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"Silently, it Cracked"

I ran down the stairs of the house, nearly tripping over my own two feet as I did so. I stumbled on the last step ungracefully, my heart thumping wildly as a second's worth of adrenaline shot through my system. Dashing down the hall hastily, I returned the greetings of the other members in the household.

"I'm leaving without you, Jay!" I exclaimed as I rushed by the kitchen, briefly seeing the onyx-haired male sitting leisurely at the kitchen island.

He let out a loud noise of surprise before hollering, "Wait up, Princess!" He made a ton of noise as he quickly gathered his stuff and exited the kitchen, saying his farewell to the chef. I was already rushing out of the house and down the front porch steps when he started putting on his shoes.

Spotting a familiar figure leaning against the driver's side of the sleek black car, I greeted loudly, "Good morning, Kanegai!"

"If you keep running like that, you'll fall!" Jay yelled out from inside the foyer of the house, sounding exasperated.

"If you have time to tell me that, hurry up and put on your shoes!" I threw a glance at him over my shoulder, but it proved to be a bad idea. Since reflexes and coordination hated me, it was bound to happen sooner or later if I kept moving around so quickly. Slipping on the third last step, I could only shut my eyes and anticipate the hard impact with the floor. Instead, however, I crashed into a warm and solid chest.

"Are you hurt anywhere, Young Mistress?" the orange-haired, suit-clad man asked me seriously. He made sure that I was steady before releasing his hold on me, taking a step back to create a bit more room. Sunglasses covered up his eyes, but I didn't need to see his entire face to recognize his voice.

"Yeah," I murmured. "Thanks a lot, Naota."

"You must be more careful, Young Mistress!" Kanegai, the chauffeur, exclaimed as he hurried over. His lips were pulled downwards and his eyebrows were pulled together in concern, making him seem a lot older than he really was.

Rampaging down the stairs like a tornado, Jay scolded, "You're an idiot!"

"Well, why didn't you wake me up?" I demanded from him as we filed into the vehicle. Naota sat in the passenger seat while Jay and I occupied the back, the spacious car providing enough room for a few extra people. We buckled in our seat belts before Kanegai started the car and began the drive to Karakura High Academy.

"What are you talking about?" Michimoto Jay quirked an eyebrow at me, amusement clear on his features. "I spent at least ten minutes trying to wake you up when I got here this morning, but you continued to sleep like a log."

"You should've tried harder!" I growled out, frustration lacing my tone. I grabbed the black, maroon, and white plaid tie out of my bag, slinging it around my neck and trying to knot it properly.

"Hey, I can't help it if I got hungry," he defended. "Your hair's a mess." He reached out his hands, running his fingers carefully through my long hair. Softly gathering all my hair onto one side, he separated the strands into three sections and carefully began to braid the light burgundy locks.

"So you picked food over me?" I gave him a look, scowling when I couldn't tie the plaid cloth properly. I undid the screwed up knot, retrying once more.

"Sorry," he chuckled and then grinned, showing off his straight rows of white teeth. "You know that you would've done the same thing, though."

I opened my mouth to protest, only to clamp it shut again. I couldn't deny what he had said—I really would've done the same thing and went for the food instead. Jamie, the chef, was an amazing cook. My response came in a pathetic, "Shut up."

He snickered, finishing up the braid just as I correctly got my tie knotted. Holding the ends of my hair with one hand, he held his spare hand out. "You've got a hair tie on you, right?"

Removing the thin, simple black hair tie that I had slipped onto my wrist this morning, I handed it to him and let him expertly fasten the braid he had created. Something like this wasn't a rare occurrence, but for some reason, I felt like it lifted a load off of my shoulders. Maybe it was just Jay himself—his presence itself was reassuring, comforting.

It made me feel safe.

But I didn't know why I was so desperate to feel protected.

Despite all the years, months, and days that had passed by, I had gotten used to being involved in the mafia business. Things like different groups fighting over territory or having someone target me specifically to harm the Tsubaki gang no longer affected me. The things that had, at the beginning, seemed so ridiculously scary no longer seemed that way. For a long time, I had never felt a need to feel like I was safe.

Yet today was different.


Uneasiness shrouded my heart, a sense of alarm making my stomach clench uncomfortably in my stomach.

