Dear all readers, I am sorry to say that this is not an update, but fear not, this author's note is actually important.

*clears throat* I recently got a review from a wonderful anon that pointed out that my story has a striking resemblance to Lisse's fic, "Got A Boy In the War". I felt that I should put this little note out there.

I have indeed read Lisse's brilliant fic, but I would like to say however; I wrote this little piece MONTHS before I read that fic, I just never posted it due to the fact that I was constantly re-editing and re-writing it. I would like to say that I never plagiarized and my ideas were my own, no matter how similar our fics may be (which I will admit is actually pretty awesome in a very creepy way).

Again, I did not copy her or plagiarized or anything like that and I would like to take the time to properly thank that Anon for pointing this out to me, I don't want to be seen as a thieve, copy-cat, etc.

Everyone, please have a nice day and I hope this cleared up any confusion and ill feelings, Lisse is a brilliant writer and I cannot even HOPE to be as good as her. You all should go and read her stuff, she's just simply amazing!