Ranma/ Tekken
A warring concience

The five year old boy watched, as the pools below him rushed up towards him. His eyes were blurry from the tears of betrayal he felt from his father, Heiachi Mishima. He threw him from the cliff above, citing that if he had a strong son, he would survive the fall. As the air rushed by him, Kazuya Mishima's eyes flared at the realization; his father didn't care for him, his father wanted him dead. He wasn't strong like his adopted brother, Lee, so his father was trying to get rid of him.

In that moment, the boy's eyes flared a glowing crimson, "Father, I'll get you for this, no matter what, I'll..."

The little boy was silenced, as he splashed, face first, into the pool of water...

A couple of decades or so later...

"FLANK HIM! DON'T GIVE IT A CHANCE TO RECOVER!!!" The matriarch shouted at the young warriors and other Matriarchs, as they battled the winged demon in their midst. It was a fierce battle that was being waged, and went on for several hours. No magic they used proved effective in subduing it, no technique was working, many warriors were perishing.

The demon flexed itself, as another barrage of female warriors threw themselves at him. With a dark smirk, he batted the lot of them with his wing, and from the jewel in his forehead, he fired a crimson beam that bared directly on Cologne. The ancient woman barely managed to evade, feeling the magical charge of the ray charge the air around it with furious might, and swore in a most ancient oath. Three thousand years of Amazon culture, and still their opponent was winning soundly. Their hopes lay in someone getting lucky enough to fell it, so that they could change it back into its uncursed form...

And kill it.

"YOU CANNOT WIN AGAINST ME!" the demon shouted in a thick, heavy voice that vibrated the air, and seemed to sound on several levels, "IF THIS IS YOUR BEST, I WASTE MY TIME IN THIS PATHETIC VILLAGE!"

Suddenly, the ground underneath the demon erupted upwards, taking it and the Amazons that were still attempting to keep it distracted with their lives into the air slightly. Finally their luck was starting to shift, as the demon was weighed down from flight by the girls that had captured its wings when it attempted to the air. The girls dog piled the demon. When hope was wretched from them, as it shouted, and spread its wings wide, throwing all the warriors off of it. Cologne didn't miss some of the sickening cracks and thuds that accompanied some of the girl's falling bodies. She again cursed, for the spring that held the taint of the Devil in it, for the boy that had become victim of it, and for the men that had brought it into their midst.

The Amazon Matriarch blinked, as the one who carried himself with the grace of a master of the arts, melted from the air, and launched a rope at the demon that had accompanied him. She idly thought to herself that the technique of stealth he used was a phenominal one, if it allowed him to sneak up on such a being. The rope wrapped securely around the demon, and it found that it could not break its bonds, "POP, I SEE YOU DIDN'T RUN LIKE THE SHAMELESS COWARD YOU ARE!"

"I will not run from my responcibility to my son," Genma growled, "GIRL, NOW! WHILE HE'S DISTRACTED!!!" The Devil quickly turned to see where Genma was looking towards, and found no girl there.

"YOU ARE GOING SENILE, OLD MAN, THERE'S-OOF!!!!!" Genma tackled the demon, and once again followed several Amazon warriors. The Devil was unable to rid itself of the mass upon it, as their numbers finally managed to overwhelm it. One girl quickly brought the clay pot filled with scalding water towards the Devil's head, and poured.

The scream that accompanied it melted from the fear-inspiring and commanding tone to that of a pained young man. "QUICKLY, FINISH HIM!" one of the Matriarchs shouted in urgency. it was a shame for the young man to have to be sacrificed, but the curse he held made him too dangerous to live.

Grimly, one of the standing Amazon warriors brought her sword to bare, and raised it above her head to make the beheading strike. At the same time, the demon looked directly towards the girl; the jewel on its head shimmering with pent energy awaiting to be released.Before either strike could be made, a radiant light slammed down from the heavens, and into the pile. The pigtailed boy's body lurched, as a white glow enveloped him...

"What is this?" Cologne whispered, watching the phenominon with wide eyes.

"Oooh, that must be Ranma!" Nabiki exclaimed, as she quickly stood up and rushed for the door.

"Boys, how depressing," The youngest sighed, and then got up at a much slower pace than her sister.

"Oh, I do hope he's not too young," Kasumi, the eldest commented, as she was the last to rise to standing.