"What's wrong?" Jay didn't look at me as he asked, but was instead focusing on my bangs. He bunched the strands up and then pulled it back so that the tresses stopped falling into my face. Holding onto the hair with one hand, his other hand went to the lapel of my KHA black blazer, where he pulled out one of the bobby pins that I had stuck on there in the morning.

"Your face," I insulted pathetically.

"Try again," he snickered, grabbing another bobby pin and sliding it into place. When he was satisfied with his handiwork, he leaned back into his seat properly and looked at me with a raised eyebrow. His onyx hair was, as always, gelled into a faux-hawk that somehow made him seem friendlier, which was something that had surprised me when he had first got that hairstyle. I felt like a lot of teenage guys that tried sporting such a hairstyle only managed to make themselves look like assholes, but it was the opposite with Jay. No stray locks fell to block his piercing, warm dark violent eyes that were unwavering as they looked at me, his honey-coloured skin unblemished as it stretched along his features.

Looking at him, I felt like I was at a loss for words. What was I supposed to tell him? It was hard to describe how I felt, and even if I did, I was sure that he just wouldn't fully understand what it all meant. Sighing, I shook my head at him. "It's nothing."

He scrutinized me carefully, a calculating expression on his face. An idea seemed to have struck him as realization dawned onto his features. In a quiet voice, he asked seriously, "Did you have that dream again?"

My heart thumped at his words. A small panic went through me as my mind tried to conjure up the right thing to say, but luckily, I didn't have to.
Pulling to a stop in front of the majestic building of Karakura High Academy, Kanegai informed me, "We're at school now, Young Mistress." He reached to undo his seat belt, but I shook my head at him.

"It's fine, Kanegai," I informed the middle-aged man. "Thanks a lot." Unbuckling myself, I grabbed my schoolbag and pulled on the door handle, pushing it open and stepping out onto the pavement. Since we were late, there was nobody outside, so we didn't receive all the frightened stares that we were usually greeted with in the mornings.

"Please have a good day." Kanegai offered a smile. "I'll be here to pick you up once school ends, Young Mistress."

"Yeah," I agreed quietly.

Swinging his long legs out onto the pavement, Jay exited the car and instantly stretched. Looking at Naota and Kanegai, he grinned at them. "Thanks. See you guys later."

"We leave the young mistress in your hands, Jay. Please take good care of her," Naota replied solemnly. "And please be careful, Young Mistress."

Laughing, Jay assured them, "She's safe with me. Thanks again!" After waving a hand at them, my friend shut the door of the car and then looked down at me. "Alright, let's go. We have transfer students coming in today, right? We shouldn't be tardy—it's rude."

"And whose fault is it that we're late?" I retorted, whirling on my heels as I headed towards the building calmly. We were already late, so I saw no reason to rush anymore.

I hated being tardy. I felt like being late was even worse than being early. At least when we were early, there was no awkwardness with the teachers. Perhaps it was normal for students to be afraid—after all, they didn't know anything about the Tsubaki mafia organization, and I didn't expect them to. Yet, I had never expected teachers to also feel fear when looking at me.

Perhaps it was foolish to have felt this way.

"Sorry, sorry," he apologized without meaning it. The grin on his face told me the fact that he didn't really mind being late at all, and I rolled my eyes at him. "What do you think that the new transfer students are going to be like?"

"Does it matter?" I returned, passing him as he held the door open for me before entering the building himself. We went to our respective shoe lockers, which were not-exactly-coincidentally situated next to one another's. I opened it up, taking out my indoor shoes and dropping them onto the floor. Slipping out of my outdoor footwear, I placed the black shoes back into the shoe locker as I began to wear the flat, white interior shoes.

"Of course it does," he answered easily. When I gave him a dubious look, he met my obsidian eyes with his own lilac ones piercingly. "Maybe things will be different this time."

I almost reeled back at the glimmer in his eyes. Shaking my head at him, I shut the small locker door and muttered, "Right. Keep believing that, Jay, but we both know that this time won't be any different from the last."

As we began walking towards our classroom, which was on the first floor of the building since we were freshman, Jay asked me, "How can someone so small have such dense pessimism in their body? And when you have me as your best friend, no less."

"It's not pessimism," I denied easily as I elbowed him in the stomach. "And shut up—I admit that I'm short, but you're just too tall."

