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Kiku Honda walked down the crowded New York Street, texting on his phone. Today was the day he would go on a date with Heracles. Their relationship hadn't exactly fallen apart over the last few weeks, but they hadn't gotten to spend a lot of time together because of exams. Now that exams were over, they could celebrate both of them passing. His phone let out a tiny tune in Japanese and he went to pick up it up, only to have a cloth covered hand wrap around his mouth and an arm wrapped across his elbows. His cell phone clattered to the pavement as his muffled screams went unheard by the passersby. The scent of the cloth blurred his vision. The world faded to black.

(scene break)

Arthur walked into the case room, holding a file in his hands. His thick eyebrows were narrowed in concern.

"We've got a problem Alfred." Arthur said. "There has been a new development in the case." Alfred looked up from where he was doodling superman logos on his calendar, blue eyes wide behind his glasses.

"What happened?" He asked, blue eyes shining with eagerness to tackle his 3rd case.

"Another boy has gone missing. He matches our perp's pattern of abduction and murder exactly." Arthur slid the file across the desk to Alfred. "His name is Kiku Honda. He's a Japanese boy living here with his guardian Yao Wang. He was reported missing today by his hysterical guardian. Kiku is a very studious young man, no history of trouble at home or at school. He isn't the type to run away. When he didn't come home from work yesterday afternoon Yao called the police, but of course they told him the usual, that someone has to be missing for 24 hours before they can be reported missing. Yao called the police at 5:30 am this morning, demanding to speak to someone who could help him find Kiku. Yao insisted that his charge had been kidnapped. They turned his file over to us when Antonio recognized the pattern." Alfred glanced over the file slowly, eyes narrowed in concentration.

"So the guy we've had locked up in our hold isn't the suspect." He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "That sucks for him I guess."

"Yeah well he ran when we tried to speak to him." Arthur replied, sitting on the desk next to Alfred. "And when we are investigating 6 Asian boys being tortured to death with household cleaners, running makes you look very guilty."

"Hey guys!" Antonio walked into the room, holding a tray of cups. "Got the coffee and one earl gray tea."

"Oh thank god." Arthur sighed, sipping his warm tea. "This is just what I needed after a long night of interrogation."

"Antonio you bastard you walk to fast!" Lovino growled, storming into the room after the Spaniard. "How am I supposed to keep up with you?"

"Sorry Lovi." Antonio cooed, handing him a coffee. "Here you go." Lovino snatched the cup away and sat down.

"So we've got a new soon-to-be victim right? How long until he ends up sliced and diced like the others?" Lovino asked, drinking his coffee.

"Judging by the killer's time frame, we've got a few days."Arthur sighed. "And what's worse, we've wasted time by looking into our other leads."

"So we can cross out anyone who has an alibi for yesterday around 3:30." Alfred said, crossing one name off the list of suspects on the white board. "Any leads?"

"No, but we should interview the vendors along Kiku's route to the animal shelter he worked at after school. He had given his usual route to his guardian Mr. Wang in case they ever needed to find each other." Arthur said, standing and grabbing his coat. "We've got some walking to do." Alfred grabbed his coat and his coffee cup, following Arthur towards the door.

"Can we stop for some lunch after the interviews? I'm craving hamburgers." Alfred said cheerfully.

"You always crave hamburgers!" Arthur snapped at him as the door shut. Antonio slid closer to Lovino holding a stack of files in his arms.

"So Lovi, I guess it's just you and me looking through these case files." He said with a grin. Lovino shot him a glare, snatching one off of the pile.

"Let's get this straight right now bastard." He hissed. "I'm only here because I worked the case so similar to this one 2 years ago. I'm not here to play footsy; I'm here to catch the bastard that tortured those 7 Italian men to death." He opened the file, looking at the contents with a huff. Antonio watched him seriously. The cases had been linked because the killer used the same methods on all of his victims.

"And one into a coma." Antonio's words made Lovino freeze. "Feliciano Vargas right? Your twin brother?" Lovino nodded tersely, flipping through the file. "I'll make sure to help you arrest the guy."

"Yeah whatever, just look through the files." Lovino said in response, grabbing a pen and writing down details. Antonio watched him blink away moisture before opening a file.

(scene break)

"So we've managed to discover that he went missing between 3:20 and 3:30 yesterday afternoon." Arthur said, reading over the statement from one of the street vendors. "All that's left is to interview the employees of the shelter."

"And then we can have lunch at McDonalds?" Alfred asked, blue eyes wide with hope.

"No, then we can get takeout at the Chinese restaurant across the street, walk the 6 blocks back to the car and go eat in the case room with Antonio and Lovino." Arthur scowled.

"What? It's my turn to pick lunch!" Alfred protested. Arthur smirked, showing him his phone.

