The main reason I'm writing this epilogue is because Izaya deserves to feel good after all the emotional turmoil I put him through! XD I'll admit right now, I sort of have a back rub kink for some reason… I don't even… I love backrubs; therefore, Izaya gets backrubs. XD


…~Six Months Later~…

"Come on, Flea!" Shizuo complained over the phone, "You can't be that busy! It's been a week!"

"I know, I know…" Izaya droned, "Just give me another day."

"You're going to kill yourself at this rate, Izaya. Have you been eating? Sleeping?"

"I just ate lunch, and I took a nap earlier." Izaya informed.

"Yes, but did you sleep last night?" Shizuo pressed.

"I got about four hours. My body is used to this, Shizu-chan, I've always had times where I'd be swamped with work for a week or two."

"I'm coming over." Shizuo declared. "Just use your time while I'm there to take a break for a little while. I'm sure you need it."

"Just because you come here doesn't mean I'm going to stop working!" Izaya said in a sing-song voice.

"I'll be there after I'm done for the day." Shizuo stated before the line went dead without a formal "goodbye".

"Uh-oh, I think Shizu-chan is mad at me!" Izaya sang while continuing to pull mismatched bits of information into a single cohesive file.

Namie sat at her desk glaring daggers at her employer. Thankfully, Izaya hadn't forced her into staying longer than usual, but it definitely felt like she was there longer when Izaya started randomly babbling un-work-related comments.

"Good for him." She said flatly, turning her attention back to her work.

"Honestly, he worries too much! And he says he's going to come over and make me take a break! Hahaha!"

As Izaya broke into a laugh, Namie snapped her gaze back up to look at him.

"Wait, he's coming here?" She asked.

"Yes, is that a problem?" Izaya's tone told anyone listening that he clearly didn't care whether it was a problem or not.

Instead of responding, Namie simply stood up and gathered her things.

"Going somewhere?" Izaya queried.

Namie shot another glare in Izaya's direction as she stacked up the small mountain of files that had accumulated on her desk.

"I'm leaving." She said, "I don't need to be here while the two of you do whatever it is you do."

"What, you mean sex—?"

"I don't want to hear it." Namie declared over Izaya's teasing. Once she had everything, she swiftly spun on her heels and headed for the door.

"I won't be paying you for the entire day then!" Izaya called after her.

"Don't care." She responded flatly, slamming the door behind her.

Izaya laughed to himself once Namie was gone. It probably was for the best if she left now. Especially since Shizuo and Izaya hadn't seen each other at all in the past week, not even Izaya knew what was going to happen when Shizuo arrived. Maybe Shizuo would jump him and use sex to distract him from his work.

'Hmm… That actually doesn't sound too bad…' Izaya mused. However, he wasn't going to give in very easily. Shizuo would have to literally start screwing him where he sat before Izaya would actually give in. And after six months, Izaya knew that would be too forward of a thing for Shizuo to try. After all, Shizuo was quite the gentleman in bed.

Izaya leaned back in his chair, flexing his shoulder muscles which were stiff from being hunched over his computer for hours. Straightening his back produced numerous cracking noises down his spine paired with an acute pain between his shoulder blades, making Izaya wonder if taking a break actually was a good idea.

'No, just get this done, and then you can have all the time you need for a break.' Izaya silently told himself. Rolling his head around in a circle produced several more cracks as Izaya bent back over his computer.

An hour had passed by the time Izaya heard his door being unlocked. He had given Shizuo a spare key quite early in their relationship, and it was proving to be useful for times like this when Izaya was stuck at his desk.

Izaya glanced over to the door as Shizuo stepped inside and removed his shoes, but it was only a glance before he was back focusing on his computer screen.

"Let me guess," Shizuo began, heading over towards Izaya, "You've been at it nonstop since I called you, right?"

"Why wouldn't I be, Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked, still looking straight at the screen in front of him.

Shizuo sighed. "Being at the computer for this long can't be good for your health, especially after a whole week, Izaya."