"You just think I'm too tall because you're too short," he retorted. "How many times do you get mistaken for a grade-schooler? And if it's not pessimism, what exactly is it?"

My response was lathered in sarcasm. "I don't know, maybe it's reality?" Switching back onto the topic of our immense height difference—he towered over me by more than just one full foot—I pointed out, "We've had this talk a million times. Can we just drop it? You're amazingly tall and I'm freakishly short. Who cares? Because I really don't."

He eyed me for a moment before saying, "You know, I'm beginning to wonder if you even had the chance to wake up on the wrong side of the bed." The raven-haired male paused for a second before asking, "Is the dream really bothering you that much?"

"It's got nothing to do with that at all," I replied without even flicking him a glance.

"How hard do you think liars fall?" he called me out on my bluff, no hesitation in his smooth voice whatsoever.

Irritation tainted my tone as I objected, "I wasn't lying, Jay."

"Your skirt is going to catch on fire," he remarked casually, grinning when I glowered at him fiercely. He didn't flinch away at the look on my face or when he heard the anger in my tone, but that was one of the reasons why he was my best friend. He opened up the classroom door, letting me step in first despite the fact that I continued to glare at him. The only thing that I was able to see was a bright crimson red—and a vision of me tearing his head off.

"Yeah? Well—your face would be catching on fire right about now if I could shoot flames out of my eyes, but it's not like it would matter anyway because it's obvious that you suck!" I growled in aggravation, my features pulled into a scowl as I stared at my childhood friend. My hands were balled into tight fists, and the temptation to throw my schoolbag right in his face was almost overwhelming. "Why are you grinning like that, you idi—"

His lips only stretched wider in amusement as he interrupted, "We're in class now, Princess."

"What—" I cut myself short, peeling my eyes off of Jay's face to scan our surroundings. Sure enough, we were inside our classroom. A sea of surprised, frightened faces stared up at me with their eyes wide and their jaws slacked open. I had to bite down on my tongue to keep the rainbow of profanities from escaping my lips.

"Tsubaki, Michimoto, you two are late." Despite being an adult, his voice still wavered faintly. I had grown so conscious of it over the years that I could pick it up easily. "Please refrain from such tardiness in the future."

"Sorry, Sensei," Jay apologized sincerely. "We'll be on time tomorrow."

"Yes," he agreed politely. My eyes zoomed in on the slight tremor of his hands. "Please do be. Well, if you two will take your seats, we're still in the middle of introducing the new transfer students."

At his words, my eyes slid over to the two figures that stood at the front of the room. The first person that I saw was a tall, voluptuous strawberry blond woman that didn't look fifteen at all. Her long waves of blond hair fell in a rippling river down her back, her bangs parting in the middle and curling gently off to the side to frame her face. Her light cerulean eyes were bright and playful, framed by long, dark curled lashes. A beauty mark was situated underneath the right side of her bottom lip, drawing eyes to her unintentionally sultry mouth. Her skin looked fair and smooth, and her curvaceous figure was only emphasized by how she wore Karakura High Academy's uniform.

She didn't button up the black blazer, and while the maroon dress shirt she wore underneath was buttoned, she had left the top few undone to show off her immense cleavage. Her tie was in place, but after a short path underneath her pretty collarbones, the cloth disappeared in the valley of her ample assets. The dark red and black plaid skirt that was lined with two thin white strips at the edge was shorter than what it was supposed to be, showing off her incredibly long and slender legs that were clad in black knee-high socks.

This woman looked like she was ripped right out of some supermodel magazine. She was so beautiful that I felt the wind being knocked out of me at the mere sight of her.

Blinking, I shifted my eyes to the shorter figure that was beside her, and I nearly got a heart attack. Standing with his hands in his pockets, the small male had pure, vibrantly white hair that was stylishly spiked up. A single tress of his bangs fell lazily onto the left side, not at all taking attention away the breathtaking teal colour that made up his eyes. They were sharp, piercing, and almost like they had frozen. His eyes were framed with thick white eye lashes, making me believe that the guy hadn't went and bleached his hair like a delinquent. His skin was sun-kissed, giving off an almost golden feel that I knew would make girls melt.