"It was your turn yesterday." He said, exiting the calendar. "And I am in the mood for Chinese, not disgusting greasy hamburgers." Alfred pouted as they opened the door to the little shelter, following the triumphant Brit inside. The shelter had several cages with kittens and puppies in them in the main room. A young woman was behind the counter, crying into one hand. When the door opened, she looked up; startled by the entrance of the pair.

"Are you alright?" Alfred asked, instantly concerned for the young woman. She shook her head, wiping away tears.

"I'm sorry; I'm just worried about my friend." She said. Arthur stepped forward with his badge, showing it to her.

"Is your friend Kiku Honda?" He asked gently. "We are here to ask some questions. My name is Arthur Kirkland. This is my partner Alfred Jones." She walked around the counter, eyes hopeful.

"My name is Elizaveta. You're going to find Kiku?" She asked, clasping her hands together tightly. Alfred nodded, eyes determined.

"We are going to do everything in our power to save him." He said. "We need your help to find Kiku though." She nodded, red rimmed eyes fierce.

"I'll help you anyway I can." She replied.

"Kiku Honda worked here didn't he?" Arthur asked. She nodded, turning to one of the cages of kittens with a smile.

"Yeah. Kiku loved animals, especially cats. He got along really well with Heracles, the other employee at the shelter. After a few months they started dating." Arthur looked at his notes.

"That's Heracles Karpusi right?" He asked, glancing up at Elizaveta.

"Yes. Kiku and Heracles were always together." She said, opening the cage and taking out one of the kittens, stroking it gently.

"Is Heracles in today?" Alfred asked, glancing around.

"No. When Kiku went missing he called in all of his vacation time for the last two years." Elizaveta said, eyes downcast. "He's been handing out flyers with Kiku's picture on them, searching desperately. I help him look when I'm not on call. I can give you his address so you can meet him at home, if you'd like."

"That would be helpful." Arthur said. "We've got a few more questions and then we'll let you get back to work. Had Kiku been acting odd lately? Did he mention anything out of the ordinary?"

"No, he seemed normal. Kiku had a very strict schedule for the past few weeks because of exams at school." Elizaveta explained, putting the kitten back in the cage and closing it. "He would get to work at 3:45, work till 6:00 and then leave. Yesterday he left early because he had a date with Heracles to celebrate both of them passing exams. Heracles called me at home, hysterical because Kiku didn't meet him. He said he had found Kiku's cell phone nearby." Alfred shot Arthur a look, moving towards the door.

"Thank you so much for your help." Arthur said to her, handing her a card. "If you need anything or find any hints at all, please don't hesitate to call." Elizaveta took it, nodding.

"Have a good day!" She called after them as they left the building.

"Time to go and speak to Heracles." Alfred said, stopping when his stomach growled. "After lunch I guess." Arthur rolled his eyes, strolling across the street towards the Chinese restaurant.

(scene break)

Kiku awoke lying on a bed, both arms handcuffed to separate bedposts, ankles bound to the bed. A masked man stood above him, watching him, eyes filled with a sense of calculated hatred. Kiku let out a muffled whimper through the gag in his mouth.

"Hello." His captor's deep voice sent shivers down his spine. "Are you comfortable little one? I hope you are, because I'm going to play a very nice game with you. We'll have lots of fun." As he spoke, he picked up a sharp scalpel and turned it in the dim flickering light of the lamp above. "I don't have all of my supplies yet, but after I go and get them we can start. Do you know what kind of game it is?" The masked face loomed close to him as his captor knelt down next to the bed. "I'm going to see how long it takes for you to beg me to die. You stupid Japs have always wanted honor over death, haven't you? This is a game to break you by any means necessary." He slid the scalpel lightly down Kiku's arm before pressing just hard enough to cut and pulling it back up. Kiku screamed into the gag, thrashing as he tried to escape. "Will you break the record? The fastest one of you begged for death was about an hour. I'm excited to see how long it takes you Kiku Honda." Kiku pulled his hands slightly against the handcuffs, testing them for strength.

"What do you think you're doing little one?" His captor asked, amused. "You can't break those handcuffs with those tiny arms. All you'll do is hurt yourself." A hand grasped his chin and he whimpered through the gag in his mouth. "Are you eager to play with me? I have to go pick up my supplies." The masked face leaned in close to him, and he strained to turn his face away. "Now I'm giving you a choice. Do you prefer bleach or saltwater? Personally I think bleach has the best burn. Which would you like me to use when we play?" Kiku sobbed, squeezing his eyes shut. "You can't pick? I'll just get both." Kiku shook his head, begging through the gag to be let go. "I know it's hard to wait, but soon we'll be able to play. I know I'll enjoy it. Just stay here little one, I'll be back soon." The man stood and left the room. Kiku listened for the sound of the outer door closing before he looked around the room slowly. Would this be the room he died in?