The middle daughter and her father arrived at the door, and opened it to meet four people.

"S-Saotome?" Soun asked, tentatively, speaking to the one he did recognize, the martial artist in a dirty white gi nodded.

"Tendou," he said simply with a grim tone.

"And..." Soun turned his attention to the two girls of Chinese descent with pink and turquoise colored hair that stood on each side with pole arms, like guardians to the figure in a dark cloak that seemed to repel water from it completely, "and this young man in the cloak?"

"Ranma Saotome," the figure replied, never allowing the hood to leave its head.

"Why's he wearing that cloak?" Akane asked, looking at Ranma with distain. She just met him, and she already didn't like him, he already seemed pretty weird to her.

"Your protection," the girl with the pink hair replied. The answer was lost on the Tendous.

"Hmm, he sounded pretty cute, mind if we got a look at the face?" Nabiki enquired, anxious to see what her potential fiancee looked like. She had to admit, she liked the effimate voice of his, and hoped that he was cute enough to make up for his lack of height.

Genma looked towards the two others that had accompanied him and Ranma, while they looked around cautiously. "Is okay," the one with turquiose hair stated in satisfaction. Ranma turned to look at the girl, who nodded at her in return. Once confirmation was affirmed, Ranma lifted the hood.

All four Tendous had to gasp at the soft radiance Ranma's skin gave off, like a corona or halo surrounding the cloaked figure's head. "Oh... my," Kasumi whispered, gaining a slow nod from Akane. Ranma was simply beautiful, and had an aura that even dwarfed Kasumi's own in sereneness and utter tranquility.

Nabiki managed to swallow a dry gulp, and attempted to recapture her usual sardonic attitude, "My, aren't you a catch?" Ranma's face matched her voice. It was soft and curved with eyes as crystaline as the purest lake's waters against the bluest skies. She had unruly hair that was so red it burned itself softly into their vision, as if demanding that it always be remembered, and under her hairline on her forehead, she held a blue jewel that was more beautiful than even the highest quality sapphire, that seemed sparkle on its own accord, yet flashing with the glitter that was also prominant in Ranma's eyes. Her mouth was slight and in a small pout that showed no ill will, but spoke subtly of infinite sadness that made Nabiki flinch away, lest she lose herself; just from the time she was staring at it alone, her heart raced, as she felt her own temperature rise in a dull heat that spoke of nothing but want. The only description Nabiki could come up with for Ranma, was that he was an Angel.

Kasumi also found herself lost on the girl's face. It spoke of Heaven, of lost mothers and great joys and peace she had never truly known, despite being able to bring her own peace to those around her. She had to fight the urge to kneel before Ranma, unconciously fingering the Christian cross that she had hidden in the collar of her blouse. She closed her eyes, almost feeling like she could bask in Ranma's aura.

Akane's anger at the situation melted away, like water turning to mist before her touch. She still had no intention of marrying him, but her opinion had changed dramatically upon seeing his face. A dull yearning erupted from her, one she had only felt for one other. This time, a feeling of disappointment and guilt did not accompany it like with the other one. It was like she was *supposed* to love Ranma, though she wouldn't admit it to herself.

Soun managed to recover himself, "SON!" With his shout, he threw himself at Ranma, and braced him with a hug. Ranma jolted, but her somber expression barely changed; only enough to be highlighted with a hint of concern as the redhead looked beyond that initiated the hug. Nabiki was the second to shake herself out of her stupor, and noticed her father jolt. With narrowed eyes, the middle Tendou sister walked closer to Ranma, as her father pulled away to attempt to figure out what was amiss. Even in the cloak around Ranma's body, Nabiki noticed two prominant endowments.

"Please, can you stop that?" Ranma softly pleaded in a voice so melodic that Nabiki now knew it couldn't belong to *any* guy. Actually, she couldn't even say it belonged to anything earthly.

The girls that stood on each side of Ranma blinked, as the girl removed her finger from poking Ranma in the chest, and turned a baleful glare towards her father. "Daddy," she started, pointing towards Ranma, "'he'... is a she..."

With that, Soun fainted. The two girls looked at each other, and then turned a sideways glance towards the male on the grown with slight contempt.

"I'm sorry about this," Ranma replied, "Accept our apologies for being a bother upon your house."