"Don't worry about me," Izaya said, while still typing something completely different, "Like I said, my body is used to this, and I already had my break before you called earlier."

"Well take another one. I haven't seen you in a week! Even when we were still fighting that was a long time!" Shizuo's voice was steadily getting louder as his anger boiled up.

"I'll take a break when I'm done, Shizu-chan! You need to stop worrying so much!"

There was a moment when Izaya thought that Shizuo might have given up because he suddenly became very quiet. Izaya was about to turn his head to see what Shizuo was up to when he felt Shizuo's hand lightly grip one side of his head while his lips pressed against the other.

"Take a break and I'll stop worrying." Shizuo said quietly. "Just do it for me?"

"Have I taught you nothing? That might work on other people, but it doesn't work on me!"

"Fine." Shizuo said simply, moving to stand behind Izaya's chair. "Just keep working then."

He wasn't stupid. Shizuo was up to something, and he made that painfully obvious in the way he spoke, but Izaya ignored him and went back to work.

Less than a minute later, Izaya felt Shizuo's hands rest on his shoulders making Izaya pause his typing for a second, but he quickly resumed.

That is, until Shizuo's thumbs started rubbing small circles at the base of his neck…

Now that's distracting.

Izaya's typing began to steadily slow down as Shizuo applied more pressure, which didn't go unnoticed by the blonde.

"If I keep going, will you eventually just stop working?" Shizuo said with a small laugh.

Izaya on the other hand had to suppress a moan when Shizuo's thumbs traveled just a little bit lower.

That. That felt almost too good.

Abruptly, Izaya stopped typing. "Okay, Shizu-chan, I'll take a break as long as you—Ah!"

Shizuo dug his thumbs into the base of Izaya's neck.

"Just… Just keep doing that…" Izaya said quietly.

Shizuo did as he was told and continued rubbing along Izaya's shoulders only to stop abruptly when Izaya let out a small whimper of pain.

"Izaya? Are you okay?" Shizuo asked, his voice thick with concern.

"Y-yeah… Can you feel a bump or something there?"

"Where? Here?" Shizuo asked lightly touching the base of Izaya's neck.

Izaya shook his head in response. "Lower."

Shizuo lightly trailed his hand down between Izaya's shoulder blades, pausing when Izaya winced from the touch.

"There." He said, lightly gritting his teeth at the pain.

Gently feeling around, Shizuo noticed a small lump just to the left of Izaya's right shoulder blade.

"Yeah, there's something there… What is it?"

"Probably a knot…" Izaya said with a sigh, "Shizu-chan… Could you…?"

"How do I…?" Shizuo trailed off, noticing the way Izaya winced every time he touched the knot.

"Just rub at it or something. That should do it." Izaya suggested.

"Umm... Do you think we could move this to the couch then? I can't reach all that well around this chair…"

After a moment's pause, Izaya stood and slowly made his way to the couch where he proceeded to make himself comfortable lying on his stomach. Shizuo followed him, seating himself next to Izaya's legs before searching for the spot again. When he saw Izaya flinch, he knew he had found it.

"If it hurts just from this, won't it hurt to rub it?" Shizuo wondered aloud.

There was a soft grunt from Izaya before he spoke. "Yes, but it'll hurt longer if I leave it."

Shizuo carefully pressed down on the small bit of tense muscle, trying his best not to make it hurt more than it needed. If the grimace on Izaya's face was anything to go by, it must really hurt.

Holding his breath, Izaya tried not to focus on the sharp pain where Shizuo was pressing. As the pressure increased, Izaya could feel a jolt of pain shoot from the knot that almost seemed to travel down his spine. He could feel Shizuo begin to rub circles around the spot until suddenly the tension released. Izaya slowly let out the breath he was holding as he relaxed a bit.

"I think I got it…" He heard Shizuo say above him as he continued to lightly rub around the area. Shizuo began feeling around Izaya's shoulders until another wince caught his attention. "More?"

"Nnnhh… I guess so…" Izaya said weakly.

