Emo Kid

Chapter Thirty-two


Three months later.

Harry groaned as he felt someone shaking his shoulder, he heard another groan beside him, 'wake up!'

'No, five more minutes…'

He felt cold water tip over his face and he sat up, sputtering and rubbing the water out of his eyes, 'Sev!' he barked, watching the older man he now considered a brother smirk, 'I'm going to fucking kill you!' Harry jumped out of the bed, Severus had began running as soon as Harry had mentioned the word "kill", Harry chased the man down the stairs, almost falling down a few, and slipped and fell on his back at the bottom stair.

'You're dead meat when I get up,' Harry groaned, rubbing his back, Severus stood there laughing, 'what's going on?'

Both Severus and Harry turned to look at Tom who was standing in the doorway, holding a copy of the daily prophet, smirking.

'Sev is being a cun-.'

'I wouldn't say that if I were you,' Severus muttered, Harry nodded and shut his mouth quickly.

Tom sighed, 'go get that fiancé of yours out of bed will you Harry, breakfast is almost ready.'

Harry nodded and walked up the stairs again slowly, trying not to slip this time.

When he finally got to his room, Draco was sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes as he pulled a pair of briefs over his soft cock.

'No wet dream this time huh?' Harry asked with a smirk, causing Draco to roll his eyes, 'no, I think the sex last night exhausted me.'

Harry smiled, 'I'm just that good in bed!'

Draco pulled on some jeans before walking over to Harry and kissing him lightly, 'have I ever told you I love you, even when you're being a smart arse prick?'

Harry grinned, 'many times.'


Harry had proposed to Draco a month ago, (with Hermione's help) and the wedding was to happen some time next year, as for now, they were just trying to keep life calm. Which was hard when everyone found out that a non-evil Lord Voldemort was now the adoptive father of the boy who lived. They were meant to be trying to kill each other, not being father and son-ish towards each other, it just wasn't natural.

It wasn't normal.

But Harry's life had always been anything but.

And he didn't care, who wanted a normal life? How boring.

As Harry sat at the kitchen table, eating his breakfast, he looked round at his new family.

Severus, who he considered an older brother.

Tom who was his father, he even called him dad now.

And Draco, his husband to be.

Life really couldn't be better than it was now.