He had the blazer—which contrasted fiercely with his shocking white locks—buttoned up halfway through, although the reddish-brown dress shirt that he wore underneath was button up until the second one from the top. He had rolled up the sleeves up to his elbows in a casual manner. His tie was done properly and neatly, hanging straight down from his neck. Even though the uniform didn't hug his physique like it did with the female, it was clear that despite his size, he had muscles. His legs were clad in the standard black dress pants, and he was someone who looked like he could've emerged right out of any girl's fantasy.

Except for his height, but that was entirely different matter.

My heart literally stopped for a beat when his eyes slid over to meet mine. Alarm bells began to ring too loudly in my ears and through my system, something similar to fear shooting through my body. Warning signs began flashing. A pain exploded in my head, almost as if someone was repeatedly slamming down a hammer on it. Breathing seemed to get harder as I looked at him, my widened eyes allowing me to realize how hazy everything seemed. Black swirls seemed to curl up at the side of my vision, slowly becoming more prominent as everything around me only continued to get foggier. Something appeared at the corner of my eyes, but I couldn't make out what it was.

Instinctively, I took a step back. The name wasn't one that I had ever heard before, nor did it really register in my brain until it had already escaped me, but I breathed it out like it was the most natural thing in the world. "Toushirou."

His eyes widened a small fraction as he stared at me before they narrowed, his lips pressing together into a firm line.

"Eh? You know Tai—Hitsugaya-san?" asked the woman, her high soprano voice curious and singing. Her eyes darted over to the shorter male in what looked like sheepish apology.

"No!" I didn't even realize how loudly I had said that one word until everyone jolted at it, surprised at my volume. My eyes only widened more, and I forced myself to speak in a quieter voice as I mumbled, "No... No, I don't—I don't know him." I swallowed thickly, though the lump in my throat wasn't going away. The pounding in my head only seemed to grow in intensity, my stomach twisting into itself painfully.

"What's wrong?" Confusion tainted Jay's voice as I stumbled backwards into him in a desperate attempt to get away from the white-haired male that stood in the centre of the room. I felt his hands come up to rest on my shoulders in an attempt to stabilize me, but I felt like the world was spinning.

Brushing away Jay's hands, I knew that I had to get out of here. Something about him wasn't right. He just—he didn't seem real. There was absolutely no way that he could exist. "I'm not feeling well, so I'm going," I managed to get out before I bolted past Jay and down the hall. I ignored the violet-eyed male's shouts behind me as I ran as fast as I could, stumbling more than just a couple of times and accidentally crashing into walls more than once.

I slammed open the infirmary door, clearly surprising the nurse that was there. She froze upon seeing me, a slightly petrified look crossing her features. I hadn't been in the infirmary before, but it was obvious that she knew who I was even without me visiting.

"T-Tsubaki-san," she greeted me as she dropped the pen she had been holding. "I—what can I do for you? Are you hurt anywhere?"

"I don't feel well—is it alright if I just get some sleep here?" I inquired of her, although I knew that she wouldn't object to it even if it wasn't okay.

"Yes," she told me in a polite tone. "It's absolutely fine if you want to get some rest here."

"Thank you." Closing the door behind me, I didn't even look at her as I passed. Pushing away the curtains that separated the beds from one another and the outer room to allow privacy, I stepped inside and pulled the curtains shut again. I placed my bag down on the bedside table, flopping down onto the white sheets. My head was throbbing painfully, and my heart was still beating too rapidly for comfort.

Everything about me was still screaming out in distress.

Crawling underneath the blanket of the bed, I squeezed my eyes shut and pull my knees closer to my chest, almost as if I was thinking that I was safer this way. My stomach kept wrenching, my body still pumped with adrenaline. The pool of some kind of emotion still welled up in my heart, but I didn't know what it was. Fear? Apprehension? Confusion? Dread? I didn't know, but all I knew was that I wanted it to go away. My head continued to ache, the drill that was being pushed into it probably not leaving anytime soon.

There were so many questions that whirled around my head, like who he was, what he was doing here, if I was dreaming or not. But the most pronounced two questions were only one word each, though they seemed to sum up all the other inquiries that I had floating around in my mind—why and how?

I didn't understand.

