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There was only one word to describe how Izaya felt: Humiliated. Completely and utterly humiliated.

Izaya pulled again at the handcuff on his left wrist, the other end attached to a bicycle rack on the side of the street. It was no use. He was stuck handcuffed in the middle of the sidewalk. As if that wasn't bad enough, Izaya was also completely naked. It was evening, but the darkness only made his small form stand out when the lights of the city bounced off of his pale skin. To make matters even worse, a cold autumn rain began pouring from above, which the towering buildings around him offered no protection from. The only items Izaya had with him were a clear plastic umbrella and a pair of rain boots—which at this point he was thankful for.

Izaya shivered, trying to pull his limbs as close to the rest of his body as possible, while still covering up his private parts from the public. Lucky for him, most of the city was inside their nice warm homes watching in comfort as the temperature outside slowly dropped. Izaya was truly jealous of them as a sudden gust of wind blew the rain underneath the umbrella, allowing tiny droplets of ice cold water splash against his skin. Actually, it felt more like needles stabbing into his skin rather than water. Izaya shivered more, trying to angle the umbrella to defend himself against the onslaught of freezing needle pricks until another gust of wind tore the umbrella from his numb fingers.

"Fuck!" Izaya reached out to try and catch the umbrella, but it was already blowing down the street. The clear plastic may not have helped hide him at all, but at least it had been keeping him mostly dry. Now the ice cold drops ravaged his shuddering body as he huddled closer into himself to keep what little warmth he had left in his body.

Izaya had long since ignored the stares of the people passing by. He was humiliated enough without imaging what they thought seeing him looking so helpless. Most people quickly glanced at him before looking away; perhaps pretending they hadn't seen him in the first place. Others stared and giggled, some whispered to their friends and pointed; however, what really got to Izaya were those looks of pity he received every once in a while. It was those looks that made him not want to see his beloved humans' reactions anymore. It made him sick to know that he was being pitied, yet not a single one offered to help him in anyway.

Carefully, Izaya clenched and unclenched the fingers on his left hand, trying to get the blood to flow back into the limb that was held over his head and fully exposed to the cold. Izaya shivered again, desperately wishing he had the umbrella's protection back. He hated the cold to begin with! At this rate, it would kill him!

Soon enough, the shivering became nonstop. His teeth chattered uncontrollably as the rain fell over him. 'I don't know how much more of this I can take…' He thought, wrapping his free arm around his legs.

Izaya could only hope that the humiliation would end soon. He knew a lot of people in this city, and if any of them saw him in this situation, he would never live it down… Especially—

"Flea? Is that you?"


Izaya didn't answer, hoping that his nemesis would simply walk away. But it seemed Shizuo had different plans.

"Hey, Izaya! You alive? What the hell happened to you?"

For an instant, Izaya felt a small patch of numbing heat on his shoulder before it was quickly torn away.

"Shit, you're freezing." After a short pause, Izaya heard Shizuo let out a long sigh. "Fine, I guess, I'll help you. You're just lucky I'm wearing a jacket today."

Izaya didn't register Shizuo's words until something warm and dry was draped over his shoulders, stopping the rain from hitting his skin. Almost immediately after, Izaya felt the handcuff being ripped from his wrist. Izaya flinched as the metal hit hard against his wrist before falling to the ground in front of him.

"C'mon, Flea. Let's go."

Izaya lifted his head to see Shizuo's outstretched hand in front of him. Slowly, Izaya lifted his frozen hand and let it fall into Shizuo's warm one. With Shizuo's help, Izaya felt his stiff legs uncurl from underneath him. His legs were weak, and wobbled below him as he held on to Shizuo's hand for dear life.

Once he felt more stable, Izaya was able to lift his head to get a look at Shizuo. That's when he saw it. The look of pity that he had been receiving the entire time he was handcuffed to the bicycle rack. Suddenly, a small frown appeared on Shizuo's face. He bent down slightly, and zipped up the front of the jacket, which luckily was just long cover him.

