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"Ready to head out?" Alfred asked Arthur, throwing his empty coffee cup in the trashcan next to his desk.

"Yes, Lovino should be along any minute." Arthur replied. Roderich entered the room, laying his briefcase on the table. Alfred and Arthur stared at him with twin looks of confusion.

"Shouldn't you be at the courthouse for the trial?" Alfred asked.

"There is no trial." Roderich replied. Lovino entered the room, eyes widening as he heard the words.

"What? What happened!" He spat.

"Jonathan Smith upset some of the other members of his jail community. He was stabbed to death in the bathroom." Roderich replied. Alfred blinked in shock.

"Good." Lovino said, calming down. "Feli was panicking about the trial. Now he won't have to deal with it."

"Karma just seems to work things out on it's own." Ivan said, standing slowly and cracking his neck.

"That wasn't karma. That was mercy." Lovino said softly. "He deserved much worse than slowly bleeding out on a bathroom floor." Alfred clapped, startling the group.

"Let's celebrate! A terrible serial killer is off the streets for good! We all need to unwind." Alfred grinned. Arthur shook his head with a smile, before grabbing his coat.

"For once you have a good idea, let's go." He said, before kissing Alfred on the lips. Everyone in the room stared at the display of affection.

"What the hell?" Ivan asked, gesturing wildly at the pair. "When did this happen? I knew you liked him Alfred, but you never told me you were seeing him!" Arthur and Alfred shared a sheepish glance.

"We started dating a few months ago, but we agreed we would keep it a secret. We would never let our feelings get in the way, we knew that after I got shot on the last case and Artie ran after the perp without a glance back." Alfred said, grabbing Arthur's hand. "We could never forgive ourselves, or each other, if we let some bad guy hurt someone because of our feelings for each other." Arthur elbowed him in the ribs. "Ow- Artie why?"

"Don't call me Artie!" He scowled. "And I came back for you after I got him!"

"Well as nice as that is for you, I cannot join your little lovey celebration." Ivan said, shrugging on his coat. "I've got a date tonight." Alfred raised his eyebrows.

"How much did you pay some poor man to suffer your company for the night?" Alfred asked. Ivan rolled his eyes, stopping just before the door.

"I didn't pay Yao any money to ask me out." Ivan said simply.

"Yao? As in Wang Yao? Kiku Honda's older brother?" Alfred asked, flabbergasted. "Really Ivan? Dating the guy who was emotionally compromised because of his missing brother?"

"We met a few months ago." Ivan deadpanned. "It's not like I manipulated the man into liking me. I'm not that creepy. Jeeze." Alfred grinned as he Ivan left the room.

"Are we going to celebrate or what?" Arthur asked, hooking arms with Alfred.

Feliciano walked out the back door into the sunshine, smiling as he tipped his head back to peer past the brim of his hat at the blue sky. He knelt down in the backyard, digging into the cool brown soil. The garden in the backyard had died while he was asleep, and it would take a lot of work to fix it up again. The idea of work made him happy though. Nothing made you feel alive like a healthy amount of work, and Ludwig had babied him for a few weeks after he woke up so it was nice to move around. The sound of footsteps behind him almost made him panic, but he turned to see Ludwig carrying over a glass of lemonade for him.

"Thank you Ludwig!" He said with a smile. Ludwig handed him the lemonade with kiss. "Do you want to help me in the garden?"

"Of course. We can only work for a while though, your brother is coming over later." Ludwig said, rolling up his sleeves and kneeling next to Feliciano in the dirt. Even a little while was fine with him. Before he went into the coma, Ludwig would never work in the garden with him. He kissed Ludwig again as the wind pulled his hat off of his head, certain that this was happiness.

Kiku placed the mewing kitten back in its cage, smiling as it licked his fingers. A pair of arms wrapped around his midsection and he smiled widely, turning to face Heracles.

"Ready to go?" Heracles asked, kissing Kiku's cheek.

"Yes, just let me get my bag." Kiku replied, walking out of Heracles' arms and grabbing his hand as they went into the back room to get his bag. Heracles kissed Kiku suddenly, and Kiku kissed back. Heracles had been showing him random displays of affection lately, and Kiku was fine with that. Ivan had told him it was Heracles way of coping with the thought of having almost lost him.

"Let's go." Heracles whispered when they broke apart. "This will be the best date you've ever been on." Kiku smiled in return, grabbing Heracles' hand again. If this wasn't happiness he didn't know what was.

Fear. It took root in her stomach, twisting her innards into knots of flesh and making her whimper as the man approached her. He knelt down, needle in one hand.

"It will all be over soon. You will bring enlightenment to me." He said, pressing the scalpel that he held in his other hand to her face just beneath her eye.

Pain, and then darkness.

To Be Continued