Maybe I was just shocked to see him standing there in front of my very eyes—it was such an unexpected thing. I was caught completely off-guard. I had come to school unsuspectingly, expecting regular high school students transferring in. I didn't expect anything to change or any surprises to take place, but clearly, something went wrong with the plans that I had originally conjured up.

The door to the infirmary crashed open once more, and I shut my eyes even tighter. I already knew who it was, and I definitely didn't want to see him. Though if you gave me a choice, I'd pick seeing him over seeing Toushirou any day.

"Michimoto-san!" the nurse exclaimed, startled. "W-What can I do for you?"

"It's nothing. I'm really sorry about the disruption, but I'm here looking for her." His footsteps got louder and louder as he approached the bed where I lay, and I folded into myself a bit more, feeling slightly queasy with anxiety. When he shoved aside the curtains, the sound of the silver hoops that were attached to the cloth sliding against the metal pole was beyond loud. His eyes felt like they were shooting lasers as he stated, "I can see you, Princess."

"Go away, Jay," I muttered. "And stop calling me 'Princess'. I have a name."

He ignored my suggestion about dropping his endearment for me. "I'm not going anywhere." Closing the drapes once more, he took a few steps into the small, private section of the infirmary. The mattress of the bed dipped down from his weight, and he tugged lightly at the covers that I had thrown over my head. "What's wrong?"

"As if I'd know," I mumbled, my grip on my covers tightening so that he couldn't pull them away from me. Despite the fact that I was acting all snappy with him, his mere presence somehow dulled the pondering in my head. It was something that I was silently grateful for, although I didn't understand why he had that affect on me.

"Yuzuru." The emphasize he put on my given name and the serious tone in which he had said it almost made me flinch.

I stayed silent for a moment, wondering what I was supposed to do. A part of me didn't want to tell Jay anything, but another part of me felt guilty for not letting him know. After all, I knew that he was concerned and more than just a bit curious. It was unfair of me to act like this towards him when he had always been honest and open with me about everything and anything that I had asked him.

He remained silent, the feel of his gaze still resting on my figure. He didn't make any move to leave, nor did he make any moves that told me he was getting impatient of waiting for an answer.

Sighing, I pulled myself up into a sitting position and let the covers fall into my lap. Not able to meet his eyes, I reached for my schoolbag and unzipped it. Taking out the sketchbook that I always carried with me, I opened it up and flipped through the pages until I found what I was looking for. Silently, I handed it to him.

Wariness was in his actions as he gingerly took the notebook from me, his eyes trying to catch mine. I purposely avoided his dark amethyst orbs as I ducked my head down, my hands gathering the fabric of the blanket into my fists. Nothing was said between us as he flipped through the pages. No words were exchanged as he let his slender fingers turn sketch over sketch, his eyes analyzing the drawing before he repeated the earlier action.

And then the flipping of pages stopped, only the silence retaining its embrace with us.

Breaking the stillness between us after a moment, Jay let out a loud sigh. He hummed for a moment, and then asked inquisitively, "So?"

I nearly exploded. "I showed you all that and all you can say is 'so'?"

A small, musical laugh left him. "Well... I'm sorry, but I really just don't see what's got you so worked up. I mean—Princess, the guy in your drawings is faceless."

My face heated up, but I wasn't sure if it was due to humiliated embarrassment or indignant fury. Snatching the notebook from him, I slammed it down in the space between us and pointed at what was drawn. "Do you see this, Jay? I'm asking you, do you see this?"

"I can see perfectly fine," he informed me with a slightly dry voice. "They have the same hair, Princess. So what? I'm pretty sure that some famous model has sported this hairstyle before, you know."

"No, no, no," I objected, a warm feeling in my chest bubbling up. My face only continued to get warmer the more I thought about it, the beating of my headache being temporarily pushed into the back of my mind. Tracing the pencil lines of the sketch that I had drawn, I insisted, "His hair looks exactly like this, Jay! Do you know how creepy this is? It's like—it's like my dreams have come true, but it's not like I even want this dream to come true!" What happened to my dream about eating a life-sized chocolate house? What about my dreams about swimming in white chocolate?

Out of all things that could've come true, it had to be this one guy that I didn't even want.

"Did I mention that your drawings of the guy you dream about don't have a face?" Jay reminded me innocently, his eyebrows raised.

"That's not the point, Jay!" I exclaimed in irritation. "The hair, man, the hair!"

