So, I was in the Star Trek: TOS section of this site and I came across this story by Darkwood Princess. It's called "Five Things You Will Never Hear", and that's basically what it is—five ridiculously OOC statements a character can make.

I decided it would be nice to have one for the Merlin fandom. This one is Merlin, because he is the main character. Does anyone think I should continue?

I'm using this idea with permission from the author. Jussayin.


"Let all of Camelot save themselves, and if they can't, well, let it fall! Tough love!"

"Gee, I feel so bad for that nameless extra—maybe I should try to keep him/her alive. After all, she/he is a person, too."

"I'm not going to take this anymore! I am underappreciated. I quit."

"Arthur and Gwen have no chemistry. This is so forced."

"Good morning, Sire. I've already cleaned your room and polished your boots; your breakfast is on the table and the stables are spic and span… I'm at your service, though; anything else you might like?"