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Chapter 10

"Oh my gosh Danny, you don't know how wonderful that it is that you are back to normal!" Sam cried out it joy.

"I don't get what you mean 'back to normal'…what happened…the last thing that I can remember was being in the basement with Jazz…" Danny said confused. He desperately tried to recall some sort of memory from the previous day, but his efforts where in vain, as if he had been sleeping throughout the time.

"…Well um…," Jazz tried to find the right words to say to describe the events of the previous day, but was saved by Tucker (who had somehow managed to retrieve his PDAs from Sam without her knowing) who whipped out his PDAs and went back on his previous recordings of Danny. Poor Danny's eyes got as wide as golf balls at the sight.

"…Am I arguing with my dad about fudge?" Danny moaned as he face palmed, praying that this was some ridiculous joke. His friends and family nodded and gave him comforting smiles, except for Jack, who had begun screaming about fudge until Maddie shoved a cookie into his open mouth; thus shutting him up.

"…so if I was practically mental…why am I normal now?" Danny asked confused.

"That a good question, because frankly, we have no idea." Jazz said.

"Yeah, Vlad said-" Tucker started but Danny interrupted him.

"Wait…VLAD SAID? Don't tell me you guys asked HIM for help!" Danny glared at his friends and Maddie and Jack simply looked at each other, confused as to why Danny had such a seemingly newfound hate for the man. Maddie, however, mentally blamed it on the incident in the Colorado Mountains where Vlad had tried to persuade her and Danny to stay with him, and left it at that.

"…We were desperate…" The three said at once and just sighed.

"Did it ever occur to you that he could, I don't know, be TRICKING you!" Danny sighed exasperated and the other teens face palmed, realizing how stupid they were.

"What do you mean Danny-boy? Why would Vlad trick you?" Jack asked confused.

"…I'll explain later…" Danny said as he tried to come up with a viable excuse as to why Vlad would be untrustworthy. Jazz, seeing his delema, sighed and decided it was time to let her brother know just HOW much he had screwed up.

"…Danny," Jazz sighed, "They know."

"…What?" Danny asked, praying against all hope that Jazz had not just said what he thought she just said.

"I said that they know Danny." Jazz repeated, and the color drained from Danny's face as he looked between Jazz, his friends, and his parents so rapidly, his head became a blur. His breath became shortened and Jazz worried that he might be on the edge of a full blown panic attack.

"You mean…mom and dad…but…oh CRAP!" Danny cried and without warning, he dropped to the ground like a rock.

"DANNY!" Everyone cried running to his side, getting a strange sense of Déjà vu. Tucker, thinking quickly, got a cup of water and splashed it on Danny's face. Within moments the halfa came to. He looked around confused for a moment before his memories of the past few minutes came back to him. His breath quickened and his family and friends spent a good number of minutes reassuring the halfa that all was well, and that his parents accepted him for who he was. Once he had started to breathe normally again, Maddie decided to try and worm some extra information about his halfa status.

"Danny, I understand that you became Danny Phantom from the Fenton Portal, but do you think you could elaborate? Your sister and friends just gave us the basic overview, since you where…well you know." Maddie smiled hopefully at her son, and Danny sighed.

"Well, I guess you deserve to know. It was just like any other day really. You and Dad had shown me and Jazz the portal, and as you know, it failed. I felt really bad about you and Dad being so upset… so I figured that I could fix it. I called Sam and Tucker over to see if they could figure it out. Tucker looked over all the engineering and he said that it appeared perfect, so he had no idea as to WHY it wasn't operational. Sam said that it looked cool either way, and it would be sweet if she could get a picture of me in it. So, she handed me a black and white hazmat suit, and I walked in.

" I was about to turn around so Sam could take the picture, when I tripped over one of the wires. My hands slammed don the side of the portal to catch my fall, but then I felt what I believe was a button. Anyways, my hand caused the button to be pushed, and suddenly, there was a flash of light. I remember screaming in pain and when I woke up Sam and Tucker where standing over me looking shocked, and I ran over to look at my reflection in the downstairs bathroom. I noticed, to my horror, that I had white hair and glowing green eyes. I remember wishing that I would be human, and then ta-da! I was!

"So, after I managed to figure out how to activate my transformation and use my other powers, I decided that I should put my powers to good use and rid the town of the ghosts that the portal, which I activated, allowed into the human world…uh the end?" Danny finished lamely and looked at his parents who were staring at their son in shock.

"Wow…" The two said simultaneously, and Danny was about to agree when his he suddenly remembered Vlad…Vlad. Vlad had deceived his friends and taken advantage of this incident. Danny's eyes glowed green in anger and everyone looked at him perplexed.

"…are you okay Danny?" Maddie asked worried.

"Hang on guys, I will be right back." Danny said, and he transformed into his alter ego. Before anyone could get a word out, Danny had phased through the ceiling and outside. Everyone shrugged and piled into the R.V. (Maddie making sure SHE was the one to drive) and followed after Danny. They soon discovered where Danny was headed, and knew this was going to be interesting to say the least.

"VLAD! VLAD! GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" Danny screamed as he flew into the mayor's study. Vlad turned around to look at the angry halfa and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh Daniel what a surpri-" Vlad was interrupted by Danny punching him in the gut, and sending the mayor flying out the window where he crashed to the ground. Vlad quickly turned into his ghost half, not noticing Danny's parents gasp from the nearby RV. The wealthy man stood up and brushed the dust of his suit.

"Honestly Daniel you should know that it takes more than that to-" Yet again Vlad was interrupted, except this time it was being sucked into the Fenton thermos. Danny laughed as he capped the thermos, then started to shake it violently. His family, seeing that all was well came over to him.

"Dude that was awesome!" Tucker exclaimed.

"Vlad is a ghost?" Danny's parents asked and he nodded as he continued to shake the thermos. Various cuss words could be heard emitting from the device, but Danny simply continued to shake it. Sam grabbed it from him after a minute and shook it even harder than Danny did…to the point that Jazz found herself wondering as she looked upon the girl if it was even possible to survive being shaken like that. Eventually, when Danny thought the fruit loop had enough, he took the thermos from Sam and released Vlad, who threw up immediately.

Vlad looked at Danny for a moment as if he was about to say something, before he simply passed out, transforming into his human half. Danny laughed and carried him up to his private study before returning to his family.

"Well, I don't think he is going to bug us for a while." Danny laughed and his family and friends joined him. Danny transformed into his human half and followed his loved ones into the RV, and they drove to drop his friends off and head home.

All in all, it had been a pretty interesting day.

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