"Take your shirt off." Shizuo stated.

"Mmm? Is Shizu-chan getting a little frisky?"

"No, you idiot, I'm going to look for more of those knot-things!" Shizuo defended.

Izaya simply smiled as he sat up and removed his shirt, cringing in pain a bit as he did so. Once he was lying down again, Shizuo went back to work feeling for the small lumps of tension along Izaya's upper back.

Each time Shizuo massaged a knot, Izaya could feel the tension dissipate along with the pain he had been feeling earlier while working. Three knots later, Izaya let his eyes slip closed as Shizuo continued gently moving his hands across his back, pressing slightly harder on the areas where the knots had been. Gradually, Izaya began to relax a little more as the last traces of pain disappeared from his body while the pleasant massaging continued.

Letting out a small contented sound, Izaya took a slow deep breath when Shizuo began moving down to his lower back, pressing his thumbs down Izaya's spine as he did so. Izaya could feel Shizuo's fingers work out the tension there too as he moved his hands in an outward motion starting at his spine and moving out to his sides. Izaya nearly moaned aloud when Shizuo used his palms to run his hands up from his lower back all the way up to his neck and shoulders where he lightly rubbed again before repeating the process.

About ten minutes passed with Izaya practically melting into the couch every time Shizuo pressed just a little bit harder, while his eyes grew heavier with every passing second.

"Shizu-chan…" Izaya mumbled, "You're gonna put me to sleep…"

"Good." Shizuo said without stopping his ministrations, "You could use it."

He held on to consciousness for as long as possible, not wanting to miss out on the relaxing sensation of Shizuo's hands working the muscles in his back, but he gave in when Shizuo trailed his hands up along his neck and into his hair where he continued to lightly massage the back of his head.

Shizuo smiled as Izaya's breathing evened out completely signifying that he had indeed fallen asleep. He gradually lightened the pressure until he was sure Izaya wouldn't wake up when he stopped. With a small sigh, Shizuo sat back on the couch next to Izaya's head, eyes traveling up and down the pale skin of Izaya's torso.

Maybe he'd try something like this more often… Izaya really seemed to enjoy it. Well, enough to make him stop working, which to Shizuo meant he must have really needed it.

Seeing Izaya so exhausted reminded him that he was fairly tired as well. Resting his head on his shoulder, Shizuo dozed off while still sitting upright.


Shizuo awoke to a weight on his lap, looking down to find Izaya lying on his back across his legs. There was a light grin on his face as Shizuo woke up and took notice of him.

"Shizu-chan fell asleep too, huh?" Izaya said, snuggling up against Shizuo.

"Yeah, I guess I was tired too." Shizuo said more to himself than to Izaya. "So now what? You're not going to go back to work already, are you?"

Izaya seemed to consider this for a moment. "Nah, it can wait. You want to just stay in and watch a movie or something?"

"That sounds great." Shizuo responded, lightly running his fingers through Izaya's hair again. He loved the way that the act never failed to make Izaya's eyelids flutter closed as he leaned in to the touch.

"Mmm… Okay." He mumbled, lifting himself off the couch.

Roughly an hour later, the pair was situated comfortably on the couch with half lidded eyes hardly paying any attention to the movie. Shizuo was lounging with his legs stretched out along the couch with Izaya lying on top of him, his head resting on Shizuo's chest.

Shizuo lightly traced circles along Izaya's exposed hip, while Izaya focused on listening to the steady beating of Shizuo's heart. Over the past six months, this is how they usually ended up when Shizuo came over, and Izaya had to admit, he really couldn't think of why he'd ever believe that living a life of solitude was better than this. He had always loved this man, and looking back Izaya couldn't understand why he had denied himself this for so long.

And as Shizuo wrapped his arms loosely around Izaya's small frame, he couldn't help but feel certain that this was all that mattered right now, and all of those clients that had been bothering him all week could go screw themselves. Izaya was happy—truly happy—and after so many years, he felt as if he had found the second half to his heart that he didn't even know was missing.

The End



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