Into the Meadows

Author's Note: Hey guys! This the second chapter in my Conker's Bad Fur Day fan-fiction. If you haven't read the first chapter, DO SO IMMEDIATELY before reading this chapter. Doing so will leave you with spoilers! Without further ado, the second chapter of Into the Meadows.

Chapter 2: When Professors Strike Back

Windy – Conker's Throne Room

"Sarge? What's going on?", Conker questioned.

"Tediz...revived...and killing us...", Sarge said panting. In the background, bullets rained down like heavy rain. "Taking our boats...and traveling to the kingdom...". The line cut off.

In shock and quite possibly panic, Conker dropped the phone. When it made impact onto the ground, it shattered into pieces. Conker's eyes, no longer showing concern and power now changed to the eyes of a child who had lost track of their parents in a supermarket. His fear-stricken eyes stared at the floor; his entire body was shivering from panic.

" there anything wrong?" Rodent hesitated asking.

Looking up, now with eyes full of fire, Conker motioned for Rodent to follow him. Behind his throne seemingly lay a wall. However, he pushed a brick out, revealing a small button. Pressing it flipped around an entire section of the wall and floor it connected to, while the two squirrels where standing on it. The wall proved as a secret entrance into a military briefing room. As Rodent admired the technology, Conker carefully placed the brick back into it's spot, effectively hiding the button as well.

"Conker, where have you had the time to build this?" Rodent questioned in awe.

"No time to explain." Conker said quickly. "Follow me."

Conker led his faithful general to a desk. Under the desk were some switches, which Conker flipped with speed. The top of the desk flipped into a hologram projector. Pressing some more buttons on the projector showed a 3D hologram of the Tedi base in real-time. The entire base was abandoned; SHC (Squirrel High Command) soldier bodies lay everywhere in the sand. One of which was Sarge, who had suffered countless bullets to the chest, face, and back.

"My god..." Conker quietly said, horrified. Taking a brief moment to remember those who fell in battle, Conker used his hand to scroll to the sea near the base. Tediz in SHC boats were riding their way to Windy.

"How long do we have?" Rodent asked with fear and concern in his voice.

"Not long I presume." Conker answered. Conker, now having to take responsibility for an entire kingdom had become a military tactician in a matter of days and knew what had to be done.

"Pull your men out of the war and have them cover the entire seaside areas of Windy. Get turrets, tanks, whatever you can to stop the Tediz advances to the shores." Conker commanded.

"Well, what are you going to do sir?" Rodent asked.

Conker turned to him, grinning with determination. "I'm going to check on our latest experiments. Now go get some men out there." The two saluted each other one another ways and headed out on their objectives.

SHC Science Base

"Alright boys, you get the good Tedi program working?" Conker asked as he walked down the science hall. Everywhere were scientists testing something out. His head scientist, Alf, was typing in some key sequences into a computer.

"I believe so, Sire...I mean Conker. All we have to do is put it into a Tedi corpse and test it out." Alf replied.

"Then let's see it then!" Conker shouted with anticipation. The scientists then took a Tedi corpse and replaced a red gem inside it with a green gem. Placing it inside a protective area, one of the scientists pressed a button. Soon, the soldier came to life. Everyone there, even Conker, were sweating with the fear of it possibly rebelling and the anticipation of it actually working.

"Tedi soldier 435, in order." it spoke as it saluted the group from inside the cell. Conker, who decided to bring it upon himself to see the creation stepped into the cage. The Tedi, instead of attacking, bowed at his feet. 'Your wish is my command, my lord." the artificial solider compelled.

Outside, the scientists cheered knowing that this might be their biggest accomplishment yet. Stepping out, Conker said, "Alright, it works. Mind cloning this guy into, say a couple hundred, maybe more? We've got Tediz approaching and their pretty pissed.".

"Sir, it could take us days to clone that much! I mean, what if this one's defective? We'd be making an army of soldiers ready to rebel at any minute!" Alf protested.

"We have to take that chance to defend ourselves. Too bad we need to use Windy as the battlefield..." Conker wandered off. Immediately back to determined, "Get that cloning machine working pronto!"

"But how can we clone such a large amount in such little time?" Alf asked with anger.

"Easy. You stick the original and its clones in the machine. This means every time you'll be making double. Get to it now, armor up any soldiers you can, and have them assist." Conker commanded. "Besides, I've got some work to do." He walked out of the science lab and out next to the rebuilt windmill.

Windy – Shorelines

"They're coming!" Rodent called, breaking the silence of preparation and anticipation. In the water, teddy bears of all shapes and sizes rode on SHC boats. They held guns and other assorted weapons. Some were monster in size, while others were the size of the army soldiers. Behind them showed a weasel, riding in a hovercraft wheelchair. His telescopic eye zoomed in and started making dozens of calculations at once. His cybernetic arm was armored with a drill laser on the outside. His hovercraft wielded guns and missile launchers. All of this was covered in soot and dirt, like he had impacted on the ground. Simultaneously, a battle cry was called out from both generals.

This battle cry? "Charge!" The second SHC and Tedi War had begun...