So I watched that "First Kiss" video (and if you haven't seen it yet, go look it up, it is ADORABLE) and felt the need to write this because I thought the idea would be cute with Niff. :)

"I'm Nick."

"Jeff," the blond replied with a somewhat awkward, yet polite, smile as he stuck his hand out to shake the one in front of him.

It felt awkward but like the right thing to do. But then again, this whole situation was awkward. The idea of having to kiss someone you don't know anything about was terrifying, but for whatever reason Jeff couldn't bring himself to turn down the offer. It wasn't every day you got picked up off the street to be in some video for whatever it was. Jeff couldn't remember at the moment since he was too busy trying to act as calm and relaxed as possible.

"So we just... go whenever?" Jeff asked once the silence continued to drag on. The people behind the camera nodded and gave what were probably supposed to be reassuring smiles. He heard a chuckle come from Nick and turned back to face him, a somewhat curious expression on his face.

"Sorry, I've just never done anything like this before," Nick said, daring to take a small step towards the tall blond.

Jeff felt relieved at the comment and smiled, giving a small nod as he took a step of his own closer. "Me neither. Definitely not." A nervous chuckle slipped out and Jeff noticed the smile on Nick's face widen the slightest bit. He had to admit that the person they paired him up with was easy on the eyes, to say the least. Jeff just hoped the awkward feeling didn't last long.

Giving the director another quick glance, Jeff turned back to Nick and stepped right up to him - close enough that neither of them would have to get closer for the kiss, yet not too close as to impose on Nick's personal space. After hesitating for another brief moment, Jeff brought a hand up to tilt the brunet's chin up as he leaned down to close the distance between their lips. It was a soft kiss. Sweet and full of innocence and obviously testing the waters before jumping fully in... if it even got that far. Jeff's hand moved to cup Nick's cheek just before he pulled back slightly, opening his eyes slowly just as Nick did. He was going to ask if that had been okay when Nick's lips were on his again.

Jeff was surprised, of course, but pleasantly so. Although Nick was a complete stranger, kissing him felt nice. There was no pressure to live up to any expectations of any sort and that in itself made this that much better. More enjoyable. The only thing they had to go on were names and first impressions of each other without words being spoken.

He didn't know when it happened, but Jeff's free arm had moved up to wrap around Nick's waist, moving their bodies even closer to each other's. Nick's arms had worked their way up around Jeff's neck as his fingers absentmindedly moved through the hair there.

The kiss was deeper now, yet there was still that innocence to it that was keeping them from getting too carried away. After a minute or so more of hands roaming bodies and tongues exploring mouths, Jeff reluctantly pulled back from the kiss. His face was flushed as he tried to catch his breath, and he removed his hands from Nick's hips as he stepped away enough to give the brunet his personal space back.

"Well, that was fun," Nick said with a chuckle as he straightened his shirt out, his cheeks also pink.

Jeff had a feeling his cheeks were more pink though, especially after that comment. "Definitely." He chuckled in return and reached a hand up to run through his hair in an attempt to straighten it out again.

"Sorry about the hair," Nick said. "I think I got a bit carried away there." Jeff noticed the slightest hint of a smirk on Nick's lips and was about to say something when Nick beat him to it. "Here, let me..." The brunet reached up to fix a few out of place strands of blond hair that were most likely that way anyway because of him.

"Thanks. And it's alright. It happens to the best of us," Jeff chuckled as he pulled Nick into a hug. It felt like the right thing to do, and he was relieved when Nick returned it. It was amazing how things had gone from extremely awkward to relaxed with no worries all within a couple of minutes. When Jeff remembered why they were even there in the first place, he glanced over towards the camera to see everyone by it smiling at the two of them. "So, are we done here...?" He asked them as he let go of Nick.

"Yep! You're both free to go," the director smiled. "Thank you so much for helping us out today. We'll let you know when the video is completed."

"Sounds good," Nick nodded as he glanced up at the blond again. Jeff could tell he wanted to say something, and he did too. But instead of saying a lame "thanks" or trying to find the right words, he just kind of nudged Nick playfully as they both headed for the door.

A smile spread across Nick's face and he resisted from hesitating as he put an arm around Jeff's waist. "Can I buy you lunch or something? That way maybe we can learn a thing or two about each other."

"That sounds great," Jeff replied with a smile matching Nick's. He wanted to learn as much as he possibly could about the guy standing next to him now, and hoped that he was as kind and amazing as he seemed. Jeff stayed close to Nick's side as the two of them left the room together, obviously both more happy and relaxed than when they had entered the room separately.