"There. Much better." He said with a small nod. "Now let's get out of here before you freeze to death."

Izaya felt Shizuo's hand pull his, leading him away from the spot he had been sitting at for a little over an hour.


At first, he hadn't known what he was looking at. There seemed to be a person—a naked person—curled up facing the wall of a building. He had been about to simply continue walking, but when he looked at the figure from behind, he instantly recognized the back of Izaya's head. He had been staring at it for the past eight years after all. But just to be sure…

"Flea? Is that you?" He asked leaning in to get a closer look.

There was no response, but there was no denying that this was the Orihara Izaya, naked and chained to a bike rack, looking absolutely miserable. The lack of response caught him slightly off guard though. Izaya never would miss a chance to make some snarky remark. Unless…

"Hey, Izaya! You alive? What the hell happened to you?"

The shivering and the slightly uneven rise and fall of his shoulders told Shizuo that Izaya was alive, but something was still off. Slowly, Shizuo reached out to touch Izaya's shoulder. Maybe make him snap out of whatever trance had him sitting there with his eyes closed, as if he was pretending that Shizuo wasn't really there.

Once his hand made contact with Izaya's skin, Shizuo knew something was horribly wrong. Izaya was cold. Far too cold to be normal. In fact, if he hadn't already seen the informant move, Shizuo would have believed he was already dead. Reflexively, Shizuo pulled his hand away.

"Shit, you're freezing!" He exclaimed.

So what now? If he left Izaya here like this, he could die. It didn't seem like any of the other passersby were willing to lend a hand to the freezing man. There were only two options left. Either walk away and leave Izaya to die, or help him out of this pitiful situation.

Shizuo released a sigh as he made his decision. He simply didn't have it in him to walk away knowing full well that the result would be the death of a person. Even if that person was Izaya.

"Fine, I guess, I'll help you. You're just lucky I'm wearing a jacket today."

He really was lucky. Shizuo had taken a look outside before heading out with Tom today, and on a whim decided to grab a jacket since it looked rather cold out with winter rapidly approaching. What were the odds that a small decision like that would prove fruitful now?

Shizuo quickly removed his jacket, and placed it carefully over Izaya's shoulders, noticing how Izaya seemed to start to wake up from his catatonic state at the same time.

'Well that's a good sign at least…'

Shizuo turned his attention to the handcuffs, being as careful as possible to avoid injuring Izaya's wrist in the process of removing the cuff. Izaya flinched once Shizuo broke through the metal, but he wasn't bleeding or anything, so Shizuo would mark it as a success.

"C'mon, Flea. Let's go." Shizuo droned, wanting more than anything to just get this over with. He held his hand out for Izaya, waiting for the smaller man to stand on his own with some snarky comment like "I don't need help from a monster like you" or something.

But that didn't happen. Instead, Izaya raised a freezing and shaking hand up, and placed it into Shizuo's. After the initial shock, Shizuo took the hint, and gently pulled Izaya up to his feet, unable to ignore the way the smaller man seemed to cling to his hand like it was his life line. Shizuo watched as Izaya straightened his legs, which wobbled underneath him. Izaya gradually grew steady enough to stand more or less on his own before he finally raised his head to look at Shizuo.

It was then that Shizuo saw that Izaya's lips were slightly blue. Shizuo frowned at that, but decided not to say anything yet. Maybe it was just the light? Rather than dwelling on that thought, Shizuo bent down to zip his jacket over Izaya's small, shivering form.

"There. Much better." Shizuo said with a nod. At least Izaya would be covered up a little bit. "Now let's get out of here before you freeze to death."

Shizuo took hold of Izaya's hand once again, and tugged at it to let Izaya know they were leaving. After a moment, Izaya took the first shaky step forward. Shizuo just hoped they would make it back to his apartment before Izaya decided to collapse in the street.


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