"You're getting worked up over something so trivial," he commented as he observed me carefully. "I don't know if I should be scared or not. Princess, just because you dream about a guy—one that you don't even see all that clearly—and you meet some guy in real life that has the same hair as your fantasy boy, it doesn't necessarily mean anything, okay?"

Shaking my head roughly, I scratched my head wildly with both my hands in frustration. "You don't get it, Jay. This is just—"

"Weird, right?" he finished for me, a smile painted across his lips. "Hey, you messed up your hair again. All my effort a few minutes ago is put to waste." He reached out, taking out the loose bobby pins and also undoing my hair of the braid it had been in for only a short while. He ran his fingers through the locks as a substitute for a comb, and began to redo everything he had done this earlier.

Feeling as if a brick had just been placed on my chest, I heaved out a noisy sigh. "I don't get it, Jay. I mean... What are the chances of meeting someone who looks like the one I dream about?"

"He's not the one you dream about, Princess." Jay rolled his eyes. "They just have the same hairstyle. Can you honestly say that you've never dreamed about something, and then woken up one day and seen something similar in reality? Remember that time you dreamed about a pack of striped cats playing in a playground, and then a week later, when we were passing by a park near an elementary school, we really actually saw a group of kittens with stripes running around that place? You're just scaring yourself, idiot."

"But—" I stopped myself, an idea hitting me so hard that I almost toppled over. I grabbed at his arm desperately. "Jay, what happens if I'm—is it possible to actually be psychic?"

He blinked down at me for a moment before bursting out into laughter. "What're you talking about?"

I punched him in the shoulder and exclaimed, "I'm serious! Jay—we're already... We can see spirits and stuff. Normal people can't do that, so is it really that weird if I'm actually a psychic?" It was weird talking about such things in such a public place where anyone could possibly be listening, but I was hardly even aware of where we were.

A grave expression fluttered across his features for just a moment before he chortled again. "You're being silly. We're special enough already. I'm pretty sure you aren't psychic, Princess. C'mon, you're really just digging too deep into this whole thing. The only reason you think it's such a big deal is because you think it could mean something, but there's nothing that it could possibly mean. Unless, of course, the fact that he's a prince that's going to sweep you off your feet, but the chances of someone like him going after someone like you is less than z—"

With an eyebrow twitching, I reached out and grabbed his cheeks. Pinching them and stretching them with my fingers, I said, "Okay, I get it, Jay. There's no need to speak about that anymore."

"Ow," he murmured when I finally relented and stopped my torture after a moment. He rubbed at his cheeks with the palms of his hands. "That was cruel."

"You deserved it," I retorted mercilessly, folding my arms across my chest.

"You could've at least had some compassion," he muttered. Sighing, he shook his head and asked, "So are you going to go back to class or what?"

My lips automatically tugged into a frown at the thought, and I shook my head. Sliding back down to lay on the bed, I said, "No, I'm not going back."

He wasn't looking at me as he asked, "Scared?"

"Don't joke with me." I stared at his profile as he tilted his head back to stare up at the white ceiling.

"You're really not going back?"

"I wasn't lying when I said I didn't feel well."

"Mm... Okay, then." He clutched at the top of blanket, pulling it up over my shoulders. When he saw my surprised look, he grinned. "Sleep well."

Narrowing my eyes at him a bit, I inquired, "Aren't you going back to class?"

"Nope," he answered easily, no hesitation in his voice whatsoever.

"Why not?" My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I looked at him.

"Because you're never suppose to leave my side. Mom and Dad would have my head if they knew I left you sleeping so defenselessly." His eyes sparkled as he looked down at me, a wide smile still on his face. "Rest easy. I'm here to protect you, right?"

My throat closed up slightly, and I rolled over onto my side so that my back faced him. I didn't know what I'd do if he saw the expression on my face at his words. "Moron."

He laughed, his hand coming up to lightly stroke my hair. Even though he said he would stay with me, I laid awake waiting for his retreating footsteps. The ticking of the clock seemed thunderous in the silence of the infirmary, but no matter how many sheep I counted or how many minutes I waited, Jay's steady breathing never left.

The thing I realized right before I fell asleep was the fact that the teal-eyed, white-haired male had never denied what I had called him.

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