's chest still crying. She was like Sky when she had a bad dream. Sky would bury herself into whoever was holding hers chest and fall asleep. Sally looked up at Lightning before smiling.

"Thank you Lightning. For everything." And with that, she kissed his lips. Lightning laid back on his pillow and Sally fell asleep in his arms.

The next day, sunlight glared through the window of the bedroom shining down on the town. Sally liked to think that the rain washed away bad memories and the sunshine the next day brought hope.

Sally knew the next chapter of her life would not be as adventurous as this chapter but she couldn't wait. She could watch Skylar grow up without any danger and live her life with Lightning.

As they say love conquers all. But that's another story…

~~~The